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Thread: The Cloud Garden Recorded History

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ytnim
    [Goin’ Graveler- Quickly releasing your numel, you order it to attack the incoming bear pokemon. “Numel! Quickly use Tackle then Growl to decrease its power!”

    Nodding confidently, Numel faced his opponent.

    The Teddiursa leapt upon Numel’s back and scratched along his side. Although his hurt slightly, his tough hide prevented much damage from taking place. In retaliation, Numel threw his weight into tackling the little bear pokemon to the ground. Trapped between the ground and Numel, both of which were impossible for Teddiursa to move, the pokemon licked the fiery camel along the face. This disgusting act caused Numel to get off the normal type and gag. After getting over the sickening experience, Numel growled loudly at the pokemon, making it back away in fear slightly. What will you do now?
    "Okay Numel! Use Howl, then Tackle again!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt72
    Rainbow Waterfalls

    Hureta: Continuing your trudge through the forest, you seem to be getting closer to the source of the smell. As your Swinub leads you around, it becomes more confident that the smell is coming from something good. Although right now thats not so sure, as the pig pokemon is suddenly getting a slap to the nose! Apparently your pokemon ran headfirst into a Lotad, who had been sleeping peacefully under the surface of a pool under a great oak tree....What shall ye do?

    Centin checks the Pokedex.

    "Lotad is said to have dwelled on land before. However, this Pokemon is thought to have returned to water because the leaf on its head grew large and heavy. It now lives by floating atop the water"

    Alright, a water and grass type! Centin commands a battle for swinub to just do a tackle fest to it. Centin then commands Centin to never use ancient power on the poor little thing. In other words, to not hurt it that much *grins*

    Meanwhile, Centin polishes one of his pokeballs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radical Edward


    Cow Dude and Golden Mew: (you are not required to travel together, I just but you in the same update to save time) You and your pokemon walk along the narrow path that leads up to the top of the ridges. You reach the top, and you are instantly partially deafened, the Raucous calls of thousands of birds drilling into your very head. You and your pokemon cover your ears for a few minutes until your ears become adjusted to the noise. You and your pokemon get up and start to watch the colorful birds in flight, you suddenly hear a cry from behind you. Turning around, you see two very mad looking pidgys looking at you with fire in their eyes. What will you do?

    NOTE TO ALL: I realize some of you are new to FB and haven’t gotten around to this yet, But Please, Add your team into your sig, along with any special moves your Pogeymons have, levels, genders, and the sort. It makes it much easier for me to just glance at your sig than to go searching for your registration info. Thanks a bunch, and have fun!
    GM let out her Chikorita, Enterna. "Enterna, don't attack straight away. We don't want to set a fight if we don't need one!"
    Enterna, seeing the blazing eyes of the Pidgeys, stepped protectively in front of her trainer. It raised it's leaf as a sort of shield and put on an angry face.
    "If these pidgeys attack you, dodge them, then use a tackle. You see, they'll do it from head on, bgut if you dodge, they'll crash into the ground, which will be your chance to make the tackle!" GM told Enterna. "Get me?"
    "Yup! Got ya!" Enterna anwsered, still staring angrily at the Pidgeys.
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    Brook - Totodile, Lv.27Aether - Pidgeotto, Lv.25

    Zeus - Flaaffy, Lv.24 Classicle - Pachirisu, Lv.11 Misdreavus, Lv.28
    Credit goes to Tori845.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt72

    Eeveeboy_Geoff: Following the source of the sounds, you race deeper into the caves. It doesn't take long, for soon you enter a rather large, open cavern. Although very little points of interest dot the floor, the ceiling above you seems to move! Closer inspection reveals the ceiling of this cave to be covered with sleeping Zubat and Golbat, and the slightest provocation could alert the entire cavern full of them! What should you do?
    Jeff and Inferno both freeze upon noticing the bat Pokémon. Simultaniously, they both turn to face each other. "shhhhh…" Jeff says, extremely quietly. Inferno puts a paw over his mouth in an imitation of the human gesture. Jeff points across the chamber and waves his hand a few times. Inferno nods and they begin sneaking slowly accross the cave, hoping to find the end of the huge cavern. Jeff lifts and places each foot carefully, to make sure he doesn't disturb any loose rocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radical Edward

    ForeverFlygon: As you an Finwe approach the figure, you see that it is in fact not a human, but a man shaped thing made of fire. It’s eyes open when you step onto the field, and fast as lightning, a glowing sphere of liquid flame is thrown onto the field, flashing brightly. After you regain your vision, you see a rather frightening pokemon. An entirely Black cumbusken is standing in the middle of the field. Finwe sees this and instantly leaps into action, trying to astonish the creature, but rather than astonishing the jet black fowl, al Finwe’s astonish knocks of a chunk of it’s flesh, revealing Stark white bone. Finwe and you stands wide eyed as you both realize just what you are fighting. The rotting Pokemon is no longer among the living! What will you do now?

