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    Originally a fanfiction for the Zelda site I'm currently part of, Golden Sun is owned by Camelot, but the characters Ivan Earthshake, Liana, Lumen, Albert, Kelly, Charles, Sonia, and Lyn are all my original ideas. DON'T TAKE THEM!!!

    Chapter 1: Tolbi’s Greatest Hour

    Alex stood atop a mountain in the land of Gondowan. He was immortal, having obtained the power of the beams of light that were emitted from each of the Elemental Lighthouses. The phenomenon was known as ‘Golden Sun’, and it was said that whoever’s body was bathed in the light of Golden Sun would become a god. He had waited, bided his time underneath the rubble of Mt Aleph until he was certain that he had obtained every single ability that ever existed, climaxing with the God Psyenergy, Cruel Rain. He wanted to test this ability out, he’d heard that the Doom Dragon that Felix had fought one thousand years ago had used this ability, almost annihilating the heroes that had apparently been called the Golden Guardian.

    Alex had Tolbi in his sights, the town was currently holding the annual Colosso festival, and apparently, everyone these days had access to Psyenergy. According to documents he found in the home of a female scholar (who also happened to be a natural wind adapt), Colosso was not fought any longer by strength alone, but by wit and cunning as well, utilizing their Psyenergy to take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses.

    Weaving a seemingly nonsensical gesture in the air, Alex summoned the power of the God Psyenergy. Beams of light rained down upon the defenseless city, the pure destructive power of Cruel Rain ripping the city to shreds. In the city, adapts were disintegrated, their last moments burnt to the ground. Colosso’s Coliseum was enveloped in light one moment, and the next moment, you wouldn’t have known it existed unless you knew about it.

    Feeling as if he made his point, Alex chuckled and disappeared. Among the victims were the parents of two adapts that would one day encounter the murderous adapt. For what Alex thought was his greatest achievement was the biggest mistake of his life as he earned the grudge of a shy Venus Adapt and a fiery Mars Adapt.

    Chapter 02: The descendants

    Of all things, Ivan hadn’t anticipated ever meeting the king of Kalay. Yet, here he was, King Hamlet, sitting across from the Venus adapt.

    Liana sat next to him, seemingly patiently awaiting the meeting to start, but Ivan could tell that she was as anxious to start the meeting as he was. He really couldn’t blame her, they had both been sitting for over two hours, silently awaiting the arrival of the final member of the party. Furthermore, Ivan wanted to know who Alex really was, how he was able to use monster Psyenergy, and why he had literally wiped Tolbi off of the face of Weyard. It perplexed Ivan, the gentle youth who couldn’t wrap his head around the evils of other people.

    Across from Liana was the celebrated Jupiter Adapt, Lumen Windslash. Even for her age (from what Ivan knew, she was around forty), she was just as beautiful as she was twenty years prior. The only true thing that showed Lumen’s experience was a nasty scar running across her face, but even that seemed to enhance Lumen’s features. Her hair was a lavender shade, similar to Master Hama, Ivan (the Guardian)’s sister. Unlike the other members of the table, she showed no restlessness, even having moved nary an inch from her original position. She seemed almost…relaxed?

    Ivan shifted his gaze to the Mars Adapt Lyn Mountainstride, whom he thought was the most attractive woman he had ever laid eyes on. Everything about her seemed to scream to Ivan, and Ivan actually liked it. Her features were very defined, from her crimson red hair to her hourglass-shaped torso and her beautifully sculpted legs. Those that knew her were often repelled by her fiery temper and razor sharp tongue, or so Liana had commented. She’d apparently heard this from Lumen before they entered the chamber…even though Ivan hadn’t been away from her side since they’d entered the castle. Ivan had concluded it was another Jupiter skill; they were always a mysterious bunch.

    The only other people in the chamber were King Hamlet, draped in billowing Xianian silk, his rather rotund appearance a seemingly hereditary trait in the family line. He had a brown crowbar mustache that was twisted at the tips, but other than that, his features were rather baby-like. Next to him was one of the castle guards, who was now weaponless due to Ivan's need of a proper weapon. Not that the weapon...rather weapons were extraordinary, they were merely blades made of iron, probably the cheapest weapons in the military today. Liana had a mace that Hamlet had given her, nothing out of the ordinary about this one either; it was a standard battle mace.

