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  • Pokeshipping (Ash + Misty)

    449 41.65%
  • Advanceshipping (Ash + May)

    277 25.70%
  • Rocketshipping (Jesse + James)

    247 22.91%
  • Hoennshipping (May + Brendan)

    198 18.37%
  • Colosseumshipping (Wes + Rui)

    162 15.03%
  • Brockshipping (Brock + any girl)

    116 10.76%
  • Contestshipping (May + Drew)

    321 29.78%
  • Shoppingshipping (Brock and May)

    39 3.62%
  • Kawaiishipping (Pikachu and Togepi)

    80 7.42%
  • Other (Please specify)

    315 29.22%
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Thread: Favourite Pokemon shipping

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    Default Favourite Pokemon shipping

    Since the old one vanished into thin air, I decided to make a new shipping poll, with a bit a difference this time.

    1. It's multiple choice so that people won't have blow their brains while they're choosing their one favourite.

    2. More choices / options

    So my question is, which of these shippings do you support mostly?

    Also, can a mod make this a sticky thread, please?
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    I support and like Hoennshipping because...... I'm a Hoennshipper. Brendan and May are cute together. Who care's if Brendan only got a cameo in the 6th movie? And the hints in the game are pretty cute and convincing. The BAML stories are also cute. ^_^ I like those stories They are fluffy most of the time.
    Well, so that explains why I like Hoennshipping.

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    Other, Backshipping. (Jun'ichi x Marina-chan) I totally *heart* this ship. My saying for the ship is, "A joke, or the eventual truth?", which sums up the situation perfectly, I think. It's just so cute, and full of possible angstyness.

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    Hmm... I have a few I adore. I don't think any of them have names either.

    Erm... Other. XD

    I like Flannery x Winona. It's just, cute. And they look really sweet together. Not the best reasons, but meh...

    Also, I'm obsessed with Norman x Birch. I've liked it for a really long time now, and I think it could work out if it wasn't for the whole 'married' thing. I guess that's what makes things interesting though. :3


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    Since this is going to be (hopefully) useful in the future.. *stickies the thread*

    Thanks for making the poll to allow you to choose more than one.. or I'll be stuck on which one to choose, which was Pokeshipping and Contestshipping.

    I'm still fond of Pokeshipping. They just got more characters in them that you can probably mess around with, imo. And Contestshipping is so adorable, imo, that I don't really regret supporting it, even though it might not happen. I've seen some very adorable Contestshipping fanart, and I love how they put Shuu's character to May's character. It's.. in a way.. like Pokeshipping, but different, if you know what I mean.

    Pokeshipping and Contestshipping are my major favorite shippings right now. They're both the same, yet different, in my point of view. =P

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    Shiny May Guest


    Ash and May are a cute couple. They look cute together, have many similarities, have a few hints. They are just totally a great couple together.

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    Gigi Guest


    Kenji X Hiroshi, Kenji X Ookido-hakase, Kenji X Masato, Kenji X Ookido-hakase X Hanako, Ookido-hakase X Hanako... I like to pair Kenji if you didn't notice. :3

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    GOD. Guest


    its gotta be ash+may, its so cute and cool and i love it, and diglettshipping XD

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    Crystal Latios Guest



    I`m a HUGE and PROUD Advanceshipper. I think, Ash is a perfect guy for Haruka and Haruka is a perfect girl for Ash. He is brave and noisy, Haruka is shy and sometimes scared. They don`t have fights and they have always good fun. Also, Haruka and Ash are my fav characters and I would love to see them together =D

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    Voted Other.
    Questshipping will always be my #1 Favorite Ship of Pokemon.
    Kenta/Marina was the first real ship I started to fully support.

