Alright. I wanted to give a try to a shipping fic ever since a dear friend of mine submitted an idea to me, other than an unusual shipping that it's on the list, though. The ship of this fic is the so said SexyShipping, featuring James and Dawn.

The basic rating of this fic is PG-13. I plan on write some NC-17 rated parts too, but only if that is okay with the mods. And I will always warn the viewers about them and post them in completely separate posts from the rest of the story in case they get approved. I still plan to post the 'full' version somewhere else. If someone would like the url, PM me. Don't ask about it here on the thread.

All that said, I suppose I should leave you with the first part of the fic. Enjoy! ^^

It was an average day for Ash and his friends.

“Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!”

“Pachirisu, Spark now!”

“Croagunk, Poison Stab!”

“Seviper, Poison Tail!”

“Carnivine, Bullet Seed!”

Which meant that, currently, they were handling Team Rocket in yet another attempt of theirs to kidnap Pikachu.

James grumbled, as he faced down the shortest twerpette of the group, so far. The plan had been simple; while Meowth ran off with their catch, Jessie and James would stay behind and keep the others distracted. Thankfully, the plan had worked… up until the tall twerp had decided to use his Croagunk to keep Meowth at bay. While Jessie had managed to get closer to Meowth in the process, with the lead twerp only barely managing to keep up, he was still further away from the others, no thanks to that twerpette. Frankly, he didn’t know why she had chosen her only Electric Pokémon, but Carnivine was thankfully able to avoid getting hurt too seriously… and sadly, the same was true of the opposite; his attacks constantly got deflected by that high-power electricity.

On the other side, Dawn was clenching her fists; today had not been a very good day for her, overall. First her Pachirisu, who had been spending a lot of time in his Pokéball, decided that today was ‘shock Dawn’ day, and so every time he had been released led to her getting a nasty shock, which happened to ruin her hairdo. Then he decided to run off and be playful and essentially ruined the training routine, before giving her another shock when asking for a Poffin. And then, after she finally managed to get her hair right again, Team Rocket had attacked, which led to her choosing Pachirisu… and getting another shock.

At this point, Dawn wasn’t happy anymore, and she was getting really angry. Especially since she didn’t have any Pokémon useful against Carnivine! If only she had a stronger Pokémon, she’d be able to beat him and help Brock out!

“Pachirisu, this isn’t working!” She let out, as the attack had resulted in the same outcome. Spark could only blow up the Bullet Seeds, and wasn’t enough to seriously hurt her opponent. “We’ve gotta do something better!”

“Carnivine, we need to finish this battle quickly! Use Vine Whip!” James ordered, and his Pokémon let out its typical cry, before letting out a pair of vines from the sides of its body, flying straight at Pachirisu. Dawn gasped, in sheer surprise.

“No! Pachirisu!” She cried out, nervous now. Normally, she would never have given the order she gave, but she was running out of choices. “Discharge now!”

At that moment, the squirrel Pokémon’s cheeks crackled with high voltage electricity, before it began to dispel. “Chipa…CHIPAAAAAA!!!” With a loud cry, the Pokémon had unleashed all of the stored electricity it had on its body, the discharge flying wildly in every single direction. Carnivine let out a cry, as the electricity surpassed its natural tolerance, before continuing to scream in pain, rearing back and falling off to the side.

“Carnivine!” James cried out, worried, but the electrical attack had managed to avoid him… Which was not the same as what had happened to Jessie; some of the electricity had been sent towards her, the attack hitting everyone on their side, and causing them to spasm continuously for several seconds.


”IT HURTS!!!!!”

“DAWN, STOP!!!!”



Just then, while their pained screams were heard by everyone, the Meowth Balloon’s fuel caught on fire and exploded, massively now. A few shapes were sent flying in the air, through the smoke cloud formed by it.

“Whose idea was it to fill the balloon with more fuel?!” Jessie asked, furious, and Meowth groaned.

“That wasn’t mine at all! You’re the one who said we needed to be able to get out of here faster than usual! Turns out you were right!” He complained, and Jessie glared at him, as they flew through the space.

“How rude! Honestly, I don’t see how either of you can do anything right!” The redhead snapped back, with Meowth turning to a different side for now.

“Hey, James! She’s insulting all of our hard work-eh?!” He said, expecting his companion… But instead, the sight shocked him further. “You’re not James!”

“Wow, who’d expect that…” Ash muttered, Pikachu holding onto him, glaring at the others. Brock placed a hand on his head, as he looked back down.

“Man, Dawn really can’t use her Pachirisu without something bad happening, can she?” He asked out loud, and Jessie turned her head away.

“Of course, if you had let me keep that little Pokémon in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened,” She said, proudly, and Ash looked around.

“Anyway… is this going to take too long? I sorta prefer staying on solid ground, you know,” He said, and Meowth shrugged.

“Usually it only takes us a few seconds or so before you guys become little more than ants on the ground. Then we start falling.”

“Oh…” Ash replied, taken aback, as they continued to fly off.

