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Thread: Pokemon: The Ultimates (RPG Thread)

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    "I'm Oya Yurani. And this is Kiano," Oya replied, holding up her staff with the pink ferret Pokemon curled around it. As she shook Del's hand she realized it was very cold and she withdrew as soon as possible. "So... What powers do you have? Your skin can't be that pale naturally." She twisted her mouth into a wry smile. "Ghost powers?"

    *oh, close, but no cigar... HEY! My skin isn't that pale! I just spend time in daark places...*

    *Whatever... but do you see that Furret? I could probably sell it's hide for a high price...*

    *NO! I will not have you killing an innocent pokemon... especially one that belongs to a teammate.*

    *You take out all the fun.*

    Gama withdrew Del's hand (getting a little confusing, no?), and held it out to his side.
    "Hmmm... I guess I could give you an example of my power for now." Gama moaned, flexing his hand, and preparing it for the weight that would soon be in it. He invisioned the weapon in his mind. A great white axe, completed with a wooden handle. "AXE!", he screamed, closing his hand. But the fingers never met the palm. THey were wrapped around a solid white, wooden handle. So white it might have been painted (but it was completely natural). Sprouting from the long handle was a great axe head. The edge was blunt and perfect for smashing.

    "Don't get worried. That's not all I do... but I don't want to blow up this jet, now do I?" Gama said, chortling at the end.

    *Not just yet, anyway*
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    "Hmmm... I guess I could give you an example of my power for now."

    Oya watched intently as Del flexed his hand and then shouted "AXE!" in a strange eerie voice. Kiano recoiled behind her shoulder; his little pink face peeped nervously over the edge. Oya, not quite as stunned by the giant axe that just replaced Del's hand, nodded with keen interest.

    "Fascinating" she muttered, her green eyes sparkling. She wasn't afraid of Del anymore. She had moved on to being curious. What was he really like? Why did he talk so... strangely?

    To keep the conversation moving, she said, "Would you care to know what I can do?" She didn't care what his response would be. She planned to show him anyway.
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    ((Uh, Razor? Could you not rp out my characters response please? Ill go with it this time, but you really shouldn't control what he says. Bad RP manners.))

    "...Team up?" Drogo responded to the guy (pokemon trainer, by the looks of him) who was addressing him "Well, that rather depends on what your definition of 'teaming up' is. If you mean go after the same target, then yes, but don't intend for me to help you out if things go a bit hairy for you. Im not that type of person."

    He leaned his body backwards, seeming to lay down on the air as he floated. This kid seemed a bit too happy for his tastes. It didn't matter though. The more people fighting this guy, the more targets that wern't him avalible to take hits. Though he couldn't 'die' again, he still felt pain, and that was a rather unneeded feeling he liked to avoid.

    "So..." He said, not positive who exactly he should be asking this to "bout how much longer we got till we get there?"

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    The Quinjet tore through the sky and Eve took the controls once again. She banked left sharply and descended, dropping low to fly just over the trees of the Eterna Forest. They came up on Eterna City quickly and Eve slowed the jet until it hovered still in the air right outside the Eterna City Museum. There was a large hole where the main doorway used to be, no doubt the result of the Rhino smashing through. Several smashed or burning police cars were abandoned outside the building. The local authorities had apparently tried to intervene.

    But their efforts had been in vain, and more than a dozen police officers were either dead or injured.

    "Ready for drop," Eve announced. She grabbed a drop-line and the rear hatch of the Quinjet dropped open. "If you can't fly, grab a line and let yourself down," she shouted over the roar of the engines. She herself dropped out of the jet and landed softly on the ground. Behind her, Vicki leaped out of the jet and flew through the air before gracefully dropping and landing on the ground. The rest of the team followed.

    Drawn by the roaring of the Quinjet's engines, the six criminals emerged from the museum. They were an imposing bunch, outfitted with bizarre costumes and technologies. And each one of them had a sinister glint in their eyes. There could be no doubt: these were hardened, dangerous criminals.

    "You're all under arrest," Eve shouted. "Drop and deactivate your weapons."

    "Funny," Red Talon said with a smirk. "You're acting as if we can't just blast past you." He launched a volley of missiles from the underside of his glider. They slammed into the Quinjet and it went up in flames before crashing to the ground.

    "Well there goes our ride," Vicki muttered. "Let's teach these ***-clowns a lesson!"

    "A lesson?" Shinobi laughed. "This isn't the amateur hero hour. Boys, show these wanabe Super-Friends what happens when you mess with the Sinister Six."

    It was on...

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    Conrad hopped out of the Helicarrier following Lance. He was accompanied by another trainer who looked like he'd been living on the streets for months, and smelled like it too. What happened next was pretty much a blur. Steven Stone was up on a podium, talking about an initiative, a team of people. Elite trainers who had conquered leagues, people who had mastered the arts of mystics, even beings who had been changed at a genetic level. Lance showed him to a room and let him get settled for a moment. He said he would return in a few minutes. Conrad threw his back on the bunk and took a look around.

    "Zetta get out here." he said. The pokeball on his waste wobbled, and a Porygon materialised on the floor beside him.

    >>Nice digs<< the translator spoke. >>Oh and THAT is very nice. I can't wait to get inside those data blocks.<<

    Conrad turned to see what the Porygon was talking about and laid his eyes on the most intense computer set up he'd ever seen. Screens, wires, several keyboards, numerous ports of shapes and sizes, some he didn't recognise. He was about to sit by it when the door chimed. Lance stepped in and smirked. He gestured to follow him. Conrad tapped his pokeball. Zetta said something untranslatable again, and went back inside the device. Stepping out behind Lance he rejoined the trainer he'd met earlier and headed down several advanced looking corridors until they entered the epicentre of the base. Conrad's attention was almost completely taken up by the giant structure in the centre of the room. This was like no computer he'd ever seen, far surpassing the one in his room. This was straight out of science fiction, but there it was in front of him. In the centre was a glass dome, with a person of some kind plugged into the system itself.

    "This is Cyber," said Steven. "He's our technopath, augmented by stem cells from the Porygon line and Rotom. He's the literal 'ghost in the machine.' Through this machine, he's connected to nearly every other computer on the planet. He can read and analyze data and cyber-messages with super-computer level proficiency."

    "Wooowww.." Conrad said, cringing slightly when he realised he probably said it too loud and sounded like an awestruck teenager seeing their favourite celebrity walking down the street.

    The tour carried on through several other rooms, meeting other operatives that worked for SHIELD. It sounded like everything was going to stay calm and collected for a while, when suddenly all hell seemed to break lose. Conrad's attention was brought quickly and firmly back to the present. There was some discussion about bad guys, and then two people were standing at the front, ready to start a fight.

    "So how about it? You guys in?", said a woman calling herself the Scarlet Sword.

    Everyone was quickly stepping forward to offer their services, but Conrad was hesitant. It seemed Steven had noticed it too.

    "Mr Tanner, what's wrong?" he asked. Everyone turned to look. Conrad winced again.

    "It's not that I don't appreciate it, this is the sort of opportunity that doesn't come along again. But I'm a computer programmer. I don't have the kind of skills that these others have. I don't see what sort of a help I can be."

    "Conrad I assure you, if you weren't up for this task, you would not have been contacted." Steven said without pause "You came highly recommended by several people who have worked with the SHIELD initiative. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this."

    "I trust you." Conrad said, nodding "Then I'm in too."

    The team was quickly led to another aircraft, one that would take them from the Triskelion and to Eterna in a matter of minutes. With everyone seated, they were in the air and Eve was explaining the details.

    "We're going in with a plan. Trainers, don't just throw out every Pokemon you've got. We need to work as a team, we need to be coordinated; watch each other's back. Conrad, you've got a Nidoking, right?"

    "That's right." Conrad said.

    "I want you to back me up against Rhino. Your Nidoking is probably the closest we can come to matching Rhino's strength. And your Magnezone should be able to turn Rhino's metal exoskeleton into one big electrical conductor."

    He nodded, but was surprised that none of the other trainers had similar pokemon, the burly sort that Nidoking is associated with.

    "You're ETA is fifteen minutes," Steven said over the radio. "Suit up and get ready."

    Conrad pulled on the light body armour and sat back down. He breathed slowly, closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. Think of it like a computer program Conrad. You can't get a result if the language isn't right. You know the language, you just have to let it come out. Don't force it, or it'll just be another bland, generic text book result. The others were introducing themselves to each other, they were the ones who'd be teaming up against these.. villans? A day ago, such a concept wouldn't be heard of outside of comic books. What kind of world had been revealed in such a short time? For this sort of thing to be covered up, kept secret from the entire world.. that would make Cyber, SHIELD's "ghost in the machine" an extremely powerful being. He wondered if Eve was pairing up with him to cover the apprehension he'd been feeling earlier.

    "Ready for drop," Eve announced. She grabbed a drop-line and the rear hatch of the Quinjet dropped open. "If you can't fly, grab a line and let yourself down,"

    Conrad grabbed and held on for dear life. He knew this was a bad idea. No turning back now. Six hardened criminals in suits that did nothing to hamper their already terrifying persona, stepped out of the museum to meet the team.

    "You're all under arrest," Eve shouted. "Drop and deactivate your weapons."

    Well that didn't work, judging from the condition the Quinjet was now in. Conrad was glad he didn't stay aboard now. Dammit, what the hell was he going to do? He didn't have a chance to think again, as the battle was about to begin.

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    Oya removed her favorite hoothoot cap and placed it on the seat. She wouldn't be able to see over the bill very well with it on her head. It was a reluctant decision to leave it behind. She wasn't happy about it, nor was she happy about the armor she was forced to wear. She scratched her chest and her legs irritably. She couldn't stand the way it felt over her body. The term "light-weight" was hardly fitting in her opinion. She didn't feel like she could move as feely as she could without it. But it was for protective purposes, so she didn't argue.

    "Ready for drop," Eve announced.

    Oya quickly smoothed her frizzy black hair with her left hand and grabbed her staff with the other. Kiano squeaked and curled around it. The little pink Furret seemed extremely enthusiastic. "I want you to stay out of trouble" Oya told him sternly. She worried about his safety. He was sure to stand out, but he was quick and light underfoot so he would probably be okay. "You can be my back-up." She patted him on the head and headed for the rear of the Quinjet.

    She didn't bother with the drop-line. She couldn't fly, but she knew how to land perfectly on the ground without injuring herself. She dropped through the air quickly at first, but as soon as she was five feet above the ground her feet flared up with fire and she stuck out her staff to brace herself. The impact was cushioned by fire and she was able to roll into a sitting position.

