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Thread: The Legend of Zelda General Shipping Thread

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    Default The Legend of Zelda General Shipping Thread

    Hello, and welcome to the Legend of Zelda (also known as LoZ) General Shipping Thread!

    Here we can discuss those Legend of Zelda shippings that you love!

    Rules ARE:

    • All Serebii rules apply
    • No flaming!
    • No bashing!
    • No stupid flame wars.

    Anyways, enjoy!

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    First Topic:
    What ship do you love? Why?
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    God I must be drunk

    What ship do you love? Why?


    they are so great togeter


    I think the only hint was from Mido but it's cute none the less

    LinkXPrincess Ruto

    it's one sided but interesting

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    What ship do you love? Why?

    My favorite LoZ ship is LinkxMidna. I fell in love with it while playing Twilight Princess (obviously), and I still love it now. I thought that the way Midna started out by picking at and harrassing Link was funny/cute at times, and then I loved how their relationship evolved into a true friendship (with, at times, IMO, hints of something a bit more even) by the end of the game, even to the point where Midna risks sacrificing herself for Link.

    As for a second pairing, although I'm not AS into it as Lidna, is SheikxLink. Again, I'm not totally into it, but I do like the idea of it. There's something about them together that makes it seem like it could work. I dunno.
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    *loves LoZ shipping to pieces*

    What ship do you love? Why?

    Well, my OTP is Kafei x Vaati. ...No, really, it is. It's a very long story involving the manga storylines and MAGIC. Basically it started as me pairing my two fave characters together and evolved into me making up a crazy and elaborate story to get the together. Now I think they're perfect for each other. Poor lil Vaati needs some lovin' anyway. After the manga events of MC, he's a prime candidate for omgangst and Kafei is definitely blunt enough to snap him out of it. X3

    I love many other ships of all kinds, but that one is miles above all others. If I had to pick a ship that canonically meets, I'd have to say Link x Vaati. There's some cute bonding in the end of the manga~
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    yay..for Legend of Zelda ships!!!

    What ship do you love? Why?

    I love Link x Ilia. Well, I always loved doing childhood friend shippings, but other than that throughout the entire game of Twilight princess, I've seen several hints. Plus I like the fact that they both go to extreme lengths for others. Ilia for that elder and Link for everyone in the world. Also I like the fact that Ilia is hard headed at times. Not to mention the several romantic-like scenes with them.

    I also like Link x Saria, because once again, childhood friend ships. There were a couple hints throughout the OOT game but I just think that they both care about each other a lot.

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    What ship do you love? Why?

    Link x Saria I like the childhood shipping and Saria did accept Link even though he wasn't one of them.

    Link x Minda     Spoiler:- spoiler from TP:

    Agitha x the guy outside her home. I think it cute and it hinted in the game that there someone like her even though she think she a bug princess.

    Kafei x Anju if anyone has done their sidquest in MM then they know why I like them.

    Link x Tretra (hop that how you spell it.)     Spoiler:- spoiler from WW:

    I know I forgot one from TP so yeah this is all except one that I can't remember.
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    link and saria, i like the story and how she is accepting of link being an outsider
    plus, its OoT, how can you not like the story
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    What ship do you love? Why?

    GanonxNabooru definitely! Him and Nabby I can imagine as good childhood friends and to me, they just "click" yes, the click, some ships I tend to click.

    As for all of the Link shippings, is it me or is Link, like, the black dress of LoZ. He always seems to be pairable with all of the girls he meets in the game for some reason, and yes, the dreaded LinkxGanon yaoi!!! IT BURRRRRNS!!! (CDi reference FTW!!!)
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    Link x Midna. There's nothing else that can be an option in my mind. It's just too bad that TP will probably be a stand alone game, while Ocarina and WW got sequels..

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    oh yes a Zelda ship thread.

    here are mines,

    Link x Zelda :

    My first zelda series shipping, I started liking this ship ever since playing A Link to the Past and also reading the manga series about this game called the Triforce of the gods. I still love this pairing more.

