I can't tell who's voicing Chatot. At least the original voice actors reprised their roles. The sea of time reminds me of how of an episode of One Piece where the Straw Hats rode a water vortex up to these islands in the sky. It's pretty similar.

The temple is a ship? That seems pretty cool.

Oh look, Dusknoir and Sableye appear to stop them from defeating Dialga.

Oh, now they're frozen in time? Well, they don't seem to be doing much anyway but I would've loved to see Wigglytuff use Hyper Voice again.

Dusknoir just stands there and talks about what he should be doing. An awesome fusion of water and fire.

Dusknoir is trying to suck up PokéPals in a dark vortex. Dialga was just touched by w Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Whirlpool/Flame Thrower combination attack.

Grovyle goes back to the future with Dusknoir and gives up the Time Gears. Now Piplup and Chimchar are crying over Grovyle leaving.

That's a very unimpressive ship. I really wished they showed the battle with Dialga.

Overall, a very nice special.