Everybody knows that the best things for a Garden are sun and rain, so moving it closer to the sun and clouds would make a wonderful garden.
So what if we put the garden in the clouds? Imagine the beauty of this place. Actually, don't imagine, come and see for yourself, this picture of natural beauty set into the clear blues skies. Stick around and explore, who knows what surprises and adventures you will encounter.


Sky Gate: The entrance to this wonderful world, here you will find your pokemon centre and any other things you may need before setting out on your adventure. There are several paths leading away from the Sky Gate and if you want you can hire a guide to help you with your travels, but they may ask for something in return.…

Rainbow Road: A long road that leads away from the Sky Gate which overlooks the Cloud Garden and is perfect for sight-seeing. Wild pokemon are said to appear along this path on random occasions, they seem used to people, so they won't be quick to run away when you show up. There’s a rest house somewhere along there for trainers who want to rest their tired feet and pokemon.

The Space Path: A mysterious semi-transparent golden path that seemingly leads off into space. Where does it end? Nobody knows because anyone who has ever ventured along it has never returned. Who knows what you may find out there…..

Memory Lane: Leading away from the Sky Gate is this seemingly endless concrete pathway. Flowers line the side of the road, laid in memory of trainers and pokemon that fought there. The saddening feel around the area attract darker, stronger pokemon.

The Rose Arch: A large decorative arch made completely out of two rose bushes. While this appears to be a rather pleasant path to take looks can be very deceiving. Follow it and who knows what you will find…

Mystery Island: A mysterious floating island nestled among the clouds. There is no way to access it by foot so if you don’t have any flying pokemon you will have to find an alternative route to get there as no guides from the Sky Gate area will go near it.

Stardust Fields: Ever wondered what it looks like to walk in outer space? Well chances are you'll never get a chance to do that, so why not take a walk through the Stardust Fields instead? A peaceful, uninterrupted terrain, providing habitat for all sorts of weird and wonderful pokemon, and maybe even the odd precious stone or two.

Comet's Corner: A flat plateau that overlooks most of the Cloud Gardens. Many people say that during quiet, cloudless nights the skies are lit up in a display of shooting stars, some even say that mystical pokemon have appeared during these star storms.

Cloud Forest: A huge forest that surrounds the Rainbow Road, it's surprisingly always bright no matter what time of day it is. The forest acts as a home to most (if not all) Grass and Bug type pokemon and also several other forest dwelling types. Just try not to get lost.

The Fountain Garden: A small garden filled with fountains, waterfalls and clear lakes. Water pokemon love this little area and thrive to the point where you can't turn around without tripping over a Magikarp. Fishing is not allowed in this area as it is considered as cruelty towards the water pokemon.

The Rock Garden: The main focus of this area is the amazing natural rock formations. The area is filled with holes, burrows, caves and other pokemon homes. If you have a pokemon that can Dig, there are rumours of strange and wonderful things hidden under the soil here.

The Forbidden Garden: A large, unbreakable, inpenetrable door blocks off this area. Even a bunch of Machamp couldn't get this open. There are seven keyholes located on the door, unfortunately the keys that fit them seem to be missing. Nobody knows what lies behind the door, those up for a challenge may like to find out.

Rainbow Waterfalls: A lush green area with many caves and secret hideouts. Pokemon of all kinds are drawn to the area due to its serenity and rich source of nutrition. The spray from the waterfalls create many rainbows which hang in the skies above making it a popular destination for pokemon trainers and tourists alike.

Burnt Forest Wastelands: Not much is known about this baron, sandy, dusty, dirty, burnt area. Some say it was once a lush, green forest that was the battlefield between two powerful fire pokemon. Now all that is left is burnt trees and charred earth.

Delibird Ridge: A nesting ground for bird pokemon. A large area of jutting rocks and crevasses where many a bird pokemon have called their home. Set into the clifftops it has become a popular spot for pokemon watchers and explorers that visit the Caverns in the mountainside.

The Oasis: A vast, desert-like area. Nothing but sand and stone for as far as the eye can see. In the distance there seems to be a bunch of palm trees and a lake, is it real or just a mirage? Pokemon and Trainers that can brave the vicious sandstorms just might be able to find out but beware! A mysterious dense fog in said to sometimes cover this entire area and when it does all sorts of strange things begin to happen…..

::Special Event Area::

Cloud Colosseum - Set right in the centre of the Cloud Gardens is this ancient arena. A popular source of entertainment for pokemon trainers and sadists alike. Below the Colosseum are the dungeons where all of the toughest and sneakiest pokemon are locked away, try to avoid this place unless your pokemon are on high levels.
Note: This area is only open at certain times as a part of a special event.

So, ready to get started? The only thing left to do is choose an area to let your adventure begin. Enjoy!