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Thread: Fizzy Bubbles: Rules and Stuff for Dummies!

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    Fizzy Bubbles
    Fizzy Bubbles is a Forum Text Based Pokémon RPG. Trainers can raise Pokémon, go on adventures, and try to become a Pokémon Master. Zones are the main focus of FB, and while we do have Trainer Battles, Gyms, Contest Halls, Bases and Shops, the zones are and always will be our main focus. Currently there are staff shortages so we do ask that members please try to be patient until more people volunteer to update but please remember that updaters do give their time voluntarily to provide adventures for you so it is not recommended to badger those who do for frequent updates. Rule number one in FB is to never nag or complain if you are not receiving updates daily. If you have gone for a substantial amount of time without receiving an update, over a month for example, then you may approach your updater or an FB Moderator to find out what is going on.

    General Rules
    - Respect: Always treat other members how you would want them to treat you. Due to past problems a new punishment system has been introduced. If you cannot respect other members you will be banned. Warnings are issued first, but if you continue to ignore them, temporary bans will be put into place. If you return and still continue to disrespect others you will be permanently banned, no questions asked.
    - Double Accounts: If we discover you have created another account just to receive more Pokémon, items and adventures you will not only lose your second account, but there is a good chance you'll lose your primary account as well. With ZA shortages always a problem within FB it is extraordinarily unfair for one member to be receiving multiple updates when the position your secondary accounts create could be going to others wishing to venture into more zones. It's unfair on FB staff and your fellow members.
    - Same IP: If you have a sibling, family member, or real life friend who wishes to join FB, and who may at some point share the same IP address as you then you must let us know BEFORE they sign up. Our Registration IP checks sometimes reveal identical IP Addresses causing us to believe those new registrations to be double accounts. As a result they can be immediately denied without question. To avoid this, we must be aware of their relationship to you so that we can pass them through without any trouble.
    - Banned Members: It's not uncommon for banned members to try and re-enter FB under a new username. Most of the time we do catch onto them and they're immediately denied access, but should anyone slip by us they will eventually be found out. It doesn't matter how long you've slipped under the radar, or what your current position is within FB, even if you're a ZA, ZO, Shop Owner, Co-ordinator, Gym Leader, Gym Ref or Mod, if we find you've re-registered using another name you may be immediately banned from FB. The deception alone is reason enough for us to enforce this.
    - Time Zones: This has caused a fair bit of trouble in the past so we want to be absolutely sure you're aware of this issue before it poses a problem. Fizzy Bubbles has always run according to BRITISH time, meaning that when it comes to shops where there is a particular time frame in which you need to post, you need to be using English time, not your own. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you're a good 9-11 hours ahead of England, depending upon Daylight Savings, so you'll need to wait until either 9am or 11am on a Monday before you can begin posting for your weekly chores in the shops. If you're American then you're behind England which means you'll be able to begin posting for your Monday chores at some point Sunday afternoon/evening. Wherever you live, you MUST take British time into account before you begin posting. Shops have a 24 hour time limit, and with FB catering to members from various countries worldwide we can't be keeping them open for 2-3 days to account for all time zones.

    Getting Started
    When signing up to Fizzy Bubbles you will need to post in the UPN, Serebii, or Bulbagarden Registration Thread with specific details regarding your initial FB Character. Your Home Board will go in the Title Box depending upon which forum you sign up at, while your Trainer Name, Starter Pokémon, and any miscellaneous information you wish to include goes in the reply box. Many signing up find Home Boards confusing, but they're really quite straightforward. Your Home Board basically means that you can only post in the shops on the board you've signed up on. For example, if your home board is Serebii and your Pokémon needs to learn HM Dive, it can only be deposited in the Serebii Training Centre, not the UPN or Bulbagarden Training Centres.

    When choosing your Starter Pokémon you are not restricted to the Starters of any of the Pokémon games. You can pick almost any Pokémon you want with the exception of those listed below and they must be in their starting form (i.e. not evolved Pokémon).

    Your starter will have a gender (if it has one), and be at level 5. They have no Egg, TM, HM, or Advanced Moves. They only have their natural level-up moves starting from level 1-5.

