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Thread: The Cloud Garden Recorded History

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    I decide to wander about.
    Charmander and I wander about the falls, seeing many different types of pokemon. Pulling out my sketchbook, I notice that nearly all the pokemon are healthy and I decide to look for one to catch. After sketching a pikachu and a butterfree, I pull out a pokeball. I look around for one that catches my eye.

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    Flash is a Training Centre move and as far as I’m aware your Ditto has not yet learned it, regardless of what it decides to transform itself into.

    Ditto is a unique case though so I’ll double-check this with Arnold.
    no no i didnt mean she used flash i ment that her body glowed when she transformed from ekans to umbreon sorry for the confusion.
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    "Well, here we are Custard. The Sky Gate!"

    A young girl of perhaps twelve winters stood beneath the entrance, arms spread wide in a triumphant stance as she seemed to display the entire area to her Pokémon in an attempt to make it appear to be some sort of extraordinary feat. Her sleeves being far too long, the azure cloth draped over her hands and extended downwards to the earth.

    There was no reply from the cherry and pearl feathered creature that resembled a penguin, other than a mere yawn as if the idea of an adventure seemed rather dull to him. The short and rather chubby Delibird stood beside his trainer, his extremely large and adorable obsidian eyes gazing around the area without much interest and an expression of incredible boredom. In one small flipper he clutched a large sack, which trailed sadly on the ground beside him as it too were reluctant to continue.

    The girl sighed, bright cobalt optics twinkling in the light as she bent down slightly to ruffle the Pokémon's head feathers. "C'mon Custard, don't you want to have an adventure?" she murmured in a high bubbly voice, obviously full of enthusiasm.

    A half-hearted squawk was the only response, though the Delibird apparently enjoyed the treatment. As his trainer flashed him a warm smile and turned about to start heading off, he hoisted the sack over a shoulder and toddled after her.

    The girl came to an abrupt stop before a fork, numberous pathways extending from the area to goodness knows where. The Delibird willed his feet to stop, though somehow they didn't wish to obey and he tripped, sending him tumbling forward a distance before coming to rest beside his trainer.

    She paid little attention to this, wrapped up in deciding which path to take. She often had a problem with this sort of dilemna.

    "Oh, I don't know which way to go," she muttered in a distraught sort of way, "What do you think Custard?"

    The Penguin glanced upwards, his flippers still nurturing his bruised beak and ego. Gazing towards the roads, he paused for a moment, contemplating, then finally pointed a flipper in the direction of Rainbow Road. He then looked back up with an irresistable expression, proud of his accomplishment.

    She laughed, and stooped down to give him a squeeze, long ebony strands of hair flopping over her eyes to obscure her vision. She unconsciously pushed them back as she stood up again. Then, with a look of sheer determination on her face, she set off upon the path, her Pokémon waddling after her as it struggled to keep up.

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    "Well, Fury, here we are, Sky Gate. Look at all the possibilities," Trey sang, hopping and twirling around. "Maybe we can find another pokemon here."
    "Sure, sounds great, but there's one problem. In case you haven't noticed, there are about fifteen roads to take, and I'm not about to figure out which one to take," the meditite replied.
    "Oh, ok, we'll ask a guide."
    "Never, I don't need directions, men never need directions," replied the pokemon boldly.
    Trey just rolled his eyes, walking up to a guide while Fury lagged behind, continuing to talk about his masculinity. "Excuse me," he said to the guide, "which road do we take to catch pokemon."
    "I'm pretty sure all of them eventually lead to pokemon, it just depends on what kind you want."
    "A grass type might be good, sir."
    "Oh, then you'll want to go to the Cloud Forest, which is that way," he said, pointing left. "By the way, why do you want a grass type."
    "Status powders and absorption moves, mainly, also, their ability to recover with moves like aromatherapy and synthesis intrest me," replied the boy.
    "I see. Nice to talk to you."
    With that, he dragged the meditite, still complaining about his choice to ask for directions, towards the Cloud Forest in hope of a grass type.

    This is my first time posting in a zone, so please excuse me for any mistakes I may have made.

