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Thread: Fan Fiction Quarterly: The Quarterly Challenge Winners Thread

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    Default Fan Fiction Quarterly: The Quarterly Challenge Winners Thread

    Fan Fiction Quarterly: The Quarterly Challenge Winners Thread

    This is a neat little reference thread that lays out the winners of the Quarterly Challenges in the different editions of the Fan Fiction Quarterly. A "winner" of a Quarterly Challenge is simply a fic that fulfills the prompt of a Quarterly Challenge. Winners of each Quarterly Challenge are sorted alphabetically by title under the respective Quarterly Challenge, under a spoiler tag.

    Each Quarterly's challenge may be completed anytime by anyone with an SPPf account and posted in the appropriate section (general fics in Fan Fiction, non-Pokemon fics in Non-Pokemon Fics, and shipping fics in Shipping Fics). Once you've completed a Quarterly Challenge, please make a post here linking to your story. (You don't have to, but if you do that makes it easier for us to find your story and categorize it.) If you've completed a challenge but this thread does not feature your story yet, feel free to let me or one of the Fan Fiction mods (bobandbill, Dragonfree, Psychic, or JX Valentine) know, and one of us will edit this post accordingly. We are flawed human beings, and we apologize for not featuring your story.

    Every story that completes a Quarterly Challenge is guaranteed to receive a review from at least one mod. Fics that still need to be reviewed by a moderator are bolded.

    Edition 1
        Spoiler:- prompt:

        Spoiler:- winners:

    Edition 2
        Spoiler:- prompt:

        Spoiler:- winners:

    Edition 3
        Spoiler:- prompt:

        Spoiler:- winners:

    Edition 4
        Spoiler:- prompt:

        Spoiler:- winners:

    Edition 5
        Spoiler:- prompt:

        Spoiler:- winners:
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    Sticking and adding to the Bumpable Index because aww yeeeah, index threads!

    Forreal, Pi, thanks for doing this. I can tell this is going to be hella handy for both mods and curious folks alike (because legit, all of the entries we've gotten for the challenges were pretty neat so far~).
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    Here is my entry for the Edition 5 prompt! =) - Switch
    I'm an avid fanfiction writer! See below for links to some of my 'fics! =D
    A glimmer of hope in a war-torn world - The End
    Cyberpunk fantasy meets Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Glitched / Switch (a tie-in one-shot)
    I'm also on FFnet with the same username!

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    So, remember that Pokemon X Fire Emblem: Awakening story called... Rude Awakening I wanted to do for the Quarterly 4 Challenge but got screwed over by RL before I could make much progress? Yes? No? Either way, have no fear, for after so many delays it's finally happened!

    ...Technically. Due to how long it's shaping up to be and its planned story structure, I decided to split it into chapters, since I've also been informed chapterfics are OK under this new system. On that, though, the Quarterly 4 prompt isn't technically fulfilled until the currently-in progress second chapter drops, if that affects mod reviews or anything; right now it just starts off with some Legendaries being nerds. XD It does eventually lead to some crazy crossover character collisions, some hilarious, some heartwarming, some heartbreaking.
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