    Other favs are secondary:
    Advance and Pokeshipping(Like either one)
    Rocketshipping(good enough for me)

    #1-Gold/Crystal=MangaQuestshipping(well duh )

    Other favs:
    MangaPokeshipping-Red/Kasumi(seems so right, cuter Kasumi too)
    Franticshipping-Sapphire/Ruby(a wild girl and a wierd guy. XFD!)
    Chosenshipping-Silver/Blue(knew each other as kids, kept in touch)
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    Sandoishi Guest


    Hoennshipping! I'm such a HUGE fan of it, and plus, Brendan and May are cute!! I also like Pokeshipping (becuz Brendan has May, so Ash should have Misty!!)!

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    No May+ Misty shipping?, well i vote for advanceshipping better =P.
    Kotone Lyra is awesome kotto ne?!

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    Kamairie Guest


    Hoennshipping, yeah! Brendan and May wear matching clothes, they gave off many hints in R/S versions, and their personalities suit. Brendan is (from R/S) adventurous and May is optimistic. They just fit well together.


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    ^^; I voted practically every single shipping up there...but I don't really have any others, 'cept Handymanshipping...-ahem- Anyway, the only ones I didn't say up there were Advanceshipping(I do respect it, I just don't support it) and Contestshipping(same thing as Advanceshipping.) but my favorites out of that list is Pokeshipping and Hoennshipping. -nodnod- Not just 'cause their heroes, but they look good together. -nodnod-
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    Lightning Guest


    I voted for contest and Pokeshipping, my top favorites!

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    water_girl Guest


    Hmm...lets see, I vote for:

    The other shipping is Indigoshipping, and I also like Branden x Misty

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    slysunshine Guest


    My favorite is Contestshipping. I also support Pokeshipping, Rocketshipping, and some others. I probably should've voted for Advanceshipping too, but I don't actually support it.

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    Ororo Munroe Guest


    My favorite shippings used to be Pokeshipping, Rocketshipping, and Kawaiishipping. I still like Pokeshipping and Rocketshipping but not as much as before. Now my favorites are Kawaiishipping and Kidshipping.

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    Ohhhhh boy, have I got a lot. Since this seems to be the "favourite shipping" thread to end all "favourite shipping" threads, I'll say them all.

    LAST EDITED JUNE 8, 2006. Now including non-Pokemon ships!

    -ALIENSHIPPING (Hazel/Coconut)
    This would own, and free up Almond for Peanut.

    -ALLERGYSHIPPING (Erika/Kaede)
    Kaede's a Team Rocket agent in Pokemon Card ni Natta Wake who is allergic to flowers (and her own Dark Gloom). Erika is her childhood friend who naively believes that Kaede likes flowers. Heh.

    -APPRENTICESHIPPING (Prof. Oak/Tracey)
    I've loved this ship as long as I can remember. It's obviously one-sided, but it would be really nice if it was two-sided, I think.

    First person to recognise these characters wins a cookie. And yes, they are official characters, I suppose. Anyway, I dunno why I think they'd be a good couple. I mean, they hate each other...

    -BLAMIKASHIPPING (GS Rival/Jasmine)
    Just in general, not really in any of the established canons. It's cute, and I started fangirling on it after seeing some fanart.

    -BREASTSHIPPING (Caroline/May)

    -BURNSHIPPING (Charmander/Eevee)

    -CELEBISHIPPING (Vicious/a Time Flute)
    Because it makes Blackjack angry

    -CHESTSHIPPING (Lorelei/Misty)
    This has evidence not only in the anime, but also in FR/LG! "It's said that Misty worships Lorelei of the Elite Four..."

    -CHOOSENSHIPPING (Blue/Silver)

    In Blaine's Gym, there's a picture of him and Mr. Fuji together... and I think it's pretty obvious that the "friend of Blaine's" who lived in the Pokemon Mansion was pro'lly Fuji. And they're about the same age...

    -CLONEBITCHSHIPPING (Jessibelle/Misty)
    Watch Misty's face in the scene where Jessibelle's talking about whipping James. It's obvious Misty wants a little "punishment" too. Hmm, and who'd have ever thought that Misty was into BDSM?

    What can I say? They're just so OTP.

