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Thread: RMT Rules - Please Read!

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    Default RMT Rules - Please Read!

    Here are the rules and guidelines to how to post in this section, both for those posting their teams seeking opinions and for those who wish to help out and give advice to others.

    When Posting a Team:

    1) This place is for posting teams for Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Stadium, Gold, Silver, Crystal and Pokémon Stadium 2 only. That means if your team is for LeafGreen/SoulSilver/White or whatever, it does not belong here. It also means that you obviously cannot teach your Pokémon attacks from later generations.

    2) The team you post should be complete, a full party of six Pokémon. The team should be the party you intend to have/use by the very end of the game.

    3) When showing us your team, use a simple, readable format for all six of your party members, such as
    Pokémon name (@ held item)
    -Attack 1
    -Attack 2
    -Attack 3
    -Attack 4

    Be complete: specify ALL the moves and items. If you're not sure about a move, put a question mark behind it or put Attack 4 / Alternate Attack

    4) Please specify whether your team if for in-game battling (just for beating the game) or competitive battling (Link Cable, battling friends, competitions, Netbattle and so on) so raters will have a better idea what you're aiming for.

    5) Specify if you have any common theme to your team, such as type, battle style, Pokémon of a specific colour or something like that.

    6) Specify whether or not you can trade from other games so raters will know if they can suggest Pokémon, attacks or items only available in other games.

    7) All Pokémon and attacks should be obtained legally, not through any glitches or cheating devices. Also, do not post teams for ROMs/emulators, as this is against the general SPPf Rules.

    When Rating a Team:

    1) Try to comment on all of the Pokémon, attacks and items the player is using. If you think they made a bad choice, give them an alternate option.

    2) Explain why you might advise making changes, and show both the weaknesses of the team and strategies they can use.

    3) Comments that say nothing more than "good job," "great team," "you'll win for sure" or "that's terrible," "you fail at making teams" will be treated as SPAM. They are completely useless because they don’t actually explain what is good or what could be improved on. You will receive SPAMing Infractions for this.

    4) Obviously, do not tell players to get Pokémon or attacks that are not available in that generation or that can only be gained through cheats/glitches.

    5) If you see a team or post that breaks any of these rules, please use the Report button on the top right-hand corner of the post to alert a Moderator. Please try to avoid replying to rule-breakers/SPAM, as this is also breaking the rules. We appreciate the help, but simply reporting it is often the most helpful choice.

    That's it! Good luck, and happy rating!

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