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    Default Angel's Requiem v. 2.0

    Trying this stuff again wheeeeeee :3

    I readded the seal, so incase I shouldn't of done that I'm sorry.

    This story is kinda hard to get into, considering it's all about concrete facts at the moment but I urge you to get involved.

    So now I present you...

    Angel's Requiem
    - Produced by Moogles4ever -

    The War Between The Heavens And Earth:

    Near the beginning of the world there were two areas that remained of the upmost importancy. The Heavens and the Earth. Each having it's own unique prospects on life, they were both two very enjoyable places to live. Only one single race was allowed to live in the Heavens and those were the Angels. A race of people who had special wings each signifying the powers that they owned. The Angels weren't allowed to come down to Earth it was a decree written on Ancient Rune (One that was made at the beginning of the world). The Angels in the Heavens had always known about The Earth below, the people who were stranded on Earth however had absolutely no idea of their neigbors in the sky.

    Everybody seemed to be happy on how life was simple and prosperous. However everything seemed to go downhill once a Scientist had found out about the Heavens above. He had done so by finding the ancient texts of an old civilization that was completely wiped out. Excited about his discovory he went over to tell everybody about this phenomenon, most people didn't believe him but however the King thought the scientist was a genius. The King needed to go into The Heavens, he needed to talk with the Angels and then take them down forcing him to give him complete power over The Heavens and Earth.

    With the Scientist and the King finding an old ruins of a device that was supposed to grant people the power of warping to mysterious places. With this devive the pair was sure that they could find a way to get up into The Heavens. Before they had a chance to do so, “Somrato” the Head Angel came down to Earth to warn the two, that they wouldn't be able to get up there even if they tried. Somrato was turned to stone however for breaking the decree of Angels not being allowed to come down to The Earth. Intrigued the King took back the statue of Somrato to show all of his subjects about the truth of the Heavens. Almost all of his subjects believed him thereafter and wanted to get into the heavens themselves. There had been numerous stories about the Heavens which nobody in their proper mind back then would believe, but with the recent evidence things had changed with the tidings becoming very important on the verge of the world and the Heavens.

    With almost the complete population following the King and the scientist over to where they had found the statue of the angel, they were ready to rise above into the Heavens. With the ruins being succesfuly restored by the scientist (this had took several weeks but the population had made base camps in order for themselves to survive). They decided to venture up into the Heavens to grab whatever spoils they could and to prepare themselves for a better life than the current one they possesed.

    Up in heaven the Angels were expecting the people of Earth, not in the way you would suspect. The Angels were already prepared for combat. They did not want a bunch of intruders invading their “holy” land. With the dissapearance of Somrato the head Angel the Angels had very low morale. And had taken many casualties from that first “invasion” from the Earth people. (Who were then later called a very bad word named “Terran” which was demeaning to any person that came from or lived on Earth.)

    After many battles that raged on through the Heavens and earth, the Angels finally decided to put a end to it. They were ready to completely blow up Earth using something called “magic”. The Angels had accquired such power from the many years they had devoted scholars (even more devoted from the scientist from Earth) learn the ancient powers of Runes and Magi.With the King not wanting Earth anymore, the Angels had carried out their plans and from there on the fighting continued in the Heavens.

    A good millenium had passed until the people from Earth and the Angels finally decided to get a treaty in order. Using ancient rune the two parties established that eachtother could not go onto the other partie's land. They could not even see the other partie's land, in which case if they did see it they would either be turned into statue or have another punishment set upon the individual. The Angels reformed Earth as a part of the law (And the Head Angel raised the majority of the deceased.). And in return for each party nobody would remember the war. All memories of such were cast away in the rune. And thus they called the rune. “Gyrovis”

    After that decree, the Angels and the Earth never went into war again
    Around 1000 years after the treaty:

    Many changes had been implimented since the olden days before the war had started. First off there were now many contries each with their own governing kings/republics. The people of Earth learned how to use the “powers” the Angels had used in the war. Using Ancient runes and Magi life was made a lot easier for the people on earth to survive and thrive.

    “Gyrovis” had a secret depository each on the Angel's land and on Earth. They were each hidden very well and were not seen during this time.

    Currently 1800 years after the treaty:

    Even more countries had formed, each having their own unique aspects and each owning a specific tribe native to it. The continuation of technology has advanced and even more people seem to be able to use even the simplest of magic now. These countries have become autosufficiant and are able to serve their people with ease. Technology had not advanced to the point where Electricity would come into effect yet however.

    Although not everything is good. It seemed somebody snooped around in a area that had not yet been discovered and found something that would change the course of the history of the world. Somebody had found Gyrovis, and decided to shatter it into eight pieces. The pieces of Gyrovis decided to scatter knowing what had just happened. This man was only able to keep one of the pieces, which gave him enough magical strength, physical strength and worldly intelligence and many other aspects that would give him an easier time being able to control the world. Because know he found out... about The Heavens.

    With Earth's Gyrovis being shattered into eight pieces, the one that remained up in the heavens shattered aswell. This removed the barrier that the rune had put into effect that seperated Earth from The Heavens. In other words this allowed the Angels to freely go down to Earth and be alongside the numerous species down there.

    The head Angel didn't want to make the same mistake that his ancestors had done. So he decided to create another rune, this time this rune casted a spell on all the angels it forced them to become an ally with the people down on Earth. They were forced to be with a person on earth and could give them special powers that could be used for battle ever the situation arised. The Angels always had to be near their partner or they would die.

    With the combined strength of the two armies, they could easily overthrow whatever force did this to Gyrovis. But can they? Fueds and many other things block our civilization from starting. Not at all helping that weird creatures unkown to the current population have started appearing.

    Specie information:

    As I said many species are currently reside on the Earth. Each of these species are unique in their own special way. Each have formed their own little clonizations that resides somewhere. In some cases some have banished themsleves into seperation from all the other species. So below is the list of species that will be used in this RPG.

    Usable species:


    Humans are proabably the most common of the species you'll find on Earth. The king in the olden days happened to be a human. These people can do most things the other species can do, they can use lot's of magical skill and become great prophets. Humans look like an average being, having skin and hair on their body and head. They have an average mind and are essential to Earth.


    This bird like specie has two varying forms. One called “Avions” and the other known as “Harpys”. I will talk about the former here though. Avions are a specie that are giant human sized falcons, they are able to fly and make a use of most wind magic. They have been known as fierce predators, being able to kill their prey easily with their talons and beaks. They can also talk which leads many people astray. They aren't the most adept at magical skill except for Wind magic.

    These winged beasts are in many ways quite like Avions, but are most likely seen as a hybrid between an Avion and a Human. Harpy's have their legs as talons, hands are those of a normal human. They have a set of wings that varies on size and family traits. (Colours, size) They can use wind magic. Harpys are a lot more adept at different types of magic then an Avion.


    This species have many features of the feline family such as Lions, Cats and Tigers etc. They are considerably another hybrid this time between some Feline creature and a Human. To go further into detail the common felinus specie is basically an Anthromorph, they have fur over their legs, abdomen and arms. They have a set of Cat like ears. Their bottom feet resemble paws as well as their hands. They are commonly seen eveywhere and use various types of magic. With their human like skills they can hold various items such as swords in their paws/hands.


    This specie are commonly reffered to as “werewolves” but this is not the case here. These people have been stuck in the body of a wolf for years. They are basically a “Anthromorph” of a wolf. Meaning that they have a wolf body but can do things like humans do, like stand up shake hands etc. Many of them have learned to use magic mostly Nova.


    This Human looking specie is pratically a Human. They tend to stick more to a forest/woody type area, they have long ears and can specialise well with Druid/Woodland type magic and Archery.


    This very short and stout species is basically like a human. The exception is well... they are very short and stout. They tend to stick to a mountaineous region and are masters of the forge. They can make very high quiality forge items. They are also very good with a Hammer. Not many Dwarfs use magic, though you can find an odd Dwarf that specialise in it (Usually Fire).


    This very rare and hardly ever seen race is a hybrid which is commonly referred to as a Dragon and a human. Depending on the individual, the can be completely animorphic or they could just have the wings of a Dragon. Though you should usually find the former. They have been rumored to have a colony hidden somewhere. They are very smart, and were the race that created the warp machine that was used to go to the Heavens during the war. They are very good at all types of magic.


    Ah, the people that infest the heavens are possibly the most powerful specie on this list. An Angel is basically the body of a human (male or female) that has a set of wings. (These vary on each different Angel). The original formers of Magic, each Angel has a special power that he or she must pass onto his or her partner. Angels are not very tall in height the maximum size of an Angel can be only around eight inches the smallest size being about six inches in height. Angels can die if stucken with extreme force or if their Terran partner dies on them. Angels have a partner that is either good or evil.

    Enemy Specie list:

    You are only allowed to use these species if you are making an evil character. Alternatively you can make a evil character out of the species that I have listed above.


    This is basically the living dead, they can consist of living skeletons that have come to life using arcane magic. Or the classic Zombie which is a rotting corpse somehow brought back to life that seeks revenge or brains. Strong undead monsters can use dark arcane magic, that strikes through skin painfully.


    This specie is made completely out of stone. A body that has wings and usually carry a lance around with them wherever they go. Their pointy ears and screechs that kill usually give the sign that there is a Gargoyle close by. Masters of stone magic being able to concoct thing made of stone out of their hands


    This surprisingly beautiful hybrid of a snake and woman has been taking the world by storm lately. Each equiped with a beautiful singing voice the lure their pray into coming near them in which case they can make a swift kill. Their head is the shape of a basic Cobra. They have been rumored to have some by witch's experiments. Lamias can use a big assortment of Magic.


    Magic is the element that gives each specie their own edge when it comes to war. Each magic is divided if it is either used for attacking an opponent, healing, giving the opponent stauts effects or protecting your allies. With each category pertaining it's own specific magic, they are categorized as so:

    White Magic – Used to heal allies or Opponents
    Crystal Magic – Used to do give stauts boosts to your allies (as: Magical barriers)
    Purple Magic – Magic that gives you a certain element that hinders your battling skills (As: Poison)
    Black Magic – Magic that is for attacking oppoenents. They are devided ito many different elements each with their own different set of spells.

    Black Magic Elements:
    Fire (Using flames to attack opponents)
    Wind (Using force gales to attack opponents or distract them)
    Dark/Arcane (Used to attack opponentsor Raise the undead)
    Nova ((Light) Used to purify the undead or light up an area. Can also be used for attacks)
    Thunder (Use Lighting bolts to attack your enemies)
    Rock (Creating rocks or lifting rocks to attack your enemies)
    Druid/Woodland (Using trees or other woodland things to attack your enemies)
    Ice (Using Ice to attack enemies or to freeze them)


    In this RPG you will be playing on the Continent of “Raull”. Raull is devided into five countries. Five of which are on the main continent. Raull is basically just a giant island in itself, when the Head Angel remade the world they had only put Raull, and not any other continents.

    The Mainlands of Geyau:

    A country that is basically all prairie land, you might find a few forests if you look hard enough. It takes up the majority of the north eastern coast and descends a bit lower into the middle. A country where towns you find are mostly filled with bandits and other scum of the like. All races inhabit this country as with the numerous towns that inhabit it, are usually used for commerce. Rumored to have a colony of human witches on the east side of the country. Geyau is ran by a King who wants to be portrayed as just and loyal, but doesn't actually have any competency in him.
    Important town List: (* means it's the capital)
    *San' Jella, Nairaba, Nera, Necrosa, Witch colony (Not Named)

    Under the Rule of King Niras the Valiant. (Human, Male)

    The Hitaian Desert:

    This stretch of land is pure desert, and takes up the majority of the middle part of Raull. The Hitaian Desert is currently the only country free of a Governement. Only one race could establish a proper civilization in the harsh livinbg climate. This race happens to be the Kryos, who used their wits and made a propsering civilization in the middle of the Desert. The only Town/Colony in the Hataian Desert belong to the Kryos, and is actually a very propserous place.