    Pokémon you CANNOT start with:
    - Shiny Pokémon
    - Shadow Pokémon
    - Recoloured Pokémon
    - Fossil Pokémon (Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga, Archen, Tyrunt, Amaura.)
    - Evolved Pokémon including the second form of Baby Pokémon (Wobbuffet, Marill, Pikachu, Togetic, Electabuzz, Magmar, Jynx, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Sudowoodo, Mr. Mime, Chansey, Clefairy, Chimecho, Roselia, Snorlax, Mantine, Phione, Lucario.)
    - Legendary Pokémon (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Landorus, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Diancie.)
    - Rare Pokémon (Listed Below)

    Rare Pokémon:
    You cannot start with these Pokémon:
    Ditto, Kangaskhan, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Porygon, Dratini, Larvitar, Beldum, Castform, Absol, Feebas, Spiritomb, Skorupi, Rotom, Sigilyph, Yamask, Zorua, Tynamo, Cryogonal, Bouffalant, Heatmor, Durant, Deino, Larvesta, Noibat

    When you post in the Registration Thread you will follow the instructions given in the first post. If you did not follow the rules in selecting a Starter, no test will be sent until you correct it. Once a registration test has been sent you CANNOT, for any reason, edit your signup post. Doing so will result in you needing to reapply. Receipt of the test is official confirmation of your application having been approved as it was originally posted, so changing it will result in immediate failure of your test.

    The Registration Test
    Please don't let the word "Test" deter you. In the past, many people signed up to FB without having a clue as to what we're all about. They didn't read rules or instructions in any threads and as a result made a multitude of mistakes which caused a lot of stress not only for us, but for them as well. The Registration Test was designed for one purpose only, and that is to give you, as a prospective new member, the chance to look around and gain the basic knowledge you will need when it's time to begin posting. The last thing any new member wants is to be doing to wrong thing, and the last thing we want is to be pulling people up on mistakes. It's embarrassing for you, and uncomfortable for us. The test is designed to HELP you, not to deter you, so please keep this in mind when you receive it - it's not as bad as it looks at first glance.

    Once you pass the Registration Test you will be able to select a Starter Pack of your choice from your selected home board, and begin posting in shops and zones.

    Battle & Capture
    A battle can occur whenever you run into a Pokémon. Your Pokémon can use any move it has ever learned. It is not restricted to the 4 Moves as it is in the game. Thus, a level 15 Butterfree can use Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder while a level 30 Butterfree can use Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Gust, Supersonic, Whirlwind, Psybeam, Silver Wind, and Tailwind.

    Whenever a Pokémon is KOed, the Pokémon that participated in the KO will gain 1 Level. If there are multiple Pokémon battling against a single Pokémon, the level distribution will be decided by the updator and the updator alone. Their decisions are final.

    If you wish to capture a Pokémon, you may capture it after it has been KOed. KOing a Pokémon will increase the likelihood of the capture. Various Pokéballs will also alter the chance of capturing it.

    Pokémon at their most basic, non-baby form may be captured. Thus, you can only capture a Weedle, not a Beedrill.

    You also cannot capture a Legendary Pokémon. Any Legendary Pokémon you run into are for the purpose of the storyline only. Any attempt at throwing a Pokéball at it will always backfire.

    Some Zone Owners are very creative and use Fictional Pokémon. These cannot be caught either.

    Signatures should not be posted anywhere except for Time Out and Zones. Signatures can sometimes be quite large meaning that small posts can be lost in between two posts that have quite large sigs. For this reason they are BANNED from the shops. If your signature consists of team stats it can be posted in zones because your updater will often need to refer to your team stats while they're updating you. If your signature isn't posted in a zone along with your reply, you must at the very least post a direct link to your Member Post so your updater has immediate access to your character and team profiles when needed. This rule is not enforced in the Secret Base forum.

    Please note that with the change from vBulletin to XenForo there is not currently an option to turn off signatures so this rule is currently exempt for posts made at Bulbagarden.

    Technical Machines (TMs)
    There was a time in FB during which any TM could be taught to any Pokémon (TM Flamethrower to a Weedle for example), as TM's were in short supply and the ability to learn Egg and Move Tutor moves was severely restricted. With TM's now being available to purchase, and a Pokémon's full range of Egg and MT moves being easily accessible, Pokémon are now only able to learn moves that are a part of their natural moveset. Any Pokémon who have already learned incompatible moves are able to keep them but at great cost to their energy. The energy your Pokémon consumes to perform an unnatural move will be much higher than when using a move it can naturally learn.