    It was Liana who broke the silence, saying "How long do we have to wait"!!! Ivan was hoping that she'd be a little more patient, but alas, patience had skipped Liana in the gene pool. Fortunately, Lumen chuckled a little, and said "We can start anytime, my impatient friend. I was hoping that we could show some common courtesy by waiting for Albert to arrive, but it seems that he's running a tad late-".

    Lyn interrupted, "Just a smidge late"? Lumen's voice rose in strength, "If you wouldn't mind, my lord, we could get this meeting underway for the less patient folk around here". Lumen glanced at Lyn, who was glaring at her. Ivan figured that they had met before, and the meeting wasn't exactly a peaceful one.

    Hamlet rose from his seat, his chair sliding back as he stood up. He cleared his throat, and then said "as you already know, Alex has come back from his supposed death atop Mt Aleph. He has obtained the power of the Golden Sun and has destroyed Tolbi. His power comes from the four Lighthouses. They are the Mercury Lighthouse near Imil, Venus Lighthouse near the ruins of Babi Lighthouse, Jupiter Lighthouse near the town of Contigo, and the Mars Lighthouse near the frozen city of Prox."

    "Your task is simple; you must enter each Lighthouse and obtain their power. Only with the power of all four Lighthouses can you defeat Alex, to equal his power. For the Golden Sun is the embodiment of each Lighthouse's mystical energy."

    "And how exactly do we do that, Hammy".

    All eyes diverted to the man with the blue hair. At first, Ivan thought that Alex had come to Kalay, but then he realized that the man that had walked into the room was a Lemurian, not an Imilian. His garb was more or less a vest and tee, with baggy blue pants that tapered down to his ankles. He had a sort of swagger that Ivan just couldn't believe. Hamlet and the new man walked up to each other (Ivan was afraid they were going to end up fighting), and called each other by name. Then, to Ivan's astonishment, they embraced each other.

    "If it isn't Albert Waterlust, how've you been", Hamlet happily stated. Albert answered, "All the Psyboats in Lemuria were getting tune-ups, so I had to take one of the older models." Ivan could tell that Liana was not happy that the meeting had been interrupted. Lyn looked a bit irritated as well, but held her tongue to Ivan's surprise. The girl had been eying Ivan for some time, but had glanced at the newcomer in a gaze that could only mean pure hatred. It seemed that the two knew each other. She turned her gaze back to Ivan, with an almost curious facial expression. Ivan blushed a little, but otherwise said nothing. Liana was a little more vocal, but not about Lyn and Ivan.

    "C'mon, c'mon, let’s get to the point", she demanded. Ivan smiled, that was just like her. She had pent up energy that she needed to vent on something, and she chose to take some of it out on the reunited pair. Ivan assumed that Albert was of royal blood; how else would he know the King of Kalay by first name? Albert looked stung, but chose to sit next to Lyn, who promptly rose and sat next to Ivan. Lumen laughed, "Still a bit mad about the little bit of blackmail that Albert pulled off, eh Katelyn"?

    Closer to Lyn, Ivan could see more of Lyn's features. Her face was flawless; her eyes were different colors, one being green and the other a very dark brown color. Her hourglass-shaped torso made Ivan's heart miss a beat. Lyn leaned over to Ivan, "I don't really want to go, but I have to...". It made Ivan think that Lumen and Albert had done something more serious than a usual blackmail. Of course, before he could ask her what made her, Hamlet laid the ground plans for the task that the Descendents were to do.

    "Your task may sound simple, but make no mistake, it will be even more dangerous than your ancestor's journeys a millennium ago. You must go to each Elemental Lighthouse-"
    Albert butted in, "Hammy, that's where you left off. I'm starting to think you're going a little forgetful of late". Lyn made a retching sound that Ivan attributed to Albert's spoken words, but the rest of the party paid no heed to her remark. Ivan shifted his focus back to Lyn, who had kicked her feet up onto the table. "Lyn, show some respect for the king", Ivan muttered. She sniffed and put her feet back onto the ground.

