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Thread: Jirachi - Wish Maker! (M06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex Kamex View Post
    I disagree. I liked how one of the new characters had the bond with the Pokemon- the youngest member of the cast too. But I do want Brock to have a bond with a Pokemon in some movie... It's not too late...
    How sad...

    Quote Originally Posted by Torpoleon View Post
    I really enjoyed this movie. When I was younger, I thought the fake Groudon was Groudon's brother, or an evolution of Groudon.
    Hahaha, I guess we all had our own speculations that made no sense whatsoever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash-kid View Post
    Good movie,

    Too bad that Max didn't take Jirachi with him...

    And that Groudon was strong

    I miss you! :'(

    Quote Originally Posted by MeltingCORE View Post
    I love this movie. (wait, i like all the Pokemon movies, lol.) But the ending was almost depressing to me since Jirachi had to leave Max. Understandable but just the thought of friends being torn apart makes me sad... I'm kinda surprised that Max's head didn't blow up or something. XD
    I guess that's why I hope that Jirachi doesn't appear in the Genesect movie for some odd reason...
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    The movie that made me fall in love with Flygon...

    One of my favs because of that.

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    one thing i never got was "can jirachi actually grant wishes?"
    cuz when max wished for candy, the candy vanished from the store then appeared with him. so thats not much more than teleportation.
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    This movie was... a mixed bag in my opinion. It had some fun moments, I liked the scenes with Jirachi in general, because it's such a cute Pokémon. Seeing Absol was cool too, especially since it's grown to be one of my favourite Pokémon lately, and I think the movie shows really well how Absol get their bad (and somewhat undeserved) repution for being a disaster Pokémon, like it's always mentioned in the PokéDex.
    The ending however was really bad... like they didn't know what to do with it, so they just threw random **** together and hope for the best. I mean, we get a mega-sized Groudon out of nowhere, that isn't really like Groudon but looks like one, and it has a bunch of tentacles for no reason that rape everything in sight. Then we have dragons flying around, trying to escape the tentacles, and somehow Jirachi still plays a role in all of this.

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    Meh.......out of all AG movies, I found this movie the most boring movie. I didn't like The dub-added Misty referece, why did the dubbers added something like that in the dub when It wasn't even in the Original Japanese version?

    The only scene I liked was when Jirachi 'got rid' of May, and she ended in the load off snacks.

    I think this movie would've been much better if Ash or Brock befriended Jirachi.
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    Mt other favorite movie besides the celebi one where ash meets a jirachi which is just so rare

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    was a good movie but didn't like max having a tantrum

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    Meh, I regretted watching the dub version as a kid. This subbed version is way more superior - as subs usually are. For one thing, the added song made the movie twice as heartwarming. This is another one of those typical Japanese movies that doesn't really need to explain things to the audience. Elements such as Groudon suddenly appearing or Jirachi granting wishes were kept ambiguous for dramatic reasons, and I love that. Americans feel the need to explain everything. This was even stated in the commentary of "Spell Of The Unknown", where the creators said that the Japanese creators wanted to keep things ambiguous, but they didn't feel the same way.

    And then of course, somehow, I felt much more stronger towards Haruka and Masato's sibling relationship than I did in the dub. I want to say it's because of the shitty dub voices, but it's probably another reason. Ah well. The dialogues certainly reflected such a character development well. I don't know why people hated Masato so much in America. He's a perfectly innocent and naive character here in the sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokemontrainerY View Post
    Meh.......out of all AG movies, I found this movie the most boring movie. I didn't like The dub-added Misty referece, why did the dubbers added something like that in the dub when It wasn't even in the Original Japanese version?
    What reference was it?

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    I actually liked this movie. Nice Spielbergian plot too, reminiscent of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
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    For a movie centered around Max and relationship with a pseudo genie, that revolves around a crazy scientist who wanted to created an artificial Groudon for the sake of proving a group of people his worth almost bring the world into utter hell, it was pretty good all things considered.

    Really glad they kept part of the Japanese track something that was very rare at that time especially for 4kids!
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