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    OK, here's my first shot at RPGing:

    Sheer stepped out of the plane, and looked around excitedly. His first Poke'mon adventure was about to begin. Admittedly, at thirteen, it was a bit late, but he was enjoying it all the same. He looked around, and saw many routes. Sheer had no idea where to start; he needed some help. "Come on out, Gligar!" Sheer said, releasing his special friend, Gligar. Gligar materialized in front of him and looked around almost as excitedly as Sheer had. "OK, Gligar," Sheer called, "You get to decide where we go first!" Gligar turned, and nodded its purple head. It squinted at all of the possible routes, making up its mind. Its eyes widened and it shot a Poison Sting out of its bulbous tail toward a large cliff. Sheer quietly laughed. As Gligar was part Flying type, it naturally would want to go to a high place. "Sorry Gligar, not the Delibird Ridge. I'm afraid of heights, remember?" Sheer called. "Gli," Gligar replied, and glared at him in mock reproachfulness. Sheer laughed again. Gligar examined the routes again, and then fired another spike toward a path. The sign in front of the path read, "Comet's Corner". Sheer saw no reason not to go there. "OK, Gligar, come down here and we'll go!" Sheer shouted at Gligar, who was a ten feet above him. "Glig, Gligaaaa!" Gligar cried out, and fluttered down to Sheer. It came to rest on his jacket arm, and folded its blue wings together. "OK, then, let's go!" Sheer said, and started toward the Comet's Corner, wondering what lay along the long path.
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    PokéCma, finally starting his adventure, looks around the Sky Gate wondering which way to go first. "Well, now that we are ready, Woody, which way do you think we should go first?" His Treecko, capable of speech replies to him, "If you ask me, I think we should start off at Rainbow Road. We can train there, and maybe we can even find a flying pokémon to add to the team." So PokéCma and Woody head off toward the Rainbow Road in search of wild pokémon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enchantress
    Aeroblast - Heading through the forest with Zangoose by your side you enjoy the beautiful calming effect of the morning sun as it filters through the canopy of leaves above, the streaks of sunlight dancing about as a gentle breeze causes the leaves to rustle slightly in its wake. The sounds of nature fill your ears as the inhabitants of the forest go about their daily business. After several minutes of peaceful wandering Zangoose suddenly stops dead in his tracks, his head cocked to one side as though listening to something. With a small frown creasing your brow you watch him curiously for a moment, wondering what it is he can hear when a low rumble suddenly issues from his throat. Slightly nervous now you look in the direction Zag is staring when you notice the foliage is rustling as something moves through it headed in your direction. A moment later the bushes part to reveal a Venonat who looks just as surprised to see you as you are to see it. What will you do?
    "Zag, just stand your ground." But Zag put on an agrressive face and stared at the venonat. Zag then hunched over and stiffened its tail in anger. Troy could tell right away it wanted to fight, not just Zag, but the venonat as well.

    "If you want to fight Zag, then lets go. Start it off with a leer attack, then ito a scratch!"

    Zangoose glared at the venonat catching it offgaurd. Then bagan to charge toward the venonat with its claws out.

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    Default First Impressions...

    Arriving at Sky Gate, Juno is taken aback by the beauty of the place. The flowers swaying in the breeze, the crystal clear sky and the nature which surrounds him. Deri is not sure of this new place, and walks ahead a bit to explore.

    "Deri! Don't go too far! Well there's the Pokecenter, better make a note of that. *scribbles onto a piece of paper* Well we're both fine at the moment so might as well get going!"

    Walking up to a massive signpost with arrows pointing in various directions, Juno spots another trainer, just at the start of their journey, like him. He knew how they must be feeling and then he thought how so many others can never know what it feels like to be setting out on their own. Glancing upwards to attempt to read the sign, Juno spots a flock of Pidgey's flying overhead.

    "Well let's see... May as well start at Rainbow Road, the entrance is just over there. Deri, come over here. How's the Rainbow Road sound to you?"

    Deri peered at the Road ahead and nods.

    Juno smiles out of the corner of his mouth and sets out down the Rainbow Road.

