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[Goin’ Graveler- Quickly releasing your numel, you order it to attack the incoming bear pokemon. “Numel! Quickly use Tackle then Growl to decrease its power!”

Nodding confidently, Numel faced his opponent.

The Teddiursa leapt upon Numel’s back and scratched along his side. Although his hurt slightly, his tough hide prevented much damage from taking place. In retaliation, Numel threw his weight into tackling the little bear pokemon to the ground. Trapped between the ground and Numel, both of which were impossible for Teddiursa to move, the pokemon licked the fiery camel along the face. This disgusting act caused Numel to get off the normal type and gag. After getting over the sickening experience, Numel growled loudly at the pokemon, making it back away in fear slightly. What will you do now?
"Okay Numel! Use Howl, then Tackle again!"