“Wobbuffet!” Was the proud response, as one other Pokémon released himself and managed to sustain the impulse nonetheless.

“Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off differently for once!” Jessie and Meowth cried out, with Wobbuffet repeating its name proudly, just before they all disappeared in the horizon.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Dawn was standing perfectly still. Not a single breath came from her, during several seconds. Pachirisu turned towards her, tilting its head slightly. “Chipa?”

And then her hair reacted to the electric current that had surged through her as she was the nearest to point zero, and she screamed in rage. “PACHIRISU, YOU JERK!!!”

Pulling off her hat, revealing the dozens of spikes formed, she began to run after the little squirrel Pokémon, who had apparently found her look hilarious and began running cheerfully as usual. “GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE THING! THIS IS THE LAST STRAW, YOU HEAR ME? I’M SICK AND TIRED OF-”

“Um…” James interrupted, looking at the scene with some worry. “Are… are you okay?”

Dawn stopped her pursuit of Pachirisu, which had nearly turned into some sort of whack-a-Diglet considering Pachirisu was mostly running in circles and she kept trying to grab the stupid thing, to glare at him furiously.

“Am I okay? AM I OKAY? DOES IT SOUND LIKE I’M OKAY?!” She screamed, furious, before turning around. “Guh. So stupid. I can’t believe I’m having to deal with this as well…” she grumbled, trying to readjust her hair. James stared, for a few seconds, before sighing.

“Well, it’s just… that Pokémon of yours just blasted off the rest of our teams,” He explained, and Dawn blinked.

“Blasted off?” she repeated, before glancing away again; this time, in the direction where the Meowth Balloon had been once. “…wait…” To her surprise, the only thing that remained was the remains of the basket and a ripped apart balloon. “W-where are they?” With that, she ran off towards the remains, leaving James on the back to sigh, in response.

“She’s worse than the other two…” He muttered, looking at the Pokéball on his hand. He had already recalled Carnivine, and noticed the girl had completely ignored her Pokémon, who was apparently busy staring at its own butt or something. “Is she even able to control that thing?”

“What did you say?” Dawn asked, and James winced. He had forgotten she wasn’t that far away.

“Look, twerpette, you-” He began, but was quickly interrupted by the younger girl, who was glaring at him now.

“Listen here!” She snapped at him, stomping closer and closer in an intimidating manner. “My name is Dawn, you hear it? Dee ay double u en! DAWN! I’m NOT ‘Twerpette’ or whatever else you think of calling me! So don’t you even think of doing that!”

Despite her shorter size, her extremely stupid-looking hair that only die-hard Dragon Ball fans would find cool by now and the fact that she could barely look into his face without tiptoeing (and even then, that was very difficult for her), Dawn still managed to intimidate the blue-haired man, who stared back nervously.

“W-well…” He tried to argue, but her burning glare stopped him from doing anything else. “… Fine, Dawn.” He relented, putting enough negative emphasis on her name to attract a magnet. “Even so, it was your Pokémon’s fault that my team’s balloon exploded and they all flew away, and you’ve just made things more difficult for me.”

“I made things more difficult for you?!” She asked, glaring at him again. “Your dumb team was the one who tried to steal our Pokémon! If anything, you guys were the ones making things more difficult for us!”

“Yeah…” James replied, a bit lamely, lowering his gaze and head and putting a hand on the back of his neck. “Except that if Jessie and Meowth think I’m not going to go after them, again, then they’re going to get so angry at me, it’ll be awful…”

“Why should I care?” The girl asked, then, turning around. “I have better things to do, like look for my friends!”

“Who, most likely, are lost with mine as well…” He told her, and Dawn glanced back at him.

“Why do you think that?” She asked with a slight growl, and James sighed.

“It’s almost a custom at this point… Sometimes our groups get caught up in some sort of event and when we notice the groups have split into pieces… This is the first time one of you twer-guys caused it, though.” The way he spoke, it was obvious the older trainer was somewhat used to these situations. So Dawn decided to relent.

“And… How much time did it take the other times to find each other?” James groaned, remembering that time he and Meowth had gotten lost with the orange-haired twerp. What a night… And he feared this time it would be worse.

“A day, more or less…”

“A DAY?!” She basically screamed in disbelief and anger. Poor James just cringed, since he didn’t get enough time to cover his years to shield them from that Supersonic attack. “NO WAY! I REFUSE TO SPEND A WHOLE DAY WITH YOU!” She said, unconsciously getting out one of her Pokéballs and calling back Pachirisu.

“I didn’t ask you to do so.” James said with a groan. He preferred a night of being alone in the woods than a night with the twerpette. He just turned around and started to leave. “See you later. Watch out for the big bad Myghtyena.”

“We’re in the Sinnoh region, idiot!” Dawn replied, and then turned around and started to leave, in the complete opposite direction than James.

“Ah, right. Then the Luxray.” Dawn stopped walking at that. Yes. There weren’t Myghtyena in Sinnoh, but there were Shinx, Luxio and Luxray. And while Shinx was a very cute Pokémon, his two evolutions were one more scary than the other, other than powerful. Also, she had noticed that in her anger she had no idea where her companions had blasted off to or in which direction. The howl she suddenly heard did it.

