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Thread: Journey To The Starting Line! (014)

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    This episode was ok... Man, Gilbert was really annoying for most of this episode, but did start understanding Pokemon better as the episode went on. Bulbasaur's Vine Whips figures looked really cool and very realistic. Bulbasaur's reactions to what Gilbert was saying were priceless! The old woman was hilarious and annoying all at the same time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkWobbuffet View Post
    I bet about 99% of the people who watched this episode wanted to smack around Hajime... the last 1% are the people without hands.
    I totally agree with you!

    This one was enjoyable. Gilbert was horrible with his horrible attitude, but as the episode progressed, he got less annoying and started to learn what it means to be a Pokemon trainer. That old woman who told everything she promised to not do was horrible and annoying. Ash's Bulbasaur had a great role in this episode. Nice to see Tracey and Ash's mother.


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    People sometimes forget in how bad most trainers act when they start out. I think it shows more character when they learn from their mistakes and get better. This is why I still love Ash.

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    Another great Chronicles episode. They sure did a good job at making Gilbert come off as an annoying piss ant right from the start. And, the sad part is, I know some people who are like that all the time, so I can’t say he was unrealistic. -_- Besides, his cocky attitude was funny, and it gave him room to grow.

    It was interesting to hear that Ash has a good reputation: usually, he’s just a nobody despite placing high in different tournaments and winning in the Orange Islands.

    The old woman was a funny character. I especially appreciated the “rap-ish” tone of her announcement.

    I noticed that they said Charmander wouldn’t be able to battle if its tail went out. Guess 4Kids didn’t feel comfortable using the word die again. And I liked how Ash’s mom and Tracey worked well together when saving that cute little Charmander. Ash’s mom knew how to handle Mr. Mime well.

    It was funny to see what a coward Gilbert was after all that boasting. Plus, Oak saving Squirtle and Bulbasaur saving Oak was amusing—not to mention it showed their teamwork. These episodes really do give Professor Oak and Bulbasaur more character.

    The little Bulbasaur was super cute during the flashbacks of it running about, especially when it was blending in as a figurine. The scene with the Primeape managed to be funny and compelling, especially when Ash’s Bulbasaur was willing to put itself into danger.

    Gilbert sure reformed fast, but I guess that’s inevitable when you only have a nineteen-minute episode to introduce him and have his story take place. It was nice to see him open up to that Squirtle and then to the Bulbasaur.

    And they’re right: the bond between a trainer and their first Pokémon is special.

    Oh, and... What happened to the Tauros? They burst through the fence, right...? Guess we’re supposed to assume they came back on their own, unless I missed something. Not a big deal, though.
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    Ash's Tauros ruining Oak's sitting room was funny, plus I liked watching professor Oak, Ash's mom, Tracy and Gilbert search for the missing starter pokemon as well. The Primeape chase scene was exciting. :3

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    Gilbert was annoying, like a Max 2.0 lmao. Had I been him, I wouldn't have chosen Bulbasaur as my Starter, though.

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    This was a cool episode. Gilbert was hella annoying to start with but developed as the episode progressed. It was cool seeing all of Ash's Pokemon and his Mum, Oak and Tracy again. I wonder if we will run into Gilbert again.

    He reminds me of certain kids around his age haha

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