The Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard Fan Club

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard Fanclub ^^, a place where all this Pokémon lovers, can join to share arguments, and likes with other people who also love this Pokémon. Please feel free to wander around, and please join today our community that will become bigger and bigger with the past of time ^^.

To join:

* Your nick or how you want to be called
* Your birthday (then we will know when to wish you a happy bday, the year is opcional xD)
* Country (if you are not from USA, maybe you'll find another friend of your same country =D!!)
*Why do you like any of this 3 Pokémon?

And with this you are register in the club ^^


* All of the SPP forums.
* Don't bother other users
* Don't come in here and say thinks like "Blastoise is better.."
* Respect other users opinions
* No spamming other clubs
* Have fun, and make a lot of friends ^^

What can you do in here?

* Post images
* Post videos
* Post questions
* Post drawings
* And more!!!

Actual Activity:
The club opening!!!

Secondary Activity:
Standing by...

Actual members 1:

Owner: BlazinFlizard
Birthday: March 22
Country: Ecuador

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