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    Hi there everyone! I'm new to Serebii Shipping Fanfiction, and I've gotta say that there is extreme writing talent here! I was impressed with all of the stories I've seen posted up, and the drabbles I've seen are just adorable ^^. All of this inspired me to write my own story, I know, I'm corny. Anyways, This story is called 'I'm With You'(Best title I could come up with x_x), and it's a Luckyshipping fic, which is the pairing of Red and Blue, the GIRL Blue. I'm sorry, I just can't refer to her as Green, she'll always be Blue to me ^o^. Yeah, yeah, I've barely seen this pairing before and I haven't really seen or met any supporters(at least not yet), and I know most of you are all OldRival or Specialshippers. I happen to absolutely adore this couple, so here is my fic! There will also be some Choosenshipping, and small parts of Hoennshipping and Questshipping. There will be some Specialshipping, but only in flashbacks. The rating will be 'R' due to strong profanity, violence, and sexual content. I hope you enjoy reading, and please don't flame me T.T, they make me sad . Oh, and if you leave a comment and want to be on the PM list, please ask, it's just so irritating when someone posts the next chapter and someone who commented but didn't ask becomes disappointed with you xD! Anyways, thanks and I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

    Chapter 1

    Rain soared down from the sky, gently colliding with the sodden earth. Gray clouds loomed darkly over the small

    city of Viridian, giving all of the buildings and cars a morbid approach. Voluminous puddles were spilled all over the shady roads and

    sidewalks in spontaneous areas. Cars splashed the various pools of sky drops, splattering an array of water in the air. The city of

    Viridian looked as if it were fallen, depressed, sad. People silently roamed the streets, clutching onto big, flower-like umbrellas that

    draped over their heads. The only sounds that could be heard were the gentle patters of the cool raindrops, and the low growl of

    cars engines.

    A runty looking old tercel puffed along the drenched asphalt, looking as sick as the city today. The car was

    colored a dull, dusky shade of maroon although most of it was patched with rust. The wheels looked about the same color as the

    rain clouds and there were a couple of dents along both sides of it. The windows from the sides looked smudgy, but the windshield

    looked as if someone had to go through a long struggle just to keep it clear. It still wasn't too clean, but it was more crystalline

    than the other windows. Behind all of the thick grime, a thin figure could be spotted roughly behind the window on the side of the

    driver's door. She had long, unusually straight hair that was pigmented a sienna brown color. The girl was also shown to have

    bright blue eyes and was slightly paler than normal. She wore a wrinkly white, short-sleeved shirt with navy blue linings all around

    the cuff of the sleeves and the neck hole. She also wore a pair of worn out black jean shorts with a couple of fouled, low top

    running shoes that was peeling in odd areas and had black skid marks plastered all over them. Lastly, a small silver bracelet was

    clipped onto her right wrist. The chain rustled as she drove, only a single charm hung from it. It was half of a heart with the word

    'friend' printed on it delicately. It looked as if it were withering away as well.

    The girl dug her foot into the the accelerator hard, making her scrap of metal roll faster. The car swished over

    the puddles hurriedly, sliding across Viridian. The wetness of the ground seemed to push the car even further. She slammed on the

    breaks angrily as she approached the traffic lights, which to her dismay flashed to red. She jerked forward with her car and then let

    out a large and tired sigh. The girl folded her arms on the wheel and bumped her head against the wheel in frustration. When she

    looked up, her eyes were red rimmed and blurred. She quickly whipped her hand across her eyes, swiping the water droplets

    away. She had to keep her eyes clear for the road, but they kept coming back. She balled her hand into a fist this time and jammed

    it in her eye. No matter how much she wiped the tears away, they always came rushing back. She couldn't help it though, the lump

    in her throat felt like a giant bowling ball that wouldn't roll away, but her heart felt worse. She sniffed a little, taking out an old,

    dark blue Nokia 3230. She looked at the time on her phone: Nine thirty- seven. It had been half an hour since she had gotten the

    call. She stuffed the old phone back in her pocket and then looked up in time to see the light glow green. The girl pressed her foot

    down on the pedal and her car moved on.

    Thunder roared in the sky like a cry of distress followed by a heavier shower of freezing drops. A small wind

    conjured up almost immediately, making trees and bushed sway gently to the rain. The grizzled tercel finally slowed down, pulling

    into a medium sized parking lot. Thankfully, it was almost empty excluding the few cars. The brunette girl drove into a free space

    quickly, parking it right there. She kicked the driver's door opened and then stepped out, feeling the cool rain soak into her. The girl

    slammed the door shut, tucking the keys into her front left pocket and turning around to face a big building. In big golden letters

    across the top of the structure read 'Viridian Medical Center'. The girl felt her eyes water again, but she didn't care. Thankfully, the

    rain was already soaking her face.

    The girl began to run towards the entrance, her heart was racing. She widened her eyes and slowed down a

    little, but kept her pace up towards the hospital entrance. She spotted a silver scion TC with a big 'V' sticker right on the front

    passenger's door. Her blood ran cold. That...That's Red's car... she felt her heart throb. She couldn't imagine what the boy

    was feeling right now. She came to a stop as she reached the glass doors, pulling them open and stepping inside. The girl looked

    around the hospital. There was a small waiting area in the right corner and in the left corner was the reception desk. A woman with

    curled rosy pink hair stood at the desk, working quietly on some paper work. She was surprised at how empty the hospital was,

    with only a few people in the waiting room. The girl blinked and then ran over to the reception desk, where the pink haired lady

    looked up. She looked down at her name tag now which read 'Joy'.

    "Can I help you?" she asked in a silky voice. The girl's eyes began to water again and the lump in her throat felt even heavier.

    "I'm Blue Greenleaf," she choked, her voice now more shakier than ever, "I'm here on account of the death of Yellow Sparks..." she couldn't hold it in anymore. She felt her face fall into her hands and tears ran down her face heavily. Joy

    frowned with grief and then walked around the reception desk, putting her arm around the girl called Blue.

    "Let it all out..." she whispered, leading Blue into the hall.

    It was now ten o' clock and Blue had finally stopped sobbing, but she continued to sniffle. She was seated in a

    small, white room with a petite gray metal desk. She sat in a chair on one side of the desk, her cheek was pressed against her

    hand and her eyes were now a deeper red. Blue's eyes were locked onto the half heart charm. She pressed her right wrist to her

    heart, closing her eyes. The white door opened up and a woman with dark purple hair walked in. She wore a white lab coat over a

    baby blue blouse and a pair of clean khakis. She had a long name tag hanging down from her neck with her laminated ID card. Blue

    recognized her name to be Felina Ivy. She had a look of sympathy on her face and her eyes seemed to be clouded of grief as well.

    Blue stood up from her seat as the woman held out her hand.

    "Hello Blue, my name is Felina Ivy, but you may refer to me as Dr. Ivy," she said as they shook hands.

    "It's good to finally meet you, Doctor, but before we go into...Yellow, isn't Red Taylor supposed to be here as well? I haven't seen him yet and I'm starting to worry about him," Blue frowned. Dr. Ivy nodded.

    "Red is still in shock I'm afraid, he seems very shaken," she closed her eyes. Blue felt her heart sag, her anxiety for Red blazed on.

    "Aside from him now, we must talk about Yellow." Dr. Ivy stared at Blue who nodded back.

    "Now are you related to Yellow in any way? Do you know her parents?" Ivy asked. Blue sighed as she mentioned the word parents.

    "No, we were best friends, and I wouldn't bother contacting her parents, they're bast--, I mean scum bags," she quickly cut herself off before she cursed at Yellow's parents, she didn't want Ivy to think she was unprofessional.

    "Why do you say that?" she inquired. Blue sighed, thinking back on Yellow's history with her parents. She then coughed a little, the lump was coming back.

    "They kicked Yellow out in the middle of our sophomore year and she came to live with me and my half-sister for about a year. They then took her back home since they finally made up, but things took a bad turn again. When she got pregnant, they all got into a fight and disowned Yellow again. We weren't on such good terms at the time so Yellow stayed with...the father of her child." Blue hesitated as she mentioned 'the father'.

    "So she stayed with Red Taylor most of her pregnancy," Ivy closed her eyes at the situation, thinking hard.

    "Yes...Red's parents weren't too proud, but they still helped out a lot. I'll be assuming that Red and his family are taking care of the funeral plans?" Blue asked. Ivy nodded slowly.

    "Red has already agreed to." she stated. Blue looked down at her lap.

    "Doctor...Can you please explain to me how Yellow passed away?" she asked. Ivy folded her hands.

    "When Yellow went into labor, she lost a large amount of blood through the process. She was extremely exhausted after the baby was born and she died a few hours after giving birth," she explained. Blue widened her eyes.

    "Her...her baby is still alive then?" she asked. Dr. Ivy nodded.

    "Yellow gave birth to a very healthy baby boy," she responded. Blue blinked. The baby was alive. She felt a spark of hope flicker in her heart. She then remembered, who was going to take the baby?

    "Who gets custody of him?" she asked anxiously. Dr. Ivy closed her eyes, taking out an envelope from the inside of her jacket. Blue stared at it curiously, wondering what it held.