    Link x Midna :

    the game hints were good. I liked this ship and eventually became obsessed about it while playing Twilight Princess.

    Link x Din :

    I recently started liking this one since reading Oracle of Seasons Manga. mainly some hints from the manga convinced me. and Din did seem interest on Link likewise Link also sort of seem interest on Din too. I liked that page where Din saved Link, it kinda looked like if she was going to kiss him.

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    What ship do you love? Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tabby Catty
    As for all of the Link shippings, is it me or is Link, like, the black dress of LoZ. He always seems to be pairable with all of the girls he meets in the game for some reason, and yes, the dreaded LinkxGanon yaoi!!! IT BURRRRRNS!!! (CDi reference FTW!!!)
    Link does have too many good possible pairings... For me, though, Link x Tetra wins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Me, Favorite Shippings List View Post
    Link x Tetra - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    Tetra lets him have the bombs. Gives him a whole night's head start. And doesn't want his hometown to be destroyed. In PH, Link holds her hand and looks so sad when she's turned to stone. And there's the fact that it's such a typical Zelda pairing.
    ...Do I need to elaborate any more? Obviously, I support Link x Zelda in the other games, and can see Link x Ilia, Link x Saria, and Link x Malon. Link x Midna... I can see it, but I'm always annoyed how people try to find a loophole to get them back in the same world after the end of TP. Really, each Link has his own best pairing, and throwing a blanket statement over all the Links won't work. If I had to make a generalization, though, I would put every Link with a Zelda.

    Another one I like is Shad x Ashei, from Twilight Princess - it's an interesting 'opposites attract' type pairing, but I could see why they would work together and appreciate each others' strengths.

    I'm open to all the other ships, those are really the only ones I would ever write a fanfic for, and that kind of counts as my 'support'.

    There are some very fun, somewhat crazy ships out there for Zelda, though. Taitofan's Kafei x Vaati (I read your "Little Kafei Riding Hood" - it was good), Four Swords-verse Link x Link, any Link x Dark Link, and Shad x Dark Link are all examples of ones I've read and liked.

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    probably my top favorite game shipping, and there just really adorable together..(loved the ocarina of time manga) good hints there

    Link x Midna
    my 2nd favorite in the zelda series I can see them as a couple... when she's in her true form but when she was an imp I always thought they had more of a brother/sister relationship o.o

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    I'm not into this series as much as others are (blame how I didn't play OoT as a kid), but i have some here and there.

    "What ship do you love? Why?"

    I have more than one

    Zelda/Midna (it had basis, shush)
    Zelda/Malon (first one I like after actually KNOWING crap about the games)
    Link/Ricky the kangaroo (pure unadulterated lulz)
    Link/Sheik (or Zelda, whatever, I don't care)
    Link/Midna (not as much as the rest of the fandom, but the hints were there and I liked them :c)
    Dark Link/Sheik (this was inspired by some annoying person I saw whining about "Sheik abuse"....since Sheik-Zelda-whoever is my favorite I thought it was amusing XP)
    Sheik/Nabooru (favorite, probably the only one I like male/AU!Sheik as an option)
    Impa/Nabooru (they fit perfectly together imo >__>)
    Tetra/Medli (wtfff I don't know)

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    I have a 4 swords shipping plan:

    Red Link/Malon
    Green Link/Saria
    Purple Link/Zelda
    Blue Link/Ruto

    No shipping wars needed! :P

    Oh & Link/Midna

    & I'm probably the only even remembers Link/Marin
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    Since my love is Four Swords right now, I'd have to say any of the Links x Red. I just love Red! Green x Red, Blue x Red, Vio x Red, Shadow x Red. I also love Green with all of them.

    Link x Vaati is also another OTP of mine, along with Tetra x Aryll. ^^
    I'm also good with Link x Tetra, and Link x Saria. Those pairings are so adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by esm8m View Post
    Link does have too many good possible pairings... For me, though, Link x Tetra wins.

