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Thread: Digimon Dusk: Evolved and Digimon Zero

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    Default Digimon Dusk: Evolved and Digimon Zero

    Yes, thats right! I have created my own insight on the Digimon franchise! Perhaps it will get big enough in english, and then some fan will translate it into Japanese, and then Bandai will see it, and it will become DIGIMON SEASON SIX!


    Well, it will always be in my head at least. Anyway, yes, I have two fics in mind actually, Dusk: Evolved tells the story of the Demon Lords who aid in running an orginization known as the "Crimson Phoenix" as they attempt to govern their digital world. It was influenced by Disgaea and Soul Eater (Soul Eater being more apparent later on) Meanwhile Digimon Zero, my other fic, is less developed plot-wise but has a more intricate setting. Set in Los Angeles, where everyone has a Digimon, but only a few can see it, Zero revolves around the misfit millionaire Leo, who is about to find out that those who can see their digimon are in more danger then those who cant, and that there is much more to life then he had first thought.

    Dusk is probably going to be my main series, though I have been getting more ideas for Zero lately.

    Comments and critique are welcomed and appreciated!

    Digimon Dusk: Evolved

    Chapter 1: Enter Jiro! The Busybody Sin of Sloth?[Deviantart] []

    Chapter 2: Digisoul Ignited! The Crossing of Sins! [Deviantart] []

    Digimon Zero

    Chapter 1: Monsters of the Angel City! The Unseen Channel Zero! [Deviantart]
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    Updated. Dusk CH2 added, and links provided for all chapters.

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