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    Cari walked through the Sky gater in awe at the site before her. This place was so beautiful. Her jaw hung slightly ajar. Ralts jumped off her shoulder and nugged her leg. Cari blinked lightly shook her head, and looked down to her pokemon.

    "Where shall we go first, Ralts?" she asked as she knelt down and scooped her pokemon up.

    Ralts scrambled onto her shoulder and pointed to a large signpost. Cari walked over to it. She scanned over the road signs.

    "Space Path... Rose Arch... lets go to Rainbow Road!"

    Ralts nodded in agreement, and Cari started down the gorgeous road. She ran over to the edge of the road and gazed at the land below. She shaded her eyes and looked out across the landscape.

    "It's so beautiful, isn't it Ralts?"

    Ralts was just as amazed as Cari and simply nodded. Cari looked down the road.

    "Come on, Ralts. Who knows what pokemon we'll find up here!"

    And with that, she continued down the path.
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    Tomo walked through the entrance into the Cloud Garden's Sky Gate. With Krabby at his side, the boy began to wonder on where he and his Pokemon should get to first.

    "Kaido, what do you think? Do you want to just go sight-seeing around the entire Garden, or do you want to go exploring for some new friends?" asked the boy to his small shelled Pokemon.

    The red-shelled crab put his claw onto his own head and began to move it as though he were thinking about the decision as well. After a bit, he tapped on his trainer's leg. The boy looked down and gave a small map to his Pokemon. The pokemon again used the thinking motion until a few minutes later.

    Tomo looked down again when he thought his friend had finished thinking.

    "So Kaido, what's your decision?" The boy asked once more.

    The little pokemon looked back at his trainer and pointed at the Rainbow Road. Tomo nodded and the two then began to search for a guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress

    Once again, an example of people not reading up on how to reply to updates. You do not decide how the battle pans out, your updator does. Please read the FAQ section and the “Tips for replying to updates”. A more accurate reply to your update would have been something like this:

    Seeing the Murkrow swooping in to attack, Pete soon loses interest in the Pidgey and Taillow who would have been easy targets and dives to the ground to avoid being hit by the furious Murkow. Thankful to have evaded its attack he gets to his feet, dusting off his clothing and looks at the bird angrily. “So, you want a fight do you?” he shouts. “Fine! You have one!”

    “Burn, it’s time for you first battle!” Pete cries. “Wait until Murkrow dives in for another attack then use and Ember! Be sure to dodge any attacks it tries to hit you with then use Leer to lowers its defences before using another Ember when you have an opening!”

    Note that with this reply you are taking both an offensive and defensive stance while at the same time not deciding the outcome of the battle. Also, you CANNOT throw a pokeball after one round of battle. Please read the rules for more details before editing your post with a more appropriate reply.
    I edited my post, is it okay now?

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    Default The Sky Gate

    Kry walked through the majestic gate, holding on to his Magikarp with his arms out of amazement. Kry felt a little risky walking into this with an unevolved pokemon, especially when all he has is his Magikarp, but he believed in him.
    "Where should we go?" he asked the dumbfounded fish. Magikarp flopped.
    "The Rose Arch! What a great idea!" and with that he rushed to into the misty path, not knowing what await his next experiences.
    All Caskade (Magikarp) did was gargle, and Kry knew perfectly well he was just as excited as he was, anxious for experience.
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    Personal Journal: November 23, 2004, 9:26 PM:

    A young boy stepped into the Sky Gate with a Pikachu on his back. Alas, it was Kevin, a citizen of Cerulean City, with Pikamaster, a Pikachu from the Power Plant (This is my first post in FB; I needed an introduction).

    "So many paths, so many choices. Arrgh, my head's spinning!" Kevin said. So he did what he always did to solve this kind of problem; spin around with his eyes closed with a pointed finger and waited for a shock from Pikamaster. Unfortunately, the shock led him to Space Path.

    "You just had to pick that one, right?!?" Pikamaster nodded sheepishly.

