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    Default Training Centre Records

    Welcome to the Fizzy Bubbles Training Centre, the central learning centre for all of those Hidden and Technical Machines your Pokémon wish to learn!

    In Fizzy Bubbles, your Pokémon only can use attacks it would know at its level in the R/S Game Boy games. There is no limit to the number of attacks one of your Pokémon can have but where are they to learn all of those extra moves not provided by levelling up or by the Move Tutor house? This is where we come in.

    Learning a Hidden Machine (HM):
    All Pokémon who can theoretically perform Fly, Surf, Whirlpool and Waterfall will know these moves naturally so there will be no need for them to stay here to learn them.

    - Every Monday you may drop off your Pokémon to learn one of the Hidden Machines listed below.

    - When your Pokémon are ready to learn Cut, Strength, Flash, Dig, Dive or Rock Smash, they will need to stay one week before being picked up with the chosen move.

    - You may drop off up to two Pokémon per week.

    - Post here stating which move you would like your Pokémon to learn, then post again after one week to reclaim it with the learned move. Early pickups will result in your Pokémon failing to learn the move it has been put in for, so please be sure to collect at the correct time.

    - You may drop off your Pokémon to learn more than one move, but they must stay here for one full week per move learned, not one week for two or more moves.

    - Always edit your stats to include the moves your Pokémon have learned.

    - Check here to find which HM's your Pokémon are able to learn.

    NOTE: Only Pokémon who learn Fly, Whirlpool, Waterfall and Surf from any of version of Pokémon may use them. Lotad and other RuSa Pokémon who do not learn Whirlpool cannot use them.

    Learning a Technical Machine (TM):
    TMs may be found or won in contests, or even purchased via the Prize Thread or Cable Club. You are allowed to give any TM you have to any of your Pokémon, but seeing as there has been some confusion amongst trainers as to where TMs may be taught, we are now extending our services to accomodate for TM learning.

    - Every Monday you may teach your Pokémon as many Technical Machines you like, but please only post once.

    - Post a link to the TM/s you have received and clearly state which of your Pokémon you are teaching the TM/s to.

    - A confirmation post will be made, after which you may add the move/s to your Pokémon's statistics.

    - There is no need to post collecting your Pokémon as the confirmation list is verification of it learning the TM/s.

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