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Thread: Mobile Suit Gundam General Shipping thread

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    Default Mobile Suit Gundam General Shipping thread

    Mobile Suit Gundam General Discussion Thread

    So, there’s numerous Gundam Series out there, so I figured I’d just settle for making a simple multi-series shipping thread. So, anything goes, even cross-series shipping (After all, there’s plenty of media where characters cross over such as Super Robot Taisen, A.C.E. games, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam series.)


    SPPf rules!
    Spoilers behind spoiler tags, even if it’s an old series! Not everyone has seen every series of Gundam.
    No bashing.

        Spoiler:- Discussed Topics:

    What are/is your favorite shipping(s) and why?

    I’ve got a few different shippings that I prefer… so I’ll list ‘em via series.

    Mobile Suit Gundam

    Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass. They had good chemistry, more so in the novelization but still good.

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta

    Kamille Bidan and Four Murasame.     Spoiler:- Weeee:

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

    Kira Yamato and Cagalli Yula Attha     Spoiler:- Weeee:

    Kira Yamato and Lunamaria Hawke Total Crack, but hot.

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    Man, I can only go with SEED/SEED Destiny here >_>;

    Kira and Cagalli

        Spoiler:- I actually think this has been not spoilered in an old thread, but I feel it should be :x:

    And Kira and Luna is like Rinku said, crack. We all know that crack is hot <3

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    Since I've only seen G Gundam -


    Come on, it was enevitable, and all the hints before the grand finale.


    oh come on, the two tough "guys" HAVE to be with each other.

    Sai SaichixCecile:

    Just too cute :3

    and finally...

    GeorgexMaria Louise:

    I love how she tries to get him to make a move, and ends up doing it herself XD
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    I've only watched Gundam SEED & Gundam SEED Destiny, & Gundam 00, for now. So...

    Gundam SEED & Gundam SEED Destiny
    I actually like Kira x Lacus. I prefer it over Athrun x Lacus.
    I also like Athrun x Cagalli. I have this tendency to support canon and/or almost canon ships.
    I also like Shinn x Lunamaria more than Shinn x Stella, because they have more chemistry together, IMO. Not to forget, Mu La Flaga x Murrue Ramius. Mu's hilarious.

    Gundam 00
    Setsuna x Marina Ismail. Even though both of them seem to always deny it, I still think they have feelings for each other. They care a lot about each other, so how can you say there's no love in there? Marina even cried while reading Setsuna's letter in Ep25 of the first season.
    Setsuna x Nena Trinity. The kiss & flirting from Nena just hints at it. It may seem that Setsuna dislikes her, but when Nena was killed, it he actually looked a teeny bit surprised, IMO.
    Allelujah x Marie Parfacy Well, it obvious and it's canon. Same goes for Neil x Feldt, & Lyle x Anew.
    Tieria x Mileina Vashti Simply because he seem to care for her, even a lil' bit, especially the blanket scene.


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    The cutest Gundam pairings that I like are Domon Kasshu x Rain Mikamura (G Gundam) and Athrun Zala x Cagalli Yula Attha (Gundam SEED/Destiny). They're just too cute together. I like couples who strive to be together though they have differences or troubles.

    I really want to see Gundam 00 but meh. I'll wait until the DVDs come out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimori Kiryu View Post

    I really want to see Gundam 00 but meh. I'll wait until the DVDs come out.
    You can always watch Legal streams of Season one gundam 00 on youtube. Bandai uploaded them and everything. Dub or sub as well.

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    What are/is your favorite shipping(s) and why?
    The only Gundam series I've ever made it all the way through was G Gundam.

    I really like George x Marie-Louise because I think Marie-Louise's crush on him was really cute. I like that she took the initiative and didn't just sit around waiting for George (who, despite the roses actually seems quite shy) to make a move. She's a really strong character and I think they make a good match, Knight and Princess

    I also really like Domon x Rain. They had a really nice moment in the last episode. And I kinda liked Rain's jealousy over Allenby I miss G Gundam even more...

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    too many for me LOLZ


    Amuro/Sayla Mass: good chemistry and teamwork
    Kai/Miharu: clicked but tragic

    Gundam Zeta:

    Kamille/Four: great chemisty. real sad though
    Kamille/Fa: a puzzle really. but it fits^^
    Katz/Sarah: one of my favs, *pats Tomino on the back*
    Henkin/Emma: my fav pair of the series, "also pats Tomino on the back*

    Gundam ZZ:

    Glemy/Roux: would have loved for it to work. shame shame
    Judau/Elle: she really cared for him.
    Judau/Roux: love the pair
    Elle/Beecha: once it got down to it, I adore it

    Char's Counter Attack
    Hathaway/Quess: good friends. even better with Gundam Evolve scene
    Char/Nanai Miguel: <333 awesome. possibly a way Uso from Victory was spawned

    Gundam Victory:

    Odelo/Elischa: fav pair overall. really well set up. till Tomino made 1 eppy too many >>

    G Gundam:

    Sai Saici/Cecile. fav pair, fav Japanese VAs. perfect <3
    Domon/Rain: love the sass^^
    Argo/Nastasha: love the atmosphere for them
    Chibodee/harem of women: love pimp <3
    George/Maria Louise: very cute and fluffy

    Gundam Wing:

    Quatre/Dorothy: strong minds, good fight exchange between them
    Zechs/Noin: love this pair to death
    Wu Fei/Sally Po: good teamwork
    Duo/Hilde: good pairing. love how they interact

    Gundam 00
    Setsuna/Marina: love their mental toughness
    Saji/Louise: fav pair. sad at times but all good^^
    Lichty/Christina: real tragic pair. real shame. but they are together^^

    Gundam Seed:
    Kira/Fllay: my fav Gundam pairing ever. and the first to have intimate relations on screen(special edition). real sad in the final eppy. would have totally worked out

    Athrun/Cagalli: real good pair. someone who cared for him better than Lacus ever did

    Mu/Murrue: love the way they act around each other^^

    Neumann/Natarle: work well together, a GBA game even pushes this pair

    Gundam Seed Destiny:
    Athrun/Meyrin: once the writers made Cagalli screw up with Athrun, this pair caught my eye. Meyrin is simply loyal and friendly to Athrun. <3333

    Shinn/Stellar: great pair, but once again, Naturals and Coordinators are blocked from love >>
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    What are/is your favorite shipping(s) and why?

    Gundam Seed:
    I love the shipping for Kira and Lacus & Athurn and Cagalli
    - I can see that they've got a good chemistry and I think they're cute.^^

    Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    Setsuna Seiei x Feldt Grace - I love how Felt's feelings starting to grow for Setsuna [or maybe]. I just love seeing this two together.

    I also like Allelujah x Marie Parfacy and Lyle x Anew - I think they're quite the match. Their feelings are just great and how being they being couples.
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    This topic was bumped after nearly fifteen months of inactivy, so I'm closing it.

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