Due to a relentless batch of computer problems; which make it difficult for me to maintain an internet connection, let alone post anything for more than the span of about ten minutes, among other not so pleasant things, I am afraid I will be indefinately in a state of low activity on SPPF in general, at least until I'm able to have a professional look at my computer.

That being said, I'd like it if you permit Jerichi to pick up my Monday Things, as well as keep my Shedinja and Oddish in the Daycare, provided he still agrees to do so for me.

As far as updating goes, should I be able to finish my next batch of updates on my problematic computer, I'll do my best to try and post them, but I can't make any guarantees that it will be with any actual speed. However, I will try to use available internet connections through my school and such when possible. I apologize severely for my inconvinience to you all.