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    Default Misc. Video Games Shipping Discussion

    So. I decided to make this thread becauseeee~

    1. There's a lot of shippings I like in video games
    2. If I made a thread for just that said shipping/video game, it'd most likely die. :|

    soooooo I made this

    Feel free to discuss all the pairings you love from other video games! Whether it be couples from anything ranging from the Final Fantasy games, to the World Ends With You or the Mario series, discuss them here!


    1. Follow all SPPf rules
    2. Don't spam.
    3. No one liners
    4. Stay on topic

    So basically, start posting and have fun!
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    Oh, this thread is a great idea, considering very few game shipping threads could last for very long. I've got so many pairings to talk about!

        Spoiler:- La Pucelle pairings:

        Spoiler:- Grandia series pairings:

        Spoiler:- Final Fantasy 7 and spinoffs pairings:

        Spoiler:- Final Fantasy 10/10-2 pairings:

    Whew! Thats it for now, thankfully. I'll probably think of more later, but I'm tired of typing for now...
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    Puchi Carat~
    Garney x Shyst/Thyst
    Reminds me of Naruhina a bit here. Shyst being timid and self doubting whilst Garnet is a bit any main character, determined. He demands world peace and they are good friends and I think Shyst would like to share piece with Garnet. hehe There was this adorable picture of them.
        Spoiler:- image has spoilers:

    Pearl x Dearl/Dale
    Twincest. hehe.
    Well it's easy to think Dearl is a girl, Ithought that at first until I noticed his name in Japan is Dale.

    Peridot x Opa
    The two are perfect for each other... seriously.
        Spoiler:- spoiler images:

    Tuff E NUff/Dead Dance
    Limited characters but I loved the game and was hooked when I was younger, the music was great and that.

    Kotono x Syoh - I think they would have been a good couple. I think they have the looks and the part, not mention it would be hot. I used to make fan fic ideas about these two in love when I was about 7. XD

    Kotono x Jade/Jado - I have no idea why the US version changed Jado's name into Jade. XD But I think it's some fun random crack for the lols.

    And there will be more coming up.
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    Yay, video game ships. I don't have that many, but yay.

    In order of sanest to crackiest;

    CharmyXCream (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Love this ship, just love it. They haven't interacted too often in the games (once), but when they did, they didn't to bear any hatred of each other (you'd understand more if you ever saw that 'once'). Sonic X had a lot more interaction between them, and they got on really well, moreso than Amy or the rest of the Chaotix. Aside from all that, I just think they'd suit each other. One is a polite and naive socialite girl, the other is a scruffy and hyper detective working for end's meet. They compliment each other.

    Also, I know there is a Sonic the Hedgehog shipping thread, but I don't feel that it's worth it to put one ship down when you have three.

    Tiny TigerXCoco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) - This one's always been rough, not least because I used to hate Tiny. He was just a dumb muscle man. In Twinsanity, his appearance made him look like he had a hidden intelligence to him, and that's where I started to really like him and looked at the possibility of this ship. Crash of the Titans came and there was even MORE fuel for it, so it became a fully-fledged ship. Basically, I imagine it like 'Beauty and the Beast', with Coco being the beauty and Tiny being the Beast. Coco could slowly discover the sensitive emotional side of Tiny, and Tiny could come to appreciate Coco. They've interacted enough for this to happen.

    Now, let's make the jump from somewhat sane to complete insanity; it's a crack-crossover ship. And WHAT a ship...

    Bowser Koopa/Gnasty Gnorc (Super Mario Bros and Spyro the Dragon, respectively) - Oh, this is a fun ship, not least because this is the one where you can get more gritty with the details.

    Okay, this is more a similarities pair than anything else...but where do I begin with them? First, they were both the main bosses of the original trilogies (yes, Mario appeared in Donkey Kong/Mario Bros first, but they weren't trilogies). They both have used transformation spells in a prominent game of their history (Super Mario Bros 3 and the original Spyro). They both have had loyal armies of their species from the word go. They are both pretty much jokes now (shame). They have both been reduced to lackeys at some point (Superstar Saga and A Hero's Tail). They have both fallen victim to Dark collectibles (Bowser in Mario and Luigi: RPG 3!!!, Gnasty in A Hero's Tail). They both have a strange fondness (Bowser makes reference to it in Partners in Time, Gnasty's entire territory is a dump which he habitated after being banished there). And they're also very physical-orientated fighters. You just need to look at them in any game they've been in to see that.

    I'm done. Hope no-one's brain has fizzled.
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    Well there's one power couple that I find completely awesome:
        Spoiler:- Viewtiful Joe:

    Joe x Silvia - Although at the start of the series there was no clear reason why they were attracted to each other you definitely saw some chemistry once Joe rescued her towards the end. And in the second game after being a damsel in distress for so long, she teams up with her boyfriend to kickass by using the powers granted to her from the first game. It even showed how geeky she was compared to Joe during the time she spent with him in the second game. I think they complimented each other well with brains and guts through out the second game. I hope they make a 3rd game which lets us finish from the cliffhanger in 2. A Goof with a heart of gold and a typical girl in every sense. Maybe it's cliched but eh I like it a lot.