    "Well, OK. But if we disappear on that path and are never found again, it's your fault!" And with that, they take off towards the mysterious Space Path.

    Other Notes:

    Well, there it is, hope this is enough.

    I've got a question enchantress: You said nobody has ever returned from Space Path, so nobody knows what's down there, right? Well, if I make it, would a new area open or would I go to a current area?

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    Shannon felt the exhiliration in her mind about seeing the Cloud Garden. She was at the Sky Gate Pokemon Centre. She sent out her Staryu, Shiner.

    "Shiner, where should we go first?" Shannon asked. They were both looking at a map of the Cloud Garden.

    "Hmmm....I feel like...either the Fountain Garden or Rainbow Waterfalls." Shiner replied.

    "I'd say Memory Lane. My command. You get what you get and you don't make a fit." Shannon said.

    "All right. Memory Lane." Shiner said. The two head out of Sky Gate and head their way to Memory Lane.
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    "The quest... the passion... the lust..." Taihen spoke dramatically as he stood in the door frame.

    "Ah shaddup!" a can was slung at Taihens head as it clunked effortlessly, causing him to fall out of the house. The door was slammed soonly afterwards. Slowly picking himself up, with a dusting off he spoke through the door.

    "Parents, I know my leaving has drawn you to tears... but please, control yourself!" he exclaimed loudly. No reply... Hrm... better begin anyway.

    For awhile, the moonwalk was given with horrible precision, tripping over many rocks... and tipping his hat to imaginary fans. Gloved hands twirled in a groovy manner as he clicked pokeball at his waist. He blinked as nothing happened.
    "Stupid thing...".

    No matter... patience was given... and he would figure it out.

    5 minutes later:

    "Ahhh! This thing is hopeless!" he snarled as he kicked the miniature ball, which began to roll. He let out a low 'eh'? as he realized his misfortune, and pursued it on its unexpected quest to the Stardust fields...

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    OOC: Is there going to be a new update soon?

    Cherry and Batesy looked around at the forest. It was very dark and unpleasant.
    "Hey Cherry," said Batesy. "Next time we go here, do you want to plant some trees?"
    "Char!" replied Cherry happily.
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    I apologise to you all for the lack of updates recently but due to the fact that I have been absolutely swamped with work both at Fizzy Bubbles and in my own life I haven't had the chance to update as often as I would like. I've managed to get a few done here and there but I'm simply not able to find enough time to do them all.

    Because of this, Jau will be temporarily taking over as updator of this zone. He was the original owner of UPN's Cloud Garden before retiring and handing it over to me (I was only his assistant at the time), so you will be sure to be receiving top quality updates.

    He's only just taken on the job (approximately 20 minutes ago), so give him a little time to catch up on what's going on and you'll all be receiving updates soon.
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    Sorry to keep you all waiting people, I promise your updates will arrive as soon as possible.
    I haven't had the easiest week, and i'm just taking a little time out now to relax. Expect updates sometime tomorrow, and thank you all for your patience.
    .:Team Leaf:.

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    " WOW!" Ringo said in awe. " I have NO idea what I'm doing here. But I am someone who loves adventure, and I am ALSO someone who ends up randomly in strange places after inebriating myself so... this must be..."

    She looked down at the Monster Ball that held her Magikarp.

    "...DESTINY..." Ringo said in a quiet, over-dramatic voice. " Today will finally be the day I find a chef who can cook this Magikarp I'm lugging around."

    Narrator: But where will you GO Ringo?

    Ringo: Eh? Hee... -.- Rose Arch! WHY? Because I like flowers.

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    Here we go, sorry to keep you all waiting. New people have been grouped together for convenience, but you don't have to stay together.

    Crystal Espeon - The old man at the Guide's Hut suddenly perks up upon hearing your words, sarcastic or not.
    "A Guide? A Guide you say? Ke ke ke ke ke," The fact that he practically pounced on you showed that business had obviously been slow lately. Most trainers being too big-headed to ask for help from others. "No problem, no problem at all. I can find anything, anywhere at anytime!" He states proudly, puffing out his wrinkly chest before I look of confusion washes over him. "Now.......where did I put those maps?" You could almost feel the comedic sweatdrop dripping off your forehead.
    After a few minutes of waiting, the old man reappers, holding a crusty old piece of paper. "I told you I can find anything!" He states to keep his pride intact. Placing a strong grip, for an old man, on your arm, he leads you off in the direction of the Oasis.
    What will you do now?