    "This is a letter from Yellow to you right before she passed away. She was very eager to write and give this to you. I didn't read the letter, but we had a talk before she died." Blue blinked, the lump started to grow back. She carefully took the letter from the doctor and stared at the envelope. There was something hard inside, but she couldn't tell what it was.

    "Blue...Yellow knew she was not going to make it, she kept telling me that she wanted you and Red to be with the baby."she whispered. Blue felt her fingers tighten around the letter as she listened.

    "Even if you are willing to accept the baby, because you and Red are only seventeen, the baby will rightfully be in the custody of Red's parents. They have already agreed to take care of her. But we still must contact Yellow's parents about the situation." she said. Blue said nothing as Ivy mentioned the Sparks, Yellow's parents.

    "Can I go see...the baby?." she said in a small voice. Dr. Ivy's eyes softened and she slowly walked out of the room, beckoning Blue to follow after her. She clutched Yellow's letter in her hands and then followed after the doctor slowly.

    Blue slowly stepped down the hall of the hospital towards the nursery. Dr. Ivy had left her to go tend to a

    patient but she had given her directions. Blue walked down further and then stopped in front of a big glass window. She gazed

    into the nursery, her heart heavy as she saw various babies resting inside. She then realized that she had forgotten to ask which

    baby was Yellow's, but she stopped her self from finding a doctor. She knew Yellow well enough to recognize her child. Blue

    pressed up against the window gently, scanning the room for a pair of big brown eyes. The baby would also look a lot like Red as

    well, so she also scanned for his characteristics too. She finally stopped looking as she fixed her eyes on the smallest, but most

    beautiful baby she had ever seen. He had Red's dark strands of hair coming from his head barely and he definitely did have

    Yellow's big brown eyes. Blue's eyes warmed up and she wiped her eyes again. She had never cried this much in her life. Blue

    shook them away and she then looked down at the letter from Yellow.

    "Blue?" a voice sounded from the end of the hall. It sounded very hoarse and quiet. Blue looked up and turned
    her head. A boy dressed in a navy blue collared shirt with rolled up sleeves. He had straight, jet black hair and dark colored eyes.

    His eyes showed no emotion whatsoever. Blue frowned a little. He wasn't crying, but looking at him still made her feel depressed.

    Red began to walk over, each step was very slow. Blue looked down. She didn't know how to approach Red, of course he would be

    more devastated than her; The mother of his child and the love of his life had died. He coughed a little as he finally reached the

    nursery, standing right next to Blue.

    "Red? Are you doing okay?" she asked quietly. Blue regretted asking immediately as Red looked down.

    "I'm okay I guess...We're gonna take the baby home next week..." he murmured.

    "Next week?"

    "My parents need to get some supplies ready like the cradle and stuff." he replied. Blue nodded to this. Red was part of a very wealthy family. Blue knew she could trust them with the baby since their maid used to be Red's nanny as a little boy.

    "Red...I'm really sorry about Yellow..." she trailed off as her voice began to crack again. The dark haired boy said nothing as Blue wrapped her arms around him, feeling the warmest she felt all day. She felt Red's arms encircle around her back

    and his head rest gently on her shoulder. Blue felt her right pocket vibrating but did nothing, ignored the phone, holding onto Red

    even tighter.


    It was close to twelve o' clock now, and the hospital was soon becoming even more deserted than it was now.

    As Blue stepped into the waiting corner, she noticed that everyone was gone and that she and Red were probably the last ones

    there. Blue found herself gripping Red's hand solidly as his head rested upon her shoulder. They just sat in the waiting corner,

    grieving and talking about future plans.

    "Dr. Ivy told me your parents were gonna set up Yellow's funeral." Blue quietly said.

    "Yeah, who else is going to take care of it? Yellow's parents?" he muttered sarcastically. Blue was tired of talking about Yellow's parents. She always felt her stomach twist whenever they were mentioned.

    "I think it's best if you handle the funeral too. I can help if you'd like," she offered. As she felt Red scoot in closer to her, Blue felt warm and safe.

    That'll really help," he replied. Blue looked down at her pocket and stared at the letter sticking out. When she got home, she would definitely read it.

    "So what's your son's name?" she asked. Red shifted his head upward higher against Blue's neck, trying to position himself comfortably.

    "He doesn't have one yet...I'm still trying to find the perfect name." he said. The pink haired lady from the receptionists desk was now approaching them. Blue looked up to see her coming towards them. She was a nurse who worked at Viridian Medical Center and Blue was in awe of her striking beauty. Blue ran her finger through her own brown hair, but then stopped as Red lifted his head from her shoulder.

    "I'm sorry, but visitor hours for today are almost over." she said. Blue nodded and she and Red stood up stiffly.

    "Thank you Nurse Joy," Blue said. Red stepped up towards her.

    "Nurse Joy, you'll take good care of the baby, right?" he asked eagerly. Blue softened her gaze on Red, feeling extremely sympathetic. She nodded.

    "He'll be perfectly fine. The CNM here is very caring and great with newborns." Nurse Joy smiled. Blue and Red waved goodbye to her as they walked towards the doorway. Red turned his head back as he swung the door open, staring across the hall and then tucking his head down as he looked back forward and disappeared through the exit. As Blue grabbed the handle, she turned around to Nurse Joy.

    "Thank you for helping out with this, really," she said. Nurse Joy closed her eyes, smiling serenely.

    "Don't mention it, I'm truly sorry about your loss." she frowned. Blue closed her eyes and waved goodbye,

    walking out into the dingy night. As she inhaled the muggy air and walked along the black road, she could tell it had stopped

    raining just a little while ago. She looked around for Red's car hopefully but didn't see the familiar scion. She sighed in

    disappointment as she walked towards her own piece of junk.

    As Blue's low tops sunk through the puddles, she took out her keys from her pocket and heard the click of the

    driver seat door open. She was now walking more slower, noticing a long chunk of maroon paint peeling off of the bumper. Her

    fingers curled around the large piece and she ripped it off, revealing the daft silver metal beneath. She hurled the piece backwards

    with all the force she had in her hand and didn't even look back to see where it had landed. Blue had ripped the paint. Just as

    Yellow had been ripped away. Blue sniffed loudly as she opened the beat up door and slid onto the saggy, cleaved seats of her

    tercel. The door slowly closed beside her, creating an eerie creaking sound that pierced at her ears. God, I wish I had money to

    fix this damned car...
    she thought to herself as she jammed the keys into the ignition and sat back as it slowly came on, turning

    on her low beam and pushed the shifting gear into reverse, pulling back to forward and heading into the highway. She felt her

    phone vibrate again, but she didn't even bother reaching into her pocket. She knew right away it was Sabrina calling. Blue sighed,

    wishing she would be cooler like older sisters should be. Or at least, older half-sisters. She slowly turned on the radio station,

    probably one of the only good things her car had to serve. As the slow music came on and eased into her ears, she felt her

    troubles melt away as she drove on.

    It was now twelve forty-five as Blue's shoddy car scooted into a wide parking lot that was patched with cars.

    She drove past the large welcoming sign that read 'Viridian Local Apartments' in bronze letters with bunches of roses and azaleas

    planted at the foot of it and a large amount of decorative leaves loosely dropped onto the top of the orange brick border. Blue

    quickly made a u-turn around one of the pearl-colored stucco apartment buildings, reaching the other side and quickly pulling into a

    free parking space. She flicked her eyes over to her left to see a black ninety-six impala a space down from hers. Blue recognized

    this to be Sabrina's car which sped her up a little as she quickly parked it and swiped the keys out of the ignition. She opened the

    car door silently, checking inside to see if she left anything inside and then closed it quietly when she was sure she hadn't left


    The apartment building wasn't the most luxurious place to live, but it was okay. Long rows of windows traveled

    across the big white building with orange casements, sills, and shutters. It had to wings on the left and right. Blue headed for the

    stairs on the right wing and quickly climbed up, hurriedly walking to the door on the end. Each door was orange like the structure

    surrounding the window. The hall was drafty and moist. Blue figured it was from the rain seeping in through the hall ceiling again,

    but it wasn't that bad. At least water didn't penetrate the apartments.

    Blue finally reached the end of the hall, going to the last door on the left and slowly taking out her car keys

    again. Attached to the small ring was a doltish golden key. She dug it into the keyhole beneath the eroding doorknob and then

    twisted it, grabbing ahold of the doorknob and letting herself in. She quickly lifted her hand from the rough knob and stared at her

    slightly red hand. If we don't get a new doorknob soon, I'm gonna develop calluses on my hands... she thought to herself as

    she stepped into hers and Sabrina's small residence. Blue wasn't surprised to see all of the lights on. She gazed on the left side of

    the apart at the living room which was small, but cozy. There was an average sized, white leather couch that stood behind a tiny

    coffee table. There were stacks of magazines on the table and a bouquet of fake pink roses. Underneath the table and couch

    lastly was a green rug with unusual designs printed on it. On the right side of the apartment was the kitchen. The kitchen was also

    mini, with gray corian counter tops and bright colored oak cabinets, drawers, and counters. There was a gas stove and a black over

    and fridge to match the decor as well and various signs with cute kitchen puns or sayings. Blue was surprised to see that all of the

    pots and pans were stashed away and that the sink was empty. Usually, the kitchen was a pigsty.