“W-Wait! I can’t just leave you alone, then!” James palmed his face. He should have seen that coming. Dawn came to a halt just behind him, her arms crossed in sign of superiority and calm. “I-I’ll accompany you… But you have to stay at least one meter away from me! Or I swear to god I’ll hit you!”

“Hey, Dawn.” She was surprised at the sudden interruption. “Your legs are shaking.”

“…” Dawn slowly lowered her eyes and noticed that indeed, they were shaking. She put her hands on them to stop them from continuing. “I-It’s just an after-effect of Pachirisu’s lightning!”

“Ahhh, like your hair?” Knowing that she couldn’t see him, he allowed a smile to come to his face. Then it downed on Dawn that her hair were still spiky and ridiculous. She started moving her hands through them while screaming in frustration. And it’s so easy when you’re eeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil… “OUCH!”

That day Dawn also discovered her marvelous aim while throwing old Poffins at jerks’ heads.


“Ahhh, we should get blasted off together more often!”

“Sure we should…” Brock replied sarcastically to Jessie’s comment while she gulped down yet another serving of his soup. She admonished him with a slightly glare.

“Says the one who took his sweet time getting off me.” Brock should have had the decency to look embarrassed… Instead he choose to turn on his pervert mode. Lecherous smile, blush and drool. Jessie abandoned her soup in favor of a righteous beating.

“Jeez, will he ever learn?” Ash said, scratching his head… And then his eyes widened in horror when he saw the way in which Jessie had hit Brock. “Holy crap! What was that?!”

“Something she developed over time. Me and James get our daily dose of beatings too, you know.” Meowth groaned before biting down on another onigiri. Ash scratched his right cheek while feeling sincere pity for the talking Pokémon and his friend. “Speaking of which, I wonder how he’s doing.”

“Hmmm, right.” Ash lost in talking and the bliss of Brock’s cooking almost forgot that they had left two men behind on the battlefield. “I just hope Dawn isn’t giving him much of a hard time…”


“For the last time, I’m not going to carry you on my shoulders!”

“How do you suppose we can cross this thing, then?!” The two had found themselves in quite a predicament just as the sun had started to go down. Mainly, a slightly impetuous river without any kind of bridge or stepping stones. Dawn had had the bright idea of making James cross it while carrying her on his shoulders. She didn’t voice the detail that she was going to bash him on his head for peeking right after, just in case. She almost growled in frustration. She crossed her arms and turned around. “Whatever! I don’t need your help! I can do it alone!”

“Good to hear! Then I’ll wait for you on the other side! Carnivine!” James threw his Pokéball on the other side of the river, releasing his grass type, who came out cheerfully, but immediately after he showed disappointment for the fact that he was too far for biting on James’ head. “Carnivine! Use your Vine Whips and carry me on the other side!”

“Eh?” Dawn turned around in a flash, just to see Carnivine obey. The Pokémon extended his whips, wrapped them around James, and lifted him up and carried him to the other side of the river without effort. James landed on the ground and called back Carnivine before he could bite on his head. Then turned around and then showed his tongue to Dawn and a loud ‘Prrrrrrt’ resounded in the air. The girl was red in anger. “You-YOU CHEATER!”

“Not my fault if my Pokémon at least listen to me…” Well, after they stop biting on my head or other things… Red became even more red, if possible.

“Grr… Fine! Go ahead! I’m fine on my own!” Dawn stomped off following the line of her own shore of river. James smirked and followed her from the other side.

“Ohhhh, really? And how exactly are you going to cross the river?” He said, mocking her. He was going to tease the twerpette a little, then make apologize and then help her cross the river.

“I’ll just walk till I found a point where I can cross! Water be damned! I’ll…” Dawn suddenly stopped talking when she noticed something was wrong with her feet. Or better, with her footing. Like it suddenly gave way from under her. She moved her eyes enough to notice that she had been walking a bit too close to the water, since she had just slipped and was falling towards the water. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her shrill cry broke James out of his ‘plan to humiliate the twerpette even further’ thoughts and made him turn around his head in a flash, and he gasped when he saw the girl fall into the water with a loud splash. “H-Hey!” He said with an horrified face, as he observed her getting drawn away by the current while struggling to stay on the surface.

“Ahhh!” She cried again, and James started to run after her and the current, trying to see if she was going to react some way soon.

Oh, ****! Oh, ****! Oh, ****! This is all my fault! He thought as he ran, accelerating as the current got faster too. The girl was too panicked to do anything, it seemed. And he was starting to panic too. What do I do?! He had with him just Carnivine and Mime Jr. Both of which were not water Pokémon nor good swimmers. “…” A thought surfaced in his mind. Something that terrified him. He was thinking he had gone mad with panic… But then he saw that the blue haired girl was losing consciousness. “The hell with it!” He threw himself into the river after her.