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There's a problem with that. There was no such explanation in the Japanese version. So it confused the hell out of everyone and made them wonder how in the world Pokémon tears could bring someone back to life.

And the music IS better in the original. It had alot of orchestrated music. I feel no sympathy when a song like "Brother My Brother" plays when Pokémon are wearing themselves out in a fight to the death. :\
Okay, then I understand why. But still there are many people who saw the english version.

I don't mind them playing "Brother my Brother". I actually like it very much And it's about that they shouldn't fight, which gives a good message when you see all those poor Pokémon, forced to fight to the death even that they never wanted to.

Anyway, I believe you when you say that the music is better in the japanese version. There they take Pokémon seriously, something that USA made into a wimpy childrens thing.