This is me...being busy...Remembering that I have a boatload of stuff to do...And HECK WITH IT I'M GOING ONTO SEREBII
I guess it depends on what you'd call 'writing.' I've wanted to be an author since first grade :P
Please do tell.
Alright then! Added! Now I just have to remember that I actually have a PM list when I update XD
Thank you for not forgetting about me! XD
The avatar is of Etna and the banner is of Desco--they're both characters from the Disgaea games.

Speaking of the Disgaea games and of Slayers. I've got a healer character that I've named Filia because she looks so much like Filia. Unfortunatley healers excel at staffs and bows, so I can't give her a mace-like weapon (probably an axe in this game) and have her learn moves quickly. I might make something happen with reincarnation soon so I can give her a bludgeoning impliment though.

...Unfortunately none of the classes look even remotely like Xellos. I named my Onmyo monk Xellos because SOMEONE had to be Xellos, but there's no resemblance there. At least monk is... priest-ish? Meh... I wish there was a better match, especially since Filia synced up so well.
I had a chance to look at your healer and I was like "Whoa! It's Fillia!". The resemblance is kind of creepy. The Xellos link wouldn’t open for me, so I wouldn’t know what your monk looks like XD
It really is too bad you can’t give her a mace…
'Cause I'm betting she could kick monk
monster-monk butt.
I don't have a .PSD of the file, so it's not as simple as highlighting it and clicking the italicize button. I might be able to manage it by using the clone stamp tool to block out the old mark and then putting an italicized exclamation mark over it, but it might end up looking messy that way. I might attempt it at some point just because it *does* bother me, but it's probably more trouble than it's worth for something few people would notice.
Ignore it. Focus on Xellos and Fillia. Give in to their awesomeness. Can you feel the love
randomness tonight?