    -DADDYSHIPPING (Sammy/Ash)
    Four words: "Sitting. In. A. Tree."

    IT IS SO CUTE! I fell in complete and total love with this pairing after I saw the seventh movie. They'd be so sweet together...

    -DETECTORSHIPPING (Bannai/Brock)
    Since Brock's only purpose nowadays seems to be being a Bannai detector....

    -DILDOSHIPPING (Duplica/Ditto)
    I've said it a hundred times, but it's still true: Mini-Dit had to have come from somewhere.

    -DISASTERSHIPPING (Red/Green/Yellow)
    It's funny.

    -EARLYSHIPPING (Falkner/Bugsy)

    -EXPLOSIONSHIPPING (Coconut/Eevee)
    Poor Eevee loves his Coconut-sama, but Coconut only has eyes for Almond...

    It is hawt.

    -FATHERLYSHIPPING (Falkner/Janine)


    This has evidence @_@ I wish I were making it up.

    -GRANTEDSHIPPING (Lance/Yellow)
    I just think it'd be interesting. And weird.

    -GREENSHIPPING (Pistachio/Peanut)
    Despite being a casual SupportShipper, I mainly pair Peanut with his onii-san. They belong together totally.

    -GRIDSHIPPING (Nett/Megg)
    On second thought maybe I should have called this "NutmegShipping" because that's what their names sound like put together... LOL

    -GYMSHIPPING (Brock/Misty)
    Both of them are the romantic type, though they'd probably wind up on Jerry Springer or Divorce Court because of Brock's rampant flirtatiousness.

    -ILLUSORYSHIPPING (Brock/Lokoko)
    Who cares if Lokoko's a Ninetales? Brock loved her, she loved him, and he really didn't seem to mind when he found out her true nature. I think she should have started traveling around with the group.

    -KRAZYSHIPPING (Meowth/Pikachu)
    I don't care if Pikachu is a boy, girl, or hermaphrodite, this ship owns.

    -KYOGRESHIPPING (Wattson/Flannery)
    *squee* I just came up with the name, because in the manga they're partners in fighting Kyogre. Hey, WHO CARES IF IT'S A DUMB NAME?! Most ship names are dumb.

    -LILACSHIPPING (Jenny/Joy)
    You just know that somewhere out there, at least one Jenny and Joy have gotten together.

    For no real reason. It'd be funny in the manga, though.

    -METEORSHIPPING (Deoxys/Tory)
    It's plain that Destiny Deoxys was just a metaphor for tentacle sex.

    -MOUNTMOONSHIPPING (Pikachu/Clefairy)
    =D They're both so oblivious to anyone, they couldn't get with anyone else!

    So freakin' blatant...

    -NOSESHIPPING (Shuu/Shinji) [just made this name up on the spot]
    C'mon, Shinji must have had another reason for following Shuu around. "You broke my nose" isn't enough! It's about as lame as "You owe me a new bike"! Which MEANS that all PokeShippers SHOULD BE NoseShippers!

    -ORIGINSHIPPING (Steven/Wallace)

    -OYAKOSHIPPING (Norman/Ruby)
    I was rabid about this ship once, but now I mainly like it because it scares people.

    This ship OWNS and you all KNOW IT. Don't even try to deny it.

    I don't CARE if they are siblings. They belong together.

    -PI3 (Pikachu/Clefairy/Jigglypuff)
    This ownz.

    -PIMANSHIPPING (Vicious/Mondo)
    For no real reason.

    I swear Silver's got a thing for Gold. Read volume 15, it's there.

    -QUEERSHIPPING (Jesse/James)

    -RAIKOUSPECIALSHIPPING (Kenta/Marina/Jun'ichi)
    I couldn't decide between K/M, J/M, and K/J. Therefore they are in a threesome together. I shall serve as liason between the likes of Alfonso and Kenta99 ^^;

    -RAINSHIPPING (Shuu/Ryuuko)
    From Pokemon Getto da ze. They're cute ^_^

    -RALTSSHIPPING (Ruby/Wally)
    I swear there is so much evidence for this.