    Important Town List:
    The Lost Colony (Home to the Kryos)

    The Imperial Kingdom:

    This country happens to be the smallest out of all the ones in Raull. It lays itself near the western coast of the Continent. Being the second most cultural country (After the Kryos tribe of course) they have made a democracy that makes their “Emperor” or “Empress” in the imperial structure for life. It is the only country that makes a use of Islands. They have learned innovative ways to harvest their grain and Rice, they have constructed many interesting houses and temples using their a paper they created out of their Rice. In the Imperial Structure currently resides their “Empress” Liu. Who hasn't been in the structure that long ever since the preceding Emperor (Who happened to be Liu's brother) was only assasinated only two weeks ago. Most people who live here specialize in commerce, Ninja skills or Samurai skills.

    Important Town List:
    Jian' Bing*, Trymost, Byjanko

    Is lead by Empress Liu. (Human, Female)

    The Republic of Grelia:

    This Republic of Grelia is a country that is mostly inhabited by the tribes that aren't Human. Dare to say these people do allow humans into their country but they have soldiers always at guard to check who comes in or not. Mostly Felinus, Lycans and Avion's people are so prejudice of who comes into their country as the Elves and Dwarfs that live there don't seem to care (Though hardly any Elves or Dwarfs live there.). This country is ruled by an allmighty council, which is basically combined of Grelians (Felinus, Lycan and Avion if you ask.) This country is going through some economical struggles right now. It is larger then the Imperial Kingdom but not as large as the Mainlands of Geyau.

    Important Town List:
    Gyno*, Harul, Nabuu, Pocarytiona

    Lead by the Council that resides in Gyno.

    The Northern Lands:

    The Northern lands is situated at the top of Raull. Right next to the Mainlands of Geyau and right above the Imperial Kingdom. This land is mostly all forest but there is a large strip of mountains that resides on the north border to the ocean and on the left Border to the Ocean. A giant river runs through it that descends and stops near the Hitaian Desert. The Northern Lands doesn't have any governement witholding it and is currently under attack from the Geyau mainlands. Elves live in the wood areas of this country when The majority of the dwarven population lives in the mountains.

    Important Town List:
    Hiro*, Dysstira, Bakunycho, Dwarven Colony (Not Named)


    1) Please type in third person
    2) All RPG area and Sppf rules apply
    3 )You can curse, but please don't go overboard
    4) Relationships are allowed. Kissing is as far as you can go (And please don't be too detailed)
    5) Your basically fighting this whole RP but don't go out of your way to completely gore it up.
    6) Bunnying to progress the story is allowed, but please keep in in character.
    7) You can make and kill NPC's as you play along
    8) Please do not overpower yourself
    9) Don't join and then after a few posts just suddenly drop out
    10) Please put the name, specie and nationality at the top of your post when we RP. If you are doing a mission please state which one it is.
    11) You can have up to two characters.
    12) Nobody is allowed to go around and find a shard of Gyrovis WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT FROM ME.
    13) Any rule broken may suspend your right from posting in this RPG
    14) Have fun seriously... It's a no-brainer.


    You must follow this form is you would like to signup for this RPG.

    Name: (Self explanitory, First and Last name please)
    Nickname: (Does your character have a nickname?)
    Age: (Self explanitory again. 16+ please, considering most 13 year olds don't fight)
    Specie: (What specie is your character?)
    Sex: (Male or Female?)
    Nationality: (What country is your character native to?)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like? 4+ Lines please.)
    Personality: (How does your character act? Alone? With Others? 4+ Lines please.)
    History: (What has happened to your character so far? How did he or she meet his or her angel? 6+ Lines Please)
    Weapon: (What weapon does your character wield?)
    Skills: (Does your character have any offensive skills? Any abnormal skills? Magic would also be put here.)
    Other: (Anything else I should know about your character? *Could be left blank*)

    Angel Information:

    Name: (What is your character's Angel named?)
    Age: (How old is the Angel?)
    Sex: (Is the Angel a boy or girl?)
    Specie: (All speices are allowed for Angels, even the evil ones)
    Appearance: (What does your angel look like? 4+ Lines Please REMEMBER: All Angels have a set of wings.)
    Personailty: (How does your Angel act? Alone? With Others? 4+ Lines Please.)
    History: (What has happened to your Angel so far? 3+ Lines Please.(Considering nobody knows what it is like up in The Heavens))
    Powers: (What powers does your Angel have? REMEMBER: All Powers your Angel has can be used by yourself.)
    Other: (Anything else I should know about your Angel?)

    RPG Sample: I want a good sample of your RPG skills, making a fresh one for this RPG would be preferred.

    Other things:

    A few notes to go by considering that I am now redoing this.

    - Only about six to eight Roleplayers in this time.
    - You are allowed two times to fix an incomplete or unaccepted signup.
    - Only around two or three Kryos characters please.
    - Concrete signups will be reserved postitions anyday.
    *EXCEPTION* - My reservation will always be put in place, when all signups are in the RPG will start.

        Spoiler:- People in the RPG:
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    Moogles, may I please reserve a Kryos? If not I can understand and would like a reservation anyways.



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    Reserve me a Human, please.
    Your image was too big. Read the rules before you add anything new to your sig.

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    may i reserve a felinus?

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    Reserve me a spot as a Lycan please.

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    Yami Ryu: Reserved. The whole Kryos thing was about last time everyone went overboard and gave me a hoard of Kryos signups and the other species needed to be used. I knew you'd signup for a kryos >_>;

    The Doctor: Reserved

    alterdegox: Reserved

    handymankg2: Reserved, glad to see you're making a new character.
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    Its a good job I never delete characters I create. I don't see any point in wasting this one so...could I sign up? There's just one section I need to change. Anyways here's Iluhto again-

    P.S. I mixed things up a bit by giving my character a high age. I assumed elves and dwarves live longer natural lives than humans, though I'll change it if you want:

    Name: Iluhto Laiquendi

    Nickname: Although he doesn't have any particular nicknames he is sometimes known as "The Green Gaurdian" to the locals due to his strong magical defensive capabilites and comfort in using Druid/Woodland magic.

    Age: 80 (elf equivalent of a human in their mid twenties)

    Specie: Elf/Felinus

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Dysstira, The Northern Lands

    Appearance: Iluhto has Platinum blond hair with natural streaks of green cut short so that it reaches down to the length of his neck and kept back with a wooden headband (so that it doesn’t get in the way in battle) that spans the upper part of his forehead and down the back of his skull. He has green coloured eyes with slit pupils from his father’s side. His skin tone is white and he has a slim, lithe figure that’s just the right size for his tall six foot 3 inch frame. His arms and legs are slightly hairier than a normal Elf but since the hairs are blond they are barely noticeable if at all. His ears are long and pointy in the classic elf sense.

    Iluhto’s clothing is designed to take advantage of his forest for example the long sleeve hooded shirt and trousers he wears are al in varying shads of green with his riding boot and leather armour vest being a mud brown colour. He wears ring made of stone and encrusted with an emerald on the ring finger of his left hand. He toes and fingers end in short but sharp retractable claws which have proven useful when he has been forced to fight hand to hand combat. He also has a long, thin white to blond tale that stretches down to his knees.

    Personality: Iluhto is polite to people but over the years, due to some past experinces he's learned to harden his heart. He’s intelligent but feels he has a lot to learn, sometimes selling himself short. Iluhto is the sort of person to enjoy solitude and when something troubles him he broods over it. If there is a problem he will try to look at it from different angles to solve it but he is not beyond a little que sera, sera and living with or leaving it if it is only minor. However if something really sparks his curiousity then he can become obsessed with working on it until he deems himself finished. Around people he's comfotable with he can be witty and kind, if a little on the sarcastic side. He's level headed and doesn't let emotions get in the way of things.

    In battle he tries to focus his energy to dispatch foes with the minimum amount of effort required. He has great stamina and tends to "multitask" in battle by attacking more than one opponent at the same time. He has a strong dislike for Lycans, causing him to work himself up into a bit of a frenzy on occasion, which has its pros and cons. He feels the call of the woods and a connection with nature. Last of all he is quite Brave and his only fear is one of Fire which he has yet to overcome.

    History: Iluhto’s father Felinus father is the reason for his strange feline characteristics as he had fallen in love with an elf whilst passing through the Northern Woods. Iluhto’s mother died in childbirth and left him to bring up their son. Shortly after her Altariel’s (Iluhto’s mother’s) death Andrus who was his father took his son with him showed his son how to fight with various blades and would often spar with him. Iluhto also learnt how to wield basic magic from Andrus and when alone he would spend his time practicing it, normally Druid/Woodland or Crystal magic and soon became adept at them, aided by his genetic persuasion to the former type. Due to his appearance as being neither quite Felinus or Elf, Iluhto has usually been the subject of torment and racist remarks back in Nabuu and this has led to him turning inwards and becoming introvertd rather than the opposite.

    His father’s primary weapon that served him very well for the most part was a silver metal throwing axe. One day whilst Iluhto was sparring it broke in some time before Andrus’ death but he never had the heart to get another. As a present to his parent Iluhto travelled to the Dwarven colony of in the Mountains of the Northern Lands to see if he could have it “fixed”. This is when he came across the angel Yara who'd proposed to the lost boy that he has the skill level required to fix his axe. unfortunately by the time the process was complete and he and Yara had both returned to his father, Andrus had died, not having the longer lifespan of Iluhto and the boy of a mere 30 years was now an orphan. As a token of Andrus the boy decided to keep the axe as his own.

    On the bright side however the boy’s mind was already well developed enough to look after himself and soon left the city of Nabuu where he lived previously with his father to once more be amongst the people of his homeland in the Northern Lands.

    After moving back to the Northern Lands he began take up Archery as he found so many of his kind were skilled at it. After some time though he realised he wasn't going to be like the other elves. Ever, even with something so simple like archery which he's still bad at and so prefers short range weapons described in the weapons section (although Iluhto has thought of some pretty inventive ways to make them long range too). He also began to practice the art of Nova and Stone magic after some persuasion from Yara who thought Iluhto would be good at it and once more is doing fairly well in the former art, being able to cast medium level spells and utilize Yara's Astral Projection technique. When the plains of Geyau waged war on his country he was keen to help out having no loved ones anymore to worry over him and eager to put his lifelong skills to use. He has proven to be an asset to the country’s defence but still the war continues…


    Iluhto's only weapons are his Sai Blades which he's very good with. He's hexed them so that they're only useable by himself and will always return to him.



    Iluhto doesn’t have many physical skills except he's a decent acrobat and gymnast with his tail providing him with an above average sense of balance to complete any such feats with. Due to his Felinus nature he has enhanced smell and enhanced night sight though his day sight is inferior to an ordinary human's).. As mentioned above his is claws, weapons and magic have eliminated the need for any real hand to hand combat training. He is a good multitasker.

    His arching abilities leave something to be desired, however, he is expert with the Sai blades (which look like these).


    He is highly skilled at Crystal, Druid/Woodland and Purple magic. His proficiency at Crystal & Purple magic has evolved to the ability to enchant, curse or hex objects (with weapons being the easiest) and even other beings. This is how he was able to enchant his Axe and place the hex on his Sai Blades.

    Since meeting Yara and returning to the Northern Lands Iluhto has began to explore Rock Magic but he's not very good with it at the moment. Unfortunately, his sole devotion to the aforementioned areas of magic alone has lead to the others (Thunder, Ice, Fire, White, Wind and Arcane) becoming seriously neglected and have become utterly useless in battle, even at low level spells. The furthest he can go with this sort of magic for example would probably be freezing some water if it was really, really cold, casuing someones hair to go static or casuing someone a hot flush but thats about it. The only exception to this is Nova magic he still has untapped potential for and fairs moderately well with.