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    PSX Tales of Destiny:

    Stahn x Irene: Unlike Rutee, Irene clicks well with Stahn. Her calm, patient, and mature personality balances out well with Stahn's hot headed and brash nature. It may have just been a crush on Stahn's part, but I think their relationship could have developed into something more had Irene lived. Personally, I would have liked for him to end up with Irene instead of Rutee. They were more compatible than he and Rutee are.

    Stahn x Philia: Though I prefer Stahn with Irene, I would have still been satisfied if he ended up with Philia. She would have been a good match for him, since she is a kind hearted, sensitive, and gentle girl who could balance out his recklessness and impulsiveness. However, it never had a chance of happening, since Stahn never reciprocated Philia's feelings and Philia, being entirely selfless, gave up on trying to win Stahn's heart in order to make Rutee happy.

    Tales of Eternia:

    Meredy x Keele: I like their relationship. It is a case of opposites-attract in which the two characters' personalities mesh instead of clash. Overall, I feel that they are compatible and enjoy their interaction with each other. The way in which it was written was also well done. Keele and Meredy developed romantic feelings for each other over an extended period of time instead of falling for each other right away. Personally, I hate romantic pairings that are based solely on "love at first sight." "Love at first sight" is just the equivalent of initial infatuation, not love. Romantic relationships such as Keele and Meredy's which develop gradually over a long time period are more genuine, since the characters involved actually get to know one another and bond emotionally before they make any declarations of love. Furthermore, I like how his relationship with Meredy played a big role in Keele's character growth throughout the game.

    Farah x Reid: They share great chemistry. Their personalities bounce off of each other well and they appear very comfortable around each other. I also like how they have been friends since early childhood. While it may be clichéd for childhood best friends to fall for one another, I personally like that theme, since characters who are placed in those types of relationships know each other inside and out. Therefore, their love tends to be more pure, since they know one another very well as opposed to knowing little about each other.

    Ras/Rassius x Farah: I may favor Farah x Reid, but I do like this ship. Their interaction with each other was interesting and engaging.

    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World:

    Alice x Decus: One of my OTPs. Not only are they both incredibly likable characters, but their romance is excellent. Growing up in the Hima orphanage, Alice and Decus were both tormented and abused. They sought comfort in each other's company and became very good friends. When Decus was about to be killed after being framed of murdering an adventurer and stealing his valuables, Alice made a pact with a demon to save his life. She used the demon's power to call upon monsters to destroy the orphanage and kill the people there who were going to murder Decus, including the real culprits behind the adventurer's murder and the theft of his possessions. Decus, grateful to Alice for saving him, pledged to serve and protect her for the remainder of his life. In the time they spent traveling together after the destruction of Hima's orphanage, his dedication to her took a turn for love and Alice herself developed romantic feelings for Decus. Overall, I consider their love for each other pure and genuine. Their personalities are also very compatible and their interaction with each other is enjoyable.

    Tales of Legendia:

    Stella x Senel: From what was shown of Stella in Senel's flashbacks, it was clear that they shared a genuine and unconditional love. It is a shame that she had to die. Personally, I think Shirley should have died in her place.

    Chloe x Senel: The game insinuates at various instances that Chloe is similar to Stella in terms of personality. Like Stella, she is a strong willed, independent young woman with a soft side. Overall, I think she and Senel would make a good couple. They already share a strong friendship and are good partners on the battlefield. However, it will take some time for Senel to completely move on from Stella.


    Shino x Haseo: Saving Shino was Haseo's motivation for wanting to acquire power to defeat Tri-Edge. Overall, I feel that his love for her is sincere. Her personality is also a great match with his. She is a calm, level headed, and intelligent person with a kind and compassionate air. Though it may be one-sided on Haseo's part, Shino might still hold some affection for him, as shown in the .hack//Roots anime.

    Alkaid x Haseo: I liked the way in which Haseo and Alkaid became friends over the course of .hack//G.U. Volume 2. The way in which they bonded and connected was well written, as was the development of Alkaid's crush on Haseo. The game also insinuates during the Honeysuckle scene and the scene in which Alkaid goes into a coma that she and Shino share similarities (though Alkaid is more impulsive and hot-headed than Shino). If Haseo were to not end up with Shino, I think he would be happy with Alkaid.

    Resident Evil Zero:

    Billy x Rebecca: I enjoyed their relationship. The way in which Rebecca grew to trust and befriend Billy was well done. Overall, I feel that their personalities clicked well together and they shared great chemistry. I would like for them to come back in a future Resident Evil game. Maybe then they would begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

    Parasite Eve 2:

    Aya x Pierce: Pierce is a much better match for Aya than Kyle. He is a kind hearted and sensitive person who would do anything to keep a smile on her face. Though one-sided now, it could develop into something more if Aya were to ever get over Kyle.

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    Holy crap, Puchi Carat pairings. o__0 I played the GB version and never thought there was really a following. For that game I'd actually like to see By/Peridot...I mean, they did used to be married back as humans. XP

    To whoever mentioned it, Bowser/Gnasty Gnorc is win. XD When it comes to Spyro crossovers I like Sheila with Ripper Roo from Crash. XP;;

    I have tons more misc. video game stuff....but I'll leave it at that for now.