    Gamer C - Concerned about wearing Chuck out you decide to ease up and order him to evade Nidoran’s attacks. Nidoran, still angry about your attempted capture, doesn’t strategise all too well and rushes forward, attempting to ram Chuck again with its horn. Ready for the attack, Chuck dodges at the last second, causing Nidoran to lose its momentum as it goes sailing past. Chuck, using this opening to move in and attack, whacks Nidoran with Tackle sending it reeling backwards. Nidoran then gets to its feet, panting heavily, as it prepares to move in again. What will you do?

    Pikachu King - Realising Pikachu you command a Thundershock from it, although Grimer Hardens before the electricity hits it, ands takes little damage from the attack. You then order a Quick Attack, which the yellow rat pulls off with perfection, with the small exception that it ends up getting stuck in Grimer's sticky body, leaving it defenseless as Grimer Pounds it, which hurts a bit, but luckily also frees it.
    What will you do next?

    Taihen Dakedo - Relentlessly chasing the escaping ball, you ungracefully dive to the ground when it is finally within reach, but all you manage to get is a faceful of dust as the ball slips through your fingers, and rolls under a bush. As you pull yourself up and dust yourself off, you notice the bush that your Ball rolled under is rustling slightly. What will you do?

    Charizard Master - Limbering up for the next round, both Charla and Spinarak make their moves. Spinarak firing another Poison Sting, Charla Scratching, both moves hit their targets, knocking the Pokemon back a little. Pulling herself together, Charla makes another move, her claws glimmering, although Spinarak quickly shoots out a sticky String Shot, the wraps around Charla's arm, slowing it down and causing the attack to miss. However, Charla's third strike hits home, using her free claw.
    What will you do next?

    Aeroblast - Both making their move, Zag Leers intimidatingly at Venonat, then seems to freeze in place, as Venonat Disables it. The hairy bug taking this opportunity to Tackle the Zangoose hard in the stomach, which hurts, but also brings it back to its sense, and it retaliates with a Scratch.
    Good first round, but what will you do next?

    Flames Galore - Finally arriving in the Cloud Forest, you take a moment to behold this natural, untouched wonder, brimming with life. Although some life appears to be a little too lively, which you notice from a Spearow swooping and diving around looking for a meal, and very nearly hitting you. What will you do?

    Eon - Revitalised by the Potion, Dryad leaps fearlessly back into battle and Tackles the Ledyba hard, knocking onto its back. The spotted bug seems to have a little trouble turning over again and just lays there, wriggling its legs in the air. Thankfully another Tackle seems to turn it the right way round again, but instead of thanking Dryad it retaliates with a Tackle! That's gratitude for you these days. A final Tackle though and Ledyba flops to the ground, its wings fluttering, then stopping. It was fainted, and Dryad gains a level.
    What will you do now?

    lilbluecorsola, PokéCma, Juno, Pokemon Pirate, & Lon - Making your way along the bright, cheerful Rainbow Road, you all take the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. The fresh flowers, bright skies and a seemingly endless Rainbow that divides the sky would be enough to lighten anybodies spirits. But where are you all heading? The road seems to fork just ahead, one path leading left, and one right. There also seems to be a small trail in amongst the trees and other plantlife. Where will you go?


    Pichu Lover, Mozinrath & Pikamaster - You all find yourselves at the Space Path, some other, unfamiliar, trainers appear to be there with you although you don't really notice them. What really grabs your attentions is that the path you were just walking on seems to just.....stop, and before you is the spellbinding sights of stars, planets, galaxies, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Faint glimmers of Gold seem to show narrow pathways, leading off in four directions, a North Path, a South Path, an East Path, and a West Path. Where will you go?