    Other: Iluhto has an inability to taste sweet things and can't swim

    Angel Information

    Name: Yara

    Age: 112 (the human equivalent of this would probably be someone in their late thirties/early forties)

    Sex: Male

    Specie: Dwarf

    Appearance: Yara is small even for an angel at 5 inches tall though what he lacks in height he makes up for in width. He is Caucasian with narrow, brown eyes that constantly seem as if they are squinting accompanied by a "roman nose". His tangled mud brown hair is long enough to reach his broad waist and is put in dreadlocks along with his beard of the same colour. His hair is just stating to turn grey with treaks of it here and there especially in the beard part and is quite me tangled in places to the extent that Iluhto sometimes calls him by the name of "fasse" Elvish for "Tangled-Hair". He wears brown Gothic Motorcycle boots that are steel plated on the ends with plain black robes of the same colour and have some runic inscriptions woven into them. Yara also has a belt hidden just under his belly. Lastly Yara has brown feathered wings that look comically small for his bulky frame and stretch to a wingspan of 2 inches and sprout from his shoulder blades.

    Personality: Unlike Iluhto, Yara is more than content to run away from a fight and will try his best often to avoid them, which some might call cowardly. Sadly, his Terran partner is all too happy to run headlong into them and so he is usually forced into them anyway if only to ensure that Iluhto doesn't get himself (and by default Yara too) killed. He enjoys nothing more than kicking back and having a drink at the local tavern and wishes Iluhto would relax a bit more too instead of fighting every tom, dick and feanor on the scene. Surprisingly, he's also quite crafty when he wants to be, having picked up a few tricks in his years but generally takes the reckless approach of trying to take out the strongest one with all he's got whereas Iluhto normally goes a more restrained, strategic approach.

    History: Back in Heaven, Yara was a top Metal and Stoneworker even for a Dwarf forging brilliant artefacts, ornanments and more from his workshop. However about five or so decades ago Yara was forced down from the heavens to find his Earthen counterpart. After gaining some basic knowledge of the geography of the planet he decided that the best place to go look would be the Dwarven colony in the mountains of the Nortern Lands, however not one of his own kind there seemed to be compatible with him. After twenty years he was all set for giving up when in the caverns of Kzhurun-tul he finally found him.

    A Felinus/Elf half breed was looking for someone who could fix his father's broken axe. Yara accepted the challenge feeling his title qualified him for it, finding that even though his dimshed size meant his magic was weakened it also gave him greater care to detail. Within days the Axe was better than new. When the hybrid walked away Yara immediately felt him being pulled along. He daren't resist for he knew what would happen if he tried. From then on he and Iluhto have travelled then countries of Earth together and learnt many things from each other.

    Powers: Yara powers are few and far between but very useful. Firstly he is a true master of Rock and Nova magic, particularly the former being able to work anything from a stone base and even turn his enemies into statues of solid stone. Strangely for a Dwarf he's not very good with fire magic.

    Lastly Yara can combine the two types of black magic (Stone and Nova) giving him the ability to "astral project". This works by Yara creating a stone model of himself and bending light reflected from it to make it appear to the foe that the model looks like him. When Iluhto utilizes this the copy is made from earth than stone.

    Other: He dislikes sunlight but not to a vampiric extent.
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    This looks interesting. May I reserve a Harpy? Interesting to see that creature placed as a 'good' character. I do notice that Harpies have no particular country, so is there one or is anywhere acceptable?
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    Must sign up as dwarf... BRAAAAIIIINSSS!

    Name: Bosco Horth

    Nickname: None.

    Age: 70 (young for a Dwarf)

    Specie: Dwarf

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Northern Lands, Dwarf Colony.

    Appearance: As all Dwarves, Bosco is a little on the short side. His stature is only about four feet high, but he is twice as wide as a human. Stretching his leather tunic to the limit, is a large beer belly, acquired from his many years of drinking the ‘Happy Juice’. The rest of his body on the other hand, is tanned and muscled. Up to his forearms are bare, but when you reach the elbow, the same brown leather tunic is stretched over the rippling muscles. His legs, being the real ‘short’ part of the Dwarf structure, are small and make it hard for him to run fast or at all in some cases. None the less, he wears specially tailored Dwarf pants over his short legs. The pants are pure black and extremely tough, being of Dwarf design, and are made out of… well it is a Dwarf secret. Most of the time, his tunic and pants are covered by Dwarf-made armor. The brown material looks like bronze, but is extremely tough, but it is very hot and restricts Bosco’s movement even more.

    Now, Bosco’s face is in a permanent smile, but you can barely see it under his giant red beard and mustache combo. His matching red hair (this time the stuff on the top of his head) is messy, and usually has a couple pieces of dirt and twigs. His teeth, as opposed to the rest of his dirty body, are shiny white. His eyes, above his big red nose are black and beady, but always seem happy.

    On his back is a rather large pack (taller than he is, but he is perfectly able to carry it due to his strength), that holds his armor and anything else he needs to carry with him, including his bow, hammer arrows, and food.

    Personality: Bosco plays well with others. That is to say, Bosco enjoys being in groups. He feels at home with people around him to entertain. But, even without other people around, Bosco always seems… happy. No one really can put a finger on it, but Bosco is a VERY happy person. He begins all of his sentences with the standard, Lali-ho!, a Dwarf phrase that means “I am in a good mood”.

    Of course, there is his drinking problem. Bosco has never been able to turn down a drink, but the good news is, he is a happy drunk. No one has seen Bosco mad, so if someone achieves making him angry… well… it might be a little catastrophic.

    Bosco has always fought feircely in battle, leaving all emotions behind until after the worst has passed. He knows that not reacting well could get you killed.

    Still, even with his small problem, Bosco is an incredibly capable warrior in both Close range, and Long range combat. He did fail at magic though…

    History: Now is where I tell you the secret behind Bosco’s ever-present happiness. You know, with the horrid past that farces him to be happy. No. Bosco lived a perfectly normal life until the whole angel and rune thing. He grew up in the mountains, and was skilled at archery, seeing as he couldn’t walk fast he needed a way to attack enemies in time before his allies got them. So, using another secret kept by the Dwarves that I cannot reveal, he created special arrows and the bow to use them.

    He quickly rose through the ranks of Dwarves at the young age of 40, but he took a quick fall after becoming a general to the Dwarves. He drank too much at a party for one of the 57 or so Dwarf holidays, and went streaking around the mountain. It was a rather long streak seeing as he couldn’t run fast. So, he was demoted to a high-ranking soldier.

    The reason he didn’t get thrown out of the whole army was the fact that the king thought “It was rather funny.”

    So, stuck as a soldier, he went though the cave.. still naked and a soldier. Then the angels bound themselves to Terrans. That was when Bosco met Dionysus. The little angel was wondering in the mountain, and ‘looking for a Terran to follow”. He found Bosco streaking, and decided that there was something he just liked about him. He has followed Bosco ever since. Bosco still doesn’t know what Dionysus really is, and believes it to be his conscious.

    Weapon: His large composite bow, made of unknown material, and Hammer arrows. (arrows can double as small hammers if Bosco wishes).
    He also carries a finely crafted War Hammer if he ever gets in close combat.

    Skills: Forge- Bosco is amazing in the forges, as is every Dwarf, and can make items that are incredible if given the resources and time.

    Ignite- After a failed attempt at learning magic, Bosco still knows how to make a few small embers, perfect for starting a fire.

    Other: Likes to drink, and thinks his angel is his conscious. No matter what the boi insinuates, he doesn't get drunk often. And when he does, he is nutorious for shaking it off fast.

    Angel Information:

    Name: Dionysus

    Age: 73

    Sex: male

    Specie: Dwarf

    Appearance: Dionysus looks strange to say the least. He has tanned skin all over his pudgy body, and only wears a white toga, and a crown of grape vines. The top of his head has slicked back, black hair that matches his beard (no mustache).

    Dionysus is about 4 inches tall, being rather short, even for a Dwarf Angel. His small flushed face is usually found in a dumb, happy expression. His eyes are very little, and his nose is wide on his face.

    His wings seem to be leafy, but on a closer inspection, it reveals that they are, in fact, made to look like grape vines.

    Personality: Dionysus is perpetually drunk, and makes very odd suggestions to Bosco, who believes the angel to be his own thoughts. This doesn’t aid Bosco’s drinking problem, but has learned to deal with its own. Being drunk all of the time makes you get used to it, giving Dionysus the thoughts of a drunk, but the reality of a sober person (hard for me to get to).

    The very few time Dionysus is not drunk… he is extremely angry. This applies in battle, in which he gets great joy from confusing his enemies, and leaving wine on the ground... Bosco uses Ignite on it, and a blast of flame erupts from the area.

    When he is around other people, Dionysus tries to have a party. When he is alone with Bosco… he still tries to have a party. He is also lazy… in the extreme.

    History: After being sent down to “The Terran Infested Rat Nest” as Dionysus refers to it, the small angel set out to find its double. After a long and grueling hour of looking, the little creature stumbled into the tunnel of a mountain. When he entered, he was welcomed with the view of a Dwarf running down the tunnel (slowly I might add)… naked. Dionysus still doesn’t know why, but he felt a connection with the strange little man right away. Since then (not too long) he has followed the Dwarf.

    Powers: Dionysus masters in two things. Insanity, and alcohol.

    Summon Wine: most used of his abilities. He can summon wine from anywhere. Not good to drink all of the time, but is flammable, and… Bosco enjoys it every once and a while.

    Confusion: Dionysus can cause insanity in his enemies, but not too many times a day. Even an angel has its limits.

    Other: Dionysus may be drunk, but it doesn’t seem like it. His body has adjusted to not show the effects of the alcohol over time. Plus, can angels get drunk? Maybe he just makes himself that way. Who knows? But he does drink an awful lot.
    GM is prone to going for the throat. Poke at own risk. Continued poking or complaining in his presence may result in serious character injury or death. You have been warned.

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    Well I wanted a Lamias but it wasn't open :v

    working on my SU now so it'll probably be up in a day or so



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    Ysavvryl: Yes you are reserved. ^_^

    Harpys are a specie that have been on Earth for awhile and haven't made any considerable problems for the rest of the species. Harpys tend to travel so they can be anywhere, but that doesn't mean the general populus will be very 'hospitable'.

    Mrmagius: Once you get that personality revisited you should be good and in.

    Zincspider: Bosco still looks good ^_^


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    Name: Kalamir Plainstrider

    Nickname: Kala (For short, before her exile) She has been given a multitude of other names from different species. Her own people call her simply 'The Betrayer' where as other's are more likely to call her 'Necromancer' or 'Strider'.

    Age: 21 (In appearance) her true age is unknown even to her.

    Specie: Elf

    Sex: Female

    Nationality: Kala has no home now and simply wanders the plains, though her hometown was once the forests of the northern lands. She currently resides in the Mainlands of Geyau living off of the small forests which struggle to survive there.

    Appearance: What was once a beautiful young woman is now corrupt and consumed by darkness. Kala has lost her platinum blonde hair to the many years of exile and instead has taken on a mane of silver-blue hair which though still beautiful has lost its color. The silver-blue river descends all the way down to her lower back and is complete with two large bangs that cup both sides of Kala’s face. Her eyes are still the forest emerald they once were but seemed to have dimmed a considerable amount and appear almost grey.
    Her skin is no longer the pure white that her tribe was so well known for and instead it boarders on blue-grey making her more eye catching that the pure white of her tribe, but not nearly as pure as she once was. This particular elf stands at around 6’5 tall, towering over most normal human females and her physique is rather slim, yet toned due to her daily activities and her lack of nutrition.