    She closed the door behind her which made a creaking sound, similar to the one her car made and then heard quick footsteps approaching her.

    "Thank God!" came an anxious, but cross exclamation. Blue stared ahead as she saw her sister, Sabrina

    trudging over to her. She noticed that she hadn't changed after work and was probably too worried about her to even change out

    of her business attire. Sabrina wore a gray pencil skirt that reached just below her knee with a matching gray blazer that opened

    up to reveal a white blouse. Her dark hair was twisted into a long, but low ponytail that draped down her back and on her feet

    were a pair of closed toed, black business heels. The only thing that struck Blue as ugly about her today was the look of

    displeasure that flickered in her blue eyes, probably the only thing that made her bear a resemblance to Blue.

    "Blue, where the hell have you been? Do you even know what time it is?" she berated. Blue furled her eyebrows in an angry stare. She didn't need this, and especially today.

    "Does it matter? So I was out late for one damn night, big deal!" she fought back. Blue hung her keys on the small key holder that was nailed up next to the door. and then plucked her shoes off, peeling off her ankle socks as well and stuffing them into her low tops. She dropped her shoes onto the shoe rack and headed towards the sink.

    "Don't walk away from this! As your guardian, I need to know where you are, and that you're safe!" she folded her arms as she followed Blue into the kitchen. Blue ignored her sister's complaints as she lifted the small handle on the sink faucet and immersed her hands in the chilly water.

    "Let me guess, you were at Silver's, weren't you?" she leaned against the counter and glared at her.

    "No!" Blue whipped around at the mention of Silver's name.

    "Where were you tonight, Blue?" Sabrina demanded. Blue hesitated. Sabrina had loved Yellow. She couldn't bring herself to tell her about what had happened, at least not now.

    "Nowhere important..." she murmured. Sabrina narrowed her eyes.

    "Nowhere important, huh? Bull s***! You see, I knew I couldn't trust you! You're just like every other teenage girl out there!" she chided. Blue closed her eyes in frustration and then started towards the short hall towards her room.

    "I can't trust you, for all I know, you could be screwing around with a bunch--"

    "I was at the ****ing hospital, okay? Yellow is dead Sabrina! She's ****ing dead, you happy now?" Blue screamed, finally losing her temper. Sabrina stopped talking immediately and her mouth was left hanging open. Blue's bit her lip, her eyes watering a little.

    "What? W-what happened...?" Sabrina asked as she pulled a chair from the table and shakily sat down. Her eyes were wide. Blue wiped her nose.

    "She lost too much blood while giving birth to her son and died a few hours after he was born..." she said. The yelling had stopped and now there was just an awkward silence which pierced Blue's heart even more. She sniffed very loudly and then turned around.

    "I gotta go to bed now..." she whispered and then headed into her room. Sabrina still sat in her chair silently and slowly lowered her eyes onto her hands.

    Blue busted into her room and shut the door behind her. She switched the light to her room on and they lit up,

    illuminating her petite room. There was a small desk with a tiny black desk lamp who's cord hung loose from the top and the door

    to her closet stood right next to it. There were some papers scattered around on the desk, but they were only homework

    assignments from when she had school. Across from the desk was a medium sized shelf with only a few books tucked into the

    shelves. Lastly, there was a saggy looking mattress with a blue plaid bedding and two plain blue matching pillows. Blue slumped

    over to her bed and fell onto it, bouncing slightly with the bed as she did. She then flopped down on her back and felt her tears fall

    back into her head. What was her life now? Her best friend was dead, her sister was always leery towards her and then there was

    Silver, her boyfriend. Blue sat up, sinking into the pillow on the right and pulling the one on the left towards her. She hugged it to

    her torso and then stuffed her head in it. I need you back Yellow, she thought I need you...


    Oh, I hope that was good! I'm sorry if I sound a little corny >.<. Thank you all for reading!
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    I like it, I can't imagine Yellow spontaniously getting herself pregnant. Seems more like something Blue would do if anybody. I like this story. It reminds me a lot of the way I write. You may want to proof read next time. I like how you made Blue and Sabrina sisters, I do that with other characters, like I sometimes make Gold and Silver brothers. The only thing that keeps me from giving you a brownie button for this story is that you killed Yellow. Yeah, I know it's for drama and it doesn't change the fact that the story is really good. It just bugs me. I'm a big LuckyShipper but I'm also a big Yellow fan, apparently other LuckyShippers don't like that.

    Anyway. There's an "Offical LuckyShipping Thread". And with a fic like this you'd be welcomed with open arms. Check it out if you think you're interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman Beyond View Post
    I like it, I can't imagine Yellow spontaniously getting herself pregnant. Seems more like something Blue would do if anybody. I like this story. It reminds me a lot of the way I write. You may want to proof read next time. I like how you made Blue and Sabrina sisters, I do that with other characters, like I sometimes make Gold and Silver brothers. The only thing that keeps me from giving you a brownie button for this story is that you killed Yellow. Yeah, I know it's for drama and it doesn't change the fact that the story is really good. It just bugs me. I'm a big LuckyShipper but I'm also a big Yellow fan, apparently other LuckyShippers don't like that.

    Anyway. There's an "Offical LuckyShipping Thread". And with a fic like this you'd be welcomed with open arms. Check it out if you think you're interested.

    Thanks for the review! And I will proofread it more slowly this time ^^, I sometimes get overexcited with writing. I'm also a true Luckyshipper, and I love Yellow myself, but it's just one of those stories where you have to kill a beloved off for the story to make sense and come into place! And I will definitely check out the Luckyshipping Thread you mentioned , sounds like fun! And thanks for reviewing the story, it just makes me more ambitious about writing it! And I will swing by the Official Luckyshipping Thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azurelight View Post
    Thanks for the review! And I will proofread it more slowly this time ^^, I sometimes get overexcited with writing. I'm also a true Luckyshipper, and I love Yellow myself, but it's just one of those stories where you have to kill a beloved off for the story to make sense and come into place! And I will definitely check out the Luckyshipping Thread you mentioned , sounds like fun! And thanks for reviewing the story, it just makes me more ambitious about writing it! And I will swing by the Official Luckyshipping Thread
    Good. I'm actually looking forward to the next chapter. I wouldn't ever kill off Yellow. I'd sooner kill off everyone else, but I'm just stubborn like that. Overall, 11/10
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    Meh, it's okay.
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    This is a good way to start off a story. Make something dramatic happen in the beginning to set up a good entrance for story. Looks like Red still needs time to recover from the tragedy. And it also looks like Blue is going out with silver. I think i'm gonna look forward to Blue's chatacter development through the drama of loving Red while having Silver as her boyfriend.

    But although, like what Batman said, I am a little bugged about Yellow dying....

    Keep up the good work. It's an awesome story.

    P.S. I'd like to be on the PM list.
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    Okay now, I have been on a very long hiatus due to various reasons and I have to apologize for that! So, I'm sorry for keeping everybody waiting, things got in the way . I managed to muster up the second chapter finally ^_^! I hope it's good for now, I was originally going to post it earlier in the new year, but due to laptop difficulties (a.k.a crashed netbook x_x) it had to be later...Much later! Anyways, I'm sorry for the delay but I finally got a break to finish this chapter I've also got Chapter three done, but I don't know if I can post it soon, I'm always out and my computer's a sloth!Anyways, in this chapter, it's going to feature an infant. Now ever since seeing the Pixar Short 'Tin Toy' I've been freaked out about visualizing an animated baby, so I've tried my best picturing an anime baby, anime makes everything better *_*

    By the way, thank you for asking Mr. Pong, you may be on the PM List ^_^

    Well, I hope you all like the new chapter! Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, and even viewing!

    I'm With You

    Chapter 2

    A burst of sunlight peeked into the small room behind the dusty old

    blinds. The thin, eerie streams warmed up the dingy place, brightening up the

    mood. On the desk next to the closet were piles of albums and pictures

    scattered about and on the floor. Piles of trig and literature papers were spilling

    onto the chair tucked into the table and onto the floor with the pictures. Next to

    the papers and pictures on the floor were more open albums and other objects

    like stuffed animals and dolls.

    Bzzzzz bzzzzz; A low chorus of drones sounded from the mountain of

    scraps of the desk and some of them fluttered to the ground. The buzzing sound

    reappeared, this time a little more intense. The scrawny lump underneath the

    big indigo comforter began to stir and tired groans murmured from it. The

    buzzing sound began to play again, shifting more papers to the floor. The indigo

    comforter flew off, revealing a very bedraggled Blue. Her eyes were squinted

    into tiny threads and her hair was brushed into her face. She quickly pushed the

    brown locks from out of her eyes and she slipped out of bed. She wore a rolled

    up pair of sea-green sweat pants and an oversized Viridian City T-shirt. Blue

    rubbed her eyes as she stepped over her desk and dipped her hand into the sea

    of papers. She felt around until she finally felt her hand close around a hard, yet

    tiny. Blue pushed her hair back again as she brought her Nokia closer to her and

    clicked a random button to lighten it up.

