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    Quote Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post

    Yeah, it really depends on the situation. If you were writing about an actual abusive relationship or a rape, probably. If you were writing about a kid who just can't accept losing all the time, you'd more likely just get people calling them whiny, regardless of gender. (Of course, it depends on how well-written your character is in the first place.)

    There's a lot to keep in mind when tackling themes about gender issues. Just having a female character instead of a male character doesn't automatically net you anything. It depends on what you talk about and how you talk about it.
    I understand the first paragraph...

    What, you mean about the annoying double standards and assumptions both females and males tend to have about each other? (Males and females assuming females to be weaker; females and males assuming males have to be able to take more crap?)
    Deeply ingrained thoughts about gender roles in general?
    All of the sociological effects that society forces upon us?
    Heck, despite me not knowing them, the psychological differences between a male and female? (I know there's some that tend to have an effect.)
    Things like that? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
    If this is going with my comment about how anyone who thinks this would be rape should probably familiarize themselves with the definition of rape (to put it overly bluntly, imo), the reason why I said that is because rape has a very specific and very serious definition attached to it. It really would require a completely different story and a different level of tact to address, and anyone who's a serious reader or a serious writer would already know the difference between rape and, say, abuse.

    In other words, I was saying that's not something to be worried about because if anyone calls what you're doing rape, they should probably be ignored for the sake of your own sanity.
    I wouldn't question sanity for the sake of mentioning "rape" in a causal way. Ever heard of "Do you want to play the rape game?" (and then they would respond with "No? ;-;" and then the response would be "THAT'S THE SPIRIT 8D" If they responded with Yes, the Joke falls on itself, since according to the joke, rape is only rape if you're not okay with it.)
    Its something that goes around my school and I've seen it online once or twice two.
    Yeah, that's all for laughs, especially when its done in an obviously overly creepy manner, letting the recipient know its all fake immediately.

    I'm still sane and I've done the joke once or twice :P.

    Still, I see what you mean. I jumped the gun on those words. :/...

    Quote Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
    Well, yeah, I got that it was lighthearted, but it had nothing to do with anything. It's like what would happen if someone came into this thread, offered up a fic idea about Ash reading a book, and said at the end of their post, "And by the way, I like fish." The only appropriate response I can think of to that is, "Okay? That's... nice?"

    In other words, it's fine to be conversational or funny, but throwing out random comments is probably not going to net you the response that you're looking for.

    mehhhh, I'm going to have to disagree with that last point. :P I've been conditioned otherwise. Yeah it doesn't always get the response I want, but then again, very rarely does anything always give exactly what I want, especially with the variety of the human population.

    But just because its random and just because it only has slight relevance doesn't mean people can't go along with it. :P I've lived my whole life with people going along with jokes like that, and perhaps I'm familiarizing myself too much...But I don't think that's the only reaction.
    ...Though that's a bit too off topic. lol
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