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Thread: Mewtwo Strikes Back! (M01)

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    The first time I saw it, I decided it was a horrrible movie. I have no idea why, so don't ask. However, after seeing it the second time, I fell in love with Mew and Mewtwo, and have not stopped loving them since. They were, without a doubt, the best parts of the whole thing. I started crying when Ash was turned to stone and Pikachu was shocking him and cried with the other Pokémon... '^'
    Now I just wish he had stayed dead. -_-
    I never noticed all those mistakes, though. Yea, there were many mistakes and places were it could've been more dramatic. And now that you mention it, yea, it was a kinda crummy fighting scene...
    Maybe they could have worked a bit harder on it, or have done a better job dubbing it

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