    -RESCUESHIPPING (Caraway/Coconut)
    And no one knows who Caraway is. Too bad, he's hot.

    -RETURNSHIPPING (Koga/Bruno)
    In PokeSP, they vanished together for a whole year. That says a lot.

    -SABLESHIPPING (Blaine/Prof. Oak)

    -SACREDSHIPPING (Morty/Eusine)
    Anyone who watches "For Ho-oh the Bells Toll" and doesn't see the shippiness is utterly oblivious to anything.

    -SAFFICSHIPPING (Sapphire/Roxanne)
    I like this mainly because of the image I'm getting of Roxanne saying to Sapphire, "Teach me things that aren't written in books" -- since, y'know, Sapphire told her to go learn things that aren't written in books.

    -SEASONSHIPPING (Almond/Hazel)
    It's so cuuuute, and canon-like. Hee.

    If you don't like this ship, you haven't read volumes 8 though 10.

    -SMEARGLESHIPPING (Whitney/Mary)
    *huggle ship*

    -SNAPSHIPPING (Todd/Ash)
    I made a thread for this. Go read it. Or else.

    It's so cuuuute! *squee*

    -SPYSHIPPING (Wes/Silva)
    I'm not entirely sure what made me think of this, but I love it.

    -SQUAREDANCESHIPPING (Archie/Maxie/Isabelle/Harlan)

    -STEELSHIPPING (Basho/Buson)
    C'mon, it's so obvious.

    Who knows what would have happened in that sub if Zuzu hadn't been there to protect his trainer?

    -SUDOCOLOSHIPPING (Miror B./Brock)
    Look how much they have in common! Miror B. had a Sudowoodo, and Brock fell in love with a Sudowoodo. They both have Ludicolo. Miror B. has a freakish afro, and Brock had an afro in the Shuppet episode. THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER! (And Miror B. is so feminine that Brock won't care if he's a guy.)

    -SUPPORTSHIPPING (Almond/Peanut)

    -TEAMSHIPPING (Bulbasaur/Squirtle)
    I'm sure you all are familiar with my fic, "Two Mommies". If not, go read it. =D

    -TOMBOYSHIPPING (Akira/Akari)
    They're from the last chapter of PokeWake; Akari's this "girl" who really wants to be a boy, and gets a Pikachu for his birthday (I say his because Akari is blatantly TG) and is all "OMG NOOOZ I WANTED A MANLY POKEMON!" And Akira yells at him.


    *shrug* Ninja incest.

    May has a thing for Norman. I don't like the idea of Norman liking her back though, since he is obviously in love with Caroline.

    -TRICKSHIPPING (Tabitha/Shizuku)
    Tabitha didn't HAVE to save Shizuku, but he DID. Poor Shizuku. Once he finally gets it through his head that Archie doesn't want him anymore, he'll run into the waiting arms of Team Magma and Tabitha.

    It's twincest!

    -WESCOURSHIPPING (Wes/Nascour)

    -WRISTSHIPPING (Sabrina/Blue)

    -YINYANGSHIPPING (Lucy/Anabel)

    ~*non-pokemon ships*~

    Teen Titans:

    Sexual tension? What sexual tension?

    OMG so canon.

    -JINX X PUFF (Static Shock)
    I don't know what endears me to this pairing, when they probably haven't even met. But OMG TT needs to cross over with SS.

    And any combination thereof.

    C'mon, it's so obvious.

    Harry Potter:

    -HMS BEAUTIFUL VANITY (Bellatrix x Narcissa)
    They belong together. They really do.

    -HMS FANG AND FLORA (Bill x Fleur)
    ^_^ They're so cute together, and I really really liked Fleur in the sixth book. Raw steaks indeed.

    -HMS FLAMING FAMILY FEUD (Percy x Ginny)
    I strongly believe that what Ginny caught Percy at in the second book was masturbating, not snogging Penelope.