    Hidden Machines (HMs)
    HMs are slightly different from the TMs. Keep in mind that natural moves are usable to any Pokémon who can naturally perform it. For example, a Pidgey can Fly and a Lapras can Surf but this does not mean they are able to use these as attack moves, or as a means of transportation, without the necessary training. Birds fly and fish swim so of course they are naturally able to perform certain functions on their own but in order to use moves as attacks and/or a mode of transportation for humans they need to be trained. Horses need to be broken in, you don't just saddle up and expect them to know what to do let alone accept that someone wants to be carried on them. Moves that require training are Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Dive, and Defog. Only Pokémon who can learn these moves may be taught them. i.e. A Beedrill can be taught Cut, but a Weedle or Kakuna cannot. Being trained doesn't automatically mean your Pokémon can transport anybody either. It's up to you to ensure you're using logic and not expecting a Spearow to carry you around everywhere because that's just not possible. However, if you want to ride on your Pidgeot while your Marill rides alongside on Spearow that is acceptable.

    There are three types of currency in FB. Cash (Pokédollars), coins, and candies. Cash is the main form of currency and to earn it you must actively participate in the game by roleplaying. We are an RPG after all, so this is not a big ask. Coins are a secondary form of currency, but only available to use in the Game Corner to purchase specific items and/or Pokémon. And while Rare Candies are still seen as a tradeable item as they were FB's only source of currency for many years, members are moving away from using them as a bartering tool. They can still be traded, but the idea is to keep them to be used for their original purpose - Pokémon level raising.

    The Fizzy Bubbles Calendar
    The FB Calendar is a handy little record-keeping system allowing us to claim a present once each year for ourselves and our Pokémon. Trainers will receive some money and a few handy little items while our Pokémon can receive some free levels, moves, and statistical boosts. As it's not always possible to know a Pokémon's actual birthday we've allocated a specific date to each Pokémon line (Bulbsaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur for example will all share the same birthday). Originally hosted on FB's UPN branch, the Fizzy Bubbles Calendar can now be found at Serebii.

    The adventures that you are going to embark upon in Fizzy Bubbles will take place in specialist zones catering to specific environments and are posted on the main page of the FB forum. UPN, Serebii and Bulbagarden each have their own unique zones and when they're uncapped we encourage the use of them all so you're able to make the most out of your adventures. There is one rule to posting in zones though, and that is you'll need to reply to your updates with a minimum of 4 Lines. If you post less than 4 lines there is a high likelihood of being skipped until you have edited your post. This rule is enforced entirely at the discretion of your updater. You will definitely not earn cash with a -300 word reply.

    Normally there are several zones reflecting the type of Pokémon in each one. Zone Assistants (updaters) are those who determine what will happen to you. You respond to what happens and so on. Some zones have their own rules so be mindful of those as well. Remember: You can be in more then one zone at once. What happens in one zone does not effect the other zones other then your Pokémon levels or their Moves.

    Main Zone:
    The Arcane Realm exists on all three boards. Originally designed as a training zone for new members to pass through before they can take part in mainstream zones, the Arcane Realm is not currently a compulsory zone. You will need to have graduated the AR, however, if you wish to become an FB zone updater so it is recommended this zone be your first port of call after signing up to Fizzy Bubbles. You're free to adventure in others as well, but completing an Arcane Realm adventure will be viewed upon favourably by staff.

    UPN Zones:
    The Arcane Realm - For UPN Home Board Members Only
    The Cloud Garden
    The Evolution Zone - Only specific Pokémon can evolve here.
    The Free For All Zone - Not an official zone. Anybody can update anyone in this zone, you don't need to be a staff member. This is a no reward zone.
    Serebii Zones:
    The Arcane Realm - For Serebii Home Board Members Only
    The Islands - Created after the destruction of the mainland "Fizzytopia", the islands appeared to take its place:-
    Astoria - The Enchanted Forest
    Cortoza - The Volcanic Island
    Whale Island - The Hydro-Electric Zone
    The Lost Cities of Talas - The Archaeology Zone
    Phantom Isle - The Haunted Theme Park
    The Glacier Islands - The Arctic Zone
    Bulbagarden Zones:
    The Arcane Realm - For Bulbagarden Home Board Members Only
    The Dream World - A special zone where you may encounter Pokémon with Hidden Abilities

