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    Default Team Chaos

    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to put this; but how you rate a team like this:

    Team Chaos' Motto:
    "Bringing Order to the World through Chaos!"

    Chaos Boss Zephyr
    Leader of Team Chaos
    Team: Swellow, Gyarados, Archeops, Talonflame, Drifblim, Tornadus

    Chaos Admin Blazeas
    Admin of Team Chaos
    Team: Team: Rapidash, Darmintan, Torkoal, Heatmor, Emboar, Heatran

    Chaos Admin Gaios
    Admin of Team Chaos
    Team: Sandslash, Marowak, Claydol, Mamoswine, Quagsire, Groudon

    Chaos Admin Abyss
    Admin of Team Chaos
    Team:Golduck, Clawitzer, Poliwrath, Slowking, Crawdawnt, Manaphy

    Battle Theme: Legend of Korra: Red Lotus Theme

    What do you guys think?

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    Regarding appropriateness, that depends. Are you doing this for fic research or...?

    In the meantime, the main forum of Fan Fic is for fics only; the Author's Cafe subforum is for discussion, which is what you want if this is for a fic. I'll go ahead and move this for you under that assumption.

    As for the team, eeeeh. See a villainous team is really only interesting if their goals and function in a story are. Right now, all we know about these guys is that they're all about chaos, but you see that with a lot of villains. You even have the "implying we're about remaking the world according to our plan" thing going on, which is also what a lot of fan teams do. Long story short, if we knew more about the team and how and why it functions, this would be easier to rate, but as it stands, not sure what to tell you, sorry to say.

    Also, curiosity speaking, but how and why does everyone have a legendary? And what's the type theme here? (Most teams have a particular type they base their teams on, so even though you're giving your admins tge four elements, it'd probably make them more cohesive if there was a theme. Or it'd tell us about the grunts, anyway. Meanwhile, giving the villains legendaries tends to be a thing you only do for plot reasons because of how powerful and rare they are.)
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    Thanks for telling where this thing suppose to go. It is for fic research.
    As for the team; I was kind of inspired by the Red Lotus from LOK. They want to restore the world into their own image which is chaos.
    And for the team's theme, each admin controls a certain amount of grunts and each admin uses a certain type of Pokémon.
    And as for the Legendries, what better way to show that you mean business, than to have mystical Pokémon on your side.

    I also have a headcannon that the Magma stone is actually an Heatran egg.

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