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Thread: Putting the Air Back In Aerodactyl! (015)

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    OK, I didn't get to fully enjoy this episode because I just *happened* to notice that, somehow, both the Battle Frontier episode and the Myster Dungeon special were on, and my TiVo wasn't taping them. Because I forgot about the Mystery Dungeon thing and for some stupid reason the new season was registered in TiVo as Pokemon: Battle Frontier instead of plain old Pokemon. At the same time, my TV suddenly went all weird and took me to this one screen I'd never seen before that I couldn't get rid of... so, I was distracted. ^.^'

    Anyway, I guess I'm biased in thinking that this episode was boring. The whole "People have to prove to Pokemon that humans are good" thing ticked me off more than usual, for some reason.

    HOWEVER... it was very good to see Gary after, like, four seasons. It was cool to see how he'd grown as a Pokemon professor. Maybe someday he'll inherit(sp?) Professor Elm's lab.

    Random eldershippy hint - Professor Oak was getting a souveneir for Delia. I'm not much of an eldershipper, but I just thought it was noteworthy. Was it in the original, or just the dub?

    All in all... 5/10. Though remember, I am biased. ^.^'

    And BTW...

    I don't know how I feel about Misty being back next week yet.
    Yay for Misty!
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    Shinou; Training like stupid^^


    A ten-year old has an assistant, thats at least 6 years older than him?0_o


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    I was SO happy to see Gary in this ep!
    As for Butch; his voice gives me the creeps.
    He sounds like he's high.

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    wow, we see Gary again, and now he revived a Putera...nice. I also liked what they did to calm down the pokémon, but It was a little slow episode, IMO. I give it a 6/10
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    It's been a while since I last saw a chronicles episode since I haven't been catching come. Anyways, this episode was good. It amazed me at how fast Tracey sketched Seaking. It was cool to see Gary again. I thought Crystal was kind of annoying, but was kinda helpful. Poor Tracey after he let go of the flying Aerodactyl. It was good to see Umbreon again. Aerodactly was cool.
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    Nice to see an episode following up on Gary's decision to become a researcher and follow in his Grandpas footsteps. Only problem I have with this episode is the fact that Aerodactly is meat eater and yet it just loves fruit, they seem to do this thing alot with all the meat eating Pokemon of the series.
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    Weird to see Gary in a lab coat IMO

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    God, Professor Dora/Dara sounds like a total airhead. It's so nice to see Gary again though. ^w^
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    i liked this episode it was good to finaly see gary again. but the aerodactals voice was wierd.

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    Good episode!

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    Geez wasn't that island full of rare Kanto Pokemon? Lapras, Farfetch'd, Aerodactyl. It was paradise.

    Loved to see Gary out in the line of duty (research). He reminded me of Oak.

    Glad he was able to "bond" and stop the Aerodactyl before it caused much damage. 9/10

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    It was nice to see an episode focusing on Gary. I loved the girl's Ivysaur, it's a pokemon that never given a real appearance. Remineds me an episode from Hoenn, Where is Armaldo. I think that Gary will be better researcher than Professors like Birch and Elm.
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    Not a bad episode and it was good to see Gary. I wonder how his assistant's sister somehow has made friends with Lapras. Anyways it was funny how Butch thought Aerodactly was small and it was right in front of them and they were like O.O.
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    This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Aerodactyl as the main focus in the Anime. It was cool to see Aerodactyl scared, and then tame towards humans when usually they can be very aggressive due to their Carnivore nature. The little sister definitely had a lot of Pokemon friends, and I like how she used her arms to describe Aerodactyl to the other Pokemon. It was great to see Umbreon again. I was laughing so hard at the "Butcher" instead of Butch comment.


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    Wow, Professor Oak wanting to give Ash’s mom a gift... C’mon, they could at least be subtle about it... Oh, and Tracey once again proves that he can draw at astronomically fast speeds.

    I don’t like how Gary is already an insanely successful professor, capable of doing things others couldn’t. I know complaining about realism in Pokémon is a little weird, but a ten-year-old surpassing pros? Ugh. And then he called himself a lousy professor just because he wasn’t able to tame an ancient beast right away...

    Crystal had a cute voice, and I liked how close she was to Pokémon. I love Farfetch’d, so it was nice to see a bunch of ‘em in this episode. I’m a tad surprised that Gary evolved his Eevee into an Umbreon: I would’ve guessed Flareon due to its elegance, not dark and mysterious Umbreon. Umbreon’s voice sounded too high for me. And the Butch name thing is getting old, even for me—and I tend to love running gags. But I did like the joke about whether the drawing was scaled in inches or feet.

    So, Gary has a job in the midst of the recession. Not bad for a ten-year-old.

    Oh, and this was the first time I realized that Aerodactyl sounds like pterodactyl. I’d never really thought of it before... Sad, I know.

    An okay episode overall: nothing to make it really special.
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