OK, I didn't get to fully enjoy this episode because I just *happened* to notice that, somehow, both the Battle Frontier episode and the Myster Dungeon special were on, and my TiVo wasn't taping them. Because I forgot about the Mystery Dungeon thing and for some stupid reason the new season was registered in TiVo as Pokemon: Battle Frontier instead of plain old Pokemon. At the same time, my TV suddenly went all weird and took me to this one screen I'd never seen before that I couldn't get rid of... so, I was distracted. ^.^'

Anyway, I guess I'm biased in thinking that this episode was boring. The whole "People have to prove to Pokemon that humans are good" thing ticked me off more than usual, for some reason.

HOWEVER... it was very good to see Gary after, like, four seasons. It was cool to see how he'd grown as a Pokemon professor. Maybe someday he'll inherit(sp?) Professor Elm's lab.

Random eldershippy hint - Professor Oak was getting a souveneir for Delia. I'm not much of an eldershipper, but I just thought it was noteworthy. Was it in the original, or just the dub?

All in all... 5/10. Though remember, I am biased. ^.^'

And BTW...

I don't know how I feel about Misty being back next week yet.
Yay for Misty!