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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Chains of Fate (TickleShipping, PG-15)

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Chains of Fate (TickleShipping, PG-15)

    Shipping: TickleShipping (Eevee x Skitty)

    Rating: PG-15

    Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

    Status: (On-Going)

    PM List: (None at the moment)

    A/N: This fic is a collaboration between Meeker and I. You can ship it, if you want XD. Anyways, I hope this fic goes really well, and enjoy. Sorry if the prologue is short, but the next chapter will be longer with lot's of shippy stuff.


    A tall, young girl quietly flipped through the pages of her book; a simple guide on local wildlife. She sat in one of the many secluded, subtropical trees located in the Fortree forest. The calming lull of the nearby river made it a tranquil scene, almost bewitching her into sleep. She closed her book for a second and sighed. She wondered how many days she’d just repeat the same daily motions like clockwork; sitting on the same tree reading the same book.

    She looked over at her side to see a Wurmple sitting next to her, seemingly reading along. The girl screamed, nearly falling out of the tree, scaring the poor bug type in the process. She was deathly afraid of Pokemon ever since she was almost mauled by a Mightyena as a kid. She quickly tried to calm the shivering Wurmple before climbing down the tree and sighing.

    She started to head back towards her home, seeing the sun about to set. She would be late for dinner if she wasn’t careful and she learned that being late was never a good idea to so. She started to walk next to the river bank, her brunette hair swaying to and fro from the tropical breeze. She saw many Pokemon swimming in the river, and was glad she was not in there herself.

    She started to head off towards the bridge connecting the Weather Institute side of Route 119 to the Fortree side of the route. The bridge was a worn down, rope bridge that was in a dire need of being rebuilt. The girl started to cross the bridge, but saw something rapidly approaching. She quickly sidestepped out of the way to see a trainer riding his Rapidash blazing through. The wobbling of the bridge, however, was not kind to her and she felt herself being launched into the air. She flailed her arms about in a desperate attempt the get back onto the bridge, but felt her body slam into the cold, black river.

    She felt a current instantly pick her body up, her actions were useless against the powerful water The chill seemed to sap away the energy her body held, strangling her from her consciousness. She kept on knocking into the rocks at the bottom of the river, bouncing her body around like a simple ball. Her eyesight started to fade out, the water filling her throat, choking the life out of her. Her vision hampered even more as her glasses flew off her face, some of the shattered glass hitting her right leg. She left out one last bubble of air before passing out, the world fading to black.

    A lone man walked through the night, carrying a flashlight in one hand and a bouquet of roses. He was desperately calling for someone; desperation was in his voice. A local female resident hadn't returned home for the night, and not to mention he was going to ask her out. But at the moment finding her was more important.

    “Ellie!?” He called out desperately, trying to find her. He shone his flashlight through the many trees of Route 119, trying to see if she accidentally wandered into the forest. The man started to quicken his pace, calling out her name with each step. He eventually reached the rope bridge and scoured the area. He found a lone, water-logged object near the river bank under the bridge. When he shone his flashlight on it he dropped the light in shock; it was the silhouette of a book.

    A shadowy figure wandered grainy, marble dunes. Small patches of tall, dried grass dotted the landscape as far as the eye could see. The moon shone overhead, but it’s light did not reveal the figure’s form. He clambered over the dunes searching for something particular, very particular.

    Spotting a protrusion in the dunes, the Pokemon dashed towards the item to double check if it was what it had came for. It moved away the smooth, luminous yet gritty powder and rejoiced, victoriously removing it from it’s sandy tomb.

    It’s finally mine! It thought.After all of these years of crawling through mystery dungeons, it’s mine! I’ve searched every nook and cranny of every other place, but now, I find it here! I’m shocked that it would be half buried in the sand here at Seaside Dunes. It’s probably the last place anyone would look because it’s the least dangerous dungeon I’ve ever been to. Even Tiny Woods was harder!

    But none of that matters now. I have it, and my pay will be waiting for me back at the Runagate Remnants.

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    Mmmm... It is evident that you had put a very good backgroud. But this is only the first ingredient of a recipe that could be interesting. I can't wait for tasting a little more!
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    Its a very good start compared to most PMD fics. I can see some good potential coming from this,
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