    Chest heaving in unison with Kiano's, she looked around. The six criminals emerged from the museum. They were an imposing bunch, outfitted with bizarre costumes and technologies. And each one of them had a sinister glint in their eyes. There could be no doubt: these were hardened, dangerous criminals.

    "You're all under arrest," Eve shouted. "Drop and deactivate your weapons." Oya stood up and ran to her commander's side, staff at the ready. Her feet spread apart in a battle stance. Her face hard.

    "Funny," Red Talon said with a smirk. "You're acting as if we can't just blast past you." He launched a volley of missiles from the underside of his glider. They slammed into the Quinjet and it went up in flames before crashing to the ground. Oya stared horrified after it.

    "My hoothoot cap!" she screamed. There it went. Her favorite hat engulfed in flames within the belly of their lost ride.

    "Well there goes our ride," Vicki muttered. "Let's teach these ***-clowns a lesson!" Oya scowled angrily

    "Yes, let's" She nodded briskly.

    "A lesson?" Shinobi laughed. "This isn't the amateur hero hour. Boys, show these wanabe Super-Friends what happens when you mess with the Sinister Six."

    The battle was on. In a fit of rage, Oya ran straight towards the group. Her flaming feet flew across the ground. Kiano leaped off of her shoulders and headed off to the side to wait for his opportunity to jump in. Immediately Oya singled out the one she guessed was white raven: a man dressed in white. His outfit seemed slightly outlandish, but she guessed it served more than the purpose of style. It must be loaded with gadgets and weapons. Oya knew she was outmatched but she had to give it her all...
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    Rhino lowered his head and charged. The massive, seven foot-tall, half-ton behemoth of a man thundered towards Eve and Conrad. Eve let loose with a roaring stream of fire, the tremendous level of heat stopped Rhino's charge and he shielded himself from the flames. Eve continued to pour on the fire, and Rhino's metal armor began to glow red-hot.

    "Conrad, move your Pokemon into position!" Eve shouted.

    But Rhino had other ideas. With a roar, he brought his two hands together, and a thunderclap erupted. The shockwave dispersed the flames and Rhino continued his charge. He closed in quickly. Eve pointed her hands down and fired off two fiery jets, launching herself into the air and over Rhino's charge. She spun around and blasted balls of flame at Rhino, one after another after another. But the fire only seemed to annoy Rhino and he charged forward once more.

    Eve blasted him with a powerful stream of water, the force of which slowed Rhino's charge to a crawl and even began to push him back. Eve switched it up and turned the water into ice, encasing Rhino in a frozen block.

    "That should hold him for a while," Eve said, pleased with herself for stopping one of the most dangerous criminals around.

    But the frozen block began to crack, and with a roar, Rhino shattered the ice. Shards of ice went flying in all directions, knocking into Eve as they flew. She looked up as Rhino raged over her with his fist drawn back. Eve managed to raise a psychic barrier around her just in time to halt Rhino's punch. But the sheer power of Rhino's blows rocked through the barrier and shook Eve to her core. The concussive force of each punch caused rattled her bones and deafened her ears, and the stress of maintaining her barrier against such an onslaught caused her nose to bleed and her head to ache.

    Rhino, while not the brightest fish in the drawer, knew he wasn't getting anywhere with the relentless pounding away at Eve's barrier so he went for a different approach. He grabbed the spherical barrier with both hands and lifted it into the air with Eve still inside it. Rhino hoisted the barrier over his head and slammed it into the ground. Once...twice...on the third time, the barrier shattered and Eve crashed down hard.

    "Nice try, lady," Rhino taunted. "But I'm just that good." Eve groaned in pain and struggled to her feet, but she was at a clear disadvantage. Eve looked as if she had just gone ten rounds with a--well a rhinoceros--and Rhino looked as fresh as a daisy. "C'mon, baby-cakes," Rhino said with a smirk. "You can't beat me. Just lay back down. There's nothing you can do."

    "Bite me," Eve spat, clenching her fists.

    "Oh. I just might," Rhino sneered. He pulled back his fist.

    Then Eve struck, pressing both hands against Rhino's chest and cutting loose with a tremendous surge of electrical energy. Rhino's suit was a lightning rod: the electricity flowed through it and through him. He let out a howl of pain and Eve smirked as she continued to pour on the power.

    But Rhino began to overcome his pain. He struggled against the paralyzing electrical attack. His armor creaked and groaned as he forced it to move. Eve continued to course lightning through him, but he wasn't slowing down. Rhino then grabbed her arms. And the lightning was forced back into her. A scream ripped its way from her throat. It was a horrible, gut-twisting sound. She dropped back to her knees, her body smoking, her breathing labored.

    Rhino lifted her up, drew his leg back, and kneed her in the stomach. An airless gasp escaped her throat. Rhino grabbed her head with one meaty paw of a hand and lifted her off the ground.

    "You're pretty," he said with a twisted smile. "I think I'll take you home with me."

    "Go to hell!" Eve shouted. She swung her arm, calling upon her elemental powers as she did. A razor-sharp leaf blade slashed across Rhino's cheek, and he tossed Eve to the ground to cradle his face.

    "You bi*ch," he snarled. He charged her, but Eve let loose with a pulse of dark energy. It washed over Rhino and at once his mechanical exoskeleton seized up. It seemed to fight against its own movement for a moment. Then Rhino regained control and continued his charge. But Eve blasted him again, and once again the mechanical suit seized. She blasted him several more times, forcing him to his knees.

    "Don't like Dark attacks, do ya?" Eve taunted, grimacing through her pain. "That's just too flippin' bad!"

    She brought her hands together, swirling darkness between them. Then she added lightning to the mix, and powerful bolts of electricity sparked across the black sphere. Rhino stared at her with a mix of horror and hate as she prepared to launch her attack.

    "You can't beat me," she mocked. "Just lay back down. There's nothing you can do."

    But there was something Rhino could do. As Eve let loose with her attack, he raised his massive fist and brought it down hard on the concrete. The ground cracked. A massive split ran towards Eve, causing her to lose her footing and her attack missed its mark. Rhino wasted no time. With roar he lowered his head and charged. With Eve as tired and drained as she was, there was little she could do to stop him.

    Then, with a mechanical ramming skull powerful enough to shatter concrete and break steel, he rammed her in the gut. Eve was sent flying through the air like a ragdoll, and she landed in a broken heap more than forty feet away. Blood dripped past Eve's lips, the sign of massive internal bleeding.

    "Don't boast unless you can back it up," Rhino growled as he stalked towards her...


    White Raven and Black Wraith circled around Del and Oya. It was obvious they were accustomed to working as a team. They moved to either side of the two Ultimates, forcing Del and Oya to stand back-to-back. Then, without any visible or verbal sign, the two attacked as one.

    In a single instant, at the exact same moment, Black Wraith hit Del in the jaw with a flying knee strike, and White Raven swiped Oya's legs out from under her. Del back-tumbled right over Oya. The two villains were after them before they even hit the ground.

    White Raven suddenly had a bo-staff in his hand, an extendable weapon previously concealed somewhere on his person. He launched himself into the air, spinning the staff like propeller blades. He swung down mightily, but missed his mark. He attacked Oya relentlessly, spinning and twirling his staff to test her defenses and reflexes without ever really making contact with her. He attempted several thrusting motions, but Oya managed to dodge even them.

    The White Raven growled, it was the only sound he had made this entire time. He spun his staff again, and in the same motion, he hurled a small metal sphere from his belt. White Raven then quickly turned and covered his face with his cape as the flash-bang grenade went off. With Oya blinded, White Raven made his move. He charged her, swing his staff in an overhead circular arc. He struck her three times, knocking her to the ground. A vicious snap-kick sent her skidding across the concrete.

    Black Wraith attacked Del with a much more brutal style of combat. He avoided the fancy maneuvers and focused instead on quick, strong punches, knees, kicks, and elbows. He was fast to boot, and wasn't afraid to take a blow himself if it would put him in a better position to hit back.

    The Black Wraith caught Del on the side of his head with his left elbow, and then followed up with a right-knee to the gut, forcing the air out of Del's lungs. A spinning roundhouse kick finished up the combo and knocked Del to the ground. As he stood over Del, he clenched his fists three times, and a set of brass knuckle-like weapons emerged from his gloves. He grabbed Del by his shirt-collar and hoisted him up. Black Wraith then landed two vicious punches to Del's midsection. He continued his assault, though Del managed to block or dodge most of the blows.

    Finally, Black Wraith landed a blow; a brass-knuckled punch to Del's left knee. He didn't let up. He lashed out with a three-punch combo, striking Del's chest twice with a final blow to the chin that knocked Del to the ground. Then, as Del began to rise, Black Wraith leaped forward and hit Del with a flying knee-to-the-face. Del went tumbling onto Oya, who had been on the receiving end of a similar beating courtesy of White Raven. The two criminals, black and white, circled Del and Oya once more...


    Vincent and Damien were left facing off against Death Adder. The snake-themed criminal watched them coldly, his deadly bladed tail swaying side to side. He was a menacing opponent. Vincent had called on his Blaziken and Damien had called upon his Arcanine. But both trainers and Pokemon were unsure how to go about attacking a human opponent.

    Unfortunately, Death Adder had no such reservations. He struck, lashing out with his tail. And while the blade missed Vincent's Blaziken, the fiery, fighting-bird was caught by the tail's sweeping motion and bowled over. Death Adder then launched into the air and landed hard on Damien's Arcanine with both feet. He pointed his Arbok-themed arm weapons at Vincent and Damien and let loose with a stream of poisonous needles.

    Thankfully, Altair the Blaziken jumped in and knocked off his aim at the last moment, sparing Vincent and Damien some painful--and possibly deadly--wounds. Altair struck with a Blaze Kick that sent Death Adder flying back. But he righted himself and as Altair leaped to attack again, Death Adder caught him with a strike from his tail. Arcanine rushed forward and clamped down on Death Adder's right arm with its fiery fangs, shaking his head viciously. But Death Adder fought back and grabbed Arcanine with his free hand, clamping down with his poisonous fangs. He picked Arcanine up and tossed him to the ground. Then Death Adder turned and fired a barrage of poisoned needles. They struck Arcanine and he let out a pained whine.

    Altair attacked once more, decking Death Adder with a mighty haymaker punch. He continued to pound away at Death Adder with fiery punches. But Death Adder snaked his tail around coiled it around Altair's neck. He lifted Altair up and fired a barrage of needles that exploded on contact with Altair and sent the Blaziken flying.

    Vincent and Damien looked on in concern as their injured Pokemon began to circle around Death Adder, who didn't seem very concerned with them at the least...


    Jack and Drogo had been chased into the museum by Red Talon. Well...Jack had been chased in. Drogo had simply followed Jack, shifting through the walls without much care. Red Talon dropped from his glider and entered the museum, stepping loudly across the marble floors.