    Kala wears green and silver chain mail on her upper half. The design is rather skimpy as it only manages to cover her breast and then dangles down to just above her bellybutton, leaving her arms, stomach and back on show. A slim chain strap is all that keeps the garment on her lithe form, but Kala has had no problems so far. Her bottom half is covered by a short pair of shorts, which manage to cover only a short amount of her upper leg, these shorts are brown in colour and are held up by three, heavy brown belts which wrap themselves in multiple directions around the elf’s small waste. Fortunately Kala doesn’t rely solely on these shorts to hid her lower half and wears an emerald green skirt which is also held up by the three leather belts. The skirt is embroided with black and silver patterns and has a very large slit running up both sides of her legs in order to allow Kala the freedom to move.
    Upon her feet she wears nothing but a silver anklet and her arms are very much the same if it were not for the leather shoulder pads that she wears. The shoulder pads spread like a pair of wings and are accompanied by several black and silver bracelets that grace both of Kala’s upper and lower arms. Her fingernails are painted green and an emerald nose stud has penetrated her left nostril. A black belt is thrown half heartedly across her chest to act as a hold for her quiver and a small brown pouch is clipped to one of her brown belts which is used to store herbs and key items.

    Other aspects of Kala’s appearance to note are the very long ears, one in which is pierced several times with silver hoops. A large, black tribal tattoo runs from Kala’s right inner thigh all the way up her back and around her neck, the centrepiece of this tattoo resting at the middle of Kala’s back. A silver pendant hands loosely around her neck and is shaped like that of a leaf, the only memory she holds of her past.

    Personality: If one had read one of Kala’s wanted posters, you would think her the spawn of Satan, a harsh mouthed and slimy character with no regard for anyone else but herself…but you would be wrong. Kala is a rather timid and thoughtful character and would not harm anyone unless they got in her way or were essential for her experiments. She’s knowledgeable in the way the world works and regardless of what others may think is not a violent person unless pushed.

    Kala is in a sense a dreamer, forever trying to find answers and meaning to the world. On a few occasions she has taken up the odd job from kings and queens who have needed someone dead or retrieved in order to buy ingredients for her experiments and has therefore been classed as a dangerous character to those who do not know her. She is feared by many and apart from one or two regions is a wanted criminal due to her many experiments of raising the dead. Though she is quite tame and rather harmless, she is not one to be crossed as she has a split personality.

    One side of her is the clam and peaceful elf that she was born to be and the other is a side best left alone. Many believe that due to her tampering with the underworld she has been tainted by evil and has therefore developed this abnormal personality. She’s quite the weird character and is often spotted performing some sort of ritual or casting some form of spell and on occasions she has been known to perform spells and rituals on towns and cities in order to view they’re full effect.

    Kala is rather sly and cunning when it comes to tracking others down and prefers to keep to the shadows and night unless instructed otherwise by her employer and though she is sent to kill these people, she does it humanely unless she has some deep hatred for the person and is therefore capable of making said person suffer a thousand deaths.
    Over all Kala prefers to keep to herself unless need by and is not to be trusted around other due to her twisted and unstable mind.

    History: Kala was born a normal elf. A lover of trees and nature and innocent to a fault. She had friends who she loved to play with and family whom she treasured and thought of fondly. Unfortunately Kala’s life was not meant to be as adoring as this, no instead Kala’s life could not have taken more of a twist. It all began when her parents died of a sudden fire in the forest. Some bandits had thought it funny to set the home of the wood elves on fire one day when Kala’s parents had been gathering food from deep within the woods. Fortunantly Kala had been staying with a friend of her parents and managed to escape the forest unharmed. Upon the realization that her parents were never going to come home, Kala’s outlook on life changed completely and by the age of 17 she had began research on a magic that was completely forbidden by her people and it was on this day, that Kala started to hear a voice and see a faded figure in the corner of her eye.

    It seemed that raising the dead was something looked upon as a most foul of magic types, though Kala could not understand why as it would surly bring her parents back to the land of the living. On multiple occasions Kala travelled on horse back towards one of the major cites in order to find more books on the subject and practiced her spells and potions outside of the woods when the elves stayed clear. She performed rituals day and night in order to find a spell that would bring her parents back to life and she succeeded on many occasions, though it was not the outcome she had expected. It seemed the spells could only bring the body back from the dead, they were without they’re memories and feelings and this was not acceptable…soon Kala became obsessed with necromancy and one day she took it too far.

    She had lured a young elf into her testing grounds and killed him in an attempt to use the body to harness the souls of her parents. Of course the parents of the child came looking and found Kala with her hands bloodied and spell book at the ready. The mothers screams were enough to alert the rest of her tribe and Kala panicked and in this panic she summoned forth a horde of undead to protect herself. The tribe looked at her with fear and even her friends faces contorted in disgust. She did not understand…was reviving her parents so bad?

    Of course, with the murder of a young boy on her hands, she was banished from the forest and was lucky to leave with her head intact (though she thought that the tribe was too afraid to attack lest she call forth more of her undead zombies). To this day, Kala wanders the regions, striking feat into the hearts of those who meat her. It seems only the bandits and rouges are the ones who accept her and use her as protection from opposing regions.

    Weapon: Like most of her species Kala is talented in the ways of archery and so carries a bow around with her. The bow however is not typically made of wood, but conjured from the underworld and is therefore made of bone. A red ruby is engraved onto the centre of the bow as its one and only decoration and the string is made of pure silver hair, who’s origin is unknown. The quiver at her back is black in colour with silver embroidery and arrows made of the same substance as her bow with pure silver tips.

    For close combat she carries a small silver dagger at her waste. The dagger is made of the same pure silver as her arrows tips and the hilt is wound with black leather and embossed with another single ruby for décor.

    Skills: Being an elf, Kala is talented in the ways of the woods and therefore uses druid and woodland magic to use nature against her opponents. Given Kala’s history and current exile from her woodland home, she has been forced to develop her Dark and Arcane magic to survive in the wild and what started off as simple experimentation with these cursed magic’s became obsession. Needless to say Kala is skilled in necromancy.

    Other: Kala has befriended a majority of the forest’s creatures, but two in particular has taken an odd liking to her. A small mouse with a brown body and white face and a rather large bird, which resembles a falcon. Kala keeps these two with her at all times, even when travelling between forests.

    Angel information

    Name: Kaidoumaru (Kaido for short)

    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Specie: Kyros

    Appearance: Kaido is a fallen angel. With this he does not appear a normal Kyros and instead has had his flesh burnt away to show white bones beneath and threads of skin still attached. His heart beats within the rib cage still and his once emerald green wings are now nothing but bone and wafer thin threads of faded green. His head is large and obviously shaped like that of a dragon, his eye is missing and there is nothing but hollow skull in its place. Great talons are in place of fingers and toes and the remains of clothing still cling to his being though they cannot be identified.

    Personality: Kaido is evil. He brings out the worst in Kala and is said to trigger her split personality. He will constantly whisper evil deeds into Kala’s mind and expect them done. Fortunately Kala is a strong minded individual and Kaido normally finds his schemes dashed by the young elf, but this does not stop his quest to control the young one. Alone Kaido is lost, he does not attempt to do much by himself as there is little much a Skelton can do, but with others he tries his hardest to strike fear into they’re hearts and whisper dreadful things into they’re ears.

    He is normally controlled by Kala, given the fact that he is the one trying to control her and he can appear quite thoughtful at time when in her presence as the two share the same childlike interest in the world and its meaning, but this thoughtfulness does not last long and Kaido is once again out to cause havoc on whatever he can lay his talons on.

    History: Kaido has always been interested in other species, thinking them below himself and always trying to understand they’re purpose. Many would ask him what he found so interesting but he could never find an answer. Like Kala his interest became obsession and he tried on countless occasions to take control of these mortals to better understand them. He was caught needless to say and his actions were deemed un thought of and his wings were taken from him…not that Kaido cared much for the matter, this only meant that he could pursue his dream of understanding the other races and finally found his calling in a young wood elf named Kala. After the loss of her parents she strived to understand the meaning of life and revive her parents in order to ask them so many questions. Kaido could not resist the urge to keep an eye on this interesting wood elf and so remains with her until this day.

    Powers: Kaido has the power to control other species of a weaker mind. He tries continuously to take control of Kala but fails due to her sheer determination and strong mind. If the species is of a week mind he can control they’re thoughts and partially they’re movement. The stronger of mind, the more limited Kaido’s power. Like Kala Kaido can also raise the dead and use the earth around him to do his bidding.

    Other: N/A

    Throwing Kala back in because I didn't really get to play her. I hope this lifts off this time ^_^

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    revisited Yara's personality, am I in?

    Credit to Missingno. Master for creating this lovely team snap for my sig

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    My goodness! I feel bad that I never got to finish this when it last came up! Reserve me a spot Moogles, I'm making a new char for this one! I'll choose a Human with a Harpy Angel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cave Johnson
    When life gives you lemons, make life take the lemons back! I don't want your d*** lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to build me a combustible lemon to BURN LIFE'S HOUSE DOWN!

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    ^That's funny. I've got a Harpy with a Human Angel.

    Name: Jacori Sienna
    Nickname: Jac
    Age: 22
    Specie: Harpy
    Sex: male
    Nationality: Republic of Grelia (the Harpies have a few mountaintop villages in which to raise their children, although they get ignored by nearly everyone else)

    Appearance: Jacori stands about five feet tall, if he were to stand up straight. But his half-human half-bird frame won’t allow for that comfortably, so most of the time he’s crouched down or perched on some branch. This puts his ‘normal stance’ at a little over three feet. He only weighs 76 pounds, but that is normal for his kind (ultra-light bones and organs, so they can fly.)

    He had a hooked beak of a predator, orange-brown in color. His eyes are about the same color, a little darker to be in the amber range. He has dark brown talons on his hands and feet. Those feet are shaped more like a bird’s, with one toe on the back, so that he can perch securely. His arms seem rather small, but they are quite capable of handling tools and light weapons. While he can walk upright like a human, his gait is odd. He much prefers quick hops or flights to get somewhere.

    Jacori’s feathers are a bit ornate. Most are light tans with a few darker browns blending in, but he has several showy red ones. These red ones occur around the crown of his head (short up front with longer ones hanging behind), as a short crest that hangs over the back of his head, on the edges of his wings, and at the end of his tail. His wings and tail are wide, vulture-like, meaning that he can sustain long flights with minimal energy output.

    Harpies would much rather not wear clothes, as they are completely covered in feathers. Clothes would inhibit their movement and make them too warm. But out of respect for other species, Jacori wears a black leather belt and loose shorts made of animal hide.

    Personality: Jacori is a friendly person, cheerfully greeting people and taking everyone for basically a good person. This often leaves others with the impression that he’s naive and to tell the truth, he is. He does his best to avoid arguments with friends/people he’s just met. However, he does have a strong moral sense and if something goes against it, he’s willing to fight for his beliefs.

    Jac is also innately curious and can easily get lost in a book or study of a puzzling device. He has a good grasp of science and feels like he must learn about any new machine he finds. While he can put together his own machines/devices, he may need help making the parts that go to it. He gets quite hurt when people are prejudiced against him and may, perhaps unwisely, try to clear up their misconceptions.

    History: The Sienna family of Harpies are generally known for being tough fighters in close quarters, with a few magic-users in the mix. In particular, Jacori has five brothers and two sisters, all who excel at close-range combat. His parents had figured that one magic user out of eight wasn’t bad, so there wasn’t much pressure for him to change his natural style.

    In fact, the lack of pressure became something of a problem to his curious mind, so Jacori often went to the village elder’s house to study up on magic. The elder was somehow getting new books in from other countries on a fairly regular basis. Thus, it was only a matter of time until a book of science and mechanics fell into the young Harpy’s wings. He loved it and was soon trying to make his own devices.

