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    Hey peoples! This is just a place for you to talk about pokemon mystery dungeon. If you want to put something here about it then do so. So post anything you want about mystery dungeon!
    ;Lvl 68 Flamethrower Strength Rockslide Fly
    Lvl 70 Super Power Surf Ice Beam Crunch
    Lvl 69 Solarbeam Leaf Blade Dig Toxic
    Lvl 67 Horn Drill Earthquake Sludge Bomb Rock Smash
    Lvl 71 Thunder Thunder Punch Light Screen Cotton Spore
    Lvl 70 Psycho Cut Focus Punch Cut Safegaurd
    Is this a good team? Tell me if it is not.

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    pokemon blue rescue team was the first pokemon game I got I started liking pokemon then but eventually freaked me out becuase of the whole somethings stirring thing lol
    Whats that reason? I canty beat Soulsilver with only Clefairy, Bidoof and Togepi's? Well, lets just see about that....*fails*

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    Redundant thread & bump.

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