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    Ah, half of my fandoms are video games! Well, I'll mention a few ones I absolutely adore...

    Melt x Lezard (Star Ocean 3): I swear, the fervent way I ship these two would likely make a newcomer to the game think they were totally important to the plot. No, just two NPCs that you never technically have to see if you skip one of the PCs. This ship is my OTP to end OTPs--there is no ship I love more than these two twelve-year-old humanoid rivals. Both are probably smarter than most of the cast combined, but where Lezard is boarderline insane, Melt is calm and is more than capable to putting him in his place. I have a heap of reasons they're perfect together but I'll spare you. Just know that I obsessively got all of their dialogue throughout the game. Lezard talks about Melt. A lot.

    Noel x Leon (Star Ocean 2): Another ship that I rank up there overall. As of the PSP remakes, this ship got real. Or, as real as you care to make it. Their ending together has Leon leave his home in a castle to live out in the woods--which he has spent the whole game complaining about--to live with Noel. Noel is totally okay with this. And they have a scene where Noel gets all nervous and asked to play with Leon's kitty ears. It's so cute I can't even explain it. They're two scientists with feline traits, so they've got that going for them too.

    Kafei x Vaati (Legend of Zelda): I talked about this in the LoZ thread so I won't say much here except that I've devoted way too much time to a looooong fic about them. I must be devoted!

    Cliff x Skye, Won x Rick, & Gale x Heath (Harvest Moon DS Cute/Friends of Mineral Town/Animal Parade): My three Harvest Moon OTPs. Now, I have OTPs for all the other games in the series too, but these three are the top of the top. CliffxSkye came about when I was thinking about how much they love curry and how if they got together Skye would make them curry dishes for every meal. XD WonxRick...I can't even remember exactly why I started shipping it since that was years ago now, but with as high-strung as they both are it's hilarious. GalexHeath is just too cute. Heath is so curious that I'm sure he'd want to know more about the mysterious wizard, and no way could Gale turn down someone that cute. <3

    Kratos x Lloyd & Jade x Dist (Tales of Symphonia & Tales of the Abyss): My OTPs in the two Tales games I've played. For the former, yes. I know the spoilers. I knew them going into the game. No, I don't care. For the latter, I couldn't have been the only one to want to smack Jade a few times, right? ...Right? Well anyway, Saphir's devotion is amazing in a very sad way and, well, at least there's some great fanfiction to give them a happy ending.

    This is getting long so I'll stop there. I'll probably post more later if I can.
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    While it's on my mind...

    Pratty/Sugar, Pratty/Razzy, and Pratty/Sanary from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story. :> The first two are part-canon in the game, and I used to be so obsessed with the last one I saw hints EVERYWHERE when I played it. Now, not so much, but it's still my top one.

    And this may ruin childhoods (I don't care), I like and have drawn Timber/Pipsy from Diddy Kong Racing at one point. 8D

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    Default pokemon is still included, only gave-wise :D

    Finally! I found a thread to post my favorite video-game ships!

    Chrono Trigger:
        Spoiler:- Chrono Trigger pairings:

    Pokemon Games: Let me say that, since the playable characters have no personalities, I gave them my own, as well as some of my own fangirl changes/points of view.
        Spoiler:- Pokemon games pairings:

    Sonic the Hedgehog: I will say this: I’ve only played up to “Shadow the Hedgehog”, so characters like Blaze, Jet, etc. are completely RARE to me.
        Spoiler:- Sonic Pairings:

    Rune Factory #1
        Spoiler:- Rune Factory pairings:

    I promise I would post more couples once I have time! Animal Crossing is next

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    Well, there are quite a few video game ships I'm on, but were I to list them all, there would be no end to it...

    Anyway, here go some of my absolute favourites...

        Spoiler:- Spoilers!:

    There are a lot more, but these are my absolute favourites.
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    I Don't have that much in the way of Video Game shippings, but here we go anyway:

    !. Pokemon= Preciousmetalshipping (SilverxGold)
    2. Yugioh (Actually not a video game per say, just puting it here anyways lawls)= Thiefshipping (Y. BakuraX Marik) (Blame YGO Abridged for dat one)
    3. Monica X Max from Dark Cloud 2 (They are made for each other lawls. Hooray for obscure games!)
    4. Ness X Paula from Earthbound
    5. Lucas X Pokemon Trainer (Crack Brawl pairing)
    6. Captain Falcon X Pit (Another crack Brawl pairing)
    7. Ratchet X Clank /SHOT
    8. Naoto X Souji/Protagonist from Persona 4.
    9. Teddie X Yosuke from Persona 4.
    10. Hunter X Bianca from Spyro 3, even though that turned out to be cannon after all.
    11. Gary Oak X EVERYBODY.
    12. Not a video game pairing per se, but Kyle X Stan from South Park. Style
    13. Male Mawile X Female Mawile
    14. Arceus X Chuck Norris (Crack Pairing)

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    Even by the very relaxed inactivity standards of this section, this was bumped, so I'm going to have to close it.

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