    “Eleven forty-seven…” she mumbled, her eyes locked on her screen

    saver. Her lips curved upward a little at the sight of a smiling blond haired girl

    with her arms wrapped around a large green plush pillow. Blue giggled slightly,

    remembering Yellow’s love for soft and fluffy things. She then bit her lip, her

    throat started to feel heavy. Just three weeks before was Yellow laid to rest

    formally. It was a sad event for everyone. Blue and Sabrina had attended along

    with Yellow’s family and friends. Red had also showed up to the service, but he

    didn’t bring the baby. Blue recalled him saying that bringing a newborn baby to a

    graveyard wasn’t a good way of welcoming it into the world. She wiped her eyes

    as she recapped the solemn event in her mind. Everyone had brought bouquets

    of tulips, for they were Yellow’s favorite flowers because of their color similarity

    to her hair. Blue smiled again at the thought.

    Bzzzz! She jumped a little in surprise as her phone vibrated again, this time it

    was just a missed call alert. She raised an eyebrow at the call time which

    read ‘eight thirty-four’. She felt a spark in her heart, hoping for it to be Silver.

    He hadn’t called for the longest time or answered any of her calls, to Blue’s

    disappointment. He was never the most reliable figure in her life, but she felt as

    if he needed her and she just couldn’t bring herself to leave him in the dust.

    Silver didn’t exactly come from a happy family background, despite his wealth.

    Blue tried her best to keep him from going the wrong direction, but right now,

    the rest was speculation. She listed the callers, anxiously hoping it was Silver.

    She blinked in surprise at the caller ID that flashed. It wasn’t Silver, but Red.

    She and Red had not spoken to each other since Yellow’s funeral. It was a little

    unusual for him to call her so suddenly. Blue rapidly began to push buttons and

    brought the phone back up to her ear. The call buzz began to ring in and she

    eagerly tapped her fingernails on her desk. The call buzz seemed to go on

    forever as she waited for a response and she nervously looked down.

    “Hello?” a weary voice spoke when the call buzz came to a halt. Blue blinked

    again flustered.

    “H-hello, it’s me Blue—” A shrill cry rang out from the speaker on her phone,

    causing Blue the crane her head away from her phone immediately. A loud,
    phlegmy cough followed after the crying and Blue frowned.

    “Red?” she asked quietly. The crying began to die down a little and she could

    hear the coughing again.

    “Hey, sorry about that. I’ve been going crazy taking care of the baby, it’s like he

    never stops crying.” He replied. His voice was very hushed, but hoarse. Another

    fit of coughing erupted from the speakers.

    “Red, are you sick?” she asked. There was a long pause and soon, the baby’s

    whimpers died away.

    “It’s just a small cold is all…” he yawned across the line and Blue suddenly felt


    “Hey look, I’m not doing anything today, I could come by and help with the baby

    if you’d like,” she offered. There was another long pause and then another


    “That would be asking too much, it’s not even your baby…” he stammered. Blue


    “I don’t mind, I’ll come by right now.” She said. That must have relieved him

    because his voice grew a little louder over the phone.

    “Thanks Blue, you’re really helping me out here,” he sighed. Blue’s lips curved

    upward pleasantly.

    “Alright then, I’ll see you in about ten minutes,” she gently slid her phone shut

    and leaned her body against the desk, beaming with a look of aspiration in her

    eyes. With that, she sprinted away to make her bed. Ten minutes was ten



    It was almost twelve-twenty and Blue was wheeling her impaired tercel down the

    glamorous lane of massive dwellings. Each and every house had more than two

    floors and a set of glossy gates standing up guard. She sighed disappointedly,

    looking around at every home longingly. Looking at all of this wealth made her

    heart lurch with envy; If only she and Sabrina had gotten to live such a lifestyle.

    She looked down at the thought of her. By the time she had woken up this

    morning, Sabrina had already gone to work and she wouldn’t come home until

    very late as usual. She tried to remember the last time she and Sabrina actually

    had fun together but it was all a blur. The past few years had become harder

    and harder and Sabrina practically lived in her office these days. The two barely

    exchanged words unless they were fighting.

    Blue frowned thinking of her sister’s ceaseless hours of labor. She had insisted

    on getting a job to help pay off bills, but Sabrina objected, saying that she

    wanted Blue to be able to focus more on school. The two were pretty much

    covered for bills anyways, Sabrina’s job as the secretary of the Viridian Wi-Fi

    Network’s CEO brought her decent wages, but terrible work hours. It was very

    rare for her to get days off, and when she did, she usually spent them catching

    up on some direly needed sleep. Blue would never bother her in her time of

    peace. Sabrina’s health mattered more to her than their relationship. But what

    mattered more to her? The old tercel chugged along quietly. It was

    embarrassing to have to drive such a worthless piece of junk through the golden

    streets of the rich.

    She sighed with relief as she saw a familiar black gated mansion with the

    letter ‘T’ curved into the middle of it elegantly. Towering pink cherry trees

    surrounded the front of the home adding softness to the sharp looking

    neighborhood. The house was built up of sturdy bricks with two white, medium

    sized balconies in the front and one enormous balcony on the topmost floor.

    There were three floors at the most, Blue wasn’t really sure. The last time she

    had been to Red’s house was when he had hosted that chaotic party, though that

    was a long way back. The house was still as beautiful as ever. The landscaping

    was like that done out of painting by a professional artist. The greenery was a

    rich emerald color, as if the grass had been watered plentifully. The chromatic

    flora positively radiated the garden; there were pansies, violets, hyacinths,

    hydrangeas, azaleas, lavenders, and giant wisteria trees draping the many

    garden statues. That wasn’t even the best part. A gorgeous black marble

    fountain was centered in the middle of the driveway surrounded by bushels of

    red zinnias. It was tiered with a chunk of a lapis gem at the topmost point and

    displayed glistening streams of water running down the fountain placidly like a


    Blue turned into the periwinkle cobbled driveway and came to a halt right at the

    front of the gates. She drew her window down and extended her neck outside to

    meet the small black speaker and camera connected to the wall next to the

    gates. A twinge of static could be heard from the speaker, as if someone were

    turning it on and someone cleared their throat rather loudly.

    “State your name,” a low, monotone voice suddenly spoke from the speakers.

    Blue immediately felt unwelcomed by the man’s tone. She bit her lip


    “Blue Greenleaf…?” she asked. There was a long pause.

    “Ah, yes! Mr. Taylor has been expecting you! The gates will be opened

    immediately and I’ll send someone to park your car,” he said now more hastily.

    Blue sighed with relief and rolled her window back up, watching as the glossy

    black gates came to a slow opening. She sluggishly pulled into the driveway.

    Even through her grimy windows, the entire front yard glowed. Blue stared in

    awe at the luxury; it must have been phenomenal to grow up in such an

    environment. She spun the wheel in towards the right, curving her car around

    the circular driveway. As she came closer the widespread dark gray concrete

    stairs leading to the doors, a man dressed in a jet black suit stood in the last

    step. He was a very proper looking man; he stood up straight and his tux was

    starched, and he certainly seemed more vivacious than the man who had

    spoken to her on the speaker. She came to a soft stop right in front of him. He

    pulled the driver’s seat door open and grasped Blue’s hand politely.

    “Welcome Ms. Greenleaf! I’ll be taking your car to the garage,” he offered in a

    sweet tone. She nodded, smiling at his graciousness and pulled out the keys,

    and stood up to drop them in his hand. As she stepped back, she turned around

    to see the giddy look on the man’s face disappear as he started the car. It was

    probably the most expected reaction to someone who has probably dealt with

    much classier cars. She simpered as he drove her tercel away and then

    proceeded to the front door.

    Everything was much bigger when you just stood in front of the house. The

    doors seemed to soar endlessly into the sky along with the fours white pillars in

    the front with lush green hedge brush encircling them. She opened her mouth in

    amazement at the house’s close-up size. Her apartment was a pittance

    compared to this.

    “Ms. Greenleaf, I assume?” a familiar tedious voice popped up and Blue lowered

    her head from staring at the sky to see a plump, balding man with a mustache

    so thin and sharp, it looked like to rapiers facing opposite directions. His eyes

    filled with nothingness and his face was twisted into an irritated expression. He

    was definitely dressed very nicely, with his aphotic tuxedo and navy colored

    bowtie. His shirt was also starched straight and pearly like the cheery man at the


    “Yes,” Blue responded as kindly as possible, but he didn’t seem the least bit

    swayed to her dismay. Instead he just looked her up and down as if she were

    something out of the ordinary.

    “Mhmm, fascinating…” he said in a low growl. She guessed that looking at her

    attire, she didn’t seem to impress the man one bit. She wore a plain black tank

    top with a pleated pine green skirt and a pair of withered flip flops. It was really

    something she had just thrown on. The only really noticeable thing about her

    was her face. Her hair dropped like silk over her right shoulder and gave off a

    whitish sparkle, while her large blue eyes stood out like two aquamarine jewels.

    Blue shrugged as he beckoned her in and she stepped inside to the foyer.

    The house was royalty. She blinked in astonishment at the size of just the foyer.