    Really, each Link has his own best pairing, and throwing a blanket statement over all the Links won't work. If I had to make a generalization, though, I would put every Link with a Zelda.
    Yes, I agree I've only been a fan of The Legend of Zelda series for about a year, and the first games I played were Phantom Hourglass in 2007 and Wind Waker in 2009 (don't ask why in that order), and Wind Waker is seriously in my top 5 of all time favorite games now. So Link x Tetra became (and is so far) my OTP for the Zelda series. Then again,

        Spoiler:- About Wind Waker:

    I'm playing through Twilight Princess and I'm liking Link x Ilia, as well. I haven't beaten it yet though, so I'll see how that goes. I'm also playing through Ocarina of Time, but no ship in the game has really gotten my interest yet (I haven't beaten that game yet either). I'm not the least bit surprised that Link is shipped with a lot of the female characters in that game though.

    And of course, I do really like Link x Zelda, particularly in Spirit Tracks, I haven't played a whole lot of Zelda games, but that game seemed to bring the best of them, shipping-wise. And yes, I haven't beaten this game yet, either. But yeah, since almost every game in the series has a different Link, it's difficult to pair him with just general person, except for Zelda, since almost every game features a different Zelda, too. Link x Tetra is still my favorite, though.
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    Link x Tetra. They're just the cutest together ^^ Also my favourite ship of all.

    Linebeck x Jolene. You know they secretly love each other. Also how else can we explain Linebeck III?

    Link x Zelda. In most games it's this. Except for in Spirit Tracks as I think they're related.

    Kafei x Anju. CANON!

    Link x Saria. Cute in the beginning of the game.

    Medli x Komali. "I brought Medli a flower" So cute.

    Nayru x Ralph. Well, also kinda obvious.
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    Honestly, I don't get where all the Link X Zelda things come from honestly. Very rarely is there any suggestion in the games that they have any sort of special connection at all, much less a romantic one. I mean, let me think about all the games...

    LoZ - Back then there wasn't enough story to really be a romance. Even Mario X Peach didn't have anything back then to actually suggest anything, other then inferrence from the gamer.

    AoL - Okay, there is one that has a sort of Link X Zelda suggestion, at least from what I hear about the end (never played this one personally) but again, super early in the series, hardly any story that is not really fleshed out at all. All Links are different and this one maybe had an interest in Zelda but that is just because it is an easy romance to make with such a minimal story.

    ALttP - Maybe I missed it in my 6 playthroughs, but I never saw anything other then a brief meeting between the two. Link saved her because he is a hero, and heroes save people. He'd have done the same for an ugly man. I believe that at some point there was a comic sort of thing that depicted a romance between this specific Link and Zelda, but that isn't real.

    Links Awakening - The first game in the true series (AoL is part of the story, but is such a deviation from the formula that I have a hard time considering it a true LoZ game) which, arguably, has a romantic connection, and it isn't even with Link and Zelda. It's with Link and Marin! I liked Marin quite a bit, and it was sad when the sort of dream world thing (been so long since I have played this one) was eliminated.

    OoT - Because of the much more in depth story of this story, I have a lot more to write about it. Nothing whatsoever to suggest a romance, and this game actually DOES have some romantic undertones. Saria's actions towards Link may be interpreted as either romantic or motherly, depending on how you chose to see it, though I would consider it...creepy if it was romantic, considering that Saria is a Kokiri and thus will never grow up.

    Ruto crushed on Link and demanded that he marry her, but I don't think this was meant to be taken seriously, and with Ruto cutting it off (I think she wanted to do so even before becoming a Sage but was too stubborn) it becomes pretty much moot.

    Some have said Nabooru but she is too old for Link really, at least IMO, and her words are clearly meant in a teasing manner which suits her character. Nabooru probably acts like this towards all sorts of people.