    Of particular interest was a barometer diagram. Jacori didn’t know how to make the shaped glass required for it, so he asked a local tradesman for that. Once he had that, he put it together and had a device that could predict changes in weather. Since his people believe that weather is a sacred force and storms are the work of God, this was quite impressive.

    Because of the barometer, no one bothered him for continuing study on science, magic, and devices. Just before he became an adult at 16, he found a design for a crossbow from Geyau. Eager to try it out, he had some of his brothers help find the right woods and shape them for the weapon. Not having a metalworker around, one of his sisters located a felinus blacksmith to make the metal parts (there may have been some forceful coercion involved). Jacori put it all together and made a dozen bolts to test it out.

    His first crossbow broke after a short time. His second didn’t have much power. But his third worked respectably well. Now knowing how to shape the wooden parts, he was able to manufacture several for a good profit.

    Jacori then decided to travel to Geyau or the Imperial Kingdom to find other machinists to learn from. His siblings tried to talk him out of it, but he’d made up his mind. As they thought, he wasn’t prepared for the world outside his village. He met his angel Zen in a tavern, who warned him against talking to a rather drunk and violent customer. Zen has allowed him to learn black magic beyond his village’s sacred trinity of wind, thunder, and ice, although he is still best at those three.

    Weapon: He can fight with his talons and beak, but mostly prefers to stay afar with magic and a crossbow.

    Skills: Black magic, in particular wind, thunder, and ice, is his strength.
    Due to his wing shape, he is much better at long slow flights than quick bursts. His take-off time is a bit slow and he has trouble hovering, but once moving in the air, he can stay up for long periods of time.
    As mentioned, he’s a machinist. Since electricity’s out of the equation, this means crossbows, gears, hydraulics, and magic devices. Obviously, this takes time. With Zen’s help, he is attempting to design spell bolts for his crossbow.

    Other: He carries a belt pouch with assorted small tools, including a carving knife, small hammer, wedge, pliers, charcoal sticks, and a magnifying lens.

    Angel Information:

    Name: Zen
    Age: 37
    Sex: male
    Specie: Human

    Appearance: Zen is eight inches tall and resembles a Classical Greek statue (except with color). He has sunny blond hair in large curls, jade green eyes, and fair skin. He wears loose green pants, but no shirt. His two flight wings are separate from his arms, being white and shaped like a hummingbird’s wings. They do in fact hum when he flies/hovers. Below them are two white ribbon wings that end just above the ground by curling towards each other.

    Personality: Zen would say that he is all about moderation. He doesn’t do anything to extremes. That is, he tries not to. Zen is selfless to a fault, wearing himself ragged to help someone he cares about. He will ignore his own victory in order to comfort someone who has lost. While he does his best to remain moderate, his devotion to others makes him off-balance and vulnerable to manipulation.

    He is somewhat saved by that he’s picky in choosing his friends. Knowing his own fault, he tries not to make friends with someone who will obviously cause him heartache. He also takes failures rather hard, becoming quiet yet eager to focus on something else.

    History: Zen wanted to learn white magic, but discovering that he was horribly inept at it, decided to study black magic. He mastered it quickly, figuring out how to fuse elements into one spell. His first demonstration of this was an attempt to create a frozen flame. It went terribly wrong and half-burned half-froze a prized rose garden of a higher ranked angel. Since then, he has resolved not to take any pride in himself, but rather to assist and take pride in others.

    When given the order to find someone to bond with, Zen figured he’d go to a human city to find someone like him. He came down by a tavern in the night, though, and found primarily drunks. Being adverse to addictions, he didn’t want to join any of them. However, his right wing got injured in a bar fight. Zen was forced to take refuge on a high shelf and wait. He spent the time watching the humans and learning how they behaved.

    Thankfully, his wing healed before the bonding rune did something nasty to him for waiting so long. That night, the naive harpy Jacori came in looking for a place to stay the night. Zen caught him trying to get information from a bad source, so intervened in time to prevent him from being harmed. Although he wanted a human partner, he was too concerned already for Jac’s safety, so bonded to him.

    He’s still more realistic about judging others than Jacori, despite being in this world for less time.

    Powers: Black magic fusion. Zen can combine spells of different elements to make new spells. These fusions may or may not be more effective than a single spell. Fusion failures can lead to some spectacular disasters.
    Other: nothing I can think of.

    RPG Sample:
    A white blur surrounded Zen until he landed on a copper pipe. His thin flight wings folded back immediately. “Jac?”

    His partner had crammed himself into a small space, which held the mechanisms to a malfunctioning temple door. It was supposed to open automatically when a certain tile was weighed down, but not today. “No obvious leaks so far,” he thought in a mumble. “But it seemed to be a loss of water pressure. I wonder.” He crawled along the copper pipe, observing it.

    Although tall for an angel, Zen walked along the copper piping comfortably. “Jac!”

    “That one fitting was awful close to the lever mechanisms. Could it unscrew itself when the doors are open?”

    Lost in his work again. Thinking quick, Zen summoned up a small pebble and threw it at the harpy’s beak. “Jacori!”

    “Huh?” He looked over, then clicked his beak happily. “Oh, hi Zen. I’ve almost got this figured out.”

    “We haven’t had lunch yet. I’m sure you’ve got to be hungry.” He was hungry himself but not about to state that as a reason for him to stop working.

    “Why? It’s still morning.”

    “No it’s not. It’s one in the afternoon.”

    He furrowed his brow feathers. “Really? Huh. Sorry about that. Let me just check on this pipe fitting real quick, then we can go get something to eat and the piece to fix this system for them.”

    Finally. “All right, but only check that.”
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

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    Shadowfaith: Kalamir is still hanging out there being herself, I love that character ^_^

    Mrmagius: You're in.

    The Black Glove: Reserved.

    Ysavvrl: I live your attention to detail, and you seem to have good RP skills after looking at you're posts. So I'm letting you in.

    All those interested in joining should get their signups in quickly.

    Because there are only five spots left, and five reserved applicants in the middle of making singups.
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    Name: [Unknown] [Explained]
    Nickname: Goes by Cloud
    Age: Appears to be 27ish
    Specie: Kryos
    Sex: [Unknown] [Again Explained] Appears male
    Nationality: Hitaian Desert

    Appearance: Cloud comes off as a somewhat pretty boy, or a somewhat handsome girl. His true gender is mostly unknown as he doesn't speak about it, finding it not part of anyone's buisness, and not something to worry about remotely. Well. If you don't mind the fact Cloud isn't all that human looking either, His basic build is humanoid, but his hands appear as if gloved, from the light gold and dark forest green scales that start from the back of his hands and reach up a few inches past his elbows. On his left hand, he doesn't have a human hand persay, there's only three fingers, no thumb, and each end in a talon that's a good deal sharp and around an inch or so in length. Outside of the scales, his right hand looks normal.

    Cloud's legs are about the same, he doesn't wear shoes as his feet aren't tender or vulnerable like human feet, and are actually built more draconic, with a more degigrade feel [Think cliche lycan-ish legs], each foot is somewhat wolfish- but obviously dragonic, and there are four toes and each are clawed, but like a cheetah or lion, they aren't retractable and are a combination of weapon if used in a kick attack, or for a burst of speed on the correct ground when running.

    His face is almost the most normal thing about him, unless he smiles, showing off he has fangs and a somewhat forked tounge, but no S's get rolled here. On the sides of his head, right above his ears, two horns sprout, and sweap backwards, several inches around and about five in length, they end in blunt tips. Another horn sprouts from Cloud's forhead, almost like a unicorn's. A few inches in length and spiraled slightly, but it's less for fighting and more for decoration it seems, if unwanted. The horns are ivory in color, not white, not cream, but that off white. Which stands out well with Cloud's hair being a dark black-purple. It's somewhat long, and unkept, reaching his shoulders easilly.

    He is also a bearer of a tail and wings. The former is much harder to deal with that it seems, for very few clothing can be worn effectively when one has a tail. It makes things hard to get in and out of. The Limb is unfortunately as long as Cloud is tall- six feet. Though Cloud has a few inches on his tail. And it's almost like a snake, able to coil and bend in ways that would seem impossible, and in its build for only a few inches of the tip is the only small part, as it quickly bulks up to a mass of muscle and bones that, about a foot or two from the base of Cloud's spine, is a good foot around itself. His wings are another matter, and somewhat easier to deal with.

    Mostly as Clouds wings, are small. Almost dwarfishly so, they appear to be perfect replica of wings that would have allowed him to fly- perfectly formed, shaped and placed just right on his back. But each alone are barely about three feet in length, and not even a Kryos could fly on a wingspan of an Eagle.

    As said, Cloud stands at around Six feet, possibly a few inches over that. Outside of his species and questionable gender, what usually grabs people are his eyes, they're a chilling light icey blue, that appear emotionless and reptilian. Clothing is not really a fashion statement as Cloud wears pants, whenever he can get them over his tail, and a normal shirt and tunic/vest.

    Personality: With a glance, Cloud could be labled as an introvered Loner, and one might be right. Or wrong. No one can tell, and Cloud's not speaking. But he doesn't avoid people if it is absolutely unavoidable or is absolutely needed, he doesn't bulk. It seems he just perfers to be alone.

    He seems to be somewhat stabled, able to think clearly when the going gets tough or unexpected things happen, causing him to sometimes catch people by surprise. When he acts.

    Cloud doesn't tend to do things for the good of others, as while he's not selfish per-say, he doesn't see why he should risk his life for the life of someone he doesn't even know.

    Among his gender, 'lack' of wings, there is another thing he does not want to, nor like to talk about. Why he is not with his people, and is wandering the world. As it seems, Cloud did not become a longer willingly. Which shows there are some signs of betrayal and tragedy, or drama in his past. But if there really was, again, Cloud's not having any discussion about it.

    There is more to Cloud, he is somewhat of an enigma- but the rest is hidden. He could like jokes, he could like people. He could secretly want a lover, or a friend. But this Kryos will be a tough nut to crack, which is why no one's ever really bothered.

    History: Cloud's history, is somewhat dark. It seems even in a 'perfect' world there are imperfect creatures. And even very smart ones, can be very dumb. Cloud's family, unfortunately was one of this. While they treated him perfectly when others watched, were near. Or were suspicious, the moment no one was watching though, they changed. They were predijuce creatures. Unable to completely accept change- especially in their family. Their family had been a long line of pure bred Kryos. Sure there was the ocasional son or daughter, or whatever, that had a few to many human traits, but it was something easily changed... hidden..

    But Cloud was not- he was a failure in the eyes of his family, the moment he was born. Especially when his wings were stunted, his horns barely buttons that showed they too were stunted. And most of all. Cloud looked to human. While his life was never terribly bad, it was never terribly good. His parents used him as a servant, only aknowledging him as their son in a play to the others in their part of the city. They loved their second and third born, more than Cloud. But he had long since given up caring. He told himself, it hurt less.

    When Cloud was fifteen, or maybe eighteen. He had forgotten of the day of his birth so only marked the passing of years, as tellings of his age, everything changed. A younger brother, in a bout of jealousy, thinking that Cloud was intentionally wooing a girl that he favored, attacked his brother. Expecting no reaction from the elder brother as the boy never fought back against his parents.

    Cloud doesn't remember what happened- either trutful or not, it does not matter. It wouldn't matter anyways. For in only a few short moments, somehow, Cloud ended up killing his younger brother. And in the chaos, turmoil and confusion that happened, Cloud ran. He ran and he ran, as if the hounds of hell were at his heels. He didn't stop untill he was half dead in the desert.

    And when he woke up, that's when he found his Angel. Unwanted or not.

    And thus, he threw away his name, his identity, and his home. In search of someplace else.

    Weapon: While Cloud perfers to not fight, he can wield a short one handed sword he does carry on him. His other weapon being his left hand.