    Sheer Cold - To your surprise, the Comet's Corner is a rather isolated, boring area. A few shooting stars catch your attention for a moment, but nothing else much seems to happen. In boredom you take to kicking rocks, however, after kicking one particular rock, it grumbles and rubs its head. It's a Geodude, and it doesn't look pleased to see you.

    Aniodia - The Gastly notices that you noticed him, and grins wickedly as you approach. A whispered voice seems to echo around you. "What brings you to this place of rememberance, Living?" It asks as the Gastly floats forwards, slowly circling you and Sam. "What memories do you have here? What can you share with those who have lost, Living?" It hovers eerily in front of Sam for a moment. "Very interesting......" The voice mutters before the Gastly launches itself into the air, laughing madly as it swoops and swirls around you. The voice slowly growing louder to the point of becoming deafening. It doesn't look aggressive, but at the moment it doesn't seem to friendly either. So what are your plans?

    Jealinfunk - Travelling along the dark pathway known as Memory Lane you take your time to look over the many plaques, headstones and wreaths that line the pathway. You read the inscriptions that have been left in honour of deceased pokemon and can’t help but feel sad for the trainers who have lost such beloved partners for it is obvious from the writings present that they had shared a close and loving bond with the pokemon they had raised. As you walk along you begin to realise that the sense of sadness you are feeling is not only coming from within you, but also around you and you can’t help but feel a cold chill run up your spine. You can feel a strong, dark aura in the air and you begin to question your decision about entering a place like this so early on in your journey. Before you have an opportunity to make up your mind you feel another shiver run up and down your spine but this time you can sense there is a very real reason for it. Turning around slowly you see a Gastly hovering above one of the plaques to the side of the path, the malicious glint in it’s eyes causing your blood to run cold. What will you do?

    Aurora Wish - You desire to find strong Pokemon seems to be felt by your surroundings. As you stop a moment to rest the ground beneath you begins to shake. A large, round, tombstone by the side of the road begins to move, and make strange noises. It slowly seems to stand up. It wasn't a Tombstone, it was a resting Graveller, and it seems curious about why you're here.

    Vilexaron & Ringo As you enter the Rose Arch you see a large signpost before you. On it are several arrows, and the names of the places they are pointing too:

    Hedge Maze – A large, long-winded maze with dead ends, Bridges, towers, ladders with snakes (And not snakes and ladders, even though it was in the first draft blueprint) THE WORKS… Rescue flares are given out at the beginning of the maze so that you don’t end up dead…

    The Houses – The glasshouses themselves:

    Main Glasshouse 1 – Exotic Vegetables
    Main Glasshouse 2 – Tropical Fruit
    Main Glasshouse 3 – Jungle Flora
    Sub Glasshouse 1 – Domestic Vegetables
    Sub Glasshouse 2 – Northern Climate Fruit
    Sub Glasshouse 3 – Desert Flora
    Sub Glasshouse 4 – Highland Shrubberies
    Sub Glasshouse 5 – Country Wildlife

    Where will you be headed?

    Dennison - Quickly regaining your footing you get yourself out of the way before the enraged Ekans decides to attack you. Immediately ordering Squirtle to attack as you are not too fond of the idea of being bitten, your little partner leaps into action, assuming his attack position. The two square off for a moment, glaring at one another before Squirtle releases a tidal wave of Surf, riding the wave as it washes over Ekans who doesn’t appear to be all too happy about almost drowning. While Ekans lays coughing up the water, Squirtle attacks it from behind, charging forward with a Tackle which sends the slippery serpent flying backward to land in a sodden, muddy patch of the dirt trail. Ekans isn’t looking too great but its anger is giving it an adrenaline rush and so it lunges forward to Wrap itself around Squirtle’s neck. What will you do?

    Sentret - Ordering a Quick Attack from your Sentret, it immediately.....stares at you in confusion. It doesn't know how to use Quick Attack at the level it's on. This moment of confusion is all Seviper needs as it launches another attack, Wrapping itself around Skipper's tiny body and squeezing it tight. You're going to have to rethink things a little if you're planning to win this fight. What will you do?

