Well, at least after this special it'll be weeks before we see Misty again (not counting next week's re-airing). This special was pretty good, but I still like the first Misty special the best so far. And I really enjoyed seeing Casey again. She's the pokemon character I can identify with the most. My two cents:

-- I'm starting to get a little bored with all the Butch and Cassidy episodes, and we've still got a bunch more. At least they can be entertaining (especially with the running gag about Butch's name), but I'm still a bigger fan of the Team Rocket trio we see all the time.
-- That guy who had the crush on Misty was really sweet. I like that in the end he ended up sharing his ticket with Casey (and they sang the Electabuzz theme song together).
-- Yay, confusionshipping! I haven't seen Psyduck/Misty material in such a long time, I've missed it. Psyduck was so cute in that one scene with Misty and the boy.
-- Wow, what a refreshing change to only have one of Misty's annoying sisters around. At least now I'll be able to tell Daisy apart from the other two (it's only slightly less hard than the eevee sisters). I can see where the whole Tracey/Daisy shipping started around here as well.

Anyway, 7/10. At least next week is the one I've been ****DYING**** to see for the last three years.