    Skills: It was, in the chaos of the past, feared that Cloud somehow had an abnormal trait of a Black Magicial Element, but it has not resurfaced again, if it was, so it can not be confirmed or denied. But Cloud has NOT tried to find out either way- he seems content in not knowing.

    Other: Cloud didn't really use magic- it was more like a beserker fit, if anything. BUT ITS THE FEAR THAT COUNTS durphur

    Name: Zardel
    Age: Around 200ish
    Sex: Female
    Specie: Lycan

    Appearance: Zardel is a tad more wolfish in appearence than a normal Lycan- and ofc far, far smaller. But outside the size difference, she would come off as an almost exact replica of the larger, earthen species. Her fur is a soft grey-brown marbled pattern, with darker grey/black markings on her belly and muzzle. Her eyes are a rich amber-gold mixture. If she was larger perhaps she would appear ferocious and horrible. For she does look like a creature of nightmares still, able to run on all fours or stand up on her hind legs and walk around, not like she needs to really.

    Zardel ofcourse, has wings. Every Angel has wings- but Zardel's seem to have gotten the wrong note. For they aren't on her back, but upon her head. Which brings up a question, does an Angel need its wings to fly, or do the wings need the Angel to fly? Because Zardel can fly, or hover, much like a humingbird, and seems to take delight in spooking people with this, even if she's not really an evil creature. The wings are the only thing different about Zardel, as they are feathered, not furred, colored in silverish-grey feathers that look almost like they'd fit a Swan. And not the head of a miniature Lycan.

    Personailty: Zardel is somewhat mischivious- if the ability presents itself she probably will take it. But she does have a serious side, and she truly cares about her partner/charge, even if being forced to be with Cloud, or die. She knows it's not his fault, or even the Head Angel's fault, so feels no resentment there. But sometimes she does long to return to her home.

    Zardel, while having a caring side, and is somewhat timid. Is by no means truly timid or fearful. Even though she is so small, she sometimes tries to face dangers or problems that should not be dealt with, and as such tends to bite off more than she can chew or cause trouble when it can unfortunately, have been avoided. She doesn't mean to do this on purpose, but the angel is a bit of a hot head and if it involves Cloud, it tends to cause her to sometimes act before thinking.

    She does have a weakness, which Cloud abuses whenever possible. Zardel it seems, loves food. And can easily be bribed or distracted with it, though this can often mean Zardel can be distracted by others, so Cloud tends to keep her close at hand. Quite litterally sometimes.

    History: Zardel doesn't have a glamorous past. She wasn't someone of any real great importance. She could have been called a good healer- as she was, and while she sometimes loves attention and the spotlight, there were better angels at healing, or using their magic more effectively.. or cruely. Zardel also dabbled in other magics, but it never came to pass where she had to use them, for by the time she had started to begin to master them, the events that forced her out of her home came into effect.

    She was a bit lost and disorintated because of this force, compelling her to go. Go far away- into the unknowns for her, as she didn't think beforehand, or get much of a chance to check up on books, or ask around, or anything. All she could think about was she had to find.. someone. But not anyone- the right someone, and be with them.

    Part of her was scared, and sad, in the back of her mind. For she would never see her home again, most likely. And she didn't really want to die. Zardel wasn't a true coward, but most sane creatures fear dying. It was a long search, flying high and low. Running. Walking- always searching, but never finding. The tug to find her partner seemed to grow more urgent as a few months passed, it almost felt like. And then in the last place she looked, she found him. Half dead in a desert.

    And Zardel thought. Maybe leaving home for a bit wasn't such a bad thing after all. And she came to apreciate her healing skills a bit more than she had in the past- for it's what saved her newly found partner.

    Powers: Mostly White magic, Zardel has dabbled in learning to use Fire and Nova, but she's not as good at them as she is with her healing abilities. And while Cloud can use her abilities as she doesn't really mind sharing, he's slow to do so and does it with much balking and reluctance.

    Other: Zardel is possibly the only one, outside of Cloud's family, to know his real name, and gender. But if she does, she won't say. Not even food can bribe that out of her.

    Aaaaand done

    Edit: Lol wait forgot the other

    Edit Edit: Crap forgot the RPG sample .. can I have another day Moogles? So sorry.
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    Yo-ho-ho! I have completed it!

    Name: Keaton Bradford (meaning literally "to fly over the broad crossing")
    Nickname: "The Cyclone Gunner"
    Age: 21
    Specie: Human
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Previously, The Mainlands of Geyau. Currently, The Imperial Kingdom

    Appearance: A tall, tanned fellow with windswept brown hair. His muscular arms come out from under a forest green sleeveless tunic, which in turn is usually covered by a brown traveling cloak. This cloak is torn at the edges from overuse. His untidy hair is kept under a brown bandana, although it sticks out in several places. In addition, Keaton wears black pants, along with a pair of tan boots that look awfully worn, due to the tape that encircles the leg. Although it cannot be seen, he has a large scar on his back from an old battle. His pistols are held by long straps that go from his shoulders to his belt, and have two holsters. He usually carries around a bag on his back, balanced sideways that holds together several supplies, including the Sogeking mask.

    Personality: Keaton is very quiet, and prefers not to waste time talking. He finds actions much more effective. As such, he can seem cold, or distant at times, but he's really just "relaxing". His conversations tend to be short and akward, but he is much wiser than he seems to be. Perhaps this is due to his time spent becoming one with his environment. He is constantly seeking a peaceful way to resolve difficulties, but considering this world is one of a clash, he rarely finds it. His intellectual levels are also astonishingly high, but not booksmart. Rather, he recognizes the relationships between people, places, and things with incredible accuracy. Quite useful for battle. He never lingers in the same spot for too long.

    History: Originally a mage in San' Jella, Keaton failed horribly in all of his classes. They focused so much on theories, science, and mathematics, that Keaton never truly felt like anything magical ever occured. In order to make up for it, he snuck into the library and began to learn some basic spells on his own. One night, as he was training, something clicked. As if a light went on in his brain, the wind suddenly fell to his will. Gales swirled around him, and he laughed with glee the whole time.

    As would be expected, the teachers heard and saw the whole thing, astonished by the sudden connection the boy had to wind magic. They had never even seen such magical wind power in anyone less than an Avion or Harpy. As soon as the wind died down enough, they approached him and asked if he would help them do some research. Keaton, estatic that actual magic would be going on, agreed readily.

    The next couple weeks were mostly filled with experiments while Keaton used wind-based magic. Readings were taken and notes were written, while another group in the same room seemed to be constructing something. They forbade him from seeing it, saying the King had made it a matter of untmost secrecy.

    Late one night, Keaton had forgotten his cloak in the room and went back to get it. The room was empty, and he was a bit curious, so he peeked into the scientists' findings. What he found blew him away.

    The creation was a strange pair of firearms created via magical runes. These guns were smaller than the muskets he was used to seeing, but had a long sharp blade on the barrel. He toyed with it a little, and found it reacted to his magical power. There was even a strange little series of marks on the side that seemed to light up when he placed a magic-infused hand on it. Yet even more curious, he aimed out the window, and fired.

    When the trigger was pulled, a silent blast of air shot out, and, judging by the speed, compression, and location, the blast would have been deadly on contact. More intent, Keaton searched the documents. Apparently, the guns were titled the "Zephyrus Emmitam" project, a prototype magical weapon. His eyes scanned the notes that had been written;

    "If this works, nobody will be able to oppose the king."

    No one in his right mind had good things to say about the king, but if his soldiers had such a weapon, nobody in the village would be able to do a thing. Deciding to forego his time in the facility, he absconded with the firearms (or perhaps "windarms" is more appropriate), and fled into the night.

    It wasn't long after that he met Fuuko in the Northern Lands as he was wandering through the mountains. The two, although not very friendly at first, soon learned to be so when they realized they could not be apart. Fuuko's adeptness at wind magic, however, made them the perfect team.

    Weapon: Keaton has a pair of guns that are green and pistol-shaped (shown here). Each has a yellow blade sticking out of the bottom for use in close-range combat, and they can also lift up to improve aim for sniping. Here's what they look like in sniper mode. The Guns fire using super-compressed Wind magic formed into bullets, giving them nearly unlimited ammo with Keaton's high magical stamina. However, seeing as Keaton prefers to fight with his bare hands, the guns are reserved for long-range combat.

    Skills: Although he cannot control it very well, Keaton possesses a massive level of magical power and stamina, particularly for the wind affinity. His wind-based spells are fairly low rank, limiting him to very low-rank spells. However, after all his time traveling, he has gained very impressive agility and created his own hand-to-hand combat style. It is not uncommon to see him take on large groups of bandits on his own, a major change from where he started. After spending so much time traveling, Keaton has also become a very good camper, cook, and survival specialist. However, he's the only one who believes his cooking is any good, so it's probably best to keep him away from the kitchen.

    Other: One other notable thing is his absurd lack of alchohol resistance. Whenever he gets drunk, he pulls out his mask and calls himself "Sogeking" which literally means "King of the Snipers". Rather absurd name, however, considering he rarely uses his guns while drunk, instead relying on his unsusual "drunken fist" technique. As expected, he cannot distinguish friend from foe in this state.

    Angel Information:

    Name: Fuuko Canace ("Child of the Wind")
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Specie: Harpy

    Appearance: Like most harpies, Fuuko looks like a human girl in most respects. She has long brown hair, a fairly decent sized chest, and is at a moderate height for an angel. What sets her apart is, you guessed it, she has tan-feathered wings sprouting out of her back that are dotted with black specks. This gives her the appearance of a hawk, but she actually lacks any true close combat ability. Her feet are bright yellow with black talons, like a hawk, and she favors a (rather strange) pink tunic that lacks sleeves as a result of using high-level wind magic. This slightly tomboyish girl also favors a pair of baggy brown pants, held up by a piece of string for a belt. Her hair is usually tied up in a ponytail using a red ribbon Keaton found for her.

    Personality: A very strange one, Fuuko is both optimistic and bubbly, while at the same time, standing out as a tomboy. Since Keaton is always so serious, she often tries to cheer him up so he won't be so stern. However, she makes sure he knows what she thinks about a situation before he deals with it. Due to the link they have, Fuuko becomes just as tipsy as her partner when he drinks, so she often does anything she can to steer him away from the alcohol. A very demanding, but at the same time, a very friendly girl.

    History: Like Keaton, Fuuko went to a magical school up in Heaven. However, unlike Keaton, they actually taught magical theory, and she quickly picked up how to cast even the highest levels of wind-based spells. However, she too was at the bottom of her class. Her magical power was quite low, and her stamina even less, so she was incapable of actually casting the spells. Humiliated, she fled from Heaven, and began to soar over the Northern Lands. As she was crying, her tears were greeted by a storm, and she was thrown in the mighty gales.

    She probably would have been killed that night, had Keaton, who was traveling on the mountain at that point, not been where he was. He blasted several rock pillars out of her path with his strange weapon, then managed to catch her in his traveling cloak. Although she was unconsious at the time, she had clung hard to his shirt in an attempt to warm up.

    When she awoke, Keaton had taken her into a bandit's cave after "convincing" thier leader to allow him to stay until the rain died down. She was frightened, angry, sad, and happy, all at the same time. While she recovered from the bad cold flying in a storm had caused, he carried her with him, telling her his story. Since, she has recovered, and been linked to Keaton ever since. However, she has not noticed, seeing as she has not left his side (other than the obvious times) since.

    Powers: Fuuko is capable of using very high-level wind magic, but she cannot do it on her own. Instead, she latches on to Keaton's shoulder and borrows his magical stamina for her spells. Otherwise, one low-rank spell burns her out. She's also capable of using mid-level White and Crystal Magic, usually on Keaton, seeing as how he does most of the fighting. In addition, her hawk eyes are perfect for locating enemies, no matter how fast or intangible they might be.