    "Ivan, you must locate a young Mercury Adapt named Kelly and convince her to join your cause-"

    "No need, your majesty".

    In walked a blue haired woman, Ivan guessed she was around his age, wearing travel clothes that were blue as the Karagol Sea. The bottom of her dress hung all the way to her feet, but her dress only covered the front and back of her legs. She was very pretty, not even including her exposed legs. The rest of her body was decently covered, it was just the legs that were exposed. Albert laughed, "You were booking it here, I see".

    Kelly nodded, "Yep, I sure was, and now that I'm here, we can head straight to Venus Lighthouse-"

    "But Mercury's closer", Lumen argued. Kelly responded almost immediately, "Boreas is preventing anyone from entering the Lighthouse, and he’d already killed three people before I left". Albert argued on Lumen's side, "Who's saying that Venus won't be guarded by Judgment?"

    King Hamlet raised a hand, "ENOUGH, Lumen, Albert, you both make valid points, but if Boreas is currently guarding Mercury Lighthouse, then there isn't anything else that we can do but have you make a beeline for Venus Lighthouse, any questions?"

    Ivan had a couple of very pertinent questions, "First, why did Alex attack Tolbi, and second, how were the summons revived?"

    Hamlet sighed, "The answer to your first question is easy. He wanted to make his return noticed, and the annual Colosso festival would definitely impact Weyard. As for reviving the summons, he has the power of the four lighthouses; he therefore has the power to bring the beings whose lives are intertwined with the lighthouses, and therefore, Alex.”

    Ivan pondered these words; the King was basically saying that his parents were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Skipping Colosso had saved him and his sister, but he had neglected to tell Mom and Dad about their escapade…and that meant it was his fault that his parents were dead… Ivan brushed a tear from his cheek, “and now I’m an orphan because of it”, he thought to himself.

    Hamlet gave the signal that the meeting was at an end, but all Ivan heard was the shuffling of feet. Liana put a hand on his shoulder, “Ivan, are you ok”?

    Ivan closed his eyes, “Liana, promise me this, that Alex will die the most horrible death known to mankind”.

    Liana didn’t respond for a moment, and then said, “It was you who said that no man should die painfully”. The eyes of both siblings were filled with tears as they walked out the door.
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    Tis chapter 3 of my amazing Golden Sun Fanfic.

    Ch 3: Journey of a lifetime

    Ivan met up with the rest of the descendents an hour after the meeting at the edge of town. Lumen, Albert, Lyn, Ivan, and Liana had all changed garbs since the meeting. Kelly hadn’t deemed it necessary to alter her garments, as she already had travel clothes on.

    Lumen was the most dressed, hands down. She had a red coat that descended all the way to her knees, with a pair of baggy purple pants and a long sleeved shirt that had stripes of green and blue along the torso. Albert was dressed about the same, but a battle axe was slung across his back. Ivan inferred correctly that Albert’s main weapon was an axe. Lumen also had a rod slung across her back, but it wasn’t quite as visible because the red coat was overtopping it. Liana had her mace at her waist, a belt she bought during the time she had to prepare serving as the sheath. Her red dress reminded Ivan of the depiction his parents gave of Jenna; the only difference was the fact that it was red. Ivan wore a suit of bronze armor, a rather tough undershirt being the only thing that prevented him from hurting himself. Lyn was the least dressed of all of them, wearing only a tank top and a pair of pants, both of which were red. She had her short sword sheathed in a sword belt, and her defiant expression apparently preventing Albert and Lumen from commenting.

    “Alright guys, since we have such a large party, we should divide leadership between two people. Lumen and I have concluded that the leaders should be Lumen and Ivan, because they will make decisions that won’t be one-sided.”

    Ivan jumped a little, surprised that he was to be one of the leaders of the party. He quickly regained his composure, “If it would be alright, I would like to have Lyn and Kelly in my party”, he asked Lumen. Liana looked a bit hurt, but he knew that putting Lyn anywhere near Lumen and Albert was a bad idea, and Kelly had water Psyenergy, balancing their parties with a ratio of Earth-Fire-Water and Fire-Wind-Water. He determined that if Sheba’s descendent was encountered, he or she would join Ivan, and the other earth adapt would join Lumen.