    As he sees the Combusken, Feera is stunned. He never though he'd see a dead pokemon - but a fighting one? After some thinking, he decides to return Fínwč, and without a word, he takes the pokenball from his belt, and a red light surrounds Fínwč, who is glad that she dosen't have to fight this creature.
    Instead, Feera takes another pokeball from his belt,and resizes it in his hand.
    "Come on out, Mikozou!" He says, and gives the pokeball a lucky kiss, then throws it high into the air. The red and blue orb releases a small fish, silver and yellow colored, known as a special coloreed Barboach, and then flies back to Feera's hand, who resizes it again, and puts it back into his belt.
    The fish makes some funny noises, and then turns to face the Combusken zombie.

    "OK pal, easy now" Feera commands Mikozou. "I want you to spray yourself in water, to make yourself resistant aginst fire. Then, Water Gun the Combusken, before you throw a Whirlpool in it's direction. Stay close to me all the time. Go it?"
    Mikozou nods, and once again turns to face the Combusken zombie, this time with a determined face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radical Edward
    Blazikens’ Charizard: You and your Torchic enter the fountain Gardens ready for adventure. You look on and see many trainers playing with their pokemon in the fountains, Wild pokemon playing around, and the like. Seeing as theirs nothing happening in this portion of the garden, you and Torchic walk until you come to a sign. As you come in sight of it, you try to read it, but are interrupted by a hard nock on your head. You look up and a pleased to see a small shuppet has chosen your head a nest. What will you do now?
    "Tooorchic!" shouted Torchic teasing Rizwan.
    "What's on my head?" Rizwan asked Torchic as he reached to take off the visitor from his head.
    "Shuppett" the small Shuppet growled.
    "You cute and quite friendly, I think I am gonna add you to my team! What do you think Torchic? Don't you want a new friend?" Rizwan looked at the Shuppet as he asked his Torchic.
    "Toorchic!" the chick pokemon happily replied
    "Shuppet, I would like to capture and make you apart of my team!" Rizwan told the Shuppet
    "Shuuupp" the Shuppet shouted as it got ready for a battle
    "Tororchic!" Torchic shouted as he jumped into the battle field getting ready for a battle.
    "Ok Torchic, use your Growl attack to start off things!" Rizwan commanded.
    Torchic gave out a growl towards the Shuppet...
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    Taking in the sights sounds and strange smells of the cloud garden Artic slowly strolled towards the Sky gate. Checking in at the entrance and pocketing a map he continued slowly walking enjoying the peace and quite all around him.

    'Everywhere sounds so exciting...'

    It does not, everywhere sounds boring.

    'Lets go to stardust fields..'

    You are such a female. Why isn't there a place called THE RIDGE OF SLOW AND EXTREMELY PAINFUL DEATH!!11111oneoneoneoneone

    'Because The Cloud garden isn't ran by maniacs.'

    What about Delibird ridge? its close enough for me.

    'Fair enough. but i'm not carrying you if we have to climb.'

    Trust me boy, you will be.

    Artic asked for directions and took the path he was pointed down. The path that leads to DELIBIRD RIDGE

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    "Would you hurry up?" Andrew asks the small fire lizard lagging behind him.

    "Gasp! Why the hell did we have to run all the way her? A bus or train woulda been easier!" Fuego the Charmander declares.

    "Hmm, um maybe cause your getting a little pudgy!" Andrew sneers at his friend.

    Slowly walking over to him, Fuegon places his flaming tail against the cuff of Andrew's jeans, lighting them a flame.

    "Gyahhh! put it out! Put it out, you little heathan!" he crys.

    Laughing, the Charmander walks over and puts the fire out. "So where are we going?" He asks between fits of laughter.

    Giving his partner a dirty look, Andrew opens the map and says, "Hmm, how about The Space Path?" he asks.