    Other: Despite her small stature, she's scary when she's angry...

    RPG Sample:

    Fuuko awoke with a gasp, which almost immediately turned into a choking cough. She put her hand up and closed her eyes with the pain, then she felt something seting her back down in a lying position.

    "I wouldn't sit up yet if I were you" said a voice "that storm got you pretty good."

    Fuuko opened her eyes, blurry at first, but when her vision cleared, she found herself looking up at a human. But this human wasn't like the ones she was used to. This one was huge! He must have been more than 20 normal humans tall!

    Immediately, she tried to sit up again and escape, but then realized something. Her current location was what appeared to be a giant blanket of some sort, rolled up several times to create a cushion. This cushion was balanced atop a small flat space along the wall of what appeared to be a giant cave. A giant fire raged in the center, which was surrounded by much scarier-looking giant humans. Her whole body began to shake with fear.

    "Are you cold?" the giant human who had spoke before asked her "We can move closer to the fire if you need to."

    She coughed a few times before asking "Where am I?"

    "A cave in the mountains of the Northern Lands" came the reply "and quite lucky you did so."

    The fire crackled and hissed as the scarier guys began to drink some sort of brown liquid. It seemed to make them a bit jollier. Seeing that she wasn't asking any questions, Keaton decided to explain what had happened.

    "I was venturing along the cliffside when the storm hit" he started, taking the tone of storyteller "Those winds were quite fierce, and although I know a little wind magic, there was nothing I could do against that tempest."

    Fuuko perked up a little at the mention of magic. So these humans can use magic too... she wondered.

    Keaton continued "I had just about made it to this cave when I spotted a brown blur hurtling for the rocks- that was you -and cried out in suprise when I realized you were unconsious!"

    Fuuko frowned. If only she had the magical stamina to maintain that wind shield she was charming she would have blocked the tempest enough to find safety. Once again, it had put her in a dire situation, but this time, it wasn't because she failed a test.

    "I managed to destroy some of the rocks in your path (with wind magic? Fuuko thought), and caught you before you hit anything" he grimaced "the rocks slid out from under my feet, so by the time I climbed up here, the bandits had taken the cave already.

    Ahhh... Fuuko realized that's why these men are so frightening.

    One of the bandits put his hand up to his mouth and rushed out of the cave with a worried look on his face. The others cheered as a retching noise came from thier out-of-sight comrade.

    "Then I brought you in here" the human concluded "the bandits weren't willing at first, but I- uh, convinced them."

    It was now that she noticed several scrapes and bruises covering the man's face. Actually, if they were the same size, he looked like he wouldn't be much older than her. Maybe 2 years tops. She also took this opportunity to see the leader of the bandits, sleeping rather peacefully in the back. Judging by his appearance, he had lost the fight.

    She turned to the man again "I have to know... who are you, giant human?"

    The man gave a slight smile, something he hadn't done the whole time they sat there. "I'm Keaton. Keaton Bradford."

    "Keaton." Fuuko repeated. Sleep began to take hold as the world faded into darkness "it's a nice name..." The little angel fell asleep, feeling tired, and now, suprisingly secure.

    Keaton watched her caringly as the scarf he had made into a small bed for her rose and fell with each passing breath. Still, as everything happened around him, only one thought was on his mind.

    So little hawk girl, who are you, and where did you fall from?
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    Name: Faltor Sharpmane
    Nickname: Fang
    Age: 18
    Specie: Lycan, but refers to himself as a wolf.
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: The Northern Lands

    Appearance: Faltor is a very young wolf, barely old enough to be allowed to hunt with his pack, he is far more feral than many of his race. He refuses to stand on two legs, seeing that as a sign of the enemy, and attacking anything that stands on two legs without caring what it may be. He has short, brown fur that covers his whole body, excluding a small section on his side when a arrow had pierced his chest. His eyes are very clear and precise, being a blood stained red color, staring onwards at his prey as his nostrils flair, which is quite a common event. His hind legs are very broad and strong, allowing large strides at the enemies at a fast breakneck pace. His front legs, or as some call them arms, are smaller and less built up then the back legs, yet the claws of this Lycan are sharp and piercing into enemy skin.

    His teeth are normal for those of his kind, fashioned very similar to those of a hound, sharpened as if they were a knife, they are quite often covered with blood, or chunks of flesh. His tail is fairly short for one of his kind, only reaching the floor when he sits on it, it is quite fluffy and weak, although he has built up a tough hide in his lower skin to prevent his tail being sliced clean off without a struggle.

    Personality: Faltor is one of the most savage and uncaring Lycan you will ever meet, as if he ever gets the sniff of food, or a enemy, he will never stop until he destroys the enemy. He loves the chase and the hunt, and he believes if someone is protecting his prey, it just makes it a lot more fun to hunt. He can be loving to his pack, and caring, as he would never harm one of his group, not even his angel who is attempting to change his ways. He doesn’t like someone telling him to not be him, but the angel is one of his pack, so he has no choice but to follow his orders, especially since the angel actually is the authority figure in the pair of wolves.

    History: Faltor was born in The Northern Lands as a young cub, and from a child he was always much more barbaric and savage than normal creatures of his species. He was raised his whole life to believe that anything that walks on two legs is his enemy, and that he should stay on all fours regardless of who he was addressing. He lived in a pack of sixteen other wolves who had escaped from the Republic and come down to the forest years ago, as they believed that they had to embrace their nature as wolves, and not try and relate to other species. He grew up slowly observing the abilities of his pack, learning how to hunt and fight on his feet, eventually killing his first prey on reaching the age of thirteen, which he was very excited about, as it meant he was capable of defending himself.

    That was at least, until the Geyau began to send their first soldiers into the forests of the Northern Lands. A group of two hundred strong entered the wolves territory, a mistake they would regret, as the wolves snuck into the camp and slaughtered the humans, although, half of the wolves were killed in the fight, and eventually the tribe were forced to leave. Their pack leader was killed in the fight, and they were at a loss, begging for a sign, and that was when Saltor arrived, coming into the forests and, although he was small, he left a huge impression on the pack. He started to convince them to become more human, teaching language slowly, and giving each of the pack a name. Faltor was fascinated by his angel, but didn’t like the name he was given, so quickly changed his name to his favourite word, Fang.

    Weapon: Faltor, being very in touch with his wild side, uses tooth and claw to attack the enemy.

    Skills: He has a small amount of Purple Magic, allowing him to tip his teeth and claws with poison, or make his hide much tougher for a small amount of time. He also subconsciously uses white magic to heal wounds which appear on his body, but only minor wounds, and they take time to heal. If he were to break a limb, it would take less time than a human to recover, but may still take from a month to a fortnight to heal.

    Other: He has a huge fear of arrows, and any other projectiles.

    Angel Information:

    Name: Saltor
    Age: The appearance of a 54 year old (Old for Faltors pack)
    Sex: Male
    Specie: Lycan

    Appearance: Saltor looks like a very tiny version of the former pack leader of the wolves, having long grey fur, he stands on hind legs and speaks to the pack as their master. His wings are a deep shade of grey, and sprout out of his back, taking a large amount of space behind him. His eyes are a clear yellow color, and they have larger pupils than normal for a Lycan, looking almost human, although the rest of his body is certainly not. He has a long tail which wags from side to side when he is pleased, and he has a wet, soggy nose, being almost like a walking talking dog, rather than a wolf. He has sharp claws which are useful as annoyances to members of his pack, as a teasing sort of thing.

    Personailty: Saltor is a very civilised and completely unsavage angel, loving nothing more than relaxing all day and talking with a group of perfectly normal people, so you can imagine his disgust when he found the pack he was with. He has been attempting to convert them to his courteous styles, but quickly saw that it wouldn’t be particularly easy to do, considering the savage natures the pack contained. By attempting to convert them, he has also started to become more like them, sometimes growling when he doesn’t expect it, and even sometimes resorting to going on all fours if he has too, which he used to completely hate. He hopes that he will be able to eventually fix these wolves, however long it takes.

    History: Saltor came down from the heavens for a reason unknown to many. He seems to put off that he was perfectly fine in heaven, but the true reason he came down was to learn to be… different, not just the posh old angel who doesn’t care about anyone, he wanted to become more…uncivilised, and normal, and he thought coming down to earth would solve that. On arrival, however, he never realised how the tug of a partner would be so…strong, and pulling him straight to the grieving wolf pack, who he quickly discovered worshiped him as a leader, which was exactly what he wanted, people to follow him. They needed a bit of work, and he reckoned if he got down and dirty, he would be able to win them over to his ways.

    Powers: He can access high level Nova magic, as well as low level woodland magic, manipulating roots or plants to help him in battle.

    Other: He sometimes starts to ramble about things that have no relevance to anyone but him, which confuses the simple minded wolves.

    RPG Sample: The Hunt. The Glory. The Passion. Fang would have it all. He ran, ran through the wind, ran through the trees, ran through the mud, hunting, hunting for the prey, the prey he had been after for so many nights, and so many days. Another Wolf. Just days ago, Fang had picked up the smell of this creature, and what a smell it was, large enough to be smelt from the other side of the forest. Once Fang picks up a smell, well, he can’t resist the temptation of the hunt. He ran, knowing that the other wolf had a very large advantage over him in speed, and possibly strength, although stamina was something Fang was sure he possessed more off. Saltor had already told him that the Wolf was more humanoid than Fang, which made the hunt even more exciting for Fang, hunting down a traitor and feasting upon their flesh was something that any wolf would look forwards too.

    His nostrils flared as he suddenly felt something unexpected for certain, the Lycan had stopped. The Lycan had known he was being followed, so Fang was very confused as to why it had just suddenly stopped like that. Regardless, Fang ran to the source, his hind legs pushing him forwards through the forest, his front legs pulled him along towards the source, where the smell just…stopped. He came towards the location, panting slightly as he drew to a stop, examining where the smell seemed to have stopped. He began to sniff around the area, the trees shadowing over him as he watched the bushes, looking for any sign of escape, and then he saw it. On the floor, his prey, pierced by many arrows, through the chest, and the head. He quickly gulped, grabbing as much flesh as he could in his mouth, and sprinting away, making sure to follow the exact same trail he arrived in, so he was certain not to run into whatever had killed his prey.

    He quickly stopped at a river, making sure that his scent was gone, he dived into the waters, and then came out the other side. He was disgusted as his new smell, but at least he wouldn’t be followed. As soon as he was certain he had escaped, he slowly began to growl, before howling a huge Hollywood style howl, which made him feel a lot better with himself, leaving the scene.
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    Yami Ryu: No worries, just get the sample up when you can.

    The Black Glove: Accepted ^_^

    handymankg2: A bit hard to read because of the spacing, but you are accepted. I'd hope you space it out though to make it easier for everyone else to read though.


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    Name: Sierra Renna
    Nickname: "Fleur Du Ciel" is a pseudonym she often uses to hide her true identity. It literally translates to "Flower of the Sky", and is used when she meets strangers, or wishes to hide her true identity.
    Age: 18
    Specie: Harpy
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Republic of Grelia
    Appearance: Sierra's face is a heart shaped face, characterized by dull, brown feathers. On the top of her head are a few feathers which are longer than the feathers on Sierra's face, being a bright, light blue color. Her eyes are a light aquamarine color, almost cyan. The back of her head is covered by the blue feathers, the ones on the back increasing in length and width from the crown of the head. Her beak is a small, hooked beak that is a jet black color.

    Her body is often seen in a crouched or sitting position. She dislikes standing up completely straight, and it is thus hard to determine her actual height. When she does stand up straight, she comes around the height of four and a half feet. Whenever she does try to walk, she often ends up skipping out of habit of being used to just hopping and bounding much like a regular bird would. She views walking as something that is too slow to be worth perfecting, so she normally just hops or flies as a mode of locomotion.

