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Thread: Nick or Disney favorite pairings or couples thread

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    Default Nick or Disney favorite pairings or couples thread

    Thought I'd try some thing new, what's every ones top favorite Nick or Disney favorite couples from Nick or Disney animated shows? Have fun


    Fairy Odd Parents-Timmy / Tooti
    Doug-Doug / Patti
    Rugrats / All Grown Up-Chickie / Angelica, Tommy / Kiimi
    Aahh Real Monsters-Oblina / Ickis

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    SpongeBob-Sponge Bob/Patrick


    Fairy Odd Parents-Wanda/Cosmo

    Fairy Odd Parents-Poof/Timmy


    Does Disney have animated shows anymore?

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    Does Disney have animated shows anymore?[/QUOTE]

    Well, there's Phineas and Ferb / Wonder Falls ( Think that's the name of the new animated show ) in my opinion are good shows. Phineas and Ferb has some adorable pairings, my favorite being Phineas / Isabella.

    Mickey / Minnie is old school but always been a fan of that one.

    Kim Possible- Kim / Ron, Drakken / Shego ( Got used to that in season four, two part finale had some cute scenes, used to think it was weird due to the age difference but hey, why not? )

    Nick shows

    Adventures of Jimmy Neutron- Jimmy / Cindy ( Season three made me love the two ) Sheen / Libby ( Wish they had more fluff scenes but yah know, either way loved the scenes they had )

    Danny Phantom - Danny / Val ( Know Sam / Danny is the more popular of the two but Sam annoyed me in season three, seemed more like she cared about Phantom than Fenton himself )

    My Life As a Teenage Robot - Brad / Jenny ( Do I need to explain? )

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    Aladdin and Jasmine. No one pairing's love stands the test of time than these too!
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    Hmm, a few of them:
    Peter Pan/Wendy

    ...Yeah, not very original
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    Anna and Kristoff and Elsa and Jack Frost ^^
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    Nick (I hardly watch this network anymore)-
    Sanjay & Meagan (Yes, I watch Sanjay and Craig sometimes, so what)

    Dipper+Candy (CandyDip) Come on, Candy is shyer than usual around Dipper! And the Summerween episode though....
    Austin+Ally I watch this show sometimes when I'm bored, but I always wish there weren't awkward moments between these two!
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    Sam and Freddie from iCarly used to be my biggest OTP of all times.-Nick
    Disney- Wendy and Robbie Gravity Falls
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    Kendall and Carlos from Big Time Rush are my BTR OTP. I just love those two together, same with James and Logan.

    I was one of those weird people who shipped Kendall and Camille more then Logan and Camille. She started off slapping him before she moved on to Logan.

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    Oldschool: Helga and Arnold from Hey Arnold! is one of the greatest ships of all time. I love love/hate relationships, and when you think about it, they were kind of well-suited to each other. They were both intelligent and had romantic personalities (Arnold is an idealist, and Helga is poetic). And they kind of balanced each other out, too; Helga was more of a realist than Arnold, but he was more optimistic and considerate of other people.

    In "Avatar: the Last Airbender..." God, that show confused the hell out of me, ship-wise. I would've expected to like Kataang, since it has some of my favorite elements of Pokeshipping (closeness and supportiveness), but I was like, meh. Then, I liked Sokka with Suki. I thought she'd be a one-shot character, so I was happy when she returned. But then! In that same episode, it was implied that Toph had a crush on him, and I was like, well, that's just too adorable for words. I still liked Sokka with Suki, but that became my second choice.
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