    Instantly stopping his laughter, the fire lizard. States, "No."

    Giving his friend a weird look, Andrew asks, "Hmm, why so serious?"

    "Are you kidding? No one has ever rreturned from there! We'll die!" he screeched.

    "Yeah, I know now are you coming or not?" asks Andrew, ignoring his friends melodrama.

    "Do I have to?"

    "Well, I can return you and force you," Andrew threatened.

    "Fine let's go." The small lizard sighed.

    And so they went off to that mysterious path.

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    Nathan, hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pyschic/Ghost trainer, starts off with his first pokemon Ghostly the Ghastly at Comet's Corner.
    "Come out Ghostly," Nathan says, "Which way should we go?"
    The Ghastly licks the top of the map indicating he wants to start in the northern part of Comet's Corner.
    "Ghostly you know that map isn't clean, actually it's very dirty so why did you do that?"
    Ghostly made a rude face at Nathan, implieing that the map tasted like chicken.
    "Enough arguing, lets go."
    The duo set off into the unknown land of northern Comet's Corner, and hoped for the best.

    PS: Is this okay?
    I claimed Zangetsu from Bleach as moi bishie

    Looking for a fanfic about Chase and Larvitar from a few years back, it would mean alot to me if you could tell me the exact title or author (or even better a link to it). Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon
    Bart: Melody and Maku stared each other down, neither moving. The old woman even stopped playing her flute. Maku, impatient, decided to go ahead and perform his move. He began to charge at Jigglypuff, preparing for his Vital Throw attack. Suddenly, Melody’s hands start to move back and forth. They stop, and then glow a bright blue. Her body starts to glow and become surrounded with electricity. She starts to run, meeting Maku head-on. Maku is sent flying from the Volt Tackle. Melody’s hands then glow with yellow Electric energy. Several tendrils of electricity come out and bind Maku, who is still lying on the floor. The battle is defenitely taking a turn for the worse for you. What will you do now?
    "STUPID JIGGLYPUFF!" Shobu shouted in anger. "Get up, Maku, up."

    Maku got up.

    "Show that pink furball who's boss. Use Focus Energy, then give it an Arm Thrust!" Shobu ordered.

    Maku followed. He closed his eyes to concentrate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt72
    Elite Water Trainer: Curious, you ask what the researchers are doing here. A short older man steps forward, a kindly demeanor adjorning his visage (thank you Webster).

    "Why, young lady, we're here for the same reason as most of you kids seem to be, to find the waterfalls. In all the years, many trainers and people have ventured into this forest, but there are so few accounts of the actual falls themselves that its been deemed a mystery. Not only that, the few rare accounts hold evidence that a cave exists, hidden behind the waterfalls. Who knows what could be hidden down there!"

    Stepping back, the old man coughs nervously.

    "I apologize for my forwardness, I am Bryan Holstein, leader of this expedition. Your welcome to join us if you wish, in fact we need a few more hands around here."

    "An expedition sounds wonderful, Bobby and I will love to join you!" Hayley replies, excited. "I saw some waterfalls a little while ago back there" she says again, turning around and pointing back to where she had come from. "I can take you there and help you look for a cave. I wonder what could be inside a hidden cave? It sounds exciting!"

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    In the shadows of your mind...


    The Cloud Garden is now officially closed. I'm only leaving the thread open temporarily so that anyone who wishes to switch over to UPN can easily copy/paste their last update/replies (but only if you were in my group). If you weren't in my updating group then you can post a restart at UPN.

    Please don't anybody post in this thread from this point on.

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    I would appreciate it if people would stop PMing me and abusing me for closing this thread. The Cloud Garden was never meant to be a permanent Serebii Zone. It is a UPN zone and the only reason it was ever opened here in the first place was so this branch of FB could have an active zone for you to adventure in. I've gone through hell trying to teach most of you how to reply properly and have gotten nothing but headaches and abuse in return for it and I'm sick of it. I have other zones and shops to update and many more duties that you aren't even aware of not to mention I have a life outside of FB *everyone gasps before passing out*

    Now that Fizzytopia is (mostly) finished, Serebii has it's own exclusive zone. I've put a lot of time and energy into creating that thread so that I can ditch my thankless job here and return to updating UPN only where what I do is at least appreciated and now that I don't have this place to worry about I'll have more time for my people over there.

    *closes thread*

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