    Lumen hesitated; she obviously wanted to pick her party members first. “Funny, I was going to suggest the same thing. That way, Lyn doesn’t end up arguing with me and bonehead over here, and our parties are equally balanced.” Albert seemed to take offense to Lumen’s remark, but he was obviously joking around. “Who’s a bonehead, I was the one who convinced Katelyn to meet up in Kalay”, Albert huffed in mock fury. Lumen chuckled with Liana, who had been convinced that Ivan’s choice was fair.

    Lyn tapped her feet in irritation; she obviously wanted to leave now. She understandably was closer to Ivan, who was the furthest away from Albert at the time. “I think we should head to Corsair first, and cross the Karagol Sea to Septum, we’ll figure out the rest after we rest in Septum,” Lumen remarked. The others nodded in agreement, it was either taking the Gondowan Passage through the mountains, where goblins and trolls reigned supreme, going past Corsair and taking the road less traveled to the ruins of Tolbi, where they could be attacked at any time, or take a boat from Corsair to Septum.

    The teams marched off into the wild frontier, their journey finally starting. Ivan and Liana were journeying to save the world, and not even a god would stop them.

    Two days later, the Golden Descendents camped in the woods near Corsair. It had taken longer than even Lumen had expected, having to wind their way around a narrow gorge that Albert had insisted was a shortcut that ended up being longer than the normal path. Lyn said nothing, preferring to keep a low profile while either Albert or Lumen were around (which they were all the time).

    Ivan was perched up in one of the trees nearby, having elected to take first watch. His eyes were completely open, he wasn’t going to let anything sneak up on the party, not even a spork wielding vermin. Lyn was perched just above him, keeping an eye out for anything that Ivan couldn’t see.
    “Ivan, I think I see something, is it hostile”, Lyn asked. Ivan didn’t even need to turn around to see what she saw. It was huge, the size of a large house. Its four pillar-like legs plodded towards the party in a seemingly instinctive manor. Surprising Ivan the most was it’s head, having the mane of a lion and the face of an old man. Its tail swayed back and forth in front of it, the end having a nasty hooked stinger. There was no possible way that one of these monsters could be so far away from the desert. It just was incomprehensible, how would one survive in the forest being so big and sandy colored. “Yes, Lyn, that thing is definitely bad news”, Ivan breathed.

    Lyn and Ivan were looking at a Manticore.

    BTW, Comments are more than wanted, they're needed if you want my fanfic to be a great success
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    BTW, these are the current classes of each character

    Albert: Mariner
    Ivan: Knight (he gets a Djinn in the latest chapter)
    Liana: Soldier (this will be explained later in the story, it's not a real shock)
    Kelly: Pirate (a new class designed for Kelly in mind. This class utilizes debillitating Psyenergies like Bind and Haunt to weaken the foe, and also has the Wish line when she gets four Djinn to become a Pillager)
    Lumen: Wind Seer
    Lyn: Flame User
    And for the later adapts, another pair of new classes
    Charles: Lancer (This class focuses on using the spear to great effect. Expect to see Psyenergy like Planet Diver, Ragnarok, and Death Plunge. It's basically a Brute that focuses on single target Psyenergy)
    Sonia: Earth Seer (A class similar to the Squire, but instead of Ragnarok and Oddyssey, you get Earthblast and Stone Rain. This class also has no single target moves, aside from Revive at later class levels and the Cure line)

    I need help thinking of the later classes for Charles. I have so far Lancer, Diver, and Vaulter
    If you think Dawn is cute, copy and paste THIS into your sig.(started by shiningsloth13)

    I don't use "uber" Pokemon,I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.(Started by Tyranitar

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    Bear with me, guys. I'm having a bit of writers block at the moment.
    If you think Dawn is cute, copy and paste THIS into your sig.(started by shiningsloth13)

    I don't use "uber" Pokemon,I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.(Started by Tyranitar

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