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    Default Slayers General Shipping Thread

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Welcome to the Slayers general shipping thread where we talk about general Slayers shipping stuff.
    1. All SPPf rules and Shipping Section rules apply.
    2. No bashing. You can disagree with someone without being hateful.
    3. If you’re going to post fanart, give credit to the artist or at least say if you don't know where you found it.
    4. Spoilers should go around ANYTHING that hasn’t been released in the U.S. That means Revolution and Evolution-R.

        Spoiler:- I Support...:

        Spoiler:- Fanart/Screenshots/Scans (links to posts from the shippy picture thread prefered):

        Spoiler:- Fanfiction:

    Alright! Let’s get straight into this. Assuming anyone else wants to talk about Slayers pairings (*crickets chirp*) I have a lot of great ideas for this thread.

    First off, a question, what Slayers couples do you support? (I’ll add your answers to the “I Support” tab. Check it.)

    As for me, I support…
    Lina x Gourry: This is a huge favorite for me. I like a comedic couple. Their relationship is really cute/funny. And I gotta say that kiss at the end of NEXT was…wow. Too bad they both forgot about it (??!!).

    Zelgadis x Amelia: Second favorite Slayers pair. As Crispin Freeman said in a commentary, Zel’s the ultimate grouch and Amelia’s the ultimate optimist. They go together perfectly XD. They don’t have as many big moments as Lina x Gourry, but there are a lot of smaller ones if you’re paying attention. And since I could go on and on about each one of them, I won’t XD.

    Martina x Zangulus: I mean…they are married. Of all the crushes Martina had on all the guys Zangulus was the only one who ever returned her feelings (I’d like to hope he doesn’t regret that now). I wish we’d heard from them again. I want to see how they’re doing rebuilding the kingdom of Zoana!

    Xellos x Filia: It’s very…folkloric isn’t it? Monster and God/Dragon. I used to go back and forth on whether I supported this one or not or whether I thought it was canon or now. Now I’m pretty solidly for it, though not as much as I am for other Slayers pairings. I gotta say though, a girl like Filia who can make Xellos so childishly angry (He usually just laughs at people or kills them)…well, that’s…interesting to say the least.

    EDIT: Update. I'm now a total fanatic for this pairing. My OTP by FAR.

    Rezo x Eris: Umm…It obviously didn’t work out, but she loved him very much. It’s one of those tragic things, I wonder if Rezo ever really knew or if he was too blinded by..umm…his blindness.
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