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Thread: Pillars of Friendship (597)

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    Hunter J! Episodes with the evil Hunter J are always awesome, and this episode was awesome too.
    Brandon was really cool in this episode, I Liked how he took the beam like a boss and being stoned temporarily.
    Regigigas is great! If it wasn't for J, Brandon would've caught it in order to stop it from destroying the Snowpoint Temple.

    I have to admit, Brock's plan to escape was great. I liked how he flirtied with Maria, causing Croagunk to come out and cut the rops by Poison Jabing him. For Once, his flirting did something right. The battles were cool in this episode, but Hunter J's Salamance was too overpowered! .

    It was sad to see Brandon's leaving his Regis....but he's doing it for the best. After all, he has to stay at the Snowpoint Temple in order to rebuild it.

    Overall, it was a really awesome episode, Sadly Brandan didn't appear after this episode.
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    Heh, J is ALWAYS awesome, some people think theres a rumor she MIGHT appear in newer seasons of pokemon, since there are SO many fanfictions of her coming back
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    This episode was awesome, anything with Hunter J was pretty awesome imo. It was also cool to see Brandon the Pyramid King back for this episode too, along with the Regi trio. Regigigas was pretty epic as well. The plot of this episode was pretty well done, I liked seeing the regis and Brandon getting temporarily petrified while saving Regigigas from J's device. It was sad to see Brandon leaving the Regi trio to protect Regigigas. I rate it a 9/10

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    J was usually my fav DP character but she felt flat here maybe because her seeking out rare Pokemon got too repetitive after a while. 6.5/10

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