Shippings: *Mainly* Conteshipping (May x Drew) with *Not-as-major* Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul), Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty) and Shootdownshipping (Kenny x Zoey)

Rating: T for curse words and possible sexual comments

May's Teardrops On Her Guitar

Chapter one: The New Girl

Drew looks at me
I fake a smile so he won’t see
What I want and I need
And everything we should be


“Hey Drew!” May greeted cheerfully and energetically as she waved towards her best guy friend, the chartruese hair Drew. She hurriedly half ran, half walked towards Drew.

“So how was history class?” May asked, as she stepped into the already long lunch line.

“It was nice,” Drew replied. “And today we got a new student in our class! The girl is really nice and amazing!”

“Oh.” was May’s only reply. She felt a twinge pain of jealousy.

“Mhm. Her name is Holly, you wouldn’t believe how much we have in common!” Drew told May.

Once again, “Oh.” was May’s only reply.

Suddenly a girl with long amber color hair and royal blue eyes walked up to May and Drew, locking arms with Drew. “Come on Drewy, you promised me a school tour, remember?” said the girl, smiling sweetly.

“Of course, I remembered Holly!" Drew scoffed with a smirk, and led the girl on a tour of the school without even saying another word to May.

May suddenly felt her stomach lurch. She felt like vomiting, and for two reasons. One: Because that girl just called Drew, Drewy. And second, mostly because Holly only knew Drew for less then an hour and already had the guts to call Drew, Drewy while May knew Drew for almost seven years and haven’t called him Drewy once!


Even after giving Holly a tour of part of the school, Drew was still hanging with Holly, and apparently he was laughing at something she said.

Finally, getting bored of the never-ending argument between Misty and Dawn between who is better, Ash or Paul, May went over to the table Drew and Holly were sitting at.

“Um, Drew?” May asked. She was about to say something else but Holly interrupted her.

“Oh, is this one of your fangirls you were talking about, Drewy?” Holly asked.

Now May was annoyed. “Hey! For your information I’m one of Drew’s closest friend and has been his best friend since fifth grade!” May retorted angrily.

“Oh. Well sorry!” Holly shot back. “I don’t know everything about everything unlike you!”

“Aagh!” May yelled irritated and then shouted, “Whatever!”

“What was that about?” Zoey asked as May sat down.

“Miss New Girl thought I was one of Drew’s fan girl, that’s what!” May said angrily, steam coming out of her head. "And that girl has a ‘Drewy’ problem.” May added afterwards.

“Well, you two are starting off as good friends.” Soledad said dryly.

“Don’t make me laugh.” May muttered. She looked around. “Hey, where’s Casey and Sakura?”

Casey is with her boyfriend, Georgio and Sakura is trying out for the play, ‘Shrek 2’.” Misty replied, taking a bite out of her cheeseburger.

“Didn’t she play Cinderella last year in the play, ‘Cinderella’?” Brianna asked.

“Yeah she did,” Dawn told her. “And the year before she played Jasmine in ‘Aladdin’.”

“So, she’s probably going to be Fiona or the Fairy God Mother in ‘Shrek’.” Soledad said thoughtfully.

“Yeah…” Zoey agreed. “I mean she played pretty much every princess or main character in every play. Like in eighth grade she played Wendy in ‘Peter Pan’. She’s a really good actor, that’s why she gets the parts.”

“Yeah, she’s also a good dancer, that’s why she won the talent show last year.” Brianna said.

“What song did she dance to?” May asked, finally joining in on the conversation.

“Wasn’t it ‘Teardrops on my Guitar'?" Dawn asked.

“No! It was ‘Get over it’ it by Avril Lavigne, am I wrong?” Misty asked.

“I believe you’re both wrong!” Zoey started. “It was ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson!”

“Oh yeah! It was!”

“How come she sang-”

“She danced to the song, she didn’t sing to it!”

“Oh, whatever!” Dawn exclaimed. “How come she danced to that song? She usually sings to… happier songs?”

“No reason why, its her favorite, that’s why she chose that song to dance to.” Zoey told her.

“Oh yeah…”

“You should enter the talent show!” Brianna told May suddenly.

“I-I should?” May stuttered.

“Yeah!” Brianna exclaimed. “You and your guitar are amazing!”

“Yeah, you should.” Everyone agreed.

“Well, I suppose....” May replied weakly.

Finally, the bell for lunch to end rung.


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