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Thread: Fic ideas V.2

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    This is my idea for a Fanfic , any comments are welcome :

    The story follows a young pokemon researcher called Anna , who is around 18-21 years old and a Battle Frontier champion known as Zoe , both wanting to pursue their respective dreams(having Anna's works published by the famous Professor Oak and Zoe , becoming a world-renowned skilful Pokemon trainer) with their two friends , Kanto Grand Festival winner , Luke and Zoe's younger brother , Tyler who idolises his big sister.The story will dive deep into the mythos filled Lian Region ,with land still being re-built after the tragedy that is the Kanto/Johto Wars and a mysterious woman named Athia , who has a mysterious connection with Latios and Latias .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Hydreigon View Post
    (having Anna's works published by the famous Professor Oak
    Side note! If you're a scientist (which researchers are), you don't get published by a professor; you get published by a science journal. Professors publish their own works. There's such a thing as peer reviewing, though, but keep in mind that it's not done the same way as reviewing fanfiction. Definitely do your own research (no pun intended) into how the process works if you'd like to write a scientist character. You don't really have to get all of the details down accurately, but some details might actually help develop Anna more and keep her from becoming just another trainer with slightly different goals from her friend.

    Also, what does she research? This is definitely an important point to keep in mind, especially since despite the fact that "Pokémon researcher" is a very broad term, a lot of them research very specific concepts. For example, Professor Oak's expertise the relationship between humans and Pokémon, so while he may be happy to see and help a fellow researcher, that researcher's work might not be a field Oak has spent that much time or invested that much interest in studying. However, Professor Juniper, whose expertise is the origins of Pokémon, might be more interested in Anna's work if it has a lot to do with the lore of her own region (as Pokémon lore tends to say a lot about where different regions' Pokémon came from). I'm of course not trying to say that Anna's working with the lore of Lian. I'm just saying what she's trying to study specifically is going to be a very important point and may influence which professor she wants to look up to.

    I know that I spent a lot of time talking about Anna, but I have to admit she's probably the part that needs the most comment on. The rest sounds a bit like a standard game or trainer fic plot. You have a bunch of people going on a journey through a region. There's probably going to be an evil team who attempts to mess with the legendaries, hence why the main characters will learn a lot about the regional lore. Most likely, they'll eventually save the world from destruction with the help of said legendary and/or the mysterious woman Athia. I'm not saying it's necessarily going to be a bad fic, of course. Just that it's been done, so there's not much to say about it. It could be good or bad, depending on how well you write it and how much of an effort to make your region and its lore and your cast work.

    Granted, I'm a little curious as to why you pulled Anna and Zoe out of the group to talk about them when they're traveling with an entire group. That says there are plot threads here beyond "Anna wants to write something Professor Oak will look at" and "Zoe wants to train." If so, it'd be cool to hear a bit about those, as those will be important to the story and will actually add more depth to the plot than what you've got right now. If not, then why single them out? Do Luke and Tyler not pursue their own dreams? If so, why are they traveling with Zoe and Anna, if that journey doesn't allow them to go after their own goals? Do the boys have any particular goals in mind? This goes especially for Tyler, who doesn't seem to have any defined position in this fic at all besides "Zoe's brother, who idolizes his sister." Is he a trainer? Will we see a badge quest? Or is he like Bonnie, who's more like a cheerleader of the group? If so, given that Zoe's trying to become a powerful, world-renowned trainer, wouldn't the fact that he's not necessarily equipped to deal with the kinds of dangers Zoe might be after in order to get stronger and better hinder the group?

    For that matter, it's really important to know what Anna studies and whether or not she trains that heavily as well (or if she's more of a bookish character who doesn't train). The reason why is because while we don't know what Anna's goals are (because that would be implied by what she's trying to study), we do know that Zoe wants to be a powerful trainer. That goal will take Zoe to places where there are powerful Pokémon or trainers because her goal will hinge heavily on her attempting to get stronger and better. But! Not all environments with stronger Pokémon or trainers is a friendly one to everyone; that's why Victory Road isn't accessible if you don't have all eight badges. So what I'm saying is that Anna's goals might be incompatible with Zoe's because where Zoe will go may have nothing to do with what Anna wants to study, and that's something to think about as well.

    Point is, it's a start, but there are definitely things here worth thinking about. Good luck!

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    I have a fic idea based around an episode of the first season of the anime,"School of Hard Knocks!".In the episode,there is supposedly a private school called Pokémon Tech,where you went to learn about the ways of a pokémon trainer without having to journey around to collect badges.

    my fic would follow Torian,a 12 year old who is the son of an accomplished pokémon trainer who graduated from Pokémon Tech,and a pokémon breeder.Because he never wanted to become a trainer,he always came up with an excuse to not leave on a journey,despite his parent's wishes.Why?When he was little,he had a bad experience with pokémon,and because of that he dislikes,even fears pokémon.But he never told his parents because he didn't want to dissapoint them.So he goes along with the idea of attending the school,and has to deal with several challenges while attending it and at the same time adjust to being around pokémon again.
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