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Thread: I need help with my Disney Theory

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    Default I need help with my Disney Theory

    What Neverland was part of another world where Arendelle, Agrabah, Neverland, Corona, Genovian, atlantis and others are in the same world but as different countries?

    What if Medley went back to the sea and her kids can walk under the sea like in the Atlantis the Lost Empire.

    Do me that Prince Charming's father from Cinderella and King Hubert from Sleeping Beauty they look like each other. I think they could be brothers.

    I'll give you a family tree that I made up.

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    Er, I'd hate to say this, but Authors' Cafe isn't really a place to talk about fan-theories and headcanon unless they have something to do with fics. I mean, it's one thing to ask for help with a story related to your Disney theories (or help with your theories because you need to figure things out for your fic), but it's another thing altogether to ask for help with your theories, period. While posting in Fan Fiction and its subforums, please keep in mind that everything has to be related to writing and fics, one way or another. So when posting threads in Authors' Cafe, please make it clear that you'll be using this in a fanfiction as well as how you'll be using it or what issues are preventing you from putting it in a fic. Alternatively, you could ask how one would tackle that subject in a fic, but point is, there really should be some kind of link between the theory and fanfiction.

    For now, I'm gonna have to close this, as it looks like you're just aiming for talking about your theories rather than how they relate to your fics, and like I said when you posted something similar in Non-Pokémon Fics, this might not okay in Miscellaneous (the closest forum to where this might go).
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