    She could fit her car in there no question! The floors were made of gleaming

    marble and a lengthy, red velvet rug led to the enormous widening staircase.

    The rug seemed to be merged in with the fabric on the steps because they were

    exactly the same. The rails were that of the color of dark chocolate and were big

    enough to slide down on. Blue could guess how Red came down the stairs when

    he was younger. She looked at the many expensive looking vases and statues.

    There were framed mosaics and kaleidoscope colored paintings. There were

    many doorways and halls on the first floor, but there was even more to explore

    on the second floor. Blue watched as three women dressed in the teal maids’

    uniform bustled about their chores. Then it hit her. How could a boy living in this

    much wealth need help with a baby when there were enough people to help him

    out? Blue wrinkled her eyebrows. Red could have easily asked one of the maids

    to tend to the baby.

    “Ms. Greenleaf, Mr. Taylor is on the third floor, last door on the hall to the right.

    I would escort you there, but there is a situation I must tend to…” he said in a

    slow, enticing tone. Blue nodded and watched as he waddled off. As soon as he

    was out of earshot, she scoffed and made her way to the staircase. He probably

    didn’t want to escort a cheap city girl, he certainly acted that way.


    Walking up the stairs was like running a marathon. Blue had already lost count

    of the number of steps, and she had just passed the second floor. No wonder

    why anyone would prefer to slide down the rail…She thought wearily as she

    finally climbed the last step to the third floor.

    “Oh hell…” she groaned looking at the realm of doors in front of her. She bit her

    lip, staring at the many halls until an unhappy wail rang out suddenly. Blue

    stumbled back, startled at the cry and looked down at the right hall. She made

    her way down towards the last door, walking by various paintings and consoles

    with exotic vases and glass figurines. The crying got louder and louder until she

    reached the last door and it was probably at its peak for volume. Blue widened

    her eyes a little timidly as she quietly turned the golden doorknob.

    It was like baby bliss. The walls were drenched in a minty green paint with a

    bunch of blue stars blotted across them. There was a big, ebony crib in the right

    end of the room with blue and green pillows, sheets, and a bedding of stars and

    crescent moons. It was filled to the brim with fuzzy stuffed animals and tiny

    cushions. After her trip up the stairs, it wouldn’t have felt bad to leap into the

    pile of fleeciness and just rest. She thought against it though and scanned the

    rest of the room around. The closed curtains and the carpet were also blue and

    green like the rest of the room, the colors gluing into her gaze as she looked

    elsewhere. She quietly set her phone on a small console that was next to the

    door and closed it behind.

    “Blue?” someone piped up. She quickly looked towards the left of the room

    where she spotted a light blue rocking chair and a long couch. She blinked in

    surprise at the sight. Propped in the rocking chair slowly swaying back and forth

    was a haggard young boy with spiky black hair matted everywhere. His eyes

    were dusky and dead, you could barely tell what he was looking at. Albeit his

    groggy appearance, he was still as handsome as ever. In his arms was a tiny

    bundle blue blankets and a little head of smooth black hair was visible from the


    “Red?” she asked in disbelief as she made her way over to him, “You look

    terrible,” she quickly sat herself down in the couch. He gave her a weak smile.

    “It’s okay…Thanks for coming…” he replied, his voice was thick and sluggish.

    Blue held out her arms.

    “Let me hold him,” she insisted. Red looked at her, his eyes were glowing with

    reprieve. He handed the infant to her and fell back in his seat, letting out a

    series of coughs. Blue gathered the baby into a comfortable position, finally

    getting to see his face. She sighed in denial as she gazed at him. Despite his

    sleeping state, he looked awfully familiar.

    “He has Yellow’s face,” she uttered as she slowly rocked him. He was the most

    beautiful baby she had ever seen. He already had a full head of black strands

    like his father and his smile was a mini curve just like his mother’s.

    “You should see him when his eyes are open, it’s amazing,” Red seemed to be

    dozing off, but instead he coughed again and leaned closer to Blue and the baby.

    “So, have you named him yet?” she asked as she ran her fingers across his

    soft forehead. Red nodded.

    “His name’s Grey, Yellow actually thought of the name,” he looked up as if lost in

    thought. Blue looked back down at the baby.

    “I think it’s perfect,” she chimed. She slowly stood up and stepped over to the

    right of the nursery, approaching the crib and setting Grey inside of the barred

    bed gently. She whipped around then and folded her arms.

    “I don’t think it’s the baby that needs to be taken care of…” she shook her head

    and chuckled as she walked back over to where Red was. She stood in front of

    the rocking chair looking at him with one eyebrow raised. He looked up at her


    “Don’t worry about me, it’s just a cold, I’ll get over it,” he hissed. Blue unfolded

    her arms and stepped closer to him, bending down and pressing her hand

    against his forehead. As her eyes met his, all she could see was tiredness and

    sorrow. She lifted her hand off of him lightly and straightened herself up.

    “You’re burning up, you really need some rest. Hasn’t the house staff or your

    parents helped you at all?” she asked. Red shook his head.

    “My parents have made sure that no one’s to help me, and that’s my punishment

    for having a baby at seventeen. My mistake, my problem is what they told me,”

    Blue’s mouth fell open.

    “That’s horrible! Do they know that you’re sick and that you haven’t slept for

    days?” she needled.

    “They’re in Hoenn, Lilycove City,” he said dumbly. Blue knit her eyebrows

    together in frustration. She opened her mouth to say something, but something

    about the pained look on Red’s face made her feel it would be the wrong thing to

    do. Instead, she grabbed his hand and pulled him up to his feet.

    “Listen, try to get some sleep on the couch and I’ll watch Grey for a while, if he

    starts crying, I’ll handle it,” she said sweetly. Red frowned.

    “Blue, it’s—“

    “I’ll handle it! Just go to sleep,” she grabbed his shoulders before he could

    protest and lowered him onto the couch.

    “Sleep tight!” she smirked and walked off back towards the crib. She heard a

    long yawn, followed by some tossing and turning.

    “Thank…you…” he mumbled. It wasn’t soon after that she heard soft breaths of

    slumber. She turned her head and stared at him.

    “You’re welcome…” she sighed and turned back to the crib. Grey was as sound

    asleep as his father, causing Blue to giggle a bit. She picked up small yellow

    blanket hanging from the side of the crib and draped it over the baby.

    “I wish you could’ve gotten to meet your mother…” she said and stepped away

    from the crib. As she walked back to the rocking chair, she heard that distinct

    buzzing sound again and sighed with annoyance, turning back over to get her

    phone off the console. When she picked it up, she wiped off the thin grime on

    the little screen on the front. The caller ID read ‘Crystal’, spurring curiosity in

    Blue. She quickly hit ‘accept’ on the phone and held it up to her ear.

    “Hello?” she asked.

    “Blue! Where are you?” it was the voice of Crystal, but she sounded anxious.

    “I’m at a friend’s, what’s the matter?” she inquired. She heard some whispering

    over the line and a growl.

    “We have something you need to see, it’s important!” this time, it wasn’t

    Crystal’s voice, but a much scratchier voice embedded with a tough edge. Blue

    knew immediately that this was her friend Sapphire’s voice.

    Blue looked around at Red and Grey, her eyes drooped with sympathy.

    “Can’t it wait? I’m kind of busy right now,” she said in a low voice. There was a

    gasp over the phone.

    “Blue, tell me you’re not at Silver’s,” Sapphire’s voice shook angrily. Blue glared

    at the phone in confusion.

    “No! What’s going on?” she demanded. There was another long pause.

    “Look, when are you going home?” Crystal asked.

    “I’ll probably be home around five,” she said slowly.

    “Okay, we’ll see you then,” Sapphire affirmed. Blue waved her hand frantically.

    “Wait! You never told me—“but they already hung up. She clicked her contacts

    button on the phone in vexation and was just about to call them again until she

    heard a high sounded sniffle. She flashed her gaze over to Grey’s crib and set

    her phone down hastily, racing over quietly and dipping her head over the bars.

    Grey tossed around a bit, twisting his face up into a grimace. He let out a

    miniscule wail, followed by teeny sobs that reminded her of a rubber bath toy. It

    was then when he opened his eyes. Blue widened her eyes. He really did inherit

    Yellow’s face. She rapidly slipped her hands underneath him and lifted him up,

    holding him close.

    “Shhh, hush now, it’s all good,” she cooed while patting his back. She kept lightly

    tapping her hand on his back until he let out what was barely a burp. Blue

    chuckled slightly, grabbing a stuffed yellow mouse and giving it to baby Grey.

    His crying soon lessened, giving her some peace of mind.

    “So cute…” she thought aloud. He seemed to be drifting back to sleep because

    his breaths were now dulcet and calm. Blue carefully set him down into the crib

    again, pulling his blanket over his body and the yellow mouse doll.

    “Sweet dreams…” she said silkily. Blue turned around and gazed back at Red.

    His head was sunken in one of the mint-colored cushions and his arms were

    wrapped around another. She looked around the room suddenly and spotted a

    folded quilt on the base of a window. She rushed over excitedly and snatched it

    off, unfolding it and going back over to the couch in which Red slept. Blue smiled

    at him and flapped it over his body, covering him up to warmth. He stirred a bit,

    loosening up into the quilt.

