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Thread: On Writing Pokemon (Trainer) Academy Fics

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    Default On Writing Pokemon (Trainer) Academy Fics

    Hi. I've realized that Pokemon trainer academy fanfics have been overdone, just like journey fics. The plot in which the protagonist attends a prestigious Pokemon academy for Pokemon trainers (specifically for battlers, coordinators, breeders, and researchers) then studying Pokemon-related subjects while meeting new friends (including crushes) and rivals, is pretty generic.

    I plan to do a fanfic series set in a Pokemon academy for roughly 1/2, if not 2/3 of the fic series. While there's the option of skipping the academy arc, I won't do that since the academy arc in my planned fanfic series provides significant character development, and other major events (such as how the protagonist has a team of strong, rare Pokemon; what the relationship of the protagonist is with her love interest and why that love interest is important; and so on). Even the protagonist's backstory will be part of the academy arc.

    Moving on, my question is: what tips do you have to make an academy fic that is both interesting and distinctive?

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    Well, the first thing I can think of is not to follow the usual tropes when it comes to character. Pokemon Academy fics are often character driven with a bigger plot (usually involving a villain or an evil team that wants total world domination/to make drastic changes to the school/insert your evil motive here) that appears here and there. The main character is usually an awkward but relatable and sympathetic guy who gets chosen for whatever reason to go to the academy (Harry Potter comes to mind), but there are plenty of other characters you could go with that could be just as interesting if written well.

    Another thing that comes to mind is what sets your academy apart from others? Hogwarts for example is not the only magical school in the world, but it has a distinct look and quirks that makes it as likeable as the characters. And when you compare it to, say, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, you can definitely see the difference between the two settings.
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    I would also add classes that teach usefull things that they need on their journey.

    Likena survival class that teaches you how to live off the land. Trainers spend so much time between cities after all.

    What moves to teach pokemon and how to use them. I always thought that a pokemon should know a mix of combat moves and long range moves. Also some moves can be used in crative ways.

    A class about legendary Pokemon would be good too.

    Also you could make cerntin styles of pokemon battling. I have a few ideas on battleing styles if you want to hear them.

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