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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel R.J.
    Second, Rayquaza is a Peacekeeping Guardian. Remember, Rayquaza was the one who stopped the Groudon/Kyogre war long ago. And I think that the reason it attacked Deoxys was because he thought it was a threat to the world. Yet (I don't know if this is the dub's fault, or the original script's fault) he came off as nothing more than a territorial ***hole.
    I didn't know about that stopping the war stuff (although it's pretty interesting), but the rest of the stuff is what I was talking about earlier. I thought I heard something about Rayquaza being some kind of protector of the Earth, or something. But they made it seem like it was just ****** off that Deoxys' meteor came crashing through the part of the sky where it lives. :/

    Edit: What the heck? Since when was ****** a bad word?
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