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Thread: The Cloud Garden Recorded History

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Houndoom Master - As Burn Leers at the Murkrow, the black bird just seems to stare right back, not looking in the least bit intimidated. It takes to the air again, swooping down at you, and right into Burn's line of fire as he releases a few Embers the singe the Murkrows feathers, giving of a rather nasty smell of burnt crow. In retaliation it dives again, Pecking Burn hard in revenge for its toasted plumage. What will you do now?
    "Burn! Are you okay?" Pete walked over to the poor Houndour which was on the ground, still recovering from the blow. The Murkrow flew up to its perch, looking like it might attack again if Pete and Burn didn't leave. "Burn! Try jumping up to reach the Murkrow, then bring it to the ground to pin it so I can catch it!" After Burn had done this, Pete threw a Pokeball.
    OOC: Jau, I think the first time I tried to throw a Pokeball, enchantress said that I couldn't throw a Pokeball in the first round of battle. This is the second round of battle, so I figured I could. If this is wrong, please PM me and I'll edit it.

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    Default On the Road again...

    RAINBOW ROAD - Making your way along the bright, cheerful Rainbow Road, you all take the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. The fresh flowers, bright skies and a seemingly endless Rainbow that divides the sky would be enough to lighten anybodies spirits. But where are you all heading? The road seems to fork just ahead, one path leading left, and one right. There also seems to be a small trail in amongst the trees and other plantlife. Where will you go?
    "Hmm... three choices, three chances."

    Juno sits down at the fork and closes his eyes. Deri walks over to him and lays on the pebble-strewn road. Juno takes a deep breath and the air calms. Around them all is still, not a blade of grass moves as time appears to stop. Then a gentle breeze sweeps over Juno, blowing leaves and dust over his shoulder. Juno immediately rises and sets off down the right path, closely followed by Deri.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Eon - Revitalised by the Potion, Dryad leaps fearlessly back into battle and Tackles the Ledyba hard, knocking onto its back. The spotted bug seems to have a little trouble turning over again and just lays there, wriggling its legs in the air. Thankfully another Tackle seems to turn it the right way round again, but instead of thanking Dryad it retaliates with a Tackle! That's gratitude for you these days. A final Tackle though and Ledyba flops to the ground, its wings fluttering, then stopping. It was fainted, and Dryad gains a level.
    What will you do now?
    Jael fell to his knees, still hurt by the Ledyba's attack. He slowly reached for a spare Pokeball on his belt.

    "Pokeball, go!" Jael cried.

    He through the Pokeball at Ledyba. It sucked the bug Pokemon into the ball with a flash of light and fell to the ground. It started to shake, squeaking BEEP, BEEP, and...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Rokman - The two Pokemon size each other up before Bulbasaur charges at the Spearow, ready to Tackle it, although it only ends up hitting thin air. It looks around in confusion as Spearow is nowhere to be found, then cries out in pain as it gets Pecked from behind, the Spearow cleverly flying over the top of Brutey as he charged. It then Leers at the Bulbasaur, giving him a rather intimidating. "Watcha gonna do?" look.
    What are ya gonna do?
    Rok, is now officialy ****** off....he expected this spearow to be weak, slow, unintimidating. and the move it just pulled off was a nice one. Rok saw the spearow land on a big rock. it was really tall and similar to an upside down pyramid, like a beaver has been chewing on a tree at the botttom of it. The spearow looked at rok with a smirk of intellegence, because it thought Rok's land-dwelling pokemon couldn't get up there to spearow's level.
    but, Rok was smarter than the average spearow..."Bruteroot, tackle the bottom of the rock." Rok said as he moved the brown messy hair out of his face so he could see what would happen....will Rok's plan work? i dont know? find out from Jau's bag of dirty tricks...:P

    OOC:I felt like drawing a quik sketch of the rock, incase my description wasn't good enoughXD

    <>< rokman
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    Relentlessly chasing the escaping ball, you ungracefully dive to the ground when it is finally within reach, but all you manage to get is a faceful of dust as the ball slips through your fingers, and rolls under a bush. As you pull yourself up and dust yourself off, you notice the bush that your Ball rolled under is rustling slightly. What will you do?

    "STU! You have overcome the evil that lurked inside that monstrososity of a device! Greet me with open... err... flippers!" he blinked as the pokeball, the one Stu was so grimfully 'trapped' within, rolled out to tap his foot.

