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Thread: The Worst Thing You've Ever Written?

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    Default The Worst Thing You've Ever Written?

    Basically what it says on the tin. I don't think there's been a thread like this in a while and it's to do with writing and fanfics so please forgive me if this thread breaks any rules.

    We've all had them at one point or another either as kids, adults or even both (I'm in the both category). I'd love to read about your experiences and if your creations ever came back to haunt you like a lot of mine did.

    I'll start with possibly the worst fanfic that has ever found its way onto the internet, curtsy of yours truly.

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    smosh fanfiction

    i plan on destroying all copies

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    As of yet, my first ever fanfiction.

    It actually wasn't too bad as first fanfics go - it was a Pokemon B2W2 fic exploring the concept of "what if Rosa shared the same memories as Hilda?". The execution could've been a lot better, but it had decent grammar and the plot wasn't too bad. It definitely wasn't worth releasing it out on though. I might rewrite the plot one day since the concept still interests me... and I wouldn't be writing it at 11pm at night.

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    Worst thing I've ever written? They've never made it past the production stage that I'm well aware of, or at least I've never published them anywhere, and they died with the old computers/laptops. But if I had to pick something, it'd be when I did song-fic one-shots when I was first starting out back in 2006. So much cringe. Worst part was I wrote quite a lot, and many of them never did see the light of day anyway.

    Then there was that one time I was writing a one-shot or something and stayed up until four in the morning for the first time to finish it (or something), but LOL the fruits of my labor went to waste on that computer at the end because I couldn't make up my mind whether-or-not I wanted to post it anywhere. I don't even remember what I wrote, I just know it was Mewtwo/Mew-related.
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    My virgin work.

    It was a journey fic set in Johto, about a girl from New Bark Town set to travel around the region as a pokemon trainer for the goal of searching for a legendary pokemon she had met once during her childhood. The idea sounds fine on paper, but as I progress in the planning, there were more and more Mary-Sueish tropes being implanted, and it extended further into other regions. So right before I halt this project permanently, this story was planned to have sequels going to 10 different regions (including travel to alternative universe), protagonist was in fact died once when she encounter the legendary pokemon during her childhood and resurrected by the same pokemon, possessed special power due to that experience, aimed by the villains because of such legendary-pokemon-like power, gaining assistance from many other legendary pokemons. And like many journey fic, she challenges gyms along her way.
    Oh, this is not the worst part yet. What there is more on top of this monstrous Mary-Sue fic? I shipped her with a pokemon! Oh WOW!!! (@_@) Even I wanted to shout out cynically in retrospect.

    But the good thing is, I never published it out to the public. So only I know this past shame of my writing history.
    ......Ah, not really. Now everyone reading this post know it already.

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