So I was thinking of writing a mystery dungeon fic. Like most mystery dungeon stories this one will be about a team (A rescue team in this case) existing of 2 Pokemon. The main character and the partner. Unlike most mystery dungeon stories however the main character isn't a human who transformed into a Pokemon. There is something going on with him but that's something I will reveal later on in the story. The story will start off with them just starting out as a new and ordinary rescue team. In this world humans have existed but they currently don't exist anymore. (Not for over 10.000 years) Nobody knows what happened to them, it's something that was forgotten over time. (Which makes sense considering Pokemon were either wild or trained by a trainer back then. There was no Pokemon civilization like in mystery dungeon) This fic will be about what happened to all the humans and the main character's role in it. Also how it all happened is something of great importance much later in the story.

So what do you guys think? Does it sound like it could be a good story or do you think it's a horrible idea? Let me know