    “Thanks…” he murmured. She sighed happily and stepped back, sitting back

    down into the rocking chair. She flicked her eyes up on the ceiling and closed

    her eyes, taking time to just think. Things had really changed, and

    unfortunately, it would never be the same as before. She opened her eyes again

    and stared at the crib. No matter how much she missed Yellow, she could never

    think of Grey as a mistake. Something inside of her just yearned to get up and

    hold the sleeping baby in her arms rather than leave him in the crib. She

    couldn’t muster up what that feeling was. Of course she loved the baby, it

    belonged to her best friend, but she couldn’t figure out what kind of love. Blue

    smiled at the crib and began to brush her fingers through a lock of brown hair.

    Only time would tell.


    Well, there you have it! I really hope you guys liked it, I've been trying to get better as a writer. Thanks for viewing or reading! I will try to post the next chapter sooner than the last one! Hopefully, my laptop won't crash x_x

    Thanks to everyone again! ^_^
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    That was an amazing chapter. I wonder what'll happen next.

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    The World That Never Was


    I never really planned on coming back, but a particular someone asked that I continue writing this, and I was actually shocked to see that somebody liked my writing It made me really happy to know that someone appreciated it, so again, I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while. I finally made time to start writing again, so finish this I will. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me and I will hopefully continue to keep on writing. Again, I apologize for the long wait, this won't happen again, I'll try my hardest this time. Here's the next chapter, the italics indicate a flashback just for the record, I was hoping you'd all be able to figure it out by the context ^_^ So please enjoy this chapter, it's not my best, but I worked hard on it!

    Chapter 3

    By the time Blue had pulled into the parking lot of her apartment complex, the sky had become dimly lit and the city grew quiet with approaching night. She slowly clicked open her seatbelt and stepped out of

    the tercel, squinting her eyes to best scan the cars around the lot. Sabrina was still at work apparently, but she didn’t see any of Sapphire’s OR Crystal’s cars. What she did see shocked her.

    Her eyes fell upon a jet black BMW series seven with polished wheels and an enormous “VIRIDIAN HIGH” bumper stick plastered on the back. Blue’s eyes widened in surprise at the sight of the familiar car, and she

    quickly made her way down toward the right wing staircase.

    “What on Earth is he…?” she trailed off half confused and half frustrated. She trudged up the stairs, thoughts racing hard through her mind until she stopped at the front of her door and fumbled anxiously with her

    keys when it creaked open suddenly and someone grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her in.

    “Back so soon?” murmured a gruff, yet raspy voice. The door gently closed in after Blue, who flared her eyes up ready to speak, but was interrupted by a colliding pair of rough lips. Powerful arms wrapped around

    her tiny figure and she was pulled into a tight embrace of sturdy strength. She closed her eyes as the kiss overcame her vexation, feeling herself relax a bit more and pressing her hands daintily against her guest’s

    hard chest. She slightly let her eyes open a bit, seeing his red locks fall a bit to the front and fondle her face, her lips immersed deeply with his. She felt angry, yet mesmerized by the surprise, which stopped her

    from shoving away her all too familiar friend. As they finally parted, she gazed up, her hands sifting over to his broad shoulders and trembling a bit.

    “Silver…” she breathed as she stared into his magnificent face. His eyes were a brilliant namesake and radiant; His skin was smooth and complimented his long, crimson hair that fell across his forehead neatly. Silver

    was dressed in a dark gray collar shirt with sleeves reaching to his forearms and dark black jeans. Over the gray shirt was a black blazer adorned with chrome buttons along the right. His build was what stood out

    the most, as his muscles practically bulged out from underneath his clothes, and he towered over her at six feet. Blue was a twig compared to his burly stature.

    Silver licked his lips, smirking at her.

    “Did you miss me?” he asked, tracing her face with his hand. Blue lightly pushed him away from her and walked past him, turning around abruptly to face him.

    “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for ages! And how did you even get in here?” she demanded. Silver sighed, as if her inquiries were exhausting him already.

    “That doesn’t matter; I’m here now,” he said, pulling her back for another kiss, however, Blue stopped him and pushed him away from her.

    “What do you think you’re doing? Two months without so much as a ‘hi’ and just now you pop up in my apartment? Do you even know what I’ve been going through lately?” her voice was now shaking with

    anger. Where was he when she needed him? Why was it that she was always there he needed her, yet he couldn’t do the same? Silver’s gaze on her softened. He looked down and the two didn’t say anything for a


    “Yeah…I heard about what happened…Which is why I came here…” he said quietly. Blue looked up at him quickly, melting for a slight second at his words; But then she remembered just who she was talking to.

    She then turned around, her back to him.

    “Like you care…You’re always doing this, leaving me in the dust and then coming back because ‘you care’.” She muttered. Blue suddenly felt a pair of arms slip around her and pull her into a tight embrace.

    “I do care about you; I’m sorry I never called, I was caught up with some things, but I’m all yours now,” he cooed in her ear. Blue swallowed hard. Trusting Silver was like walking on a slippery log; he was

    extremely unpredictable, and Blue had come to learn this the many years she had been involved with him. Sapphire’s and Crystal’s warning soon popped into her head. That message had been cryptic, and she was

    sure it had something to do with Silver as they had presented strong disapproval of her being anywhere near his estate.

    Blue slowly moved her hands into his. She hated herself for complying with him, yet she couldn’t leave him, not after everything they had been through. Silver may have had the image to others as someone on

    top of the world in a perfect world; however he was anything but so. Silver had issues, issues that even Blue couldn’t help him out of, yet she still loved him in a way; he needed her, and she needed him. Being with

    Silver gave her a sense of raw security, but was just as much poisonous. He spun Blue around to face her and gripped her hard by the waist.

    Silver locked his lips with hers yet again. And again it started; Blue returned the kiss, feeling his soft lips move against hers incessantly. He opened his mouth and deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue against

    hers and massaging her mouth. Their tongues clashed with one another, sparking even more fire in between them, but she wished for it to stop They parted only for a split second before Silver stepped back to lock

    the door and took her into his arms again. As he bent down to kiss her again, but Blue pushed him away from her.

    “Are you feeling okay?” Silver asked. She looked down.

    “I…I don’t think you should be here right now.” She looked back up at Silver expectantly. He sighed and folded his arms.

    “I told you I was sorry, isn’t that enough?” he asked, narrowing his eyes. Blue sighed and took his hand.

    “It’s not you, it’s just…” she trailed off and then gave him a pained expression, causing Silver roll his eyes and then turned towards the door.

    “I’ll call you later, when you’re back to normal, okay?” he stated, and without looking back at her, he took his leave, slamming the door behind him. Blue stared at the door for a little while, and suddenly felt

    empowered by rage. She felt like throwing every dish in the kitchen at the door and screaming at the top of her lungs.

    The nerve it was for Silver to have just come by casually as if he could pretend everything between them was okay. She so desperately wished she could throw whatever they had together out the window

    and just start over, but that was easier said than done. Blue stomped over to her room and slammed the door behind her, burying herself under the covers. Everything had seemed to be twisting out of control. She

    grabbed a pillow and stuffed her face in it, thoughts racing through her head faster than ever. As she incessantly begged for the world to stop, she soon drifted off to a deep sleep as her mind finally closed and the

    world disappeared

     

    The last bell’s cry was a savior to all attending Viridian High School; with students rushing out giddily and exchanging farewells until the weekend was over. Kids began to clump all over the wide courtyard of

    the dust-bitten campus, intently discussing weekend plans and hurriedly accompanying each other to their fancy cars.

    The world itself seemed to have been racing forward as Blue carefully stepped down the stairs towards the crowded courtyard. She was dressed like everyone else, although her uniform bore much difference

    than the others. Her black blazer was beaten up and now grayed from its constant washing and use; The emblem of Viridian High sewn onto the right breast collar was now unwinding with bits of the gold shield

    missing and her white shirt underneath ceased to be tucked into her short plaid skirt. Instead of black penny loafers with socks, her shoes consisted of low-heeled black boots that looked just as worn as her blazer.

    Though her uniform wasn’t as appealing as others, it was her radiant face that made up for the dingy clothing. Her skin was as immaculate as a doll’s, and her hair was swept to the side beautifully; But what most

    stood out was the fierce expression emblazoned on her face, her determination and her perfect masking of her fragile interior.

    She walked down alone, which seemed a bit surprising the crowd. Several heads turned her way to meet her with eyes of disapproval and they began to whisper to each other. Blue didn’t budge though;

    instead, she defiantly kept her head up and walked through the courtyard, swinging her car keys from her belt onto her fingers. Her eyes traveled around scoping out the area where she spotted Sapphire and her

    boyfriend, Ruby, arms linked and walking contently down toward his car. As she walked by, Sapphire waved to Blue and continued alongside her beau. Blue waved back, flashing a slight smile. It was one of the

    highlights of her day, seeing at least a few friends.

