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Thread: The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club! [v2.0]

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    Default The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club! [v2.0]

    Note: I am restarting this club at the request of IcyDragon0605, who ran the original club and had it closed because he was no longer able to keep it update. I apologize for taking so long to restart it--my life has been rather busy and my health was of higher priority than video games.

    Without further ado, allow me to introduce

    The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club!


    This is the place to be for discussion [and/or bragging] about your latest achievements, talk about your favorite characters, and pretty much anything else you can think of regarding this amazing Wii fighter. Welcome to the club for the Nintendo-lover's ultimate game.

    We will also hold occasional tournaments, and plan to keep track of our club's top players.

    1. We follow the universal SPPF rules. This means things such as spamming, flaming, trolling, double-posting, advertising, swearing, etc. If you haven't read them, please do so.
    2. If you change your username, please inform me (AerialAce!). I'd like to keep the list as up-to-date as possible.
    3. Please use spoiler tags when revealing information to highly anticipated games, especially when it is requested by another member.
    4. Avoid "one-liner" posts. It's nice to see actual discussion rather than meaningless chatter. It's still nice to be friendly, though. After all, #9 is the most important rule. (#5 is a close second.)
    5. When Joining please use the provided form, posted below the rules.
      • Failure to use the form, which serves as proof that you read the rules, will result in a 24-hour ban from the club. You may request to join again after that period. This is the most heavily enforced of our rules.
    6. dnt talk lik this. i wil h8 u 4evr. Seriously, talking like you're in a text message conversation is annoying and stupid. You're in no rush to post.
    7. Rules are enforced using the baseball-inspired strike system.
      • You're given a strike each time you break the rules.
      • Three strikes will result in a ban from the club (temporary if the offenses were minor, permanent for major rule-breakers).
      • Having two strikes will keep you from participating in club events.
      • Strikes can be removed by participating actively (and without breaking rules) for two weeks.
    8. DON'T ASK FOR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. I, AerialAce!, can chose people on my own, thank you very much.
    9. Have fun!

    When asking to join the club, please use the following form. Friend code isn't necessary, but is encouraged.
    Username: [Your SPPF uername]
    Characters: [The characters you use most often. Please limit this to two or three.]
    Friend Code: [Your Super Smash Bros. Brawl friend code.]

    On Friend Codes
    There is a thread completely dedicated to finding people near you to brawl.
    The Friend-Finder!
    starfire_jirachi is to thank for creating such a wonderful thread.

        Spoiler:- Members:

    I'll pretty things up after a bit.
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    and the newly-remade Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club!
    Old members rejoin! New members welcome!

    AerialAce! and Zink - Smash Brothers
    [AerialAce! was formerly known as Burninator]

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