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Thread: The BIG Shipping Fic Catalog 2.0 - updated 8/1!

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    Default The BIG Shipping Fic Catalog 2.0 - updated 8/1!

    *This idea was originally started by a member named Burrado Aipom. Since the death of his thread, I had promised to make a new and improved version - well here it is!

    Now this is how this thread will work. Each and every ship is in alphabetical order, and then each story within those categories are in alphabetical order (kinda like the Non-Pokemon Fic Library). Which reminds me - this thread is Pokemon ships only! If you want non-Pokemon, obviously head over to the Non-Pokemon Fic Library.

    Read this post for information about the Catalog and how YOU can help out!


    Submitting Your Fics:

    I would like it if EVERYONE help out with this. No matter when it was posted, whether it's completed or not, please send me every Pokemon shipping fic you wrote here on Serebii. Please fill out the below entry-bill and Pm me (Encyclopika) with it for easy insertion XD.

    *Main Shipping Name - please be correct!
    Link to fic:
    Year posted:
    Any fic PMed without a Title, Ship, or Link will be ignored. *I know I haven't been very good with this. However, keep trying. -.-;


    Job Openings:

    The recruitment mailbox is currently OPEN. We have plenty of jobs open:

    -Alternate Shipping Name Checks (much needed!)
    -Spelling Corrections
    -Username Change Corrections

    PM me if interested. Any help is so appreciated, you have no idea.

    The below are the past and current recruits with their specific help.

    C.Gholy - Drabble Collections, all PokemonxPokemon, all Pokemon x Human, lots of fics from not-so-popular ships, many 2006 fics, Franticshipping, Specialshipping
    Gazmof - Uzamaki Hinata's fics, Advanceshipping fics, Hoennshipping fics
    Yoshi-kun - Pokeshipping fics, Ikarishipping fics, Pearlshipping fics
    Mix0r - Collection of all shipping fics missed in whole forum, Daily New Fic Searcher


    Some Rules and Tips:

    --This is a thread of records, so no one but mods may post here. Thus, it'll be closed.

    ----Each letter will be listed below for your easy navigation:

    A --- B --- C --- D --- EF --- GH --- IJ --- KL --- M --- NO --- P --- QR --- S --- TUV --- WXYZ

    Drabble stand-alones, poems, actually unnamed ships, and links to interesting threads will be here~~~.
    **Multi-shipping fics are now located in their own post, at the very bottom. Search for "multishipping".
    **Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ships have their own section collectively under "P" for PMD Ships (as many do not have a name). However, the real PokemonXPokemon name will be listed for easy searching.
    ***Ships with more than one name are listed under the name that is the most popular or, if that's not clear to us, starts with the letter that comes first in the alphabet of the two (or more). The other(s) will be listed with it, for searching purposes.

    *If you don't know a ship, don't over look it! Go look it up at Toran Frostbite's big shipping name list!

    *Please note that the years listed with the fics are when they were first posted. We are unable to properly determine if a fic is continuing, abandoned, completed, or what have you, so please investigate fics on your own. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Even if you are not a contributer, if you see a mistake or something wasn't done (like underlining a title or something) don't hesitate to PM me about it. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to records, so I'll appreciate it. :3

    ***Besides myself, Angeling and Kiori approved this splurge of multi-posting for organization's sake.
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