    Her wings are not very long, but they are not short. Her wings are feathers that are bright blue. She prefers using short, quick flights that do not go very high into the sky, so that she can quickly chase prey instead of waiting hours before diving down. Her tail is short and fan-shaped so that she can quickly steer at high speed while in flight. Her wings, meanwhile, are of a medium length. The color of her tail is a dull brown with a blue streak down the middle.

    She sees clothes as more of a civilized thing that is pointless for creatures such as herself, but she wears a strapless top made out of animal hide that falls below her wings to allow for less of an intefearance with flight. She also wears baggy shorts made from animal hide. Because she does not wear shoes, her bird-shaped feat are revealed, displaying a series of black talons. There are two talons in the front and two in the back for perching on trees. Her hands are small, and look almost human except for the nails being replaced by smaller, less sharp, black talons. Her hands are most adept at skinning her prey and gripping objects, such as staves, weapons, bottles, and other things, but she does not have enough dexterity to craft such items besides animal hide clothing.
    Sierra is not a very friendly person with other people. She likes to keep a cold distance from strangers, and a mysterious distance from new acquaintances and allies, not revealing her true name until she can fully trust a person. This behavior is not out of hatred or general distaste towards others, but out of caution. Sierra has a low self-image, often portraying herself as a weakling who can't change anything. Sierra rarely gets into arguments with her allies or trusted friends; though her cold, emotionless stare on the outside doesn't show much of anything, she dislikes it when people close to her argue, and normally feels powerless to do anything about a tense situation.

    A weakness that she exhibits is her inability to organize people. She doubts herself, which makes other people doubt her most, if not all of the time. Even when she turns out to be correct, she simply assumes that it was just a coincedence. She is an intelligent person, but she doubts her intelligence, so she often appears awkward and clumsy, it sometimes even shows in her speech when she stutters or tries to lie or hide something. Being a very bad liar, it would be a very bad situation for her to be caught by an enemy and be interrogated.

    However, her personality does not lead her to be a pathetic wreck; there are aspects about Sierra that other people would find strong, or positive. Sierra is the kind of person that very loyal to her close friends and allies. She tends to overlook the negative aspects of her friends and allies, and focuses on the positive aspects of them. She is also able to show the side of herself that is sympathetic, but intelligent, to her close friends. This side of her personality is rarely expressed, but when expressed, an air of a graceful kindness seems to come from Sierra's eyes.

    The Renna family was a strange family. They lived on the outskirts of the small mountain settlements, mostly keeping to theirselves as they practiced close-range combat and magic. The clan of five sisters and Sierra was often found to be sparring each other. Sierra, wishing to avoid the fate of becoming another close range combat specialist like her five other sisters, went against her family's traditional style of attack, and started to sneak to the Village Elder's house to study wind magic and the art of druid/woodland magic. Her parents were blissfully unaware until she became the age of 13.

    Unfortunately, this bliss-filled ignorance Sierra's parents had would soon end. When they sent her and her sisters on a trip to hunt prey, it was her turn to kill her first prey. She flew after it as they thought she would, but a sudden gale of wind magic was not what they expected. Enraged that Sierra kept such a secret from them, she was treated rather coldly for the rest of the time she stayed with her parents. Originally being teased by her sisters for being weak, and inadept at physical combat, she was now antagonized more as she entered her teen years. Eventually, she could not handle it anymore, often seeking to be alone, she often mindlessly tapped the ground with her staff to pass the time while she dwelled in her now dark thoughts.

    Seeking for some kind of relief to come, she soon ran away at the age of 16. She soon developed an inferiority complex. Her angel finally came, but the angel was too late to cheer up Sierra. The angel, Fleur, first appeared to be a cute, annoying little creature that just left Sierra frustrated. Eventually, though, as Fleur and Sierra started to work together for survival, they gained a better understanding of one another, reviving Sierra's sympathy and grace that she originally had before the secret meetings with the Village Elder were revealed to her parents.

    Weapon: An staff that is light blue, like her eyes. This staff has a small sapphire in the shape of a spade embedded in the middle that serves as a stabilizer for the magic.

    Skills: She is able to use wind magic very well, often using it to try and force people into a trap, where she can later either attack them up close with her claws, or try to play safe and finish them off with more wind magic. Due to Fleur, she can also use white magic to heal herself and others.

    Other: Sometimes, she will start to tap the ground while she is thinking, or start singing a song in a very quiet voice. Fleur, the angel that accompanies her, was lured to come closer to Sierra, by her voice.

    Angel Information:

    Name: Fleur
    Age: 20
    Sex: Girl
    Specie: Human
    Appearance: Fleur is a rather dainty looking angel, that almost looks like a doll. Her hair is a light blonde, with orange undertones. Her hair is short, being tied up in pig-tails that simply fall just above her shoulders. Her forehead is mostly concealed by her hair. The coverage of the face increases from the center, the right and left side of her head almost completely covered by longer strands of hair not tied up in her pig-tails.

    Her eyes are a soft, light green color. Her complection is rosy, her lips pink, and her nose, dainty and small. Her legs are long, but her torso is short, while her arms are of average length. The wings on her back are short, and are barely visible from the front. The wing's feathers are mostly white, with pale pink tips. Her mostly fair skin is mostly covered by her light, rose pink dress that covers most of her legs except for the shins downward. Her shoes are light pink, formal walking shoes.

    Personailty: Fleur is a rather graceful person. Being polite with strangers, she maintains a safe distance mentally when talking with people that she has just met. Because she often tries to maintain formality, this has lead to Sierra becoming annoyed with her on numerous occasions in the past. Alone, Fleur is normally strategizing in her mind. She has a knack of often showing her intelligence at the worst time for her enemies. She makes a powerful ally for people who need assistance at social and interpersonal efforts.

    Seeing herself as a graceful being, Fleur smartly attacks an enemy, preferring to fool them with her cunning and playful tactics instead of just directly killing off an enemy. Enemies often do not know that she is even strategizing against them, putting on a very convincing act of ambivalence in front of her adversaries. Because of this, it is very hard to tell sometimes whether she is an ally or enemy.

    History: When coming down from heaven, she decided to come down due to a lack of satisfaction with her simple, priveleged life. She seeked to test herself, to see if she could make a difference in another place. Heaven to her was a world that was too graceful, too civilized. She wished to see the wild, rustic beauty of the world below. She came down, only to find Sierra, depressed. Only making the girl more angry due to her seemingly "snobby" view of Sierra's situation, Sierra became slightly agitated at Fleur. Fleur merely took the one-sided conflict with a grain of salt.

    Fleur and Sierra eventually settled as they realized that they were able to help each other reach their goals. Sierra would be able to survive with the help of Fleur, while Fleur would be able to see her goal of changing a small part of the world with Sierra.

    Powers: Fleur is very adept at using white magic to heal herself and others. Another type of magic that she is strong at is druid/woodland magic which she often uses as common ground to strategize with Sierra.

    Other: Fleur likes to listen to classical music, and is fascinated with instruments such as the violin. Fleur is also easily distracted by such music, floating off towards the source of the music if it pleases her. Fleur remembers hearing Sierra humming a sad, but beautiful song, which lured Fleur closer to the Harpy.

    EDIT: Lol, I was so busy messing with the sign ups that I forgot the RP sample XD!

    RP Sample:

    Perching on a tree in the forest, Sierra quietly found Fleur to be asleep. The stars' white light barely showing as dark cloud cover cloaked their radiance while snow fell. Sierra was soon humming a song, trying to drift away to sleep. Her eyes solemnly looked at the sky. There was nothing but white snow falling in the black of the almost silent night. Sierra's mind quickly drifted away from reality to the night that she ran away.

    Sierra's eyes slowly began to close, her mind growing tired as she stopped humming her melancholy notes into the chilly air. The talons on her feet had a death grip on the branch she was on, allowing her not to fall out of the tree and onto the ground below. The ground was buried in an ever ascending sea of white snow. Soon, she drifted off into a dream. Her face expressed a rather dark sadness, as if she was being punished in her own dreams.

    Soon, Sierra was awakened by a faint sound of wings flapping. Her eyes soon turned to see Fleur. Fleur quickly landed on a small branch near her, and begins to speak.

    "Good morning, Sierra," Fleur greeted Sierra with a soft voice.

    "Morning, Fleur," Sierra's eyes opened completely as the little angel came into view. "Ugh, I guess they're still on our tail after yesterday, right?" Sierra asked groggily as she yawned.

    "Yes, those Undead that we accidentally disturbed are coming after us still, it seems," Fleur informed, her face almost emotionless except for a frown that was barely even detectable.

    "Well, I see, should we fly out of this area and risk being lost in the foggy mountains, or should we try and battle them?" Fleur asked, preparing herself as she quickly clambered down from the tree and grabbed her staff, which was leaning against the tree's trunk.

    "I say that if we fly, we aren't going to be able to fly very high, which could be a risk, but flying higher would mean being lost in the clouds, which is also bad," Fleur informed with a monotone voice.

    "Battling them would take too long, and it would waste our energy, but they could possibly track us down if we have to fly low," Sierra responded, her voice growing slightly more urgent in tone.

    "It is not worth our time to battle the likes of them. I have concluded that the most efficient way to get rid of them is to fly to the other side of this mountain and then down into the valley where we will try and find a temporary ally lest they actually track us down," Fleur instructed with a voice of finality.

    "I guess we should try to evade them first," Sierra concluded. "Well, I guess we should fly then?" Sierra asked as she quickly hopped up to the top of the tree that she was sleeping in, and spread out her wings.

    "Yes, if you shall oblige," Fleur requested.

    Quickly, the two took off into the mountain's misty skies. Staying just above the trees, they quickly surveyed the ground before turning to the other side of the mountain. Soon, the fog started to lift as the two descended into the mountain-side forest once more. Sierra quickly leaped and bounded as Fleur followed after her, flapping her wings rapidly just to keep up.
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    Ventus3: Everything looks good, and yeah Fleur certainly looks like a doll.

    I need a RPG sample though :< Rules.

    EDIT: Looks good to me.

    EDIT EDIT: Here is part of my signup done.

    Name: Claire Laqueri

    Nickname: None.

    Age: 16 (Human Years)

    Specie: Human, Witch

    Sex: Girl

    Nationality: Geyau, Witch Colony

    Appearance: Claire has a round face with a rosy complexion. Her face is naturally younf and bright looking for her usually happy demeanor. She has platinum blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her thick hair is somewhat messy and untamed, to the fact it curls together. It is all held together with a small black and white lace headband which sstays on the top of her head. Claire has a pair of azure blue eyes. Her eyes tend to wear a bright or serious expression. She has a pair of small ears that are usually covered by her hair. One look at Claire's build would have most people thinking she is unfit for survival. Claire has an extremely small and feminie build, coupled with her height (which she stands around 5'6”) most people don't think she can even carry her weapon.

    Claire wears a white (slight yellow tinge) feather covered outfit. The design is quite skimpy because it starts with two straps at her shoulders which then descend diagonally over her chest and down to her waist, considering the straps get bigger as they go along, her bellybutton area is clearly shown. Because she doesn't want to expose herself too much she also wears a matching feather shirt to cover up around the area near her chest and a bit around the bellybutton.Under her top she wears a small chainmail, meant to cover up to her belleybutton, however Claire wears it just until where her shirt ends. Even with said additions she still does look a bit skimpy. On her waist she wears a similar colour feather matching skirt, it is fluffy on the outside and ruffly underneath. The skirt goes down to her knees. She usually keeps her chain link weapon on the outside of her skirt. Finally Claire wears a pair of boots that go up to about halfway to her knees, they are pure yellow with white laces and a small border of feathers covereing the top.

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