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Thread: The Plot Bunny Farm

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    Default The Plot Bunny Farm

    Side note/credit: This idea is courtesy of Poetry. Who asked for this to be done months ago. I’m so sorry. orz

    The Plot Bunny Farm

    Short Intro
    Ever have an idea that you think is absolutely brilliant … but you kinda don’t want to write it because you don’t think you can do it, you don’t have time to do it, or you just straight-up don’t want to do it? You know the kind. The plot bunnies that are just burning to be written, but you keep them on your shelf forever?

    Or have you ever been that type of writer who’s itching to write, but you have no idea what you want to write about?

    Look no further! Welcome to the Plot Bunny Farm, a place where ideas go to mingle!

    How it works is simple. Those of you with ideas, there’s a two-field form at the end of this post. Simply copy and paste that into a new post, fill it out, and submit it, and you’re good to go! The form itself is pretty simple. In the first field, we ask you to summarize your idea in a single sentence. And yes, you just get one sentence to do it. Think of it like an elevator pitch, in other words. The second field is where you get to spend as much time as you’d like (while keeping in mind that you only get one post to do this in) to go into full detail about your idea.

    For those of you who want an idea, there’s a link list in the next post containing all of the one-sentence summaries we’ve received so far. Simply go through the list and find one you like, then click on it and read the full idea. Like it? Start writing! Ready to post your story? Feel free to message a mod to let them know you’ve adopted the idea, so its link can be taken down!

    Super simple, right?

    Further Notes
    Thinking that there might be a few more details on what you can and can’t do in this thread? Well, you are … absolutely correct. Here they are!

    Please Dos!
    1. Have a bunch of prompts that were originally for Yuletide that you’d like to dump off here? Got unfilled prompts for other challenges or fic events? You can leave those here too! Literally, if it is a fic idea (within reason), you can post it!

    2. Got a chaptered fic you started but kinda lost interest in? This is also a fic adoption thread! Simply fill out the form as you normally would, but at the end of your extended summary, insert a link to the old fic. (Yes, this is a place where you can link to off-site fanfics so long as they are also not M-rated or above.) Please note that the more detail you can give on what you were planning to do with the fic, the easier it will be for another writer to adopt it.

    3. You totes can use this thread to be all like, “I have this character/world concept, but I kinda don’t know how to use it. Please take this and run with it.” Like, for reals, you can do that. It’s totally A-OK. Just remember that you only get one post to talk about your idea.

    4. Why, yes, you can submit fic ideas that aren’t for Pokémon fanfiction! Original ideas and fics for other fandoms are more than welcome. These ideas will be italicized in the link list to make things easier for idea seekers.

    5. By submitting your idea, it’s understood that you’re giving up the concept so that someone else can write it. However! You can always change your mind! If you find yourself wanting to write an idea that you submitted, please feel free to ask a mod to take it off the link list. If the list hasn’t been updated before you changed your mind, simply delete your post, and we’ll all pretend that didn’t happen. *nod*

    Please Do Nots :<
    1. Please do not submit ideas for fics that an author wouldn’t be able to post to this forum. That means no lemons, no M-rated fics, no bashing fics, and no fics written to insult other people or groups.

    2. While you can offer up a fic for adoption, please make sure they are your own fics. Do not put someone else’s fic up for adoption, no matter how old they are or how abandoned you think they may be.

    3. Please note that this is not a thread for discussing ideas or for getting your ideas rated. Should you be looking for feedback on your concepts, please hit up Fic Ideas instead. Thanks!

    4. Furthermore, please note that this is not a thread you’d want to use to find someone to collab with. If you’re looking for a co-author, please VM or PM members of this community instead. This isn’t really a do-not-do-this-because-rules kind of thing; it’s more of a that-would-be-really-impractical kind of thing.

    The Form
    Ready to get your ideas out there? Simply copypasta this form into a new post and fill it out with the relevant details!

    HTML Code:
    [b]Your idea in one sentence:[/b]
    [b]The full idea:[/b]

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    Ideas Waiting for Adoption
    (Arranged chronologically, according to submission date. Ideas in italics are concepts for either original fics or fics in fandoms other than Pokémon.)

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    I was hoping for something like this.

    Your idea in one sentence: Mega Man set in culture festivals.

    The full idea: To quote from the Fic ideas thread, The year is 20X0. In celebration of the new decade, cultural fairs are appearing all over the world. The culture fairs allow the people of the area to come together and express their past. They are mostly funded by either the nation they are located in, or the local community. But there is one connection keeping them all afloat for the few days they run, a mysterious supporter who simply signs his checks as X. X has been behind everything for months, building special event halls, hiring any staff or buying any robot necessary, and even having custom robots built to fit the histories and mythologies of the locals' customs. But now, on the first day of the cultural fairs, X has cut off all contact.

    Two days later, things went crazy. The robots special ordered by X went berserk, and started attacking the cultural fairs they were working at. Most people evacuated, but some were trapped in. In an effort to combat the rogue robots and save those trapped inside, the world's leading scientist in robot technology, Dr. Light, decided to help. Dr. Light used his skills with robotics to track down eight robots in the different cultural fairs that gave off large, detectable masses of a strange radiation. He enlisted the help of his greatest creation, the helper-robot turned savior Megaman who had saved the day twelve times in the past, to help. Equipped with the Mega Buster and Copy Powers, Megaman is heading out to save the day.

    The idea is that this was meant to feel like a written Mega Man game. The problem is that I'm not sure enough of my skills to make it interesting without fighting being either repetitive or truncated.

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