    -HMS OLD SCARS (Dumbledore x Harry)
    C'mon, this was soooo canon in the sixth book.

    -HMS STRAWBERRY TART (Ron x Lavender)
    I should say that I support this ship in theory -- the theory being that Ron straightens up and apologises to Lavender for having been such a dick.

    -SS Sssssssssssssssss (Voldie x Harry)
    I'm going to hell. That's all there is to it. Lookit the Pensieve scenes in the sixth book -- Harry was SO obsessed with how hot Tom was.

    -HMS ???? (Luna x Ginny)
    It doesn't have a name. But it's so cute. Yay!

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    -BLONDPILE (Edward x Alphonse x Russel x Fletcher)
    And any variation thereof, mainly Tringhamcest but it's all good!

    I'm probably the only person who calls it that. Ah well.

    -Riza x Roy, Fletcher x Elisa, Ran Fan x Ling, Belshio x Nash, Magwar x Nash

    I got tired of descriptions. I ship weird stuff.

    (shall edit AGAIN when I think of more)
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    Dark_Pikachu Guest


    Hoennshipping. They are so cute. And they give plenty of hints, especially in Franticshipping *winks*

    I played as a boy once without saving so I could find out what May says. And she's all stammery and shy around Brendan. It is so cute. And then I played as a boy called I luv u (couldn't fit I love you). And may's like "This is silly, isn't it, we've just met, I luv u." hahahahahahahahaha ok so the mum-ruby shippy hints were putrid. *pukes* But it's like May was made to speak like she supports Franticshipping herself!

    Also Contestshipping. Rivals grow on each other. And they share dreams and stuff. They could pursue them together.

    Also Brockshipping. C'mon, he has to find some girl.

    But I reckon you should have put in Orangeshipping. It is sooo obvious on the anime. *die misty die I own Tracey!* er sorry for that.

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    I voted for Advanceshipping. I think it's a adorable, and they seem to get along great. The fact they don't fight much is a plus fore me. They have a couple of hints, and I personally think that Ash is rather protective than May, more than most people.

    Contestshipping is... OK. At first, I didn't like it much, but then I started thinking it was cool after today's episode (the one with all the cheap name puns at the end by the narrator). It's not my favorite, but it's alright. If May can't go with Ash, then Shuu is... alright. Unless Brendan comes in. But it depends on his personality. And if Wally is the same age as May, then he's good too. Personality still in account.

    But yes. Advanceshipping is definately my top candidate. Satoshi and Haruka Love Forever! ^_^

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    Foxy J Guest


    I voted for Pokeshipping because everyone else on the show already has a match I think.
    I think the strongest match for May is definately Drew.
    So May and Ash is gone.
    Also, May and Brock. Come on.
    Misty also doesn't fit with Brock.
    But maybe Tracey..
    So that leaves Ash with no other person, unless Ash started liking Brock. haha
    And Misty can either be with Tracey or Ash, and I think that she definately fits with Ash more. There has been so many signs, its unbelievable.

    Tracey should be with Daisy.

    Anyways.. I think pokeshipping is the greatest kind of all, but its so perfect. Advancedshipping is just weird to me.

    And why is it called "shipping"? Why not Pokelove? or something cool.

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    Dark_Pikachu Guest


    Shipping - "relationSHIP". Taken from that. e.g., Advancerelationshipping although that sounds just strange, so it's Advanceshipping.

    And Tracey and Misty is orangeshipping. YES!!!

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    I voted for hoennshipping.

    There's many reasons why I support it. I got a list somewhere, and with the help of some other people, it's grown quite big. XD

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    qwertyness4 Guest


    i like hoennshipping, so i voted for hoennshipping. its new, its fresh, and its awesome. i also like advanceshipping, i like both brendan/may and ash/may, but eh i dunno . . . i guess advanceshipping has too many hints or something, thats why i support hoensnhipping more lol... jk, actually, i support both evenly, but i just voted for hoennhipping since advanceshipping has more votes.

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