    "Little pigs, little pigs," he cackled. "Please let me in." He knocked over some sort of priceless pottery artifact. "Oh no," he said in a high-pitched and squeaky voice. "Not by the hairs of our chinny chin chin." He then revealed a fist-sized metal sphere. He pressed a button on it and it lit up with a green light. "Then I'll huff," he cackled once more. "And I'll puff. And I'll blow your house in!" Red Talon let out a maniacal laugh as he hurled the sphere. It made contact with another priceless artifact and exploded violently. He continued laughing.

    "Little pigs, little pigs," he cackled. "Come out and play--," he stopped suddenly. "Wait. That's not how it goes. Damn, now I've totally messed up my train of thought." He then let out a crazy laugh. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" he cackled as he hurled another bomb, destroying a section of wall. He continued to laugh, "To-day do I bake, to-morrow I brew, The day after that the queen's child comes in; And oh! I am glad that nobody knew, That the name I am called is Rumpelstiltskin!" He hurled several more bombs throughout the museum, turning into a black and burning room.

    "Oh wait," he remembered with a cackle. "I still have to find the two little pigs!" He pressed a tiny sensor on his wrist and his glider came crashing in through the ceiling. "They're gonna need to get that fixed." He hovered around the room "Oh, Grandma," he said in a squeaky high-pitched voice. "What great big teeth you have." He peered around a large vase in the middle of the room. He turned his head slightly and caught sight of part of Jack's shoe hiding behind a wall. "Well, deary," he cackled. "All the better to eat you with!"

    He smashed through the wall, glaring down on Jack and Drogo.

    "Hello, little pigs," he said with a maniacal laugh. "Let's play a game..."


    Vicki and Shinobi were engaged in a high-speed sword duel. Even though Shinobi wielded a much larger and ungainly sword, Vicki was still unable to score any direct hits with her own lighter, faster weapons. It was a wild exchange. Sparks flew in all directions with each clash of swords.

    Shinobi swung her sword in a powerful arc, and while Vicki managed to block the slash, her guard broke and Shinobi landed a crushing blow to her midsection that sent her flying. Romulus the Umbreon attempted to intervene, but Shinobi caught him with a stiff kick across the back and sent him tumbling across the ground.

    "You shouldn't have done that," Vicki growled as she launched herself back into the fight. "She fought with more drive than ever before, and her speed quickly overwhelmed Shinobi. As Vicki broke Shinobi's guard, Vicki seemed to vanish with a scarlet flash. She then reappeared behind Shinobi and slashed across her back. But Shinobi vanished, dissipating into a black fog before reappearing some ten feet away.

    "You're good," Shinobi relented. "But I'm better..."

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    Oya panted. She was wearing out fast. "These guys are a lot tougher than I ever imagined," she realized. She shipped and whirled her staff to match White Raven's. Her inhuman strength was the only thing keeping her in the same league.

    The White Raven growled, it was the only sound he had made this entire time. He spun his staff again, and in the same motion, he hurled a small metal sphere from his belt. White Raven then quickly turned and covered his face with his cape as the flash-bang grenade went off. With Oya blinded, White Raven made his move. He charged her, swing his staff in an overhead circular arc. He struck her three times, knocking her to the ground. A vicious snap-kick sent her skidding across the concrete.

    Oya screamed loudly as she slid away. The back of her legs burned from the friction with ground. No, they didn't hurt. They burned. They caught fire.

    "Ok, you want to play the special game, huh?" Oya sneered, starting to stand up. But before she could move, Black Wraith threw Del right on top of her. Her anger made her lose her guard and she was knocked to the ground. Annoyed, she shoved him off of her, the two villains circling overhead. "Will you watch it?" she growled.

    So, Oya thought to herself, she was going to have to try something else if she wanted to bag these guys. She watched the super criminals flying around, waiting for her to make a move. So far, all she had done was test White Raven. That ended badly. "I've still got fire," she noted. A light bulb went off in her head. She also had Kiano. She glanced around, looking for his shining pink pelt. She smiled when she couldn't find him. That was good, he was staying out of the way. Well, now was the time for him to join in the fun, even if he was only a nuisance to the enemy. Touching her teeth to her lips she let out s high shrill whistle. "Time to intervene!" she called.

    From under a bush, her faithful friend squeaked and slithered into sight. He spotted the White Raven and conjured up a Thunderbolt. The lightning struck him in the side. It was a minor injury--more an annoyance than an actual wound. As is annoyed by some pest or fly, he turned around and threw his staff at the ferret Pokemon. But Kiano was already dashing away, squeaking in laughter. Oya nodded to him, not wasting any time, and launched an enormous fireball at White Raven while he was distracted. Hopefully her change of strategy would change the tides.
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    "Hmmm... faster than I imagined. Watching the white one fight is different from this black fellow..." Gama whispered, wiping a small amount of blood of his mouth. The blows were a bit tough, but he could hold him... well Gama could. Inside Del's body, he was almost sceaming:

    *GAH! I KNOW!* Gama retorted, sliding his hand down to his stomach, and feeling the rising bruises from where the villian had struck him. The pain was as bad as when he had gotten hit still. Summoning a heavy weapon would be a bad idea with this injury, as lifting it would be dangerous if there was more than a simple muscle bruise. If anything was torn, he didn't want to risk ripping his muscle tissue... even he cared about living.

    After a small amount of thought, he decided on a simple flail- unpredictable in it's path, and devistating damage with a light weight. Very nice. After the small thought (Imaganing a two foot chain, a wooden handle, and one-inch spikes placed over the head), the flail appeared in solid white in Del's gloved hand.

    The small smile that had been plastered on Gama's face even when getting attacked widened. He realized that he DID have a teammate after all, so why not work as a team? It was better than dying on this stupid mission. In fact, his partner was now doing well, shooting a fireball at White Raven.

    Gama let Del's hand slide down to the stomach wounds... again. They still hurt. So why not use that to his advantage. He looked at the white clad man, and held out his un-armed hand at him. He forced the pain out of his middrift, and let it flow out his fingertips at him. A small giggle, left his lips as he saw White Raven visably show pain in his stomach. One hand was trying to protect himself from the raging fire of the attack, and one was grasping his side.

    "Now we have you...", Gama whispered ominously, begining to raise his flail. But he never got the chance. While not paying attention, he didn't notice time slowing down as a large metal staff swung at his back, held in the adept hands of Black Wraith. The sharp blow snapped into his back, and would have broken it if he had not been wearing the protective armor. Luckly, the pain from the bow was transfered to White Raven, as Del's hand was still up, but it quickly dropped to his side, as a roundhouse kick knocked Del to the ground. He turned his head in time to gaze at the bar being raised over Black Wraith's head, slowly. Time had slowed down.

    Gama took a quick look at Black Wraith's own shadow, and flicked his wrist. The shadow formed into a semi-sphere over his chest, blocking the path of the bar that would have otherwise impaled him. With the chance of danger gone, time sped up, and Black wraith's bar hit his sheild full force... and shuddered the forcefeild.

    Wraith released the bar right away, and exclaimed a violent 'ACK!'. Most of the force from the blow had been transfered into his arms, and it was causing (temporary) pain. Gama took this chance to jump up and swung his flail at Wraith. The ball cought him in the right arm, and tore the material of his costume and caused deep scratches. But it didn't seem to bother him at all.

    Gama was starting to get ******... he didn't seem to be able to do much.

    He hoped he could hold out longer then Wraith could. Or this could end badly.
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    Conrad ran into the action, following Eve as she focused all her attention on Rhino, the largest of the criminals, who's name was well suited to his appearance. Rhino wasn't wasting anytime, dropping his head and charging at the two straight away. Thankfully Eve was faster, throwing a massive burst of fire at the lunatic, engulfing him in red flame heating his armour up to melting point.

    "Conrad, move your Pokemon into position!" Eve shouted.

    Conrad nodded and was about to call his pokemon into play when Rhino burst free form the flames. Conrad missed what happened exactly but a shockwave dispersed the flames and knocked him onto the floor. Eve didn't bat an eyelid though, and went back to throwing fire balls, followed by massive jets of water which she then froze, encasing Rhino in a massive block of unmoving ice. Eve took a long heavy breath before turning to look for Conrad.

    "That should hold him for a while," she started, when the sounds of ice cracking caught her attention. Somehow Rhino was cracking the ice around him, that suit he was wearing had more than one trick besides being massively powerful. Eve erected a psychic barrier, and with all attention on her Conrad managed to scramble out of the way. Leaving Eve to take care of Rhino, Conrad found an unoccupied spot and drew out his pokemon. Roswell the Magnezone and Rex the Nidoking materialised. At the sight of the rival pokemon, Rex made a guttural sound that did nothing but make Roswell roll it's main eye. Rex started to growl when Conrad waved a hand in front of his face.

    "Hey! Enough!" he said, catching Rex's attention "We don't have time for these petty displays of manliness now Rex. Now I asked Zetta to explain this to you while you were in transit, so I know you're aware of what's happening. You are the only pokemon here who is strong enough to stand up to this Rhino guy. I need you to focus on what has to be done."

    Rex's growl subsided and he nodded. Beside him, Roswell hadn't moved.

    "Now listen to me. Rex I need you to pull Rhino off Eve, keep him distracted while I try and help her. Roswell you're back up. Stick with me, if Eve is hurt then I'll do what I can for her, but we'll be unprotected. I need you to..." A massive cracking noise and a rumble that travelled through the ground cut Conrad off. He ran back to where the battle was to see Eve on the ground, bleeding profusely with Rhino marching towards her, barely even breaking a sweat.

    "Don't boast unless you can back it up," Rhino growled, as he stalked towards her "I'll put you out of your misery, and then I'll take out the rest of your pitiful team."

    Rhino raised both his hands above his head, clasping them together into a massive fist, ready to slam them into the ground. Before he could do so, Rex wrapped both his arms around Rhino's pulling the criminal backwards and lifting him off the ground. The Nidoking roared, a deafening cry of anger and defiance, before twisting around and throwing Rhino back the way he came, thirty, forty, fifty feet until he crashed into, and through a brick wall. Conrad ran up to Eve and knelt beside her.

    "I was.. *cough* .. wondering when you'd get here.." she said, wincing as she tried to move.

    "Oh sh!t, don't talk. You're bleeding too much from the wounds you have, it must be internal too. Crap crap crap.. can you heal? I mean Espeon can heal itself during the day, so maybe you can too? Roswell, use Sunny Day then get down here. I want you to use Mirror Coat to make your metal body as reflective as possible and try to amplify the sunlight so Eve is bathed in it as much as possible. Just keep your eyes on what's going on. If you get in trouble, keeping Eve protected is your primary concern."