    Ladyumbra - Taking the guise of an elegant Umbreon you and Ditto make your way into the cave. It seems pretty empty, and the sound of dripping water echoes loudly around you. The walls seem to be covered in some strange material, giving them a faint shine to help you find your way around without walking into too many things. Although what you failed to notice was a small hole into the ground which you just happen to step on, and loose your footing, sending you sprawling along the floor rather ungracefully. You don't seem too pleased with that, and neither does the Diglett who's head you just stepped on, as it bobs up and down in its hole angrily. What will you do?

    Eeveeboy Geoff - You wait a few moments after calling, and eventually you hear a reply. A familiar voice calling out to you, "Anyone there?" You realise its just a faint echo bouncing off the burrows empty walls. However, peering inside you can see something glinting softly in the burrows depths, so can also hear a few, barely audible, scuffling sounds.
    What will you do?

    Elemental Dragon - Trying to pick out one particular Pokemon from all the strong, healthy looking ones around isn't easy. You spot a ground of Surskit skating along in a small stretch of water nearby, a few Venonat nearby that have stopped for a drink. A flock of Wingull perched not too far away, scanning the area thoughtfully. They take flight though as a Qwilfish uses them for target practice. What will you be doing around here?

    Hureta - Heading down the bottom path, you find that you're quickly becoming rather lost. To make matters worse, its getting a little darker around here, and the bushes around you begin to rustle. What will you do?

    Flanneryfan & Shadow Fox - You are not required to travel together for your updates, I simply placed the two of you into this one to save time so you can each consider it to be your own introduction to the zone. How you proceed from this point will be your own individual decisions.

    Deciding to do the touristy thing and take a trip to the Rainbow Waterfalls you find you are awestruck by the magnificence of the place. Set in a deep valley, the mountains surrounding the area are a perfect backdrop to the many dozens of waterfalls cascading into the river below which winds off somewhere into the distance. The spray from the water creates a fine mist which seems to hang in the air causing a permanent array of rainbows to hang in the skies above, and the lush green foliage has attracted many pokemon, some of which you can see wandering around in the valley below. There are several long wooden bridges spanning the area high above the river (one of which you are standing upon), and you can see manmade trails leading down the side of the mountain. There are many people about, some travelling alone, some travelling in groups, as well as several couples finding this to be the perfect romantic setting as they traverse the area, totally absorbed in one another.
    So, it seems there appear to be several options available to you. You can explore the upper mountains using the many bridges to travel from one place to another, you can take a hike down one of the mountain trails that lead to the valley below (who knows what you may find along the way), you can approach one of the trainers or tourists in the area or you can simply wander about, looking for something that may catch your eye. What would you like to do?

    Batesy - I know you're new, but please only post once, and you're going to have to give me something to work with if you wan't better updates As you make your way around the wastelands, one tree seems to still be standing. It's a little odd though, its short, with cream colored spots, and only three, balls shaped, leaves on each of its two branches. It twitches slightly as you stare at it, then stays still again.

    Rokman - The two Pokemon size each other up before Bulbasaur charges at the Spearow, ready to Tackle it, although it only ends up hitting thin air. It looks around in confusion as Spearow is nowhere to be found, then cries out in pain as it gets Pecked from behind, the Spearow cleverly flying over the top of Brutey as he charged. It then Leers at the Bulbasaur, giving him a rather intimidating. "Watcha gonna do?" look.
    What are ya gonna do?

    Houndoom Master - As Burn Leers at the Murkrow, the black bird just seems to stare right back, not looking in the least bit intimidated. It takes to the air again, swooping down at you, and right into Burn's line of fire as he releases a few Embers the singe the Murkrows feathers, giving of a rather nasty smell of burnt crow. In retaliation it dives again, Pecking Burn hard in revenge for its toasted plumage. What will you do now?

