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Thread: Episode Discussion Forum Rules (Organized 12/24/08)

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    Default Episode Discussion Forum Rules (Organized 12/24/08)

    Here are the basic rules of this forum

    1. Don't bash an episode. If you don't like it, state your reasons.
    2. If you are going to give spoilers of an episode that is yet to be aired outside of Japan, use the Spoil Tag.
    3. Discuss the actual happenings of the episode ONLY. No hopes for future episodes.
    *Unless you have seen the episode in question, or seen pictures of the episode or read the guide, don't comment in the respective thread, especially so soon. Don't ask for what happened either.
    4. Usual Forum Rules Apply here too.
    5. While ratings are allowed, they do not contribute to post content. If removing the rating would leave the post as spam, then you need to say more.
    6. Do not discuss predicted titles or newly revealed titles in the episode thread.
    7. Do not ask for and/or provide streaming videos of episodes and/or raws/subtitles/etc downloads (this include torrents).

    Will add more when I think them up

    Organized by staff(s) with approval from Serebii.
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