    "Conrad.." Eve said as he started to move away "Rhino's suit doesn't stand up well to Dark based attacks. You should be able to use that to your advantage..." Conrad nodded and chased after Nidoking, who was currently hand in hand with Rhino, each trying to force the other over "..and thanks..."

    "Rex! Sucker Punch!" Conrad cried. Rex roared, pushing Rhino backwards just that little bit, throwing him off balance for the tiniest of seconds. The timing on tis move had to be perfect. If Rhino wasn't going to attack, then Sucker Punch wouldn't be a good hit, the energy surrounding it would just disappear. Bit if Rhino made a move, then the darkness around Rex's claws would be amplified, and the result would be devastating. Rhino may not have been a total fool, but being pulled away from his prey by a Nidoking was enough to distract him. He made his move to attack and Rex slammed his fist into Rhino's chin, delivering a massive uppercut of dark energy. The blow back was amazing, Rhino didn't see it coming and ended up on his back groaning in pain. Something crunched when he landed. The suit looked intact, which meant either the damage didn't show or it was inside.

    "Yes! Good work Rex!"

    "You little sh!t.." Rhino said from the ground. He rolled over and stood up. Blood was leaking from the corner of his mouth. He reached inside his mouth and pulled out a tooth which he tossed to the ground. "You're going to pay for that.."

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    "Be careful," Eve warned Conrad as he walked away to confront Rhino. "I was wrong about electrical attacks. He was able to redirect it back at me. Don't let your guard down."

    Rhino charged with a roar. He grabbed Rex around the middle and lifted him up. He continued his charge, driving him through the walls of the museum, through the main gallery, past the hall of fossils, and into the Alexander Rosen Hall of Meteorites. He rammed Rex into a giant meteorite, drew back his fist, and slammed the Nidoking with a powerful, well-placed punch.

    The two bruisers lay into each other with powerful blows; each landed blow shook the very room they stood in. But Rhino was close to seven feet tall and weighed half a ton with all his armaments, and the sheer size and weight difference between him and Rex gave him a huge advantage. He lifted Rex up off the ground and head butted him. The move sent Rex flying, but Rhino stumbled back as well.

    "Probably wasn't my smartest move," he muttered dizzily as he shook the little yellow ducks from around his head. "That thing's made for ramming, too." He looked over to Rex, who was also regaining his footing. "Hey, you!" Rhino called out. He caught Rex's attention. "Your trainer-man ain't here yet, so you're all mine."

    Rhino turned to a nearby meteorite, and smirked: it would make the perfect weapon. It was a massive specimen; larger than a van and infinitely more dense. Rhino grabbed the great object and began to lift. It took a monstrous effort for him to even lift the meteorite several inches off the ground.

    "Damn," he hissed, dropping the meteorite. "Those stupid Dark attacks must have messed with 'em more than I thought." He turned to Rex and snarled again. "Fine, they wanna play that way? I'll show them!" Rhino reared back and drove his head and horns into the meteorite, splitting it into two, more manageable pieces. "Take this, ya dumb purple pin-cussion!"

    Rhino lifted one of the meteorite halves and hurled it through the air. But it missed its mark and went straight through another wall. It flew right in front of Red Talon as he hovered over Drogo and Jack. The meteor crashed through a wall and into the Hall of Gems and Minerals.

    "Hey, Rhino," Red Talon shouted. "Watch where you're aiming, why dontcha!"

    Rhino exploded forward with the second half of the meteorite and struck Rex with it, sending the Nidoking flying.

    "Shut up, Sam," he growled at the Red Talon as he stalked to confront Rex again.

    "Oh, he's mad," Red Talon chuckled. "He was really hoping to get with that Eve chick, if you know what I mean." He gave Jack a nudge with his elbow and winked at him. "Wait. I don't think I'm supposed to know that. It happened outside while I was inside."

    "What are you talking about?" Jack demanded.

    "Sorry," said Red Talon. "Just breaking the fourth wall again. Damn. I gotta stop doing that."


    "What's the harm now?" Red Talon shrugged. "We're all merely creations of other people interacting with each other on an forum dedicated to written online role playing games." Neither Jack nor Drogo gave him any sort of response aside from a pair of blank stares. "What? I'm serious. OH! Look at that!"

    Red Talon scurried past Drogo and Jack and into the Hall of Gems and Minerals. He marveled at the shiny gemstones before smashing the glass and cramming dozens of priceless stones into his pants. He called his glider over and began stuffing several compartments with even more precious stones.

    "Stop that!" Jack called out.

    "I will," Red Talon said without missing a beat. "Just as soon as I'm…FILTHY STINKING RICH!!!" He grabbed a small diamond and tossed it over to Jack, who caught it out of reflex. "Here, have this."

    "What? No!"

    "Ha!" Red Talon laughed. "Your prints are on that! I've successfully implicated you in this museum heist! HAHAHA!!!"

    "What kind of super villain are you?" Jack wondered.

    "Super villain?" Red Talon wondered. "I'm no villain. I'm a political visionary! A modern day prophet! A hero to the people! Haven't you heard? Change is coming! It's time to spread the wealth!"

    Red Talon grabbed an especially long and sharp gemstone and lashed out, swinging through the air, aiming to stab at Drogo's throat. But his strike passed right through the ghost-man.

    "Hmmm," Red Talon mused, his demeanor changing once again psychotically insane to psychotically curious. "Ghost powers, eh? It figures." He curiously and cautiously stabbed at Drogo's form with the crystal again, though it continued to pass through him harmlessly.

    "Did you know about this?" Red Talon asked Jack. "Why didn't you tell me? It would have made my monologue so much more dramatic if I had actually hit someone with something. Don't you have any sense of dramatic tension, and buildup, and plot? Guess not."

    Red Talon stroked an imaginary beard as Drogo smirked at him smugly. Red Talon shot him an annoyed look.

    "Well aren't you all high and mighty," he growled. He pointed his wrist and Drogo and pressed a button on the back of his hand. Two small electrodes shot out of his wrist-mounted weapons and stabbed into Drogo's half-corporeal form. 100,000 volts of electricity ripped through Drogo, and he dropped to the ground. Red Talon pressed the button again and Drogo convulsed in pain once more.

    "Wonder why it's working. Must have something to do with my Drapion-themed weaponry. It must somehow incorporate Dark-type energies and elemental patterns. Hey, this is pretty fun," he mused, turning to Jack. "Wanna try?" He pressed the button again just for effect, and Drogo cried out. "No? Aw well, your loss."

    "Leave him alone!" Jack cried out, reaching for a Pokeball. But before he could release one of his Pokemon, Red Talon spun around and cracked him across the face with the long crystal he had tried to use on Drogo. He laid into Jack with the crystal, beating him with several more, powerful blows. He then took Jack's Pokeball belt from him and tossed it across the room.

    "Oops!" Red Talon laughed. "C'mon, bud, I thought you were up for a fight." He turned and pressed the button on his wrist once more to keep Drogo incapacitated. "It's hard to remain incorporeal with 100,000 volts of electricity coursing through you, isn't it?" He kicked Drogo for good measure.

    "You're insane," Jack coughed, wincing through the pain.

    "Insane?" Red Talon growled with a menacing glint in his eyes. The Red Talon's glider suddenly burst through the wall and he leaped onto it. All its weapons glowed as he armed them. "You don't know the half of it!"


    White Raven fought against the pain. He was somehow being hit from two sides. On one side was Oya, blasting him with fire. On the other side was something else, causing shards of agony to rip through his body from wounds he knew he never received. Dealing with Oya was hard enough; even with his fire-retardant cape and body suit, the heat still blistered his skin. But the pain in his midsection was crippling.

    Suddenly, as Black Wraith struck Del, the pain went away from White Raven, and his full concentration was back on Oya. He dropped a pair of smoke grenades on the ground; they quickly exploded and he used the cover to roll out of the fire's path. He lashed out with his staff, striking Oya behind her knees and knocking her off her feet. The staff came down again on her stomach and knocking the wind from her chest.

    White Raven chased after Oya as she frantically rolled away. He struck with his staff and lashed out with several kicks, but Oya surprised him with her acrobatics and managed to dodge and leap over White Raven's attacks.

    "You're good, I'll give you that much," said White Raven. "But that's all."

    He hurled two small, spinning knives through the air, and each found its mark: right in Oya's shoulders. They didn't pierce very deeply, but the stab wounds would hinder Oya's ability to use her arms. White Raven then leaped forward and delivered a flying kick to Oya's chest that sent her tumbling back.

    Black Wraith jumped back and regarded Del warily. He massaged his arm where Del had struck him with the flail, and with a sickening crunch, he popped something back into place. He readied his staff in front of him and separated it into two metal Eskrima sticks.

    He attacked, locking one stick around the chain of Del's weapon and pulling it from Del's grasp. The other stick struck Del's right arm then slammed into his chest. Wraith hooked one stick around the back of Del's head, pulled him forward, and kneed Del in the gut, then he jabbed the ends of the two sticks into his stomach, and smacked him on the back. Del was knocked to the ground.

    Black Wraith backed away, he was cautious now that he had seen some of Del's capabilities, and had no desire to rush into anything. He put his two Eskrima sticks back together, twisted a center ring on the sticks and slid them closer. He twisted the staff and pulled it apart again, only this time a chain connected the two shorter sections. Black Wraith now had himself a set of nunchaku...


    Vicki and Shinobi continued their elaborate sword duel through the interior of the museum. Vicki's ability to fly gave her the advantage of being able to strike at more angles, though Shinobi's shadow powers allowed her to defend against almost every strike.

    Shinobi lashed out with a kick that sent Vicki flying through a glass display case. Romulus the Umbreon rushed to her side and snarled at Shinobi, but the black-clad warrior hardly paid him any mind.

    "The Adamant Orb," she mused, lifting said item from the floor and tucking it away in her cloak. "We have what we came for."

    "You're gonna put that back. Right now," Vicki growled, slowly rising to her feet. She readied her swords.

    "Oh, I doubt that very much," said Shinobi. "And if you don't lie back down, I'll remove your head from your shoulders."

    Vicki only roared as she let loose a violet arc of energy from her swords. The Psycho Cut attack flashed through the air, but fizzled out once it struck Shinobi. The black-clad warrior only laughed at Vicki's attempt.

    "Really? A Psychic attack?" she laughed. "I'm a Dark-type Avatar, sweetie. That won't work on me." Shinobi suddenly let out a cry of pain as Vicki appeared behind her and slashed across her back in an "X" pattern.