    "Eto... Stu koko ni iru....dare ga koko?"
    {If Stu is here... then who is there?}

    "AGH! The bushes are a sign of evil! I must slay it in the valiant name of dancing! REDWALLLLLL!!!!" he charged the bushes, sending a so called 'valiant' kick to its leafy surface...

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    Crystal Espeon - The old man at the Guide's Hut suddenly perks up upon hearing your words, sarcastic or not.
    "A Guide? A Guide you say? Ke ke ke ke ke," The fact that he practically pounced on you showed that business had obviously been slow lately. Most trainers being too big-headed to ask for help from others. "No problem, no problem at all. I can find anything, anywhere at anytime!" He states proudly, puffing out his wrinkly chest before I look of confusion washes over him. "Now.......where did I put those maps?" You could almost feel the comedic sweatdrop dripping off your forehead.
    After a few minutes of waiting, the old man reappers, holding a crusty old piece of paper. "I told you I can find anything!" He states to keep his pride intact. Placing a strong grip, for an old man, on your arm, he leads you off in the direction of the Oasis.
    What will you do now?
    Crystal was not expecting this to happen. All she wanted was directions to the Oasis. Just some directions. Now she's being dragged by an old man. Crystal thought, 'Ow!! He's hurting my wrist!!' She tried to keep a smile on her face. However the smile was fake. 'Oh well... At least I'm going to the Oasis... Maybe I can catch a pokemon or two there... Hopefully he loosens his grip too soon...or I'm going to have to put a cast on this.' Crystal thought as she's dragged by the old coot- I mean gentleman.

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    Sheer Cold - To your surprise, the Comet's Corner is a rather isolated, boring area. A few shooting stars catch your attention for a moment, but nothing else much seems to happen. In boredom you take to kicking rocks, however, after kicking one particular rock, it grumbles and rubs its head. It's a Geodude, and it doesn't look pleased to see you.
    The Geodude gave a small, roaring sound, apparently of displeasure. Sheer was slightly frightened, but glad for a break from the monotony of the Comet's Corner. "Gligar, come here!" Sheer called to his hovering Gligar. Gligar swooped down to Sheer's arm, and stared at the angry Rock Poke'mon. "OK, Gligar," Sheer whispered into Gligar's large ears, "Poison Sting isn't going to affect this Poke'mon much, 'cause it's a Ground Type. Try grabbing and dropping it." "Gli, gargli!" Gligar yelled, and swooped down toward the Geodude. Sheer's face dripped with sweat. He was worried for his Gligar; would his strategy work?
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    Default Psychic's First Adventure!

    Arriving at the Sky Gate, the entrance to Cloud Garden, Psychic looks around at her surroundings. Spying a large multicoloured sign, Psychic beckons her Scyther over with a wave.
    "Hmmm, how does The Rose Arch sound to you Scyther? Maybe we'll find a few psychic or Dark types! We can find our first Pokemon to battle! That'd be terrific, don't you agree?" She asks.
    "Scai-ther, scai!" Scyther says in agreement, a smile plastered on his face.
    "Right then, look out Could Forest! Here we come!"
    "Scai!" Cries her companion happily.
    And so the two friends make off for their first adventure!
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    OOC: Sorry!

    Batesy saw a weird looking tree. It didn't look to normal.
    It was brown, but it had three green leaves that were spheres and creamy coloured spots on it.
    He moved closer. The tree twitched for a second. Then it stopped.
    Batesy moved even closer to investigate the tree. So close that he was practically touching it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    lilbluecorsola, PokéCma, Juno, Pokemon Pirate, & Lon - Making your way along the bright, cheerful Rainbow Road, you all take the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. The fresh flowers, bright skies and a seemingly endless Rainbow that divides the sky would be enough to lighten anybodies spirits. But where are you all heading? The road seems to fork just ahead, one path leading left, and one right. There also seems to be a small trail in amongst the trees and other plantlife. Where will you go?[/color]
    Cari stopped her sight seeing and looked at the three paths in front of her. Which one should she take? She went up to each path and looked down it, hoping to get some idea as to were they each lead. She decided on the trail into the woods. It looked mystyrious(spell?). She held out her arm for Ralts to climb on, and headed down the trail.

    "Were do you think this will lead, Ralts?"

    Ralts shrugged, and Cari grinned.

    "Well, we'll just have to find out. I hope it's something cool."

