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    I love this movie. It's my favorite out of all the Pokémon movies and one of my favorites of any movie. It's such a shame stupid 4Kids had to cut the introduction. Why 4Kids? Why!? Anyway, there are a number of reasons why I liked this one so much. I loved the setting, it was so exotic and romantic and I just loved the feel it gave the movie. Music! ^_^ I love all the music from the show and the movies, but this has by far the best soundtrack of any of them. I loved the music when Ash was chasing Latias, it was so awesome I could listen to it forever, and "The Secret Garden" is great too. And I agree that in this case, the music they used in the dub for the ending worked very well, they picked good songs for it. The plot was also very good, I liked all the characters and how they fell into the story. And I love Bianca, she is so cute it kills me. *obsesses* -Ahem, anyway, I just can't express how much I love this movie, it is too great for words.

    20/10 =P

    Quote Originally Posted by AscendingLatios
    I bought the soundtrack several weeks ago
    Where did you find that? I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find the soundtrack. I was beginning to think they didn't have one.-_-
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