    "Yeah, but I bet Bug-type moves hurt like a b*tch," Vicki said with a smirk. She landed a strong kick and sent Shinobi tumbling into another display case. "You look tired, how about you sit down or I remove your head from your shoulders."

    "You arrogant child," Shinobi hissed. "You all have no idea what you're getting yourselves into."

    "Well why don't you and your goons give up and you can tell our boss all about it?" Vicki suggested.

    "Hmph, fat chance," Shinobi huffed. She suddenly dissolved into the shadows of the museum interior only to appear outside the museum. "Six! We're leaving. We got what we came for." Black Wraith, White Raven, Death Adder, and Red Talon were quick to make their way to her side. But Rhino didn't.

    "Hey, Rhino, buddy," said Red Talon. "C'mon. We're leaving. Shinobi's gonna make cookies!"

    "Time to go, Aleksei," said Shinobi.

    "Not a chance," said Rhino. He was still in the midst of grappling with Rex. With a roar of exertion, he lifted the Nidoking up and powerbombed him. "I'm not leaving here until all these would-be heroes look like blondie over there." He motioned to Eve.

    "Are you sure you handle them?" Shinobi asked.

    "Heh," Rhino smirked as he hit Rex with a tremendous uppercut. "No sweat."

    "Fine," said Shinobi. "You know where to meet us." Darkness suddenly spread out from her core and engulfed the four villains beside her. The darkness then collapsed in on itself and the five were gone.

    "One left!" Vicki shouted as she rushed from the museum. She leapt into the air and brought her swords down hard on Rhino, but he just blocked the strike effortlessly with his armored forearm. Vicki dropped down and attacked again, slashing at Rhino's midsection. But he just stood back and watched her in amusement. She couldn't cut through his mechanical armor.

    Vicki jumped back, clearly intimidated by Rhino's sheer power. She held her swords at the ready, though she doubted that they'd do any good...

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    ((Gah, shorter then I would have liked, but its a post. Felt bad after not posting in this for so long. Last day of school is monday for me, so after that I shoud be on more.))

    Drogo was simply observing their target as he chased after them, and ranted on and on with several refrences to them being weak and him being superior, refrencing old storybook tales. This amused him somewhat, to see a person so full of themselves like that. Of course, he was coming to see just how insane this person was, spouting what seemed to be nonsense from his mouth on a frequent basis, but he still seemed... educated, in a way.

    It amused him when the villain dramatically plunged the stone into his body, only to have it pass right through him. He simply floated there as the madman curiously stabbed at his intangible body, smirking at the attempts to bring him harm. And then he was hit by the electrodes.

    Drogo cringed as the electricity flowed through his body, writing in pain as he was electrocuted. Pain. How long it had been since he had last felt that feeling. The indication that your body was coming into harm. The feeling that your mortality was being threatened.

    Your mortality...

    The ghost boy cried out in pain once more as electricity flowed through him a second time, and he observed the madman go after the trainer he was to be working with. The way the electricity ran through his nerves... Signaling him that something was going wrong... it made him feel... feel...


    Shortly after Red Talon had aimed all his weapons at Jack, Drogo's cries of pain ceased. In their place, laughter arose. Slowly growing, a hysterical type of laughter. Slowly, the ghost boy staggered to his feet, a menacing smile on his face as he got up. Despite his pain, he seemed greatly amused.

    "Zap me again!" He cried out through his laughter "Go on! Do it again! See what happens!"

    He floated a little ways into the air, and opened his hands, sparks of purple energy running off them as two black spheres formed in each one...

    ((Gah, didn't read the part about them leaving. Only saw my part, I was in a hurry. Ill edit this post/post again later saying his response to the later developments))
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    Oya's surprised shout was cut off when White Raven's staff struck her in the gut. She coughed and tried to roll out of the way. Steven and Eve weren't kidding when they had said these were tough opponents. "They're not like those silly rocket grunts I'm used to dealing with" she realized. The thought passed through her mind in a flash and soon she leaped back onto her feet, coughing through the still-clearing smoke. It burned her eyes but she was still able to detect his various moves.

    "Give it up! You can't touch me!" she taunted, easily maneuvering her body to avoid White Raven's kicks and punches. In truth, she was slightly afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold up much longer. "Kiano, where are you?" she screamed with her mind. She was worried about her partner's safety: This was getting way too intense.

    "You're good, I'll give you that much," said White Raven. "But that's all."

    Oya realized that her taunting had gotten her nowhere. She panted and continued to leap about her opponent, not really thinking about strategy any longer. This was a grave mistake. White Raven hurled two spinning knives straight at her and she didn't have enough time to react. They struck her in the shoulders, crippling her arms. She gasped and dropped her staff as the pain rippled through her arms. Her hands snapped to her wounds, feeling them. This reaction gave White Raven enough time to send her flying backwards with a smirk on his face.

    She dizzily shook her head and tried to stand up. Like a volt of electricity, the pain pulsed down her arms. She grunted and resolved to stay in a sitting position. The smoke was completely cleared and Kiano was standing on all-fours next to her, hissing, and his pink fur standing on end. Oya looked over just in time to see White Raven disappear with Shinobi. A shiver went down her spine. "Good riddance" she muttered, "Next time we meet, I'll be a lot better. Just you wait." She reached over and patted Kiano to calm him down. At least he was safe.

    Now she had to go help take out Rhino and then heal her wounds. Today wasn't bad. "I've found a home" she thought, attempting to stand again.
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    No. No.
    This was NOT happening.
    Not only did Gamma just get the p!ss beat out of him, but the guy was just leaving! He wasn't going to even stay for the rest of the fight! No! But Del started to speak up before Gamma could react to the punches.

    *Let them go. I think I have calmed down enough Gamma. I'm coming back into my body. With them gone, I don't have to worry.*

    *Fine. I don't care. But mark my words, next time I see that p!issant I'm running him through with a lance. A BIG lance*

    In a few short seconds, Del's face reverted to it's normal state... save for a couple bruises beggining to rise. He reached up and touched his face. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He had a bloodied lip, and one of his cheeks were swelling, but he had had worse in small cave-ins. The rest of his body... that was pretty beat. His ribs hurt, and his stomach was pretty bruised up. The stomach, even after getting his, wasn't hurting so bad. His body armor had helped dull the blows.

    "Yeah, I'm good..." He muttered, stretching out.

    *Well... that sucked. What now? We kinda failed...* Del began thinking... well that was before he saw the lumbering form of Rhino still on the move.

    Now Del wouldn't normaly have done this. But he saw who was in Rhino's line of movement. That red Vik-somthing girl. He wasn't too suprised to see her in complete red plate armor and holding two vicious swords. But that was the problem. With those swords, she couldn't really get to Rhino. It would take a bludgoning weapon to dent the armor, and a peircing to get through it. The swords were obviously made fore slashing.

    "Really, right after this?... fine..." Del muttered, knowing what to do.

    He sped ovr into Rhino's line of charging, right in front of the girl. As he was put in danger, everything slowed down around him. Rhino was now charging at a much slower pace. Del walked up to the slow moving man, and waited, looking at the lamp behind Rhino, turning on as the night came.


    With the new source of light, a long shadow erupted from in front of Rhino and reached Del's feet. Del took one step... and snapped his fingers (for effect of course). He melded into Rhino's shadow instantly.

    When melded in a shadow, Del felt like he was in a hole. He could look the direction he stepped into the shadow, and see out of it, but eveyrthing else was pitch black. It wasn't very pleasent. Del looked upand started running to the3 base of Rhino's shadow. As he reached the end, he looked up to see Rhino's feet stomping over one another slowly. Del shook his head, and raised his hand.

    "Hook" he whispered, and sure enough, a long 5 foot pole with a large semicircle white hook appeared inhis hands.

    *Now I have to time this right...* he thought, holding it up, and looking at the feet stomp slowly. Finally he saw his chance. Rhino's right foot was raising.

    Del reched up out of the shadow with the hook, and wrapped it around Rhino's ankle... and tugged. He felt his arms strain under the weight of the big armored man, but he didn't care. The feeling soon gave way as Rhino tripped up. As Rhino fell, his shadow got shorter, and Del knew that if he didn't get out soon, Rhino would either cover up his shadow, or fall on Del as he emerged. Del abandoned his hook and ran to the end of the shadow and snapped his fingers again. He came out on the normal plane just in time to see Rhino fall down in regular speed.

    He looked to the girl, and stated,

    "We should probably get him before he stands up"
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    To Rhino, there was nothing more infuriating than being stopped mid-charge. He looked to Del in rage and charged. But he was suddenly knocked upside the head with a flying kick from the Scarlet Sword. The blow did little more than distract him, but it was enough to turn his attention away from Del and back to Vicki. He charged her this time, but she was more prepared. She leaped into the air as her swords crackled with crimson energy. With a cry on her lips, she brought both blades down hard. Though he attempted to block with his arms yet again, the double-bladed slash ripped down Rhino's front. The attack knocked Rhino back, and he landed hard on his rear.

    He looked over himself frantically, but breathed a sigh of relief when the only damage he could find was a pair of small cut grooves on his armored forearm. It wouldn't be nearly enough to stop him. Rhino prepared to enter the battle again when Vicki lashed out with a kick and struck him across the face. The blow stunned him for a moment, but he got right back into it and thrust at Vicki with his horns. But the incredibly acrobatic Scarlet Sword simply leaped over him and struck the back of his head with a snap-kick.

    Rhino spun around, hoping to strike Vicki with a ferocious backhand, but she vaulted over the blow and slashed at him several more times with her glowing swords. But, much to Vicki's dismay, the glowing swords only left trails of energy and faint scratches and burns on Rhino's mighty armored body. Rhino's mechanical armor was simply too strong. Rhino grabbed the opportunity and leveled Vicki with a thunderous left cross.

    She sailed through the air and landed hard, skidding across the ground. The friction between the concrete and her red armor sent sparks flying. But she caught herself as she tumbled and stabbed her two swords into the ground to stop her movement.

    "Damn, he's tough," Vicki growled. "Big guy like him shouldn't be able to move that fast, especially in all that armor. It's like the armor's...helping him or something. Maybe it's got some sort of reflex enhancement tech? If we can just short circuit it-"

    "No," said Eve as she stumbled over. She looked terrible, but seemed to be doing better. "I don't think electricity will work on him. God knows why, but it won't."

    "You," Rhino snarled at Eve. "Blondie. You're mine."

    Rhino exploded forward, propelled by the enormous muscles in his legs and the powerful technology at his disposal. He closed the gap between himself and the two women in less than a second and spear-tackled Eve. She let out a brief cry of pain before slipping into unconsciousness. But Rhino didn't stop. He continued his charge, driving Eve and himself through a museum wall and crushing her into the ground.

