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Thread: Redwald Walker's Journey: Pokémon Simultaneous

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    This is my journey story that I've been writing since the earlier of August and so far I have almost 50 chapters. But in the blog, I have optioned the date of first chapter on 27 February 1996, the date which is Red and Green versions were released in Japan. The first chapter is based on Yellow version, which is released in 1998 though.

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    Redwald Walker has a journey

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    First off, welcome to the Fan Fiction forum. It's always good to see a new face around these parts.

    However, also note that according to our rules (which you should read over carefully), linking to an off-site fanfction is not okay. You're certainly welcome to copying and pasting your fanfic in its own thread in the main forum, but simply linking to your fic is considered advertising.

    As such, I'm afraid I'll have to close this.

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