    Cari continued down the trail, gathering in her suroundings.
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    (ooc:LTU can talk to her Pokemon because of her Pokemorph-ness)
    LTU looks at her map of the Cloud Garden.
    "Where should we go, Oddspore(Oddish)?" she asks.
    Oddspore happily replies, "Stardust field looks interesting, pretty too!"
    "I think we'll find some cool Pokemon there, from what I've heard! I wonder what kind? Maybe one of them can be your new friend, Oddspore."
    LTU and her compainon Oddspore the Oddish now head off to the entrance to Stardust field, wondering what new adventures they may find.

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    *originaly posted by Jau*Flanneryfan & Shadow Fox - You are not required to travel together for your updates, I simply placed the two of you into this one to save time so you can each consider it to be your own introduction to the zone. How you proceed from this point will be your own individual decisions.

    Deciding to do the touristy thing and take a trip to the Rainbow Waterfalls you find you are awestruck by the magnificence of the place. Set in a deep valley, the mountains surrounding the area are a perfect backdrop to the many dozens of waterfalls cascading into the river below which winds off somewhere into the distance. The spray from the water creates a fine mist which seems to hang in the air causing a permanent array of rainbows to hang in the skies above, and the lush green foliage has attracted many pokemon, some of which you can see wandering around in the valley below. There are several long wooden bridges spanning the area high above the river (one of which you are standing upon), and you can see manmade trails leading down the side of the mountain. There are many people about, some travelling alone, some travelling in groups, as well as several couples finding this to be the perfect romantic setting as they traverse the area, totally absorbed in one another.
    So, it seems there appear to be several options available to you. You can explore the upper mountains using the many bridges to travel from one place to another, you can take a hike down one of the mountain trails that lead to the valley below (who knows what you may find along the way), you can approach one of the trainers or tourists in the area or you can simply wander about, looking for something that may catch your eye. What would you like to do?

    Ben looked around at the beautiful landscape that made up rainbow waterfall.

    "Wow!" he said gazing down into the vally. "I think Im going down to the bottom of the vally to see if I can find some pokemon"

    He threw His pokeballs on the gropund, realeasing his team of pokemon onto the ground.

    "well guys, were going to see if we can find a new member for the team, are you ready?" "Roselia," cooed a small flower like pokemon." sur surskit" chattered a small, energitic, blue bug." swablu, swablu" cirped a small bird with wings that looked like they were made of cotton."All right, looks Like we all agree.Lets go find a new friend!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau

    Pikachu King - Realising Pikachu you command a Thundershock from it, although Grimer Hardens before the electricity hits it, ands takes little damage from the attack. You then order a Quick Attack, which the yellow rat pulls off with perfection, with the small exception that it ends up getting stuck in Grimer's sticky body, leaving it defenseless as Grimer Pounds it, which hurts a bit, but luckily also frees it.
    What will you do next?
    "pika"*notices the grimers plan* " PIKA"
    me:"whats that PKJ???"
    "pika pika chu"(we should only thundershock)
    me:"hmmm good plan PKJ lets do it now use thundershock on it again"
    "pikapika pikachuuuuuuuuuu"*lets out a thundershock towards the grimer*
    me:"PKJ if that hits try using growl attack"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Aurora Wish - You desire to find strong Pokemon seems to be felt by your surroundings. As you stop a moment to rest the ground beneath you begins to shake. A large, round, tombstone by the side of the road begins to move, and make strange noises. It slowly seems to stand up. It wasn't a Tombstone, it was a resting Graveller, and it seems curious about why you're here.
    Shannon flinched. She wasn't expecting to find a Graveler. Still, Shiner had the advantage.

    "Go! Shiner!" Shannon sent out the spinning star.

    "Hiya!" Shiner was ready to battle.

    "Water Gun!"

    A shot of water was heading towards the Graveler. But it dodged it. It was so angry, that it self-destructed itself.

    "We better get outta here, Shiner!" Shannon returned Shiner, and started running back. The scariness of Memory Lane made her change her mind and go with Shiner's plan. Rainbow Waterfalls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau

    lilbluecorsola - Making your way along the bright, cheerful Rainbow Road, you all take the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. The fresh flowers, bright skies and a seemingly endless Rainbow that divides the sky would be enough to lighten anybodies spirits. But where are you all heading? The road seems to fork just ahead, one path leading left, and one right. There also seems to be a small trail in amongst the trees and other plantlife. Where will you go?
    Side by side, both girl and her Pokémon walked briskly along the path. The colorful and vibrant scenery helped refreshen and sharpen both their spirits, even the squat little penguin who had been shuffling along reluctantly beside her. They willingly paused their journey time and time again to examine an interesting flower sprouting alongside the road, or simply to stand in the middle of the path and gaze at brilliant periwinkle sky overhead whilst basking the warm dappled sunlight.