    Trainer Battles, Contest Halls, Bases and TCG Corner
    Four of the newest additions to FB are the inclusion of Trainer Battles and Gyms, Contest Halls, Bases and Trading Cards. Each section has their own special qualities. You may decide to enter your strongest Pokémon into Gym Battles or allow them to show off their special talents in the Contest Halls. Maybe you even feel the urge to create and build your own base or to build up a deck of trading cards. Here's a little rundown of each:

    Trainer Battles and Gyms
    FB Members have been wanting to battle one another for many, many years, so we eventually made this wish a reality with the introduction of FB Trainer Battles. Members are able to battle one another with Pokémon they've raised, which means that in order to win you'll have to spend some time caring and training your team. What's the point in having a ready made Pokémon with all of it's moves ready to go into battle, when you can derive much more self satisfaction out of training the team that you love. Once you have at least three Pokémon at Lv.25 you may undertake the Lv.1 Gym Challenge. If you feel you have what it takes to defeat FB's Gym Leaders, all you need to do is win at least three Beginner Trainer Battle to qualify for a Gym Challenge.

    Contest Halls
    Do you feel your Pokémon excels in either Beauty, Cute, Cool, Smart or Tough attributes? Why not test them out here? Each Contest Hall caters to specific challenges and if your Pokémon wins you will have a chance to advance to higher levelled challenges. If co-ordinating is something that appeals to you, why not apply for either ownership of an unclaimed Contest Hall, or to be the assistant to a current Contest Hall owner.

    Secret Bases
    Ever feel the need to have a little place all your own? Look no further! Bring your coins and visit the Real Estate Agency, purchase yourself a plot of land in an area of your choice then buy a base which you will be able to decorate with items for sale in the Base Shop. Invite your friends, hold parties, or enjoy some quiet time, the choice is yours.

    TCG Corner (UPN | Bulbagarden) A glitch in BMG permissions has the TCG Corner temporarily returned to the archived UPN forum.
    Collect cards, trade with your friends, build up a deck or two, or battle your friends. If battling doesn't interest you, you can always build up a nice little collection.

    FB Shops are mainly used to train your Pokémon, though they do offer other facilities. They are mostly Home Board specific, though there are exceptions. The Pokémart, The PokéBank, Candy Store, Coin Exchange, Move Tutor, Training Centre, Beauty Salon, Daycare Centre, Berry Shop, Pokétreats Store, PokéSpa, Egg House, Shop-of-all-Trades, Coins for Prizes, and Lanette's PC are all Home Board shops.
    The Cable Club is open on all three boards for anyone to use. With trades often taking place between members from different Home Boards it doesn't matter which of the three you post in.
    The Adoption Centre, Pokémon Boutique, Breeding Centre, and Jirachi's Casino are UPN specific shops and are open to all members of FB regardless of their Home Board.
    Below are brief overviews of each shop, but please don't rely on these descriptions to base your knowledge upon. Each individual shop has a more detailed account of their purpose in their introductory post which is often more up-to-date than this thread. The below shop titles all provide direct links to their respective threads, so please be sure to read them.

    Pokemart - Buy various things such as Potions and Pokéballs. Gives everyone one free Rare Candy every Monday, but to obtain your free candy you will need to post in order to claim it during the British (GMT) hours of midnight Sunday night/Monday morning to midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. Watched over by all Mods.

    Adoption Centre - Occasionally someone will catch a Pokémon they don't have the room for or don't want. The Pokémon are dropped off into the Adoption Center and are removed from your party. All Pokémon put up for adoption will lose any Egg/MT/Training Moves they already know, and will revert to level 1. Run by enchantress.

    Daycare - Drop your Pokémon off on a Monday during the British (GMT) hours of midnight Sunday night/Monday morning to midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning and one week later your Pokémon gains one free level. Helps all those who have no damaging attacks in their early levels (such as Abra or Magikarp). Run by Itzatrap.

    Egg House - After you've gotten more settled into Fizzy Bubbles, you can go to the Egg House to pick up one of many various eggs. You must have caught at least one Pokémon in a zone in order to pick up an egg (Traded and/or Adopted Pokémon do not count as captures). One week after picking it up, the Egg will hatch into one of many Pokémon depending on the Egg type. You cannot receive another egg until 2 weeks after the hatching. Run by enchantress.