    Zelda has far more personal interaction with Link here then in any of the past games, but during most of it, Link thinks she is a man, and again there is really no more personal connection with her then with the cucco lady. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Link even likes her, much less loves her (I'm sure he doesn't dislike her, as that would be stupid, but there just isn't enough interaction to definitively show either way). At best, there is a scene where Zelda grabs his hand after they defeat Ganondorf, but that is clearly a representation of regret for what she had done to Hyrule and to Link. He doesn't react at all.

    The BEST romance in this game, from a purely analytical level (you can prefer whatever you wish), is Link X Malon. Malon is clearly somewhat simitten with Link even as children, giving him a pet name and teaching him Epona's song (something of family importance which you don't give to just anybody). Talon actually asks Link if he would like to marry Malon at one point, which COULD be chalked up to humor just like Ruto, except that you are given the option to say yes, which proves that Link at least has the potential to have feelings for Malon. Then there is the Gossip Stone behind the deceased Deku Tree which is only accessable for Adult Link which States that Malon is waiting for a knight (or hero) to come and sweep her off her feet. This makes her the ONLY character in the game for whom the quality of a romance is atributed at all definately, in a way that does not have to be interpreted. Also, since she specifically refers to someone saving her, which Link DOES, and because this is the ONLY Gossip Stone which is only accessible as an Adult (and thus the message is cannonically not there in before you grow up), it can be easily assumed that she is referring to Link, or at the very least that Link is intended to fill this gap.

    There is also the symbolic note that Malon comes directly from Marin, who was also a potential love interest of Link's and Malon clearly comes out as the major and most hinted at Love interest in Ocarina of Time. The only contender is Saria, but all of the supposed "hints" of romantic affection between the two can also be interpreted as motherly, esspecially when you take into account that Saria is hinted to have practically raised him. Also, she is essentially eliminated from the running when you consider that Link grows up while Saria never does.

    Majora's Mask - Zelda never even appears. As a direct sequal with the same Link as in OoT, there is actually MORE Link X Malon suggestions, even though she doesn't appear in the game either. First, Epona is now shown as Link's horse, which means that Malon gave her to Link, which is almost bizzare when you consider that Epona was Malon's closest (maybe only) friend on the farm. It shows an enormous connection. Also, Romani and Cremia, who, if I have interpreted the events of MM correctly, are just representations of Malon created through Link's mind (I think that Termina itself doesn't exist, but was just somthing that was made from Link's memory and subconscious by the mask...though Majora's Mask might also just be created from Link), anyways Romani and Cremia (particularly Romani) are the closest people to Link that he meets in Termina, the ones whom he bonds with the most (outside of Tatl, but she's a counterpart of Navi) which suggests that in Link's subconscious at least, he feels a connection to Malon closer then that of anyone else.

    Of course, that is all assuming that the theory of Termina being made from Link's mind is true, but even if not, Link still created a connection with Termina's versions of Malon which still proves the point. Either way Link has no potential love intesests in MM because he puts Termina behind him at the end of the game.

    It is also worth noting that if Termina is a representation of Link's mind, there is no Zelda equivalent, which suggests that she isn't very important to him on a personal level.

    Oracle Games - This one has some minor possibilities for Link X Zelda, with Zelda kissing him at the end of a linked game with both of them, but again, this isn't definate. She kisses him because he has saved her life, and he goes all dazy because he is a young boy and has been kissed by a girl. That being said, there is a much stronger case in this game for a Link X Zelda possibility then in most other games. But still, he barely knows her, can't possibly have a personal connection to her yet, there is no BASIS for a romance. The only real romance here is Ralph X Nayru. And actually I could see more a basis for a relationship between Link and Maple in this game, as a sort of Love/Hate thing. No reason to think that either, but at least they KNOW each other by now.

    Four Swords - Never played it. Don't know anything about the story. Can't say.