    As she continued down to her car, she slowed down and the little smile on her face soon disappeared. Her eyes fell upon a beautiful girl; her wavy hair was a shining gold color, which was twisted up into a

    high ponytail that fell along her back. Her curved bangs delicately framed her heart-shaped face and despite the dark palette of her brown eyes, they glowed bright with life. Even though her uniform was just as

    worn as Blue’s, her lovely features shone over the light flaw. Her radiance was her namesake, Yellow Sparks. She was a dazzling pool of light.

    Yellow was laughing, her smile was more vivid than the sun and she was held tightly in the arms of a handsome dark-haired boy, who in unison laughed along with her. He was tall and built, with strong-looking

    arms and a million-dollar face. His black hair was a mess of attraction and his wealthy style of dress complimented his good looks even more. He was perfect, Red Taylor, handsome, kind, and financially set for life,

    and he was hers.

    Blue closed her eyes, trying to make her frustration latent, but she couldn’t help but glare at them. The blond girl stopped laughing as soon as she noticed her, and a solemn expression crawled upon her face.

    Blue narrowed her eyes and then continued past them abruptly, leaving the Yellow as she looked down, not meeting her eyes. As she neared her beat-up tercel, she pushed past a group of kids laughing and felt

    scornful eyes on her. She didn’t care though; Blue opened up her car door and slammed it as she sat inside, fastening her seatbelt and backing out of the parking lot. As she pushed the gear shift forward, she

    caught a glimpse of Yellow again, with Red. She couldn’t help but glower at her again, no matter how sorry the latter was. It just wasn’t fair, was it? Then again, why would anyone resist the charming innocence of

    Yellow Sparks? Red sure didn’t, but this time, Blue had to. She shook her head and continued out of the parking lot, entering the reprieve of getting away from the rest.


    Not the best ending to a chapter, but my mind was exploding with other stuff, so I decided to leave that for the next chapter! Hopefully, it is juicy stuff, please review, and feedback is welcomed heartily Thanks for reading!!! Stay tuned!!
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    No reviews, huh? Well, it's not that popular a ship, so I don't mind! I'll keep on updating. Thanks to whoever reads! Feedback is welcomed, and again, the italics means it's a flashback. Enjoy!

    Chapter 4

    That particular day was vibrant and warm as the sun streaked Viridian with refreshing rays. The balmy afternoon left an elated disposition upon the environment and invited glory and warmth. The bell for lunch

    hour had just rung and students were now racing out to the courtyards and fields, seeking out the best eating spots. Soon, kids gripping full trays and delighted faces covered the area.

    “Finally! I was starting to think history would NEVER end!” cried an obviously relieved Crystal, who wiped her forehead as if she had returned from strenuous activity. She was a petite girl with dark chestnut

    hair separated into two lowered pigtails. She had a cute face with round blue eyes and wore a nicely fitted version of the Viridian High girls’ uniform, albeit with a pair of ankle boots and black thigh-high socks. A tall

    boy with short black hair put a bulky arm over her shoulder. He had a pair of spike bangs resting along his forehead and the rest flared in the back. His uniform was mostly well kept, save for a couple stains on the

    white shirt underneath his blazer from outdoor activity.

    “Well, technically, it never ends…”he chuckled. She rolled her eyes and focused her gaze on a now arriving Blue who had her hands in her pockets. She wore the same powerful expression on her face as she

    had always, but she seemed a bit off, as if there was a slight hindrance to her usual strong-willed personality. It was apparent that there was something hidden behind her fierce façade, yet the two chose to ignore


    “You’re funny, Gold. How about you? How’s the day treating you, Blue?” Crystal inquired. Blue shrugged.

    “It’s been okay, but I would prefer it if I didn’t have to deal with the detention threats for sneezing,” she sighed. Sapphire suddenly came up behind Blue, slinging her fit arm around her neck.

    “Haha, I almost died laughing when you said ‘I didn’t know sneezing was punishable by law, I won’t do it again,’! Ha! I’m surprised you didn’t drop the F bomb on her,” she laughed. Blue turned to give her a

    slight smile. Sapphire was as pretty as ever, with her midnight-like eyes and short, flared hair. Despite her attractive looks, she was extremely athletic and had a body so fit, yet so small; however, during tennis

    games or soccer, she was a definite force to be reckoned with.

    “I did…” Blue looked up as she remembered choking it under her breath. The group burst into conversation about the rottenness of the Viridian teachers. She was felt content again, laughing and talking with

    her friends. The past few weeks hadn’t been easy on her, but it was nice to just forget about it all; at least for the time being. As they continued their discussion, two figures loomed over toward them. The group

    silenced and turned to meet the couple. The vivacious sight of sunny locks and big eyes went unnoticed along with the tall, dark, and handsome counterpart. Blue suddenly felt her relaxed demeanor slip away as

    she faced the couple.

    Yellow and Red had shown up, Yellow smiling as beautifully as ever with the curt, handsome Red gripping her hand tightly.

    “Hey guys! What’d we miss?” she chimed. Her voice was equivalent of that of a hearty melody, dulcet and flattering.

    “Nothing, we were just going on about how Mrs. P should change her name to Mrs. PMS,” Crystal giggled. Sapphire and Gold greeted the two familiars and then shot anxious glances over at Blue. She had now

    ceased to laugh along with the rest of the group and stepped back, a dark expression on her face. It was as if a chill had befallen the once cordial group, inviting a somber feel to the setting.

    “I just remembered, I have to go make up a test,” she said, looking straight down at the toes of her boots. Yellow frowned and looked down as well. Red quickly took notice of this and grasped her hand even


    “Just tell the teacher you forgot, eat with us,” he smiled. Blue looked up to meet his eyes, his dark, garnet view that embodied kindness and good will. She bit her lip before shaking her head and began to walk

    past the group before Yellow turned around towards her.


    “I have to go! I’ll see you all around…” she said weakly and trudged off toward the building of the main hall. She kept walking and only turned back to catch a glimpse of her friends already laughing without

    her. She took notice of Yellow slightly smiling, but it there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. She then flicked her gaze over to Red. He seemed so happy, and he continued to hold Yellow’s hand firmly in his. Blue

    shook her head and continued into the building.

    Her footsteps along the empty halls were not so quiet, as the small heels emitted a boisterous ‘clop clop’ sound. Her hair swung along with her fast pace and she ceased to notice any of the few people in the

    halls. Her head was fuming with emotion as she tried to get the image of Red and Yellow out; she hated feeling this way, and it wasn’t normal for her to be this much of a recluse. Blue continued to stomp along the

    hall, wishing them both out of her life. Her incessant noise soon filled the halls, turning heads of bystander teachers and students. It wasn’t until her thoughts were interrupted by a gruff voice that she was brought

    back to reality.

    “You sound like a Clydesdale,” someone called. Blue stopped short, and turned her head around to see who it was. It was then when her eyes first laid upon him; He had just stepped out of the gym locker

    room and his black blazer hung over his shoulder by the index finger. He had on a pair of black pants that looked brand new and his white button up underneath was undone just beneath the collar, exposing a sweat

    moistened chest. His eyes were a striking cool gray and snakelike, complimenting his slightly wet red hair that hung loose around his face.

    “What’s it to you? You look like you just got beat up,” she retorted, despite his less than average appearance. What struck her most was his sturdy build. She couldn’t help noticed how strong he looked, as if

    he had done his opponent in good.

    “It’s called ‘Lacrosse Practice’,” he smirked, “So what’s got you so pissed? That time of the month again?” Blue glared at him, turning bright red.

    “The hell it should concern you! Mind your own business, I don’t even know you, so just piss off,” she snapped. He widened his eyes amused.

    “I guess it is; say, you’re Blue, aren’t you?” he asked, stepping up closer to her. She narrowed her eyes at him.

    “How do you know my name? You’re not one of those creepy *** stalkers, are you? ‘Cause I sure wouldn’t be surprised!” she said.

    “Oh, you knew all along? Damn your eyes!” he exclaimed, the sarcasm completely blatant in his voice. She rolled her eyes and started toward her locker until he started speaking again.

    “Heh, who wouldn’t know you? You’re the feisty Blue, the one who so boldly told Mr. Vans he needed to ‘shut up and get a hair transplant’. You should be proud; you’re a common subject of the locker room,”

    he was smirking again, which infuriated her even more.

    “That’s surprising, I thought you’d be discussing your male partnerships instead,” she hissed. The boy laughed and walked up to her. Blue suddenly felt the intimidation he brought with his presence, his burly

    stature and towering height made her feel even smaller than she really was.

    “You’re something else. I like you,” his expression softened to a sly smile. She gulped and looked away, slightly turning red again.

    “Well I don’t like you, so like I said before, piss off!” she growled. He sighed and then leaned against the wall of the locker room.

    “You seem snippier than they say you are. What’s got you so egged? Hmm…Is it a guy?” he looked back at her, this time with a bold strength. Blue widened her eyes in surprise and suddenly felt as if she were

    losing to his eerie gaze and immediately turned her back to him again. She hated being ‘consoled’ by some smart-*** jock, thinking that he knew everything.

    “If you mean yourself, then you’re correct! Keep out of my business,” He suddenly got up and snatched her by the wrist, pulling her close to him. She froze in astonishment at his action, but said nothing as

    she tried to stare him down.

