It's hard for me to resist!
I understand it, if you like a ship that much xD

She'll just stop everything in stressful moments for tea. Like when the dragon train thing was about to plow into the temple or when she got paired up with Xellos at the marriage shrine. Tea takes her to her happy place
Yeah, at least she does something healthy to forget all her problems ^_^;
Tea is like heaven for her, right? The special drink to survive & calm down!

It looks like they just froze in the act of... something XP
Haha yeah, they stopped doing everything when Zelgadess popped in.
They're both like: uhh. XD

I love these screenshots! I saw some Xellos x Martina a few days ago, I don't think it's a bad shipping, but she's already married and I prefer Xellos x Filia more.