    Wind Waker - Now HERE we have a legitimate Link X Zelda romance possibility, and the funny thing is, Zelda is portrayed as an entirely different character here! It's almost funny how since the sort of modernization of the plot of the games (since OoT or even arguably AlttP), it is almost like they try to make an effort to avoid a Link X Princess Zelda romance. The interaction between Link and Tetra is shown to evolve from an annoyance and begrudging respect, to an admiration, and possibly to a romance in potential.

    I actually really like Tetra as a romance interest for Link. It works well. Admittadly it isn't the only possible pairing for Link. Like Ocarina of Time, there are many girls who are hinted or implied, however lightly, to either have a crush on Link, or at least be slightly smitten with him. Rita is one of these, certain actions suggesting an effection for Link from her, such as when she gets flustered around him (I can't remember when, but I know it happens) and when Link first plays the Sage song for her and she awakens as a Sage. She collapses first, Link catches her, and when she wakes up she is in his arms, looking up into his eyes, and she seems very content with this.

    If you REALLY wanted to stretch it, you could also infer that Mila is sort of fond of him after he stops her from burglerizing her boss. But that is a huge jump.

    Tetra is by far the best romantic interest for WW Link, perhaps the most major fact in favor of this being that he leaves his home for good with her at the end, going off into the great unknown with only her and the pirates (but unless you argue that Link became unusually fond of Nico during their short time together, I think it is safe to say that he stuck with them because of her).

    TMC - My copy of Minish Cap was lost and I cannot go back to review the story, but I believe that this is the first story where Link does have a personal connection with Zelda, having been friends with her since they were young. I don't remember any romance in this game at all, but I also havn't played it in a while. Zelda is probably the best bet in this game.

    Note: Malon is in this game again, but it is a different Malon (making her one of the only characters outside of Zelda and Link to be reincarnated, just as a fun note) and there don't seem to be even the slightest suggestion of a romance from what I remember.

    TP - This is funny. Zelda plays almost no part in this story, in spite of it being the most in-depth and complex plot of any Zelda to date. Link and her have less interaction then they do in the Oracle games really, and there is no suggestion of any connection at all, much less a romantic one.

    Honestly, if you suggest that there is anyone other then Minda who would be Link's romance interest in this game, you probably either payed no attention to what was happening, or just didn't play the game. Link's growing relationship with Midna is one of the most central themes of the game. By the end they are so close that when Link realizes that he might not see her again, he dashed after her to try and stop her destroying their only link to each other. Not to mention that it is highly probable that Minda's last words to him were going to be "I Love You" before she thought better of it and changed it to "See you later", knowing that it would be pointless to open those feelings when they have to be seperated.

    Ilia, admittadly, is another possibility, but she seems to have replaced Saria in this game honestly, acting in a very sisterly fashion. There is a potential romance, especially since Midna had to return to the Twilight Realm, but I have a hard time seeing it, since it was clearly Midna whom Link loved.

    But as for Zelda, well litterally Telma is a bigger character with more interaction with Link, and technically more suggestion for an affectionate (not romantic, but affectionate). Zelda is a joke in this game.

    PH - Same characters as in WW, same situation, Link X Tetra.

    ST - Tough one. I don't see any romance in this game at all. Zelda plays a bigger role then ever before, but her relationship with Link never suggests anything romantic. There is also the suggestion that, if every character in ST is a decendent of a WW one, then Link and Zelda could be somewhat distant cousins or somthing similar (though I don't think that all the Link's are related by blood, but rather a sort of spiritual reincarnation). Probably the best bet is Zelda for Link, but nothing real either way that I remember. I didn't like Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass that much, so I might have just not been paying close enough attention.

    So there you go. A maximum of 6 where Link X Zelda is even a possibility, minimum of 2 where it is definate, and that is only because one is a sequal to the other, with the same characters.

    Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass are definate, but again, Zelda is a totally different Zelda in character.

    AoL is pretty decent but there is hardly any actual plot to that game and it is hard to say.