    Shop-of-all-Trades - Have useless items such as Shards, Shoal Items, Apricorns or Ash? They can be converted into Evolution Stones, Shell Bells, Pokéballs, or Flutes here but it requires more than Rare Candies and demand. This shop is in a transition stage from needing to complete a quest to obtain your item, to simply trading an item stright in. Full details are posted in the intro post. Run by Shadowshocker.

    Cable Club - This is where people can barter and trade for Pokémon and other items. Find a person with something you want, or vice-versa, and you can set up a trade via PM/IM. Please read the Cable Club's introduction post for full details. Watched over by all Mods.

    The Salon - Pokémon that require Happiness or Friendship can come here for special treatments to help increase their Happiness Score. When a Pokémon has reached 10 Happiness Points they may have the ability to evolve. For Pokémon such as Eevee who have the ability to evolve into one of two different Pokémon according to certain conditions in the game, you choose which Pokémon you would like it to evolve into. Happiness Points also effect the Tameness of your Pokémon. The prettier and happier they are, the more likely they are to love and obey you. Run by Itzatrap.

    Training Center - Bring your Pokémon to the Training Center to help them learn new moves. The Training Center primarily caters to Hidden Machines (HM's), but is also used to register the use of Custom Moves, TM Hidden Power, and moves learned by Smeargle. Run by Itzatrap.

    The Move Tutor - A Magical Place. The Move Tutor helps a Pokémon learn Egg/MT/Advanced Moves, or moves skipped through evolution. Run by Itzatrap.

    The Pokébank - The Pokébank will keep your hard-earned cash safe and secure until such time that you need it. All cash transactions must be posted in the Candy Store no matter what they're being used for along with an accompanying link and explanation as to how it is being used so your details may be updated correctly. Run by enchantress.

    The Candy Store - Want to keep all your candies safe and secure? Open an account at the Bank and all your candy goodness shall be preserved and stored until you need them. All candy transactions must be posted in the Bank, no matter what they're being used for, with an accompanying link and explanation as to how they are being used so that your details may be updated correctly. Failure to follow the Bank rules (see the Bank's into post for details), can result in the closing of the Pokémart, causing all members to lose their weekly privilege to Monday candies. Run by Itzatrap.

    The Coin Exchange - Read the Bank rules? The Coin Exchange is exactly the same, only here we keep your coins safe and sound rather than your candies. All coins spent or gained MUST be recorded here so we can keep your account up-to-date. You may also cash in various items to make more coins, so be sure to read the rules posted in the Coin Exchange so you don't miss out. Run by enchantress.

    Coins for Prizes - Here you can cash in your hard earned coins by exchanging them for prizes. Watched over by all Mods.

    The Berry Shop - The Berry Shop has the largest garden out the back where berries of all kinds grow. Each Wednesday one berry will be given out, and at various times of the week any surplus berries will also be given away and all you need to do to collect is to post within the allocated time frame. Give the berry to your Pokémon or use it to create a Pokéblock or Poffin, the choice is yours. All pickups must be quoted, or your berries will be denied when you try to use them. Watched over by all Mods.

    The Pokétreats Store - Want to do well in the FB Contest Halls? Well, hand in your berries here to create Pokéblocks and Poffins to feed to your Pokémon to boost their Contest Stats in your chosen category. Specific berries will make specific bread and blocks (listed on page 1), but you can also throw in random berries to see what comes out. All berries used must be posted with a link to where you have received them so the Pokétreat Store owner can see where the berries originated from. Any berries submitted without links will not be accepted. Run by enchantress.

    The PokéSpa - This is where your Pokémon will stay for three days in order to raise their Contest Stats. Simply post stating Pokémon you are dropping off (no nicknames), the Nature of the Pokémon, the Contest Stat you are raising along with any previous stat gains (if any), and which Poffin or Pokéblock you will be using. All Pokéblocks and Poffins must have an accompanying link or they will not be accepted. Run by enchantress.

    Real Estate Agency - If you're interested in bases then this is the place to go. We have all the information you need to get you underway on your Base planning and purchasing so once you've read through the information, price guides will be there to help you manage your coins and for you to see what the best ones are you can afford. All posting in the Base Shop will need links to the Coin Exchange detailing what you've spent your coins on. Run by Arnold.