    The museum structural support, already badly damaged by the fighting, couldn't take any more, and the entire roof of the museum began to collapse. It collapsed right on top of Rhino.

    "Oh no," Vicki whispered. "EVE!"

    Suddenly, some of the rubble began to stir, and a large section of roofing was abruptly lifted up and tossed to the side. Rhino stepped out of the wreckage, with Eve held roughly in his large hands. He tossed her over his shoulder triumphantly and strode from the rubble.

    "You're next, little lady," he sneered at Vicki. "All of're mine!"

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    Oya shook herself once more to loosen up her muscles. She was tired, but her team needed her. Luckily she was over her earlier light-headedness. She kept one eye of Rhino. Vicki was having a tough time with him. As quickly as she could, she started looking around for her staff and whistled for Kiano to climb up on her shoulder. His paws brushed against the wounds caused by White Raven's knifes and she grunted, trying to shake off the pain.

    "Damn, my staff's broke" she growled. She had found it lying nearby, split in two. It had never been overly tough but it was decent before now. "I'm going to need something a lot tougher to use" she realized. But there was no time to worry about broken equipment. Rhino had just caused some sort of trouble and she was wasting time being sentimental over a piece of wood.

    "What's going on?" She asked, approaching the group. Vicki had a concerned look on her face. As Rhino emerged from the rubble Oya's heart sunk. He had Eve's body slung over his shoulder. "Eve!" she cried.

    "You're next, little lady," Rhino sneered at Vicki. "All of're mine!" Oya glanced at Vicki and then back at Rhino with a determined look on her face.

    "Not if I can help it!" she screamed; Kiano screamed with her. Oya then widened her stance and held her hands palm up in front of her body. Her eyes took on a new red glow and she focused on concentrating all of her energy to her hands. This was going to be one humongous fireball. The problem was, she didn't know if she would have time or if it would be effective. "Kiano, buy me some time!" The pink Furret leaped off her shoulders and streaked underneath Rhino's bulking body. Once on the other side he shot a weak ice beam into Rhino's back to distract him.

    The moment his large hulking figure turned around to see what had hit him, Oya released her energy flow and threw an enormous chunk of fire into Rhinos side. The momentum from the blast made her stumble backwards. She lost her footing and went tumbling onto her butt, not giving her any time to see how effective her fire blast was. Her eyes lost their red color and returned to their normal green shade. She put her hand up to her head, feeling the aftershock of her feat. That took way too much energy and now she was feeling quite dizzy and out of focus: It was time to leave it to the rest of the team.
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    (OOC: Woo...really big post coming up...)

    Rhino's strength was overwhelming. Even with the entirety of the Ultimates putting their efforts against him, he managed to plow through them and was still going strong. The combination of the six Rotom within his armored body gave him the ability to keep fighting, despite the Ultimates' best efforts. The Rotom managed to support one another, boosting each other's abilities and control over the Rhino suit. When one got too damaged, it simply retreated into the inner-most layer of the suit to recuperate and heal itself.

    "This is insane!" Vicki groaned. "No matter what we do, he's not slowing down. My weapons aren't doing anything that can't be buffed out with some 'Fix It!' scratch remover."

    "Maybe you just need to try harder," Jack suggested. His Monferno (aptly named Ferno) was climbing all over Rhino, blasting different points of armor with his flames, and the speedy little monkey was just too quick for Rhino to get his hands on. His Flygon, Tara, circled above, blasting at Rhino with Dragonbreath when she got the opportunity.

    Vincent's Blaziken, Altair, was (at the moment) mixing it up with Rhino. The speedy fighting-bird was able to keep Rhino's attention, and together with Damian's Aerodactyl, Crash, the four Pokemon were keeping Rhino occupied so that their trainers and the rest of the Ultimates could come up with some sort of a plan.

    "Not trying hard enough?!" Vicki demanded. "I'd like to see you slug it out with this guy!"

    "Yeah, right," Jack mumbled.

    "Altair!" Vincent called out in concern. Rhino had leveled the fighting-bird with a thunderous haymaker and was poised to smash it down with a double-fisted hammer blow.

    "Ferno, stop him!" Jack ordered. Ferno climbed over Rhino's head, looked him dead in the eyes, and blasted his face with a Flamethrower attack. Rhino stumbled back and covered his face with his hands, but it was clear that there was little actual physical damage to his face. The expected second or third degree burns were absent. It seemed even Rhino's unarmored face was somehow almost as protected as the rest of him.

    Rhino was rather fed-up with Ferno; the little monkey had touched a nerve with that last attack. He grabbed at Ferno clumsily, even as Crash and Tara attacked from the air. Ferno dashed down Rhino's leg and along the ground, then spun around and stuck out his tongue. Rhino roared in frustration and dove to catch him, but Ferno jumped up and over his dive, and Rhino crashed hard. As Rhino recovered from his fall Altair sprung back into action and struck him with a Blaze Kick. Rhino tumbled back and the four Pokemon moved in to attack him. They clawed and punched at him, bathing him in flames and draconic power. But Rhino wasn't going to take it any longer.

    With a tremendous roar, Rhino brought his two meaty hands together and a thunderclap erupted. The shockwave knocked the Pokemon to the ground. Tara began to rise up, and Rhino smashed her into the ground, he then gave Crash much the same treatment.

    "Damn," Vicki hissed. "We gotta stop him!"

    "Maybe I could lend a hand," someone said. Vicki turned to see a man in a blue suit with a large blue hat. A Lucario stood by his side. "My name's Riley. I was just passing through when I heard this commotion."

    "Listen, Sir, I don't think you should be here," said Vicki. "This is serious, official business."

    "You're Steven's people, aren't you?" Riley asked. "Yeah. I heard about his initiative. I turned him down, but it looks like you could use some help."

    "Well," Vicki hesitated. "If you think you're up to it..."

    "Good," said Riley. "Caesar, with me!" Lucario jumped to attention. "We'll hit with Aura Sphere." The two of them put their hands together and a ball of blue energy formed between the four hands. It grew to the size of a basketball. "Now!" Riley shouted. They thrust their hands forward and the ball of energy flew. It smashed into Rhino and knocked him flat on his back.

    "Pesky little brats," Rhino growled as he stood back up. "You think that'll keep me from bashin' your skulls in? HA!"

    "Caesar," said Riley. "Let's do this. Attack pattern theta. On my mark. Ready?...Mark!" The Lucario sprang into action, cutting loose with Extremespeed. He closed the gap between himself and Rhino in a second. Rhino met his charge. "Caesar, Detect!" Caesar quickly read Rhino's movements and dodged his attempted blow. He struck back with a Sky Uppercut-Bone Rush combination and knocked Rhino back. "Close Combat!" Caesar disappeared into a blue blur, striking at Rhino with tremendous speed. He dropped to the ground and swept Rhino's legs out from under him. He then leapt onto Rhino's chest.

    "Caesar, Dark Pulse...Now!" Riley called out. The Lucario placed his hands together and blasted Rhino with a burst of Dark-type energy. Rhino's suit immediately seized up and he cried out in pain. Rhino was swallowed up by the blast, which then launched Caesar into the air.

    "Is that it?" Rhino groaned. He stood up slowly; his suit was still skitzing out. "I can take a hell of a lot more than that."

    "Is that so?" Riley asked with a smirk. "Caesar, why don't we give him a hell of a lot more?" He pointed upwards. Caesar hovered in the air with power building between his hands. "Use Aura Storm now!" The Lucario unleashed a tremendous beam of Aura energy that slammed into Rhino. He laid on the attack blasting Rhino with a tremendous assault. As the beam dissipated, Caesar dropped to the ground and stood silently.

    The smoke and dust kicked up by the beam obscured Rhino from everyone's sight. But Riley and Caesar seemed quite confident that their efforts had put him down for good. However, Rhino had other things in mind. He strode from the smoke. His armor was blackened with soot and dented in a few places, but from the hideous scowl on his face he wasn't so concerned.

    "No way," whispered Riley. Rhino lowered his head and charged. "Caesar, Dragon Pulse!" Caesar lashed out, firing two bursts of blue dragonic power. But the energy simply struck Rhino and ripped apart on his armor. They didn't even slow him down. "Focus Blast!"

    Caesar placed his hands together and blasted Rhino with a mighty sphere of energy as he neared. The blast struck Rhino and exploded, kicking up smoke and dust. Riley held his breath in anticipation, but a second later Rhino exploded from the other side of the dust cloud and leveled Caesar with a tremendous blow. Caesar fell and Rhino laid into him, smashing him with punch after earth-shaking punch.

    "No, stop!" Riley called out in panic. "Someone stop him!" It was obvious that he hadn't prepared himself for the chance that his Lucario might lose.

    Altair and Ferno raced to help. They smashed into Rhino with a duet of Fire Punches, but Rhino responded with a wide, sweeping backhand that caught both Pokemon and put them down.

    Vicki sprang back into action. With a cry on her lips she lashed out with a kick, her foot glowing with white energies as she attacked. She drove her foot into Rhino's face and he let out a muffled cry (muffled because her foot was currently in his face). A cascade of energy erupted from the impact point and knocked Rhino back. He landed on the ground hard. Vicki landed gracefully, but she was breathing heavy; the two consecutive fights were taking a lot out of her.

    Rhino, too, seemed drained. It took much longer for him to get up, and his suit jerked and twitched, moving in unnatural ways. The Rotom within it were obviously beginning to tire, and without them working at peak efficiency, Rhino couldn't operate his suit very well.

    "I'm gonna break you in half, girlie," he growled, stalking over towards her with a horrible sneer on his face. Vicki swung her swords, but he caught them, wrenched them from her grasp, tossed them over his shoulder, and pushed Vicki to the ground. He raised his hand, drew back his fist, and let out a roar as he drove it down onto her. Vicki closed her eyes.

    There was the terrible sound of twisting metal and bending steel. Then Rhino let out a cry of pain. Vicki looked up. Someone was standing over her, between her and Rhino.

    Rhino drew back his other fist and thrust it forward, but the mystery man simply stopped his fist with casual ease and squeezed. The groan of breaking metal sounded again as the man crushed the other hand of Rhino's metal exoskeleton. The man squeezed harder, crushing; he forced Rhino to his knees. Then he placed his foot on Rhino's chest and pushed. Rhino was sent flying as the mechanical armor ripped off his arms. The man glanced at the crushed forearm armor in his hands and tossed the twisted pieces of metal to the side. He turned to Vicki and helped her to her feet.

    "Nova," Vicki whispered.

    "You alright?" Nova asked. Vicki nodded silently. "Good."