    Oracle games have it as a maybe, but with no basis for a relationship, the kiss was likely just a thanks for saving me kiss.

    Minish Cap has no actual evidence that I remember, but it is probably the best bet since there is no romance at all that I remember, at at least Link knows her well, same with Spirit Tracks.

    So that is my MAJOR rant about why I don't get Link X Zelda I don't mean to affend. These are games and you can like whatever you like. Romance is a miniscule part of the story anyway. I just don't get what makes it so popular?
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    I'd say Link X Zelda is the one i don't support, but i support:

    Link X Marin

    Link X Tetra

    Komali X Medli (if anyone's played WW they know what i'm talking bout!)

    Yeto/ Yeta FTW

    Vaati X Zelda

    and weirdly: Bellum X Ocean King (i'm weird)
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    What ship do you you love?Why?

    Oh my gosh, I have a lot you guys get ready...

    Link and Midna(Twilight Princess)
    Ugh, just absolutely my favorite. There was a real connection and I only really started shipping it after Lakebed Temple. I think there was a real potential for that ship. It's a shame about Midna though.

    Ganondorf and Nabooru(Ocarina of Time)
    May I just say that even though their interactions weren't entirely there, they still had basis. Besides, she was around when he was king right, the only male king?

    Toon Link and Tetra(Wind Waker)
    Toon Link and spunky girls just click with me. I'm not sure why, he just seems like the type. Besides, him and Tetra had some real chemistry.

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    What ship do you love? Why?

    I started supporting this ship after reading the OoT manga. Plus, they look cute together.

    It's kinda 'Opposites Attract'-ish, quiet scholar guy + the tough girl raised in the mountains.

    They're both royalty, they've had to have known each other from their past.

    I see potential in Renado/Telma, but for crack only

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    What ship do you love? Why?

    From OOT, I love Link/Saria. <3
    Well I always thought that Saria had a crush on Link. She gave him a friggin' Ocarina for a goodbye present! And plus it's cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanDreamer View Post
    Well said (clap)

    I'm a RanchShipper (LinkXMalon) Malon has affection for Link at a young age, and even so when she's older, plus MM puts more to the LinkxMalon considering all of those interactions. While Link is just as dense as Ash in the game as a silent protaganist.

    Saria (KokiriShipping?) has some pretty obvious affection for Link, but Link seemed to care more about his quest and kind of took the advance awkwardly as he backed away and ran.

    Ruto (ZoraShipping?)is more one-sided but is more of a cute,playful romance. Link seems disgusted by the idea but its more playful than romantic as she gives up her marriage proposal for being a sage.

    Zelda (TriforceShipping?) sees Link more of a messanger of fate and an key figure in the war against Evil. Like Link I think she is more concerned about the fate of Hyrule than Romance. The one and most effective hint, is her holding Link's hand when she sends him away and the very VERY sad expression on her face.

    Then there's LinkXMidna (TwilightShipping?) Which I also think was one sided, Midna attracted to Link but it looked more as if Link was definetely taking notice of the attractions but like before is more concerned about his quest

    and LinkxIllia (OrdonShipping?) not enough hints between them, though they are definitely concerned for each other's safety. I like this more than TwilightShipping but

    AnjuXKafei is really really well put together in MM (WeddingMaskShipping?) and canon.

    I don't think too much about LinkxMedli, since this is pretty much barely one sided maybe from Medli's perspective though KomaliXMedli is probably canon.
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    Ruto/Ralph While it may seem WTF consider that link would never return Ruto's love. I would love a fanfic were Ruto explores the seas and runs into this want to be hero and they fall in love while trying to save the Zora kingdom.

    Thanks to treeco123


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    Thank god I found this thread, time to write all my favourite ships in each game.

    In OoT Link + Zelda (more on the child part of the game and the ending)
    In WW Link + Tetra (this was canon imo with PH -> ST)
    In TP Wolf Link + Midna (don't hate_
    In SS Link + Zelda x100. Cutest ZeLink so far :3

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