    The Base Shop - What's the point of having an empty base and plenty of coins to buy things with if you're not going to spend them? The Base Shop provides you with heaps of items for you to customize your base however you desire, and don't forget be on the lookout for special offers that occur in the Base Shop from time to time as you never know what you'll miss out on so be sure to watch what's happening all the time. As with the Real Estate, all purchases need links from the Coin Exchange for the transaction to be approved. Run by Arnold.

    The Post Office - Got a friend in an area too far away for you to travel? Want to say a quick hello to them? Then the Post Office is for you! For just a tiny fee you can send a letter to your friends mail box wherever they happen to be. Our carrier birds will fly far and wide to deliver the mail to them safely and quickly. With the Post Office, links will be needed for proof of purchase and all you need to do is PM the Post Office attendant with your letter and they will pen it onto customized paper for your friend to cherish forever. Run by Arnold.

    Lanette's PC - Like the game, Lanette's PC is a Storage System for your Pokémon and extra items. Pokémon inside the PC cannot be used in Zones, Trainer Battles, or Contests. If a Pokémon is found in Lanette's PC and is also being used in your active party, you may lose your privileges and lose any Pokémon in the PC. Watched by all the Mods.

    Jirachi's Casino - Fast money and dreams reached or lost. Here you come in and gamble to your heart's content (see the Casino's intro post for details). Coins won can then be used in the various games to help you win more coins. When you have enough coins you can then use them to pay for various prizes including items and Pokémon, or use them to buy yourself a Secret Base and furnish it with items from the Base Shop. Run by all FB Mods.

    Pokémon Boutique - A place to add that unique touch to your Pokémon. From recoloring to adding birthmarks, the Pokémon Boutique is the place to go. If your Pokémon just want to have a little fun, drop by and purchase some of our special clothing and costumes. Everyone loves playing the superhero now and then - even your Pokémon!

    Breeding Centre - You may use the Fizzy Bubbles Breeding Centre twice per calendar year to breed your Pokémon. Designed expressly for the purpose of introducing a personal touch to a members team, the Breeding Centre has strict yet reasonable stipulations attached to it. So when your Pokémon are ready to start a family please be sure to pay us a visit.

    Assistant Application Centre - Due to the high turnover of FB staff, and especially zone updators, job openings will be posted here when help is needed. Even if nothing is currently advertised you're welcome to approach an FB Moderator if you have an interest in working in a specific area. We do encourage you to work in only one area, however, as taking on too many responsibilities more often than not becomes too much of a burden.

    Once a shop has been updated you CANNOT edit a post prior to the update for any reason at all. Doing so could result in you being banned from that shop, from all shops, or even from Fizzy Bubbles, for a set period of time.

    Home Board
    When registering you must state which is your Home Board: UPN, SPPF or BMGf. This is only used for one purpose and that is to avoid having anyone post in more than one shop where there is a limit as to what you may do weekly. For example; Daycare allows two Pokémon per week, the Move Tutor allows one, the Salon two, the Training Centre two, and the Egg House allows one egg every two weeks. All shops that have a restriction placed on them will only be allowed to be used on your "Home Board". This means that if Serebii is your Home Board then you cannot post in UPN or Bulbagarden shops. The only shops which do not fall under this rule are the Adoption Centre, Jirachi's Casino, Cable Club, Pokémon Boutique, and Breeding Centre.

    Zones do not fall under this rule but logic is required. You can adventure in any zone on either board but if are currently in UPN's Water Zone, then you can't enter BMGf's Water Zone. Not currently relevant.

    Rare Candies
    Rare Candies have become a commodity in Fizzy Bubbles. Every Monday members are able to claim one free candy from the Pokémart. If you come on Tuesday, you've lost your chance of gaining a Rare Candy for that week. Fizzy Bubbles runs according to the English time zone so please make yourself familiar with what time it is in England as opposed to wherever you are in the world in order to post for your Monday privileges during the appropriate hours. Additionally, ALL Rare Candy transactions must be posted in The Candy Store, with an explanation of what you are doing with it and a link to the accompanying transaction.

    When feeding a Rare Candy to your Pokémon, it will instantly gain a level, but people have also found other uses. Some people use it for trades to gain better items or even Pokémon. Rare Candies can also be used to pay for Shop costs such as the Move Tutor.
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