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    Default IV testing

    i think this is the right place to post this, if not feel free to move it ^^

    sooo. i was wondering if theres a quick and easy way to test the IV's of newly hatched level 1 pokemon, because obviously the EV calculator doesn't work properly unless their lvl 100 so anyone knwo of anyway to test this??? =D

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    The easiest way would be saving, then use rare candys and level it up to Level ten or higher. Rare Candys give no Ev and after you calculated your IV just reset so you don't lose your Rare candys...
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    perhaps a more accurate way would be to request an iv battle. there is a thread in the battle forum for iv battles i believe.
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    Three simple steps:

    1) Check the characteristic (e.g. "Likes to thrash about.")

    2) Save and use Rare Candies to level it up

    3) Use this calculator. I hate to say it but Serebii's sucks.

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