    "So sonovab!tch," Rhino roared. "You broke my suit." Rhino lowered his head and charged with a roar. He drove his head into Nova and sent him flying. Nova crashed into the rubble of the museum with a thunderous crash. Rhino watched the rubble warily. He let out a little chuckle, but the laugh died in his throat when a massive slab of concrete was lifted, and Nova emerged. He was dirty, covered in soot, dust, ash, and debris, but he seemed...unconcerned.

    "Good," Nova said simply. "I don't have to be too careful."

    "What does that mean?" Rhino demanded.

    "It means you're tougher than I gave you credit for," Nova answered. "It means I have a rare opportunity to cut loose a little."

    Rhino roared angrily and charged Nova once again, but Nova simply grabbed Rhino's horn and stopped him in his tracks. He smashed Rhino with one well-placed punch and knocked him to the ground. He then lifted Rhino by his horn and slammed him to the ground. Nova cracked Rhino with one, last, bone-jarring punch. Rhino let out a cry of pain. His entire world was spinning.

    "I'm disappointed," said Nova as he stood over Rhino. "I thought you'd be able to keep up for a little while longer. Looks like these guys took more out of you than you care to admit." Nova's eyes flashed blue twice, and two white-hot lines ran up and across Rhino's armor. Nova bent down, jammed his fingers between the lines, and ripped the armor open. He yanked Rhino out by the hair on his head. He held him up, dangling him by his hair.

    "I should leave you in there while I do this," Nova said. "For what you did to Eve I should break you in half. Shatter your bones. Pulverize your internal organs. Grind you to dust. But I'll let this serve as a warning. If you something like this again..."

    Nova turned and leveled his glowing eyes at Rhino's suit. Two beams of blue flashed from his eyes and seared into the armor. Where they struck, the armor began to melt. Nova moved his flash vision across the Rhino tech, melting it until it was no longer usable. The six Rotom fled the first chance they got. The twisted, melted remains of the armor were barely recognizable.

    "What are you?" Rhino sniveled. Nova regarded him silently, but didn't answer. He simply dropped Rhino to the ground and made his way over to where Eve lay. He gently lifted her into his arms, and she whimpered in pain.

    "It's okay," he assured her. "I got you." He turned to Vicki, Oya, Drogo, Conrad, Del, Vincent, Jack, Damien, and Riley. "Ultimates," he acknowledged them. "Take Aleksei Sytsevich, a.k.a. Rhino, into custody. Keep the civilians away from the museum, it still isn't structurally secure. Local authorities will help you with that. Steven will be here soon with another Quinjet to pick you up and take you back to the Triskelion. Tell him that Vandal Savage is taken care of. He's in Rustboro City: I wrapped a couple streetlights around him so he shouldn't be going anywhere for a while."

    "What about you?" Riley asked.

    "I'm taking Eve to the hospital in Jubilife City," Nova answered. "This was supposed to be her last mission. She didn't deserve this. None of you did," he whispered. "I should have been here." Without another word or glance, he lifted up into the air--slowly as not to harm Eve--and flew south to Jubilife City.

    A few minutes later, a Quinjet roared onto the scene and Steven rushed out to meet the Ultimates. He greeted Riley and thanked him for his assistance, and then Vicki filled him in on what had transpired. Steven seemed distraught. He stood with the Ultimates as local firefighters inspected the rubble of the museum and emergency medical technicians looked the Ultimates over for any serious injuries.

    "I'm sorry," said Steven. "This was my fault. I shouldn't have allowed you all to run in like this without any sort of preparation or training. I just thought...I'm sorry."

    "We handled ourselves okay," Vicki insisted. "It's just that...Rhino...well...he was too much."

    "I should have seen this coming," Steven said. "I thought Eve would be able to handle him, especially with one of you backing her up. She's been able to do it in the past. But that was when he only used two Rotom to boost his armor...three tops. I should've anticipated him using six," he snarled angrily. "I'm sorry," he apologized again. "This is all my fault."

    "No more so than it is mine," said Nova as he dropped from the sky to stand by Steven.

    "How's Eve?"

    "She's in critical condition," Nova answered. "Rhino...he did some serious damage. A lot of internal injuries. But I had the doctors put her under artificial sun-lights. I figured it might help speed up her recovery time. We can transfer her to the Triskelion when she's stabilized."

    "I shouldn't have let them go rushing into something like this," Steven said sadly.

    "And I shouldn't have taken my sweet time sparring with Savage," Nova countered. "This isn't all your fault. I could have done more, too."

    Steven nodded. "Yeah. But they handled themselves pretty well, don't you think?"

    "If what I heard is true," answered Nova. "I mean. With no formal training or coordination they managed to wear down Rhino to the point where when I came in I took him down with two punches. He had six Rotom, and I managed to put him down with two blows? I couldn't believe it. They really did a number on him."

    Steven smiled sadly. "Yeah. Thought I'm still disappointed that it took you two whole punches, Phoenix," he joked.

    "Oh, give me a break," Phoenix rolled his eyes. "I'd just fought Savage, too." But he and Steven were able to let out a short laugh and break the tension.

    "Okay," Steven said firmly. "Ultimates, let's get back to the Triskelion. We can get you and your Pokemon fixed up there. We'll debrief in the morning. You all did a great job." Steven led the Ultimates onto the Quinjet. "Nova?"

    "I'll be there soon," said Nova. "I need to swing by Hoenn and pick up Savage. Can't have that creep getting loose after all the effort I put into finally catching him." Steven nodded, and Nova shot off into the sky like a rocket...


    Steven set the Quinjet's down and turned to the Ultimates, which now included Riley. Steven bowed his head sadly.

    "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I shouldn't have allowed you to rush into this."

    "We made that choice ourselves," said Vicki. She massaged her bruised side, but Steven wasn't comforted by that notion.

    "I won't let you down again," Steven assured.

    "And we won't let you down either," said Vicki. "We're a team now. For better or worse."
    "Thank you," said Steven. "Meet in your mess hall at ten o'clock. Get some rest, everyone. I'll see you in the morning..."

    Later that night, Nova returned with Vandal Savage. Steven had a power-inhibitor collar placed on him and Savage was put into SHIELD's maximum security prison where he would be held until his day in court. Even later still, Jack, Damien, and Vincent approached Steven. They informed him that they wouldn't be able to continue. The Ultimates Initiative was too dangerous for their liking. They couldn't handle the pressure. Steven arranged for them to be taken back to their homes that night, and they left with his thanks...

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    Oya sighed and fell backwards onto her bed at Triskelion. It was nice to finally have a place to sleep. A warm bed was just what she had been longing for. No more running. Kiano tiredly climbed up the bedpost and curled up on her stomach. His warm body comforted her but Oya still felt very sore.

    "I guess this nice place comes with a price, doesn't it?" she murmured aloud, wincing as she sat up. White Raven had bruised her up worse than she'd ever been in her life. It made her feel like a weak little girl; a notion that before now would have been an insult. But then again, Oya realized, Eve was in worse condition. It scared her to think that that could have easily been herself.

    Jack, Damien, and Vincent seemed to understand that. They left the team. But Oya was still there. She wanted to stay. She felt wanted, useful, and purposeful. She wasn't wandering the countryside anymore.

    Oya rolled over, causing Kiano to roll with her. The Furret squeaked indignantly and moved to her pillow instead of her lap. Oya stretched her legs out and looked at her bare feet. They were very sore and red looking. "Man, I have never used so many blaze kicks in my life! If only Blaziken could see me now" she laughed to herself. Kiano gave a small grunty squeak in agreement. Luckily, the little furret hadn't been wounded by the battle. For the most part, their enemies didn't even bother with him. Oya was glad of that. She didn't know what she would do without her loyal companion.

    "I'm tired" she said after a long time. It was true too. It took her hardly more than ten minutes to fall asleep. She didn't bother to brush her teeth or shower or even dress in sleeping attire. She was more than happy just to close her eyes and forget about how much her feet ached. Hopefully tomorrow would be even better. Bring it on...
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    Sven opened the door to his room and flung his bag down on the floor, shutting the door behind him. He kicked off his shoes and rifled through his dresser for some pajamas. He quickly changed into them and let his Pokemon out of their balls. "Rest up, guys. You've had a rough day. I know I have." He walked over to his messenger bag and rummaged through it, looking for his journal. "Ah-hah." He took out pencil and began to write:

    Yo, Mom.

    Sorry for leaving without notice... You probably saw it coming, though. Espeon's been pestering me about going somewhere for weeks. Now that we've left Mossdeep, he seems to be a lot happier. Donphan misses you, though. Told her I'd tell you she said... Whatever the heck that noise is. 'Donfa' or something... But yeah, hope things are well at home, or whatever. The director of SHIELD here, Steven Stone, is from Mossdeep as well. Bet you didn't know that. I'd doubt that he knows you, though. He seems to be so busy. Alright, it's getting late. I'm gonna go to sleep.

    Peace out,
    -Sven Arich

    Sven set the journal down on his desk, making a mental note to mail it in the morning. He climbed into bed and shut his eyes. Espeon crawled up next to him, and they drifted off into the night.

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    Exhausted, DM simply collapses on the very convienent bed in his room. He honestly couldn't remember where he'd gone that day or what had happened- getting hit by a rock would do that to you, but the point was that everyone seemed to be in somewhat of a decent mood. A battle had been won, but at any rate, DM had missed the fight. Somewhat anixous, he closes his eyes for a few seconds...

    Suddenly he found himself in a building, where smoke was everywhere and he heard explosions everywhere. He frantically ran from one direction to another, hallway after hallway stopping his progress, with debris or fire or smoke blocking his way out. He suddenly stops when he notices a dark figure in front of him. Readying himself, he goes to his belt, with a single pokeball on it, when he feels a bump on the head and everything goes dark...

    Suddenly sitting in bed, he found himself breathing heavily as he realized that the image was a dream. Realizing that he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight, he sighs in irratation before plopping a pokeball from his belt. Removing Z from her pokeball, he simply utters one word.


    before anything else could occur, he simply drifts back to sleep, senseless, but knowing that he would get a dreamless sleep, and after the day, he felt as if he needed it.
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    Leks sighed deeply and closed his eyes. He let the warm water running down his body ease the tension on his sore and tired muscles. It had been a...long and exhausting day, full of hurt and pressure. Getting recruited by Claire herself was an eye opener; he still wasn't sure whether it was the chance to start over again, with people that might have been able to understand him, or the need to fulfill a destiny he didn't sign up for that made take up the offer. Mentally counting the bruise-to-be's on his body, he wondered if it was the right choice. The major part of his mind told him, 'This is too much, even for someone like you!' But then there was the small voice at the back of his head that said, 'How could you think that? Of course it's the right thing to do.' He shook his head, ridding himself of the growing sense nervousness and self-depreciation.

