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    Gamer C - After Alakazam’s overdramatic disappearance you and Sheer Cold decide to split your search for the keys and then meet back here at the Forbidden Garden’s gate once you have found three keys apiece. Saying your farewells you both head off in separate directions, Sheer heading for Memory Lane while you begin your journey to the Cloud Forest. Several hours later the day has passed into late afternoon and you finally find yourself entering the beautiful, leafy domain of the Cloud Forest. Taking a few moments to admire the beauty of your surroundings you are pleasantly surprised by how brightly lit this forest appears to be. Not at all dark and dreary, it has a bright, cheerful atmosphere and while you venture forward you enjoy the beautiful calming effect of the afternoon sun as it filters through the canopy of leaves above causing streaks of sunlight to dance about as a gentle breeze has the leaves rustling slightly in its wake. The sounds of nature fill your ears as the inhabitants of the forest go about their daily business, but despite the unfamiliar surroundings you feel confident as you walk. Several minutes later however, you hear something that causes your confidence to waver slightly and you listen more carefully. Hearing a small squeal you follow the sound, wondering what you will find, and are shocked when you pass through a small patch of bushes to find a Gulpin attempting to consume an Oddish that it had mistaken for a juicy blue berry. Your reaction?

    "Poor Oddish..." Gamer C murmurs, somewhat amused. He observes the scene, debating on what he should do about it. Ignoring it would be just plain cruel, and the Gulpin might decide that the Oddish was too light a meal and go after him. Gamer C unclips a Pokeball from his belt and tosses it onto the ground. A flash of red light reveals his trusty Chikorita, all pumped up and energetic. Chuck takes a few seconds to enjoy the sun and its warmth before realizing that a Pokemon is getting devoured right before his very eyes. He turns to face the Gulpin, and a low growl rumbles from his throat. "Okay, Chuck," Gamer C commands "if you want to save one of your leafy friends, listen to me. Whistle a nice tune with a Grasswhistle to put the Gulpin to sleep and then use your Vine Whip to pull the Oddish out of Gulpin." Chuck, muttering something along the lines of, "How could a Gulpin think an Oddish was as small as a blueberry?", turns to face the Gulpin and Oddish, ready to attack.
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