    At last, the duo came to an area where the road forked. Now faced with another decision to make, the girl groaned in frustration. "Not again," she sighed. She was too distraught with having to deal with another problem that she did not notice the forest trail nearby.

    Custard however, knew just what to do. Pointing a fat red flipper towards the paths, he spun around in a circle, gaining speed with each rotation. When he dizzily came to a stop, his wobbling flipper was pointing in the direction of the left path.

    Blue laughed and stooped down to give her faithful friend a squeeze as thanks. "Left it is then," she declared, and set off merrily down the left path, her Pokémon tottering after her.

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    Khai,the black/red dressed boy stared at the gate of the cloud garden as his cyndaquil began wandering arround...

    Khai:It is so beautyfull...not like me...

    -Weeee!Let´s roll!

    Cyndaquil curls into a ball and begins rolling,Khai followed him until they ended up in the Memory Lane.

    Khai:What is this place...this feels weird...Are you ok?

    -Yep...Hey,don´t stare at me,it´s not my fault that we ended up in this place...where are we?

    Khai:I don´t know....

    Khai began walking through the path..with a weird feeling...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Hureta - Heading down the bottom path, you find that you're quickly becoming rather lost. To make matters worse, its getting a little darker around here, and the bushes around you begin to rustle. What will you do?
    "Guess it's getting dark under here"
    [It's not even dark for me]
    "Gosh, it's like a maze here, when will we get to the rainbow waterfalls anyway?"
    [You might never know]
    "Hey, those bushes...ya know it's kinda creepy"
    *Ignores trainer*
    "Aw..okay. Just kidding"
    [Duh, it's just a bush]
    "Should we take a rest? I mean, it's dark and we can't continue on like this"
    [Yeah, why not?]*runs towards the trainer*
    "Hmm, I'll take that as a yes. We'll rest up till it's brighter"
    [Mm..cold, nice cold weather for me]

    *Flipping brochures and then slowly sleeps in the cold darkness weather next to the rustling bushes*

    "" = trainer talking
    [] = Denulge's mind, the trainer doesn't know anything about this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Dennison - Quickly regaining your footing you get yourself out of the way before the enraged Ekans decides to attack you. Immediately ordering Squirtle to attack as you are not too fond of the idea of being bitten, your little partner leaps into action, assuming his attack position. The two square off for a moment, glaring at one another before Squirtle releases a tidal wave of Surf, riding the wave as it washes over Ekans who doesn’t appear to be all too happy about almost drowning. While Ekans lays coughing up the water, Squirtle attacks it from behind, charging forward with a Tackle which sends the slippery serpent flying backward to land in a sodden, muddy patch of the dirt trail. Ekans isn’t looking too great but its anger is giving it an adrenaline rush and so it lunges forward to Wrap itself around Squirtle’s neck. What will you do?
    Dennison is very happy with the progress of the battle, especially with that Squirtle has improved a lot, probably due to the nice fresh air and the great environment.

    "Squirtle, don't get cocky! Keep it up!", yells Dennison

    The tiny Pokemon does a thumbs up, and gets ready for more commands.

    "Use Waterfall to crush it beneath the Waterfall, and Whirlpool it. While its distracted, use Tackle right in its face!"

    Squirtle nods at his trainer, and proceeds.

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    Aniodia - The Gastly notices that you noticed him, and grins wickedly as you approach. A whispered voice seems to echo around you. "What brings you to this place of rememberance, Living?" It asks as the Gastly floats forwards, slowly circling you and Sam. "What memories do you have here? What can you share with those who have lost, Living?" It hovers eerily in front of Sam for a moment. "Very interesting......" The voice mutters before the Gastly launches itself into the air, laughing madly as it swoops and swirls around you. The voice slowly growing louder to the point of becoming deafening. It doesn't look aggressive, but at the moment it doesn't seem to friendly either. So what are your plans?
    "What memories do I have?" Arcades gives the Gastly a glare, and puffs on his cigarette again. "From what I've heard, ghosts can read the minds of the living. If that's right, you could find out what memories I have for yourself. However, I would like to ask you to join me and my friend Samuke here, as I think you look like you could be of some help to me. Besides, why would you stay here and haunt only those who come by when you and I could go out and haunt many more?" A smile passed over Arcades' face, as he hoped the Gastly would buy the flattery and let himself be caught.