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    Lizzie entered Sky Gate, her Chikorita at her side. Chikorita looked up, "Hey, let's go to Stardust Fields! I'm sure I can battle a few cool pokemon there!" "Ok," Lizzie replied, picking up Chikorita, and walking along the stony path to Stardust Field...
    Fizzy Bubbles Team:
    Mangrove - Bayleef, Lv.27
    Brook - Totodile, Lv.27Aether - Pidgeotto, Lv.25

    Zeus - Flaaffy, Lv.24 Classicle - Pachirisu, Lv.11 Misdreavus, Lv.28
    Credit goes to Tori845.

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    Fluorii was just wandering around the Cloud Gardens, looking for a place to go. She was just a basic female trainer with an even more basic Meowth sitting on her shoulder, which was groaning in hunger. Fluorii took a piece of meat from her backpack that were actually meant for her pokemon, but she halved and gave the other part for her Meowth, the other one she ate herself. A few random people around squinted at them, but Fluorii hardly even noticed that. She was used to it, that everyone though she was a freak.

    "Namir, the Rainbow Road or Stardust Fields?", Fluorii broke the silence. Namir, her meowth, just meowed, but she wouldn't even care about the cat's answer, just took her mp3's receivers off her ears and aimed to the Rainbow Road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    lilbluecorsola, PokéCma, Juno, Pokemon Pirate, & Lon - Making your way along the bright, cheerful Rainbow Road, you all take the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. The fresh flowers, bright skies and a seemingly endless Rainbow that divides the sky would be enough to lighten anybodies spirits. But where are you all heading? The road seems to fork just ahead, one path leading left, and one right. There also seems to be a small trail in amongst the trees and other plantlife. Where will you go?[/color]
    Tomo walked along the path with his pokemon, Krabby. The walked rather slowly, carefully admiring everything that was going on around them. Krabby looked around, quite happily at the sight of everything , and showed it off rather well too. Tomo took his gaze off from the scenery to watch his own little pokemon jump up and down excitedly.

    Soon enough though, the two came across an area where they would have to make a decision. As they walked up to the end of the road, there was a fork in it. Now, there was a choice of either the right side, or the left side. Which should they choose? Also, upon closer inspection, Tomo noticed another trail that went into the wild plantlife.

    It was now time to make a choice. Would they take the path to the left or the right? Or, would they go to the other trail, the one that was amongst the
    trees and bushes. Again, Tomo began to wonder on which path to take, but, Kaido seemed to know exactly which way he wanted to go. The pokemon took off into the grassy path, and his trainer soon followed.

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    As you enter the Rose Arch you see a large signpost before you. On it are several arrows, and the names of the places they are pointing too:

    Hedge Maze – A large, long-winded maze with dead ends, Bridges, towers, ladders with snakes (And not snakes and ladders, even though it was in the first draft blueprint) THE WORKS… Rescue flares are given out at the beginning of the maze so that you don’t end up dead…

    The Houses – The glasshouses themselves:

    Main Glasshouse 1 – Exotic Vegetables
    Main Glasshouse 2 – Tropical Fruit
    Main Glasshouse 3 – Jungle Flora
    Sub Glasshouse 1 – Domestic Vegetables
    Sub Glasshouse 2 – Northern Climate Fruit
    Sub Glasshouse 3 – Desert Flora
    Sub Glasshouse 4 – Highland Shrubberies
    Sub Glasshouse 5 – Country Wildlife

    Where will you be headed?
    " Hmm..." Ringo frowned, sitting on the ground with a perplexed look. " Well, I don't like mazes. So that leaves the glasshouses..."

    Narrator: Where will you GO Ringo?
    Ringo: SHUT UP! *whacks*

    " I like the word shrubberies so... shrubberies, here I come!" Ringo said like the fool she is and marched towards where the arrow was pointing.

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    will looks around seeing a pokemon center and pokemart a few house and various trainers talking with there pokemon. will reaches down to his belt and removes nidoran pokeball.

    "go nidoran" with a flash of lit nidoran appears

    (hi will)

    "hi nidoran where do you want to go" will asked takeing his map out of his bag

    (well what bout that place) pointing to the cloud forest

    "ok but how are we going to get there??"

    a man walks up behind will

    "hello are you lost"

    "yes could you help us get to the cloud forest"
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