    "You need to train more."

    Aleksi jumped at the sound of the voice and almost slipped. "Redd! W-w-what are you d-do-doing here? I thought I l-l-lo-locked the d-door," he managed to say, grabbing for a nearby towel.

    "You didn't. You're lucky it's just me; Sada's looking for you, and you know how she can be," the Charmeleon mentioned, crossing his arms. Sadira would be on him like a mother to her child. Leks grimaced.

    "Y-you know she d-d-do-doesn't l-like you c-c-calling her th-that." Leks wondered if Redd just enjoyed getting on the female Charmeleon's nerves.

    "Whatever. What's this I hear about you getting knocked?" The tone of was even, but Aleksi could just imagine him angry, if not disappointed, at him. "I didn't train you for seven years just for you to fall flat on your face and get kicked out of a fight before it barely started." Okay, he was angry.

    "I kn-know..."

    Redd just sighed. "You gotta get over that fear of yours; it won't come true," he said, just before leaving the room. Leks winced, but the man knew his teacher was right. Maybe if he had tried to use his morphing powers right at the beginning, he would have withstood blacking out. He toweled himself dry, changed into a clean pair of clothes and went back to his room.

    "Oh, and as soon as you're ready, we're going to train!" he heard Redd's voice from...somewhere. Leks nodded, knowing that he couldn't convince the male Charmeleon otherwise. He sat down on his bed, preparing himself for Sadira's imminent...mothering.
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    (OOC: In case some people didn't know here is a key for when Gama or Delaware is speaking
    *= Del's thoughs
    "=Del speaking
    *=Gama's thoughts
    "= Gama speaking)

    "I... I want to get to sleep now..." Delaware muttered, walking into his room. He didn't bother turning on the lights, or shutting the door. He was too overcome by the day's experiance. First, Gama (alright, Black Wraith really did all the work) almost got him killed, and then he fought a giant Rhino! Sure, a couple of pressurized floor traps that activated a rain of arrows always gave him the jitters... and he guessed that this was better then that. Now he ALWAYS knew if he was about to get into trouble.

    *What's this? Is someone terrified? I should have know... you pansy*

    Delaware ignored Gama, and wandered around in his room, feeling for his bed. He just wanted to get to sleep. He didn't even bother taking off his jacket or headband. Sleep was imminent. But before he could really rest, he thought to himself

    *You know... I almost had fun, I think... just a little... when I stopped RHino from crushing that girl*

    then he truely feel into the night's embrace.
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    The slosh of the water as it hit the dark brown substance at the bottom of the cup was enough to send a chill through Keani’s spine. She groaned and clenched her fist around the clump full’s of unwashed, red hair atop her head. She turned to her psychic counterpart and growled. “Would you be s kind as to keep it down? My heads half way to exploding…”
    The male twin turned a confused look upon his female counterpart and raised a hand defensively before pointing at the cup. “All I’m doing is pouring the Coffee that you asked for.” He mumbled, a fierce look in his eyes. They had just battled a semi army of super freaks, he did not need an argument just as they had arrived back at base.
    “Yeah well, use your psychic abilities to quieten it or something.” She groaned, pulling herself out of the wooden chair she had occupied for the last ten minutes and stretching her aching limbs with a bone crunching arch of her back.
    Keahi winced at the abuse his sister was giving to her obviously overworked body and began to stir milk into the steaming liquid. “Do you ever wonder why we talk to each other instead of just reading each others minds.” He asked, tapping the spoon lightly on the edge of the cup to rid it of the remainder of the coffee.
    “Eh?” Keani questioned, turning to look at her brother as if he had grown to heads.
    He simply shrugged.
    “Because its normal, and I don’t wanna know what’s streaming through your head all day long” She growled, opening the door of the kitchen and walking towards their room. Keahi followed close behind, the cups of boiling coffee floating just in front of him.
    “I suppose that a valid point…the normality of it, not the fact that my mind is corrupt” He corrected himself before his sister could make a snappy comment.
    The female shrugged and phased through the door of they’re room with minimum effort, smirking slightly at the aggravated sigh she heard from the other side. “Keani, you know you have the key to the room” He muttered, laying his head in defeated on the door. Why was he cursed with such an annoying sibling?
    There was a light chuckle from the other side of the door before it was lightly pulled open to reveal a rather homely suit that was perfect for the two agents.

    Keahi slipped through the door way and telepathically closed it behind him, whilst also floating one of the cups over to Keani who had now made herself comfy on the covers of her light blue bed.
    The red head took the cup and lightly held it between her crossed legs as she waited patiently for it to cool. “So…” she muttered, shifting a little. “What do you think the captain has in store for us tomorrow?”
    Keahi took a gulp of the overly hot liquid and sighed in relief as the pleasuring warmth flowed down his throat. “I’m not sure, it skipped my mind to read his before we left for our own rooms earlier on.” He muttered, leaving the cup go to hover in front of his stomach. “I would guess some training? Maybe some briefing…who knows maybe another threat will be at large tomorrow.”
    “Pfft. Were the Ultimate’s…SHEILD….there is always a threat.” The female growled, gulping her Coffee down in quick succession. “Not that I mind, I love this fighting lark, but it would be nice to have a shower once in a while.” She muttered, grabbing a lock of her blackened red hair and grimacing at the feel of the dirt as it scrapped against her fingers. She immediately let it go and finished her coffee before pouncing up off of the bed and making her way to the bathroom. “Which is why I’m gonna take a quick shower, because I have a feeling I’m not gonna have time tomorrow.” She threw off her chequered shirt and grabbed some fresh pyjamas from her trunk before disappearing out of sight of her twin.

    Immediately the male felt a little uncomfortable having a door between him and his sister, but he knew it was just a draw back of the connection that had been established between them when team rocket had gotten they’re filthy hands on them. He felt an involuntary growl rumble past his limps at the very memory of it and quickly shook his head to rid it of the unwelcome thoughts. He quickly finished his Coffee off and placed it on the bed side table. He threw his clothes to the side and grabbed a clean pair of pyjama bottoms from the trunk at the foot of his bed. If it were up to him he would simply wear boxers to bed, but he knew how uneasy Keani got around a half naked brother and so settled on wearing pyjama bottoms to ease her suffering. She too was also asked to wear pyjamas to bed, though he knew it wasn’t as big of an issue for girls as it was to boys.

    He pulled back the covers and hastily got under them in order to protect himself from the cold. Within five minutes of doing so, a half dripping Keani emerged from the bathroom, towel drying her hair as she went.
    “You asleep.” She muttered, hurling the towel into the basket near the door.
    There was a soft murmur from the opposite bed as she too threw back the covers and nestled into the folds of her bed. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She murmered. “Well good night”
    Another murmer from the opposite bed before the lamp was turned off telepathically by the aggravated man and both twins drifted off to sleep.

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    Mac sat on his bed. He looked around his lonely room. It was comfortable, but he felt out of place. He was raised in a pristine white lab room with no personality. His bed consisted of a thin sheet of itchy material and a hard pillow. The way he was being treated made him feel like some sort of king. It all seemed so surreal, his doubts of the facility began rising.

    I’ve only been here for one day, and they’re already giving me my own room to sleep in? They must really trust these people.

    Or maybe… Maybe this all just a big setup. Team Rocket set this up as a trap. In the middle of the night Giovanni’s going to bust through the door and tell me that I should never have run away, and that I was a failed experiment anyway.

    Mac, wishing to get his mind off the morbid subject, reached for his backpack. Inside he fished out what appeared to be a small, metallic box with a lone wheel on top of it. Buttons and lights surrounded the entire contraption. The result was very futuristic. He placed his hand above the wheel and released a small amount of energy. The wheel jolted and spun just a bit, giving off a low buzz. Mac looked up and listened intently to see if anyone was still awake. He released more energy and the wheel spun faster. He kept going like this until he felt himself finally drained of all electricity. Mac placed the small box in his backpack and lay down on his bed. The process was daily for him, but it felt strange every time. He closed his eyes and tried to forget about it.

    That night he dreamed about his days with the rockets, the days of training his powers up to full potential. Sprinting through the caverns of Iron Island with a tracking device placed on his leg. The Zubats would flutter behind, eager to get their fangs into Mac’s neck, but every time they would come close Mac would speed up just a bit. This may have been one of the few times in his life when he was truly happy. Maybe being in the Ultimate’s would be the start of a something similar.

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    Conrad stared out the window across the entire Triskelion base. There were copters taking off carrying people back home, people who just weren't cut out for the type of life a member of SHIELD would lead. Nursing a bruised shoulder and lots of other small injuries he'd sustained whilst staying as far away from the fighting as possible, part of him wondered if he'd made the right decision by staying. Did he belong on that copter, flying back to Saffron City, back to his family and friends, back to safety, back to be a nobody. Could he return to being a regular person, doing a regular day to day job, knowing that he passed this opportunity by? How could anyone for that matter? The people that were leaving, did they know what they were missing out on? Or did they know something that he didn't, a glimpse of what may, what will come to pass if he stays with SHIELD.

    >>Wondering if you should have gone with?<<

    Conrad tapped a pokeball on his belt and a Porygon materialised on his bed. The cyberspace pokemon floated beside him and watched out the window too.

    "Psychic now are?" COnrad asked, without taking his gaze away from the window.

    >>No, just observant. You've never been in a situation like you were a few hours ago, I think it had a profound impact on you. I think you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.<<

    "What?" Conrad asked, turned his head to look at the Porygon "Since when have you been a psychologist? Just because you read Wikipedia doesn't make you qualified to diagnose me. Which, by the way, you are wrong."

    >>I know. I just had to distract you from the window somehow. Your phone has been busing in your pocket for the past half hour, and it's gzzggrrkllt me off.<<

    "Language." Conrad said, turning away form the window and taking his phone form his pocket. Eight missed calls, two from parents, the others from a mixture of friends and work colleagues. He stared at the phone for a moment. Either he'd won the lottery and didn't know, or there was footage of the Museum break in and he'd been spotted in it. He held down the power switch turning the phone off, before slipping it back into his pocket. "How are the others holding up?"

    >>From what I gather, Rex is still hyped from being able to go all out on something, Drake is a little disappointed not to have gotten any action, Roswell are.. well you know what they're like these days. I don't know what sparky is thinking, and personally I don't want to.<<

    "Hmm, I should probably speak to Rex and Drake. There are training facilities, but I think Drake would appreciate a dip in the water. Besides, I could do with some air. Back in your ball please."

    >>Ughh, such an inhumane mode of transport, I don't know why pokemon put up with it<<

    "In home entertainment?" Conrad mused, as the Porygon shot back inside the ball.

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