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    Taking the guise of an elegant Umbreon you and Ditto make your way into the cave. It seems pretty empty, and the sound of dripping water echoes loudly around you. The walls seem to be covered in some strange material, giving them a faint shine to help you find your way around without walking into too many things. Although what you failed to notice was a small hole into the ground which you just happen to step on, and loose your footing, sending you sprawling along the floor rather ungracefully. You don't seem too pleased with that, and neither does the Diglett who's head you just stepped on, as it bobs up and down in its hole angrily. What will
    you do?

    “ow mother***”

    Siri cursed as she slowly stood up wiping dirt off her pants and checking to see if her palms were skinned. It was then that she noticed umbreon staring at the Diglet she had tripped over. It was poping inand out of a hole rapidly and even though Siri had no idea what it was thinking she doubted it was apoligetic.

    “ gee thanks I so wanted to eat dirt today’ she growled

    Her dignity on the line Siri glanced at umbreon's rings glowing softly causing a reflection on the cave walls, poised to attack.

    ‘ Umbreon time its appearances and tackle” she commanded
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    "Hmm" said Max. "Wonder where I should go first" as Max glanced at his map? "They all look like awesome places to catch pokemon." " I know", said Max, "I'll let Krabby decide." Max pulled out a pokeball with his first ever pokemon in it, and threw it revealing a small Krabby. "Hey Krabby, wanna decide where we should go first?" Max showed Krabby the map, and Krabby pointed at the Burnt Forest Wastelands. "Okay" said Max. "Here we go!"

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    *pulls out Map* Well Blaze we're in cloud garden
    Yay!Let's have fun!
    *scans map*Let's go to Delibird Ridge
    So we can go to Mystery Island.

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    "Well, Pip, this place sure looks exciting!" said Heather, enthusiastic about starting her own pokemon journey. "I think we should go to the Stardust Fields first. That place looks promising, and maybe we'll find some new friends! Let's go!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jau
    Gamer C - Concerned about wearing Chuck out you decide to ease up and order him to evade Nidoran’s attacks. Nidoran, still angry about your attempted capture, doesn’t strategise all too well and rushes forward, attempting to ram Chuck again with its horn. Ready for the attack, Chuck dodges at the last second, causing Nidoran to lose its momentum as it goes sailing past. Chuck, using this opening to move in and attack, whacks Nidoran with Tackle sending it reeling backwards. Nidoran then gets to its feet, panting heavily, as it prepares to move in again. What will you do?
    Ooc: Can you use Potions during a battle?

    If I can:

    Gamer C cheers silently as he thinks the Nidoran is almost ready to give up.

    Ok, Chuck, come here for a Potion and then use two Ancientpowers!

    Wheeeeeeeeeeee! I got the power! But it was hard to get... I mean, the store owners literally... *gulp* *remembers the owner's glare* Heh, heh, heh... Never mind...

    Chuck goes up to drink the Potion, and does so. He then glares at the Nidoran, ready to attack.

    If I can't:

    Gamer C cheers silently as he thinks the Nidoran is almost ready to give up.

    Ok, Chuck, run around the Nidoran, trying to avoid its attacks, and use two Ancientpowers!

    Wheeeeeeeeeeee! I got the power! But it was hard to get... I mean, the store owners literally... *gulp* *remembers the owner's glare* Heh, heh, heh... Never mind...

    Chuck glares at the Nidoran, anticipating his moves, and concentrating on his commands.

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    Flames Galore - Finally arriving in the Cloud Forest, you take a moment to behold this natural, untouched wonder, brimming with life. Although some life appears to be a little too lively, which you notice from a Spearow swooping and diving around looking for a meal, and very nearly hitting you. What will you do?

    "Ooh, a wild pokemon, and it looks pretty hyper. I think we better battle it, Fury. Do you think you can handle that pokemon, which is part flying type and knows at least one flying type move, and might be able to dodge your attacks by flying?"

    By now, Fury, who has a fear of flying type pokemon, was quivering.

    "I can't, but I will. If I din't see my family again, tell them that I love them, and that I am proud of Junior's courage, glad that Emma has learned fire punch, and admire Brett's immense power. Say hi to grammy and gramps, too, ok?"

    "Fury, you don't have a family. Just your imaginary family, Brett, Emma, Suzie, Zack, and Junior."

    "But I love them. Look after them for me if I die, give them food, clothes, a roof over their heads, funds."



    "Why do I even ask? Here's the plan, Stan. Attack with strength until it attacks back, in which case use bide."

    "One problem. My name isn't Stan."

    "Just do it."

    So, Fury leaps into attack on this small, fearsome, feathered creature.

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