    “Okay, deal; But on one condition…” he said. Blue felt that same inferior feeling climbing back into her again. His grip on her was powerful, and she found herself gradually being consumed by his metallic eyes;

    she could tell, his attractive appearance was purely toxic.

    “What is it?” she asked, her voice now a paltry whisper.

    “Saturday night, you and I go out,” he said smugly. Blue blinked in confusion.

    “What? I—“

    “So it’s a date,” he stated and gently released her wrist.

    “Wait, no, I never even—“

    “Look, do you want to or not?” he flashed another smile which caused a shudder to erupt from with her. It was ominous, yet so alluring. Blue stared at him a bit and then nodded weakly.

    “Heh, okay then, Saturday night. Let’s meet in town square at seven, ‘kay?” The boy turned around and began to leave a dumbfounded Blue until she called out to him.

    “Wait a minute! I don’t even know your—“

    “Silver!” he interrupted loudly as he disappeared through the lengthy hall. Blue’s expression went from confused to shock as she heard his name. Silver Tempestes, one of the wealthier kids at Viridian and not

    to mention a Lacrosse star was her infuriating charmer? She stared off down the hall, awestruck by his cool demeanor and handsome appearance. It wasn’t until much later, after a year with the latter in which she

    would go on to learn about his true self, his true, venomous touch that had her coming back for more and more. Silver became the drug of her life, depleting her spirit, yet arousing it at the same time


    Nestled in the vicinity of warm blankets, Blue found herself stirring in her sleep and gradually awakening. She felt a gentle hand softly shaking her and turned from her side onto her back, with thick strands of

    hair entangling across her face. She groggily brushed them away as her blurry vision soon cleared up to reveal Sabrina, who was unusually dressed up in her periwinkle silk robe with her sleek dark hair out and fallen

    along her left shoulder.

    “Come on now Blue, wake up. Don’t go wasting the summer away with sleep,” she said in a gentle tone. Blue was a bit surprised at how relaxed and refreshed she sounded, seeing as her usual disposition

    consisted of a tired, frantic, and overly stressed woman who always had something to complain about; But then again, she had been like this ever since Yellow had disappeared from their lives, it was as if that

    moment had made Sabrina realize that Blue wasn’t just her pesky younger half-sister and was in fact, her only family.

    “You look…different…” Blue yawned as she sat up and brushed her hair back. Sabrina smiled at her and stood up.

    “Come on, I know it’s late, but I made dinner,” she said with a hint of excitement in her voice. Blue furrowed her eyebrows in astonishment.

    “You cooked something?” she said in disbelief. Sabrina scowled and marched out of the room.

    “Yes, I can cook, Blue! Now come on, it’s not bad, really!” she piped. Blue rubbed her eyes and slid out of bed. Normally, she and Sabrina would come home with empty boxes of takeout or leftover lunch, but

    home cooking was a rare sight in their little apartment, but she welcomed it anyway.

    As she walked into the kitchen, Blue gasped at the sight of white rice cooked to fluffy perfection along with delicious smelling curry and noodles.

    “You made this?” she asked, weakly pointing a finger at the full dining table. Sabrina sighed and hurriedly sat her down in one of the chairs, meeting her across the table and picking up a plate.

    “Give me a break, I may work a lot, but I still know my home economics!” she exclaimed. Without further delay, the two delved into platefuls of her scrumptious dinner and found themselves pining for more and

    more until they were stuffed.

    Blue rested her head back against the chair with beaming satisfaction and whipped her head back forward to meet Sabrina’s gaze.

    “That was incredible! I hope we have enough for leftovers!” she smiled. Sabrina nodded; her eyes were dampened with weariness.

    “Yep, three days, baby,” she croaked and then yawned, sitting back up and facing her sister.

    “So I have some good news. I’ve got a day off tomorrow, so we can spend tomorrow night together, what do you say?” she asked. Blue opened her mouth in shock and grinned widely.

    “Yeah, sure! But why not spend the whole day together?” she asked hopefully. Sabrina frowned, looking worried.

    “Oh, Blue, I’m sorry. I told Morty that I’d go out to brunch with him, but I could cancel if you’d like,” she looked down. Blue stopped and felt a pang of disappointment; But judging by Sabrina’s expression, she

    had definitely been looking forward to her plans with the man. She sighed, realizing Sabrina had for once been excited about something. It wasn't fair that she go stomping all over her plans, so she gave in.

    “No, no, it’s absolutely fine. I had other plans for the day anyway,” she said quickly. Sabrina looked delighted again and then got up, collecting the dishes.

    “Oh, thank you so much Blue! I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night, I promise, we’ll do something fun!” she said. Blue got up and took the dishes from her.

    “I’ll wash the dishes and put the food away, you go get some sleep; you’ve got a date tomorrow, you don’t want baggy eyes,” she winked. Sabrina sighed happily and patted her sister on the head, thanking

    her and making her way toward her room.

    As soon as she left, Blue sighed with a less-than-giddy feeling crawling up her. As she turned on the faucet and scrubbed the dirty dishes, her mind began to travel again; Sabrina would have a boyfriend, and

    she would come home even later, or maybe even cease to. Her day offs were already a rare sight, why did some prick have to come along and steal her away from home? Blue felt her hands tighten increasingly

    along the dish and she quickly stacked it away before it could sustain a crack. As she reached for the other, she began to try and forge a plan for tomorrow; she really hadn’t had anything planned for tomorrow, but

    now she had to find something or else Sabrina would go on and cancel her date

    As appealing as that was to her, Blue knew it had been more than a while since Sabrina had been with a nice man. She worked tirelessly for the two to be able to live the way they did, and doing that to her

    just didn’t seem right. Blue shook her head and stacked away the other dish before stowing away all of the leftover food into the fridge. She looked back at the digital clock on the microwave, which read ‘twelve-


    “What can I do?” she muttered as she turned off the kitchen lights and headed down to her room. Stepping in, she heard the violent buzzing of her phone again and quickly walked over to answer it.

    “Hello?” she spoke.

    “Hey, sorry to call so late…But I was wondering if you’d be able to…” Blue’s heart jumped. It was Red again, and he sounded much better than when he had called earlier in the day.

    “I guess some sleep did him some good…” she quietly enough for him not to hear.

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be asking you this,” he said hastily.

    “No, no! Please, what is it?” she asked. She heard him sigh and then cough, discouraging her hopes of his welfare.

    “It’s just that, I was wondering if you could come again tomorrow; when you came today, it…it just really helped…” he stuttered. Blue felt a weak smile creep onto her face.

    “I’ll be there, I’m not busy,” she said softly. She heard another fit of muffled coughs.

    “Blue—I…thanks for everything…” he said.

    “It’s no trouble, but please, get some sleep!” she giggled into the phone. It pleased her to hear him laugh slightly; he was gradually returning to his old self. They spent a little while longer talking until finally

    hanging up. Afterwards, Blue closed her lights and fell into her bed with a dreamy expression on her face. Even though Sabrina may have slipped away for a bit, there was finally someone else to be with…At least

    she hoped.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Again, I know it left off at a bad point, but I'm still writing more, so thanks for reading it if you did! Chapter 5 should hopefully be up soon!
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    That was a awesome chapter. You've done it again by puting images in my head.I'm also surprised you actually didn't take very long but even though it was really great.Thanks for the flashback part dince I was a little confused there but anyways keep writing.Can't wait till chapter 5 It's getting really good Suspence is going to kill me
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi849 View Post
    That was a awesome chapter. You've done it again by puting images in my head.I'm also surprised you actually didn't take very long but even though it was really great.Thanks for the flashback part dince I was a little confused there but anyways keep writing.Can't wait till chapter 5 It's getting really good Suspence is going to kill me
    Thanks for the support! I'm really glad you liked this, as for the fast updating, I have been relatively free of writer's block lately, which is impressive considering that that's the usual reason for long hiatuses. I guess it's motivation Your feedback means a lot, thanks so much!
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    I love LuckyShipping! As for the story, it appears that this is AU. Is that true or not? As for the plot, I love it. You really capture the emotion of the characters when put in this situation. While it is sad to see a character die you are handling everyones reactions very well. I can't wait for the next update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy_Fox_IV View Post
    I love LuckyShipping! As for the story, it appears that this is AU. Is that true or not? As for the plot, I love it. You really capture the emotion of the characters when put in this situation. While it is sad to see a character die you are handling everyones reactions very well. I can't wait for the next update.
    Thanks so much for your feedback! I didn't think that Yellow's death would hit people so hard! I'm hoping she's an effective character in the future flashbacks I'm hopefully going to be writing It's definitely an AU fic, although I tried hard not to mention any animals because I felt that would ruin the feel of the characters, but I failed when I mention the Clydesdale part in the last chapter post x_x

    “You sound like a Clydesdale,” someone called.
    Heheh, not very good on my part, but this will hopefully be the only citation to any type of animal in the real world!! And I will hopefully have Chapter 6 up soon! Thanks again for your support!!!
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    I'm REALLY sorry for bumping this thread but..I just cant resist. I just love this fan fic.

    Keep up the great work!
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