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Elite Water Trainer: Curious, you ask what the researchers are doing here. A short older man steps forward, a kindly demeanor adjorning his visage (thank you Webster).

"Why, young lady, we're here for the same reason as most of you kids seem to be, to find the waterfalls. In all the years, many trainers and people have ventured into this forest, but there are so few accounts of the actual falls themselves that its been deemed a mystery. Not only that, the few rare accounts hold evidence that a cave exists, hidden behind the waterfalls. Who knows what could be hidden down there!"

Stepping back, the old man coughs nervously.

"I apologize for my forwardness, I am Bryan Holstein, leader of this expedition. Your welcome to join us if you wish, in fact we need a few more hands around here."

"An expedition sounds wonderful, Bobby and I will love to join you!" Hayley replies, excited. "I saw some waterfalls a little while ago back there" she says again, turning around and pointing back to where she had come from. "I can take you there and help you look for a cave. I wonder what could be inside a hidden cave? It sounds exciting!"