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    Default Spriting & Graphic inc.

    ChuklaeAquos has now left, so shiningsloth13 has full ownership.



        Spoiler:- Infraction system:

    red means closed, lime means open

    1. Please follow all SPPF rules and Fan Art Shop rules.
    2. Please be patient and treat the staff with respect and we will treat you with respect.
    3. Stick to using the forms, or your request will be declined.
    4. Please give credit. If used on another website, please give a link back to Spriting & Graphic inc.
    5. Please do not spam or double post, there is a such thing as "edit your post"
    6. Please respond so we know that you obtained your piece of material.
    7. Please host on your own media hosting account. might I sugguest using Photobucket, ******* or Imageshack.
    8. Please post who you want to make your piece of art.
    9. The default sprite type is D/P. please post what gen of sprites you want. We will use D/P sprites if not specified.
    10. When applying for a job, please send to shiningsloth13 or myself.
    11. Please do not apply for a job when you don't meet our requirements in help wanted notice.

    Staff Rules
    1. Try to keep your waiting list to a maximum of five. This causes less hassle.
    2. It would be great if you can put our userbar in your signature. This is optional though.
    3. Please treat our customers with respect and use proper grammar.
    4. Only shiningsloth13 and myself decides who work here.
    5. If you have more than five requests, you may pass some on requests (until you have five) to